Nintendo's Appearance On The VGX Was... Awkward

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime came to today's exclusive-news-filled VGX show today to reveal Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze's release date, confirm a leaked character — Cranky Kong and show a couple of gorgeous levels of the game. Enough?

Not according to VGX host Geoff Keighley, as you'll see in the clip here. Is Nintendo being a bit too stingy? Should they be dropping us some Metroid news, perhaps? Here's a bit of the game as it was shown at the VGX. A rep from the game's development studio, Retro, talks us through it...


    How much does Reggie make?

      Um, more than you?
      But seriously he is CEO of a major regional subsidiary of a multinational corporation with a revenue in the billions, I would say at least 5 million a year.
      After the train wreck of the WiiU his head should be on the chopping block, Iwato's too.

        That was one of the questions Joel Mchale asked Reggie.

    This isn't good enough Nintendo. I know it sounds greedy but if they want to stay relevant they need to keep the fans excited with news and announcements for things that we don't already know for the last 6 months.

    Nintendo needs to move on and lose iwata, miyamoto and reggie. They are living in the past. They need to look at other companies for inspiration.

      I don't think they necessarily need to lose them, but they sure as hell need to start reigning them in and hold them accountable for some of the major stuff ups they've made. Some new blood that isn't stuck in the last century certainly wouldn't hurt either.

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      Hahaha yeah, let them lose anyone and everything that makes Nintendo an innovative and vibrant company that creates trends, opens markets and deliver quality products independently from consumer pressure. Let them follow the other companies and start just making ports of the same old shooter and sports franchises. Let them abandon bright colours and funny characters for the palettes of 16 million different shades of dirt and grit and square-faced marines or ripped football players. Let them stop being different and an alternative, to become more of the same. Let them stop being extremely successful (in spite of what the naysayers and haters believe) to enter a packed competition where the only sad little ways of coming ahead is by hardware specs, polygon counter, output resolution and many other numbers ultimately unrelated to actually having fun.

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        After this generation of ps3 and 360 titles, i find it is incredibly hard to go back to a Nintendo game

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    Part of me thinks Nintendo fans prefer announcements over videogames? And I wonder who massively hyped a Nintendo announcement for this relatively unheard of program...

    The guy asking the pointed questions is dead right. The other wankers on the panel should be fired, if it wasn't for them trivialising a genuine question Reggie may have tried answering it properly. Then again it is Reggie.

    Did anyone else find the whole "let's stand in a semi-straight line" concept really awkward. Add to that the awkward conversation, and... yeah, this was all a bit painful to watch.

    I think though, the response to how many studios there are at Retro... If there was only one studio, he would have just said one. I think it's FAIRLY likely they've got people working on WiiU Metroid as we speak.

      I honestly don't think they do - someone was saying a while back that a lot of Metroid programmers were recruited by 343 studios so whether they have the ability to make another Metroid is a good question.

    The co host made everything awkward, seriously made me cringe a whole heap

    I'm looking forward to DKC Tropical Freeze, but is one decent game really going to be enough to keep the Wii U afloat...?

    That's just ridiculous what Nintendo did. Why make all this hype about an announcement then say "oh it's an extra for DK"? Why tease the audience about Metroid then say "oh never mind enjoy Other M"? Why have Wii U demo units at Pottery Barn and not proper department stores?

    I'm sorry but Reggie and Iwata, as lovable as they are, need to go.

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