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Let's talk about food. Let's talk about all the things to do with food. Anyone here into cooking? Anyone here strict with their diet? What kind of food do you hate, what kind of food do you love? I realise this is a lot of question but, guys, food is a broad topic!

Over the past five years I've really gotten into cooking. I only have one rule: if I'm going to spend an hour or so cooking something, it has to have meat in it. Not sure what my speciality is, I guess I like making all these crazy marinades for my BBQ (I have a Weber Kettle — aw yeah) and I make a mean Laksa from scratch.

Nowadays I'm really into climbing (as anyone who follows me on Twitter will be well aware — sorry about that) so I've gotten pretty strict with my diet to try and maintain weight and lose body fat. Basically I eat a lot of porridge and chicken and I haven't eaten chocolate in about three months.

I also tried a pretty crazy juice diet and lost five kilograms!


    Im currently doing similar, allot of Porridge, Chicken, Eggs, Steak, Tuna and protien shakes, but I find the weekends too hard to stick to that, I love chocolate, lollies, beer, pizza.

    EDIT I tried Dukan and lost about 5kg in a week, but it all came back on pretty quick when I stopped.

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    A well cooked Pork Belly with a Salt and Pepper Crackle is damn hard to beat.

    I'll eat nearly anything and love nothing more than trying exotic new things I've never tried. I know it sounds wanky but food really is an adventure and always the best way I find to get a taste (groan, you didn't just do that?) for different cultures.

      This is my exact philosophy on food. Whether it sounds like a good idea or not, I'm generally pretty keen to try new stuff out.

      I also revisit stuff I used to hate, frequently finding I suddenly love it.

    I'm not so much a fan of cooking, but man do I love eating.

    I recently found out that I am lactose intolerant, so I dropped everything dairy and feel 100 hit points better.
    Soy Milk, Soy Protein, Nuttalex Spread and Rye Bread.
    In 8 weeks I have lost 11Kgs.

    Most days I will have a vegie shake in the morning. This tends to include broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, ginger and half a mango and/or pear. Lunch I’ll usually have sushi or tuna sandwich or chicken sandwich. Dinner is usually steamed fish with steamed veggies (usually eggplant, sweet potato, carrot), or a chicken and corn soup.
    Weekends I have porridge in the morning and I’ll usually go for a run. Whatever I feel like for lunch and maybe a steak for dinner.

    My favourite thing to cook are fajitas/burritos/wraps. I've been trying to find a decent Jamaican jerk sauce/recipe to compare to one I used to have back in England. Really smokey, was awesome and I miss it. Whenever I can I cook from scratch. Roast dinners I love doing. Homemade stuffing and Yorkshire Puddings. Wouldn't have it any other way. Any of your BBQ marinades like a jerk recipe Mark?

    I also make a mean Penang Chicken now thanks to Michelle Bridges 12 week challenge meal plans that my missus was on. Pizza on a mountain bread is also surprisingly satisfying, although I think I use too much cheese for it to be healthy :D

    I'm just cutting right down on soft drinks as much as I can. Water at work and soda water mixed with fruit juice makes a great substitute for soft drinks. Normally I can't drink soda water as it's too dry on its own, but I'm coming round to it. This and walking to and from work 5km each way is helping me shed a few pounds. Lots 2-3kg so far after a month or so of doing this. Almost under 90kg again. Had a bar of chocolate and some cookies on my desk at work the last couple of days but have just been snacking on my grapes. Will power slowly increasing

    I want to like porridge so badly! It smells great, it looks tasty and it's good for you! The only problem is I hate the damn taste :( I make it every now and then saying "this time I'll like it!" but I can never get past a spoon full :(
    Other than that my diet consists of boost juice, popcorn and then whatevers for dinner :) I have a berocca each morning to make up for what I'm lacking though. I've totes got this whole eating thing down-pat :D

    I've been trying to find a decent Jamaican jerk sauce

    You mustn't be searching the right (or wrong, depending how you look at it) websites.

    That was meant to be a reply to cufcfan616 .

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      I was wondering why so many of the sites I ended up on asked for my credit card and then didn't provide any recipes. Most unhelpful

    food is fucking rad. I'm a big fan of food.
    I only eat one meal a day, so I try to put a bit of effort into it.
    I like cooking, but living alone, its a bit tricky to keep up the discipline required to make decent food every night & not just fall back on weetbix & coffee.

    picked up most of what I cook from my mother, so its lots of italian styled stuff.
    also, steak. and bacon. and fruit.
    om nom nom.

    I love food. I'm a vegetarian, love cooking, and am actually planning 2 huge christmas parties with all the trimmings and I'm doing all the cooking. I will cook meat at these parties too (can make some very nice meat dishes, used to eat meat), just wont eat it.

    Porridge is great!
    I live in Hong Kong at the moment, so there is loads of great food here. Dim sum in particular is a favourite.

    I live in Canada right now, and all they have for food here is Maple Syrup.
    I have it for breakfast.
    I have it for lunch.
    I have it for dinner.
    Someone please kill me.

    Google "leangains." That will help you gain muscle and lean down for your climbing. I've been doing it for just over 8 weeks and have lost almost 8 kg, reduced my body fat by roughly 3%, and for the first in my life I can see my top four abs (a "fourpack"). The RPT has also increased my strength considerably.

      Heard quite a bit about leangains. Thought about it myself but I need to lose a lot more then 3% to start seeing abs. :)
      So I figured I would get down a bit before looking at it as an option.

        Yeah, the general consensus is that it Leangains is most appropriate for individuals with a body fat percentage between 15-20%. I was roughly 18% when I started and it has managed to produce the best results I've even experienced. However, the diet side is definitely not easy, and requires 100% dedication & commitment. And based on my personal experience, don't expect any encouragement or positive reactions from people - they will think you're crazy.

    I love cooking.
    Have for ages.
    Both my parents are good cooks although it's my mum and my grandma (who unfortunaetly this year passed away) who really shine. So picked up a bit from them.
    I can do some really good currys.
    From a health perspective I have been making my own version of congee for breakfast for a little while now. Mix of brown rice and quinoa. I add a boiled egg or two.
    Been vegetarian this year so learning how to cook different vego meals has been interesting.
    But eating meat again since I am focusing on weightlifting a fair bit. May change again. Will see how it goes.

    I'm into cooking thai and pasta sauces from scratch (plz share your laksa recipe Mark...mmmmmmm). I cook a mean (slightly bastardised) fettuccine boscaiola, and my 24 hour slow cooked massaman will send you crazy waiting for it to finish.

    Since purchasing our new house I have been getting into my outdoor kitchen more often (and so have the pythons, but that's another story). It's pretty tough to beat a camp oven roast on a real coal fire, and smoking your own fish is well worth the effort.

    Oh, and much to the dismay of my partner, I have corrupted our 2 year old daughter into obsessing over kippers on toast. I still buy them pre-packed from the supermarket, but it is my plan to attempt smoking my own one day.

    I was at the other extreme being unhealthily thin and have been working my way to looking less like I just came out of a concentration camp. My primary strategy - a big bowl of porridge in the morning with an egg beaten into it, along with some banana. Once it's heated a bit more you get a light, fluffy porridge omelette. A little honey and some milk and it's amazing.

    Webbers are inded awesome! They are perfect for smoking meat/fish/cheeses etc. Every Christmas I do up a heap of smoked salmon fillets in a el cheapo mini webber knock off that woolies and coles sell for about 20 bucks. Goes down a treat. Also different flavours go down well too. Cracked pepper or tabasco on the fillet before smoking tastes awesome!

    Bulking for summer, bacon & eggs breakfast, meganuts bar (or any other high calorie snack), mass gainer protein with milk, tuna, chicken and lasagna or rice + more chicken.

    Aiming for 2500+ calories a day.

    Bacon, eggs, baked beans and toast for breakfast is the best, avocado as well if I have some. Otherwise I make a lot of different pasta dishes. A classic cabonara is always good. I also do good nachos, with beef mince marinated in salsa sauce for dipping. I could learn more, my Dad made this red thai curry once that was so damn good, I need to learn that. I'm always down for good bangers and mash, or a chicken roast.

    I'm way too thin, I eat well most of the time, but if I'm nervous about anything or I have things that need to get done, my appetite disappears. I need to bulk, man!

    During late spring and summer I just don't care about food. My appetite all but disappears when the mercury rises.

    I don't know about you but I've suddenly developed this strange craving for pizza hut for some reason. No idea why. Seriously though, after my crops start coming in I'm aiming to try and eat only what I can grow/rear apart from staples like flour (who has the time/space to grow harvest, thresh and mill wheat when it's only a couple of bucks a kilo at the store?).

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