Official The Simpsons LEGO Is Coming. Here's A Look.

Official The Simpsons LEGO Is Coming. Here's A Look.

It may have taken decades longer than it probably should have, but official Simpsons LEGO is on the way. And while the Danish toy giant has yet to release its own promotional images of the line, which is due in early 2014, pics of some minifigs have begun leaking out a little early.

Nice shots of the Homer figure have turned up courtesy of an eBay listing, while there are also rougher pics of a Marge and Lisa minifig (which feature placeholder torsos and limbs).

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Official The Simpsons LEGO Is Coming. Here's A Look.


    It might just be the angle the pics are taken at but the heads look off. Probably more because they're 3d models of a 2d cartoon actually

      They look creepy. I thought it might just be the Homer, but the rest look just as bad.

    I'm not a huge fan of LEGO but i think i would want to get a Bart mini fig.

    I'm a huge Lego fan, and would very much like The Simpsons set.

    They should've done this when The Simpsons were at the height of their popularity. Oh well, better late than never I s'pose.

    Wouldn't be surprised if Traveller's Tales are working on a Lego The Simpsons game too, but if they are, it probably won't be coming out until at least the start of 2015 as they're working on the Lego Movie game and Lego The Hobbit right now, I doubt they'd develop three games at once, but hey you never know.

      Lego Simpsons game? Why? Just get TT to work on a Simpsons game.

    isn't having accurate heads on these figures cheating? they didn't do that (regularly) with any of their other sets (ie. starwars, harry potter, lord of the rings). Although I suppose lego-style heads for simpsons character would look more freakish than these ones do.

      they don't seem "lego" to me with those heads. colours, clothing, accessories etc should be all simpsons related (e.g. a blue baseball cap for bart's head) but I would have preferred standard minifig heads

      Off the top of my head, the TMNT figs have "special" heads, as do a few of the Toy Story ones. A bunch of the aliens in Star Wars have them too.

      It wouldnt really be simpsons if they used generic minifig heads.

      TBH Im not sure its a worthwhile brand for Lego, but Im sure it'll make them money.

      Agreed. They should have done Simpsons-styled Lego heads. These look kind of stupid and don't fit with the Lego aesthetic.

      They've been moving in this direction for a while now. They switched the yellow heads in Star Wars to peach a few years back and are changing some of the more 'basic' sculpts into more realistic ones. The new Boba Fett and Grievous are a little too 'accurate' for my liking.

      As for the sculpts, they've used accurate ones like in the Toy Story line.

    Ugh... Marge and Lisa in Lego g-bangers. So much not right with that...

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