Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas

Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas

It’s tough getting a game console for Christmas, because, sometimes, you get the wrong one.

Given that the PS4 and Xbox One were two of the hottest gifts for this year’s holiday, Twitter is now full of people talking about the consoles. In many cases, they’re talking rather grumpily about the console they actually wanted.

Warning: strong language!

Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas
Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas
Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas

If you’re one of these poor unfortunate souls, hang in there and look for the bright side:

Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas

It seems there may be an epidemic of runaways soon, if these tweets are anything to go by. Of course, this is also an excellent example of Poe’s Law in action, since it’s hard to tell which of these tweets are making fun of the others:

Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas
Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas
Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas
Nothing Stings Quite Like Getting The Wrong Console For Christmas

We hope you had a happy holiday, everyone! At least, a happier one than some of these folks did!


      • Sell the PS4 for money to buy clothes. It certainly seems that there is the demand for it seeing as a bunch of people got Xbox Ones rather than the PS4 they so desired…

  • I’m wondering how much if this is actually taking the piss. Surely no one is that selfish and entitled…… Oh wait

    • I think the Wii-U one is taking the piss, unless there have been some excellent exclusives released recently that I’m unaware of.

      • Despite the Wii U hate and the massive love for the XBone and PS4… The Wii U actually has at least half a dozen games worth playing (Nintendo Land, Zombie-U, various Mario games, Wind Waker, Pikmin 3, Rayman, etc).
        Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing to play on PS4 or XBone unless you are into sports games and/or don’t have a computer.

        The PS4 and XBone will shine once they get some exclusives; but honestly? Right now all I’m playing is my Wii U.

        • I’m aware of those games, but unfortunately they don’t interest me in the slightest. So, for me for now, there’s still no reason to get a Wii U. The PS4 and Xbox One has more titles that I find interesting than those on the Wii U, and that’s really saying something.

          • Of course its different for everyone… but I think objectively (and I’m aware I’m probably not that objective); the Wii U currently has *way more* going for it in terms of exclusive content than either PS4 or XBone (you mentioned excellent exclusives, Wii U has loads – the ones I mentioned – PS4 and XBone both have zero games that fall into this category). For example PS4 only has Knack (apparently pretty terrible) and Killzone (which is apparently pretty, but otherwise as bad (?) as the previous ones).

            Of course if you don’t have a PC, and want to play AC4, BF4, and a couple of sports games, then a PS4/XBone makes a lot more sense. But as someone who uses PC and generally most consoles (and generally enjoys Nintendo 1st party games) the Wii U is easily doing far better (and has been since day 1).

          • While the WIi U may have more titles and more exclusives than the PS4 and Xbox One, that still doesn’t help, nor change the mind of, someone who simply isn’t interested in those titles. I’m well aware of what’s available on each console, and yet, for me, the PS4 or Xbox One still win hands down over the Wii U even with their limited library of games, and even if those are also available on PC (not a PC gamer). I’m not saying the Wii U is a bad console and this is anything but “Wii U hate”. I’d like to get one if/when there are more titles available that interest me, but at the moment there’s literally nothing on the Wii U I want to play, so for me and others like me it’s currently a waste of time and money.


      en·ti·tle (n-ttl)
      tr.v. en·ti·tled, en·ti·tling, en·ti·tles
      1. To give a name or title to.
      2. To furnish with a right or claim to something: The coupon entitles the bearer to a 25 percent savings. Every citizen is entitled to equal protection under the law.

      Adj. 1. entitled – qualified for by right according to law; “we are all entitled to equal protection under the law”

      Internet people you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

      To say someone IS entitled implies that they have a right to something, not that they have a false sense what they deserve.

      • They’re not saying they *are* entitled though, just that they’re acting as if they are. The usage still seems correct to me. Like if someone were to misinterpret a a joke that wasn’t actually offensive. They might be acting insulted, even though the joke itself was never actually insulting them. Sorta.

  • What a bunch of whining people. Your parents spent a lot of money and you’re not happy? You know u can just sell the console and get the one you want. Try having to buy the whole thing yourself, like myself and many others had to do and then you can have a whinge.

    • I remember last year amongst people bitching about iPhones, someone was complaining that their parents got them a new car instead of an iphone.

      • Do you think it’s too late to be adopted by those heartless and selfish parents who bought their kid a new car instead of an iPhone? I’m 28. Oh, bugger it. I’ll just have an affair with the father. Possibly the mother as well if they’re really loaded. 😉

  • Eh, I’d be pretty miffed if I got stuck with a console I didn’t like. Especially sympathetic to those poor souls who got a Bone by mistake 😛

    Still, some of them are overreacting quite a bit.

    • Pretty sure almost all of massive over reactions are joking. At the very least if you’re saying ‘I hope Santa dies in a fire!!’ you’re either having a laugh at your own misfortune or just screaming your frustrations into the void that is Twitter. I’d imagine anyone actually this furious/bratty about this is too busy smashing their unwanted console and yelling at their parents to take their rage to Twitter.
      I once knew a girl who threw a tantrum over getting the wrong coloured car for her birthday. She definitely didn’t break up the yelling to throw a ‘I’m running away from home’ joke in at any point. =P

    • Can you imagine the hardest forum-warrior fanboy receiving his nemesis console as a gift from well-meaning parents or relatives who’ve splashed out what is actually quite a significant amount of money and are looking at the little fanboy expectantly, hoping he’ll be overjoyed?

      Honestly, I’d probably convert to whichever side’s box I got just out of gratitude to such generous people.

      • That is a fair point, but on the flipside – pretty much everyone in my family knows I’m a hardline Nintendo guy, and that it would be silly to get me anything else. And they’d call each other to check up on these things first, and make sure they’re getting the right kind of thing. There is a level of responsibility on the gift giver’s part to at least try and choose something appropriate for the person they’re giving it to. I mean you can’t go and expect a vegetarian to be happy with your voucher for an all-you-can-eat meal at Ribs ‘n’ Rumps, just because you “meant well”. Road to hell/good intentions and all that.

  • Twitter is just the diary of the modern age. This type of stuff would have been once written on paper but is now on a a platform that everyone can see. This stuff really isn’t different from kids being disappointed by getting socks instead of toys. Sure it seems selfish, but as long as their venting is just kept to Twitter it’s fine.

  • The ones I tend to believe more are those that get an Xbox One when they want a PS4 since PS4’s are in higher demand.

    Either way, this is why Twitter needs a bullshit meter or something. 😛

  • I’m sure ppl keep their invoices and would be able to exchange them…..mind you I’d be pissed if i got a POS4 by mistake lol

    • Out of curiousity, in your opinion, how do the consoles differ enough from each other to warrant calling one of them a piece of shit? I mean, prefer on or the other, that’s fair enough, but at the moment they’re almost the same thing with slight advantages/disadvantages.

      • No warrant other than seeing some one above posting bone etc, I would have posted the opposite if I saw someone post same about the ps4….like to keep balance 😀

        But personally DR3 is the game I wanted most this Xmas so the part about being pissed still holds relevance.

      • For me, they’re not really that similar at all unless you’re looking at them purely by specs alone. In terms of controllers alone, the PS4 is excellent as opposed to the XBone which is the most horrible cheap piece of garbage first party controller I’ve ever laid hands on. Then in general the whole PS4 “experience” seems to be more geared around playing games, while the Xbox seems to be more about Microsoft trying to get a foot in the door so they can have you integrate their ecosystem into your life. And then maybe play some games sometimes if you like. Then there’s been the imposing Kinect stuff too, with things like it complaining that the wrong person is using the controller and not letting gameplay continue until it was handed back, and stuff like that.

        Disclosure: I’m a Nintendo fanboy who owns a 360 for some reason and has always disliked Sony’s stuff. Zero interest in buying either of the other guys’ systems at all, but if I had to choose between them I’d easily go for a PS4, based on everything I’ve seen and experienced of them.

        • Agreed the controller feels cheaper than the PS4 mind you I still prefer the layout of the Xbox controller, its a shame they didn’t let you connect with the 360 controller.

          anyone know if you can use the PS3 controllers on the PS4

        • I love my ps4, and definitely prefer it over the Xbox one but as far as I’m concerned, apart from ps4 being more powerful, the differences pretty much come down to preference. I mean, I love the dualshock 4 but I also enjoy the feel of the x1 remote and I’ll get one when the PC drivers are released. Also, I don’t see any value in kinect and I think it’s a waste of resources, but that view won’t be shared by everyone.

  • While I do believe some of these are fake, those that aren’t joking need a good beating.

  • I think in addition to it being a case of Poe’s Law it’s also a case of everyone wanting to believe these tweets are serious. If I convince myself everyone else acts like this suddenly I’m a freakin’ hero for not being a monstrously bratty eight year old. I don’t even need to be polite. I can grunt at anyone who gives me a present but if I choose to believe that everyone acts like these kids by comparison I’m a saint.

  • These kids should be happy about getting a new console for Christmas anyway. They’re $500 each! Seems like a bit much to spend for Christmas.

  • These guys think they have problems? I asked my mum for TrackIR but her hearing isn’t the best and I ended up with a TRACTOR!!

    One positive is that Farming Simulator has never felt so immersive

  • I can sympathize. I was once an entitled little douchebag too – although in my defense, getting a Master System AFTER the Mega Drive was already out is just Santa taking the piss.

  • Kids these days, my brother’s an I were happy as hell getting a second hand n64 with worn controllers for Christmas so many hours lost on golden eye and banjo kazooie

      • haha completely un true, no doubt if any kids in this generation got a 2nd hand console theyd complain and complain, hell did you read the article? their complaining about new consoles for crying out loud

        • Like I said, it was the same back in the day as well.. Kids just didn’t have a way to complain to the world, instead they did it to their parents or their friends. Everyone thinks the next generation is worse than the last but they aren’t.. it’s quite hilarious people are idiotic enough to think it’s true.

    • I have 4 kids and the rule is if I hear anyone complaining they all have to hop off, funny how quickly they learn to get along 😀

    • My brother and I were happy when we were given a secondhand Atari 2600. So many hours wasted on Pitfall and Asteroids. …Now I’m feeling old… V_V

  • What I’m getting from this is that either everyone who wanted an Ouya got what they asked for, or no one wanted it. I was so sure that all the kids wanting one of the new consoles would end up with one.

  • This is what is wrong with the world. Little shits. (excuse my language but fed up with spoilt whiny children)

    • yeah true, THIS is what’s wrong with the world.. not racism, religious wars, corrupt governments.. THIS.

      • Given that all of the things you mentioned stem from people feeling self-entitled… Yes!

  • My girlfriend bought me a white alarm clock. I specifically asked for a black one. FUCK THIS SHIT. I AM DUMPING HER THEN RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME

  • Even though i prefer Xbox, if someone gave me a PS4 for Christmas, I’d still be pretty damn fucking excited for it (I’d just need a little piece of paper to go with it). Really, both next-gen consoles are the way to go — you’ve got Dead Rising, RYSE, Forza, Spartan Assault, Killer instinct, Crimson Dragon, Loco Cycle, Peggle 2, that brothers game, BF4, ACIV, Fifa, Killzone and Knack. So acting like a greedy little prick is kind of unwarranted. Getting a Wii-U on the other hand…

  • Someone should ban the word “whinge”. For one, it just sounds gross and two, people are constantly using it in a “shut up and take it” manner where people have every right to complain. Not in this case, obviously.

    • how do you feel about the word “moist” as in, My clothes feel somewhat moist after being left out on the grass…

  • The fact that so many have “I’m running away from home” indicates that this might be just trolling. I’m sure that some of these twitter posts are genuine, but I find it hard to believe that so many of them would include the part about running away if they were all genuine.

    There are kids around the world who are incredibly spoiled and this sort of reaction is sadly not uncommon these days.

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