​No, People, Bitcoin Is NOT An Xbox Game Or A New iPhone

​No, People, Bitcoin Is NOT An Xbox Game Or A New iPhone

Bitcoin has fascinated people for a little bit now. It’s got that futuristic sounding name that sounds cool. Seems like something you should get into, right? But don’t be like the six per cent of surveyed Americans who thought that Bitcoin was an Xbox game. Because it’s not.

The Atlantic has a write-up of a Bloomberg poll about the 21st Century crypto-cash where a sliver of respondents thought it was the name of a new Xbox game or the next iPhone. Now, the poll’s 1004-person sample size is sort of small. But the results still speak to the idea that while people are hearing about Bitcoin, they’re not so sure why they’re hearing about it.

42 per cent of those polled answered correctly, name-checking Bitcoin as a volatile virtual currency. You can buy Ouya console with it.


  • Why would people think it was those things? Why don’t they ever stop and think for a second.

    • … If you’re surveyed on a bunch of multiple choice and one of the options has a brand name in it vs something most people haven’t heard of…

      Not saying that’s exactly what happened.. Just more that you should avoid thinking you’re smarter/more logical than anyone based on the assertions in sub-100 word articles on some blog.

    • Bitcoin is just another Ponzi scam people have been suckered into because it’s ‘anti governement’, so it must be good!

      It’s the future in crypto currency etc etc but at the end of the day it’s a hairbrain scheme thought up by a small collective who got rich which people bought on the rise assuming it would rise even further and make them rich.

      Add in the odd ‘I bought $25 worth 3 years ago and now I’m a millionaire’ articles to the mix and you have all the hallmarks of a classic ponzi scheme.

      The fact that people are stupid enough to believe this is a video game at all doesn’t surprise me, the fact people think this is a great investment medium and the ‘future’ of money doesn’t surprise me either.

      The human race is (on the whole) stupid anyway, which is why it falls for these things over and over and over again. They never learn.

      • The underlying technology and idea behind bitcoin [and other crypto currencies] are actually quite sound and I do like both their structure and potential as a method of payment.

        That being said, the current state of it has indeed turned it into a massive Ponzi scam which is controlled by a few, completely undermining it’s original intentions and purpose, and making it completely useless as an actual currency.

        Time will tell if this phase will go away, but while the system I quite like from a technical standpoint, as you have said the stupidity of people has completely destroyed it.

  • Something like 45% of Americans believe in creationism………

    That 6% completely understates the mentality of their society….

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