​Old People Don't Really Understand The New Hunger Games Movie

Old folks might not be the target demographic for the new Hunger Games movie, but that doesn't mean they can't watch it and even enjoy it. Then again, they probably won't all "get" it, as evidenced by this new video from The Fine Brothers.

I like the guy who thinks that anarchy is coming for all of us, and that this movie is really just a preview of the future. I hope I'm on that guy's side when it all falls apart.

And hey, while we're on the subject: I liked this movie! I didn't like the second book, but I thought the movie was a hell of a ride. What'd the rest of you think?


    First of all, The Hunger Games is aimed at teenagers, not old people. Second, they haven't read the books, seen the first movie, or have any prior knowledge of what The Hunger Games are about, so of course they wouldn't have a clue as to what's going on. It's like my dad (who's in his 60's) told me a couple of years ago that he watched Back To The Future Part II, he hated it and was very confused about the whole thing. He hadn't seen the first one, and "he doesn't like movies where things are flying at you all the time" (his words, not mine), so no shit he was confused, and didn't like it.

    That said, I didn't mind Catching Fire, but it sure isn't the best movie I've seen this year.

    Also, some of the comments those old people came out with were pretty funny though, "I'd stab 'em in the back while they're sleeping". Classic.

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      "he doesn't like movies where things are flying at you all the time"

      I must be becoming an old fart because that's how I feel so often during movies. Man of Steel and Transformers were like this. The Krypton intro sequences to Man of Steel were so packed full of CG garbage I was numb to it and didn't care about it. The most exciting part of Man of Steel was the end when Superman briefly had the bad guy in a headlock cause my brain was like "holy shit, this is awesome, there's two actors on the screen ... acting"

      Maybe movies are leaning too heavily on packing the screen full of flashing digital garbage, or maybe I'm getting too old.

        When my dad says that, he means EVERY movie with any sort of special effects in it, including classics like the original Star Wars movies. but he loves movies like The Sound Of Music, Mary Poppins and My Fair Lady.

          Haha. Yeah, I'm not that bad. I do like special effects a lot, after growing up watching animatronic or stop motion monsters, I welcome CG effects. But sometimes less is more, I like crazy action, but I don't want to be face-fucked by a two headed CG rhinoceros for 120 minutes.

    Yeah, whatever, the old folks don't get it crap will always fly in the too lazy to be imaginative dumbass lets make a clip that all the cool kids will get, dude genre... Oh well, back to editing my Tegan and Sara and Of Mountains and Men clips for my galaxy Note 3, finishing Bioshock Infinite on my $7K Scorptec self specced rig, and getting ready for the local indie film sessions... oh, yeah, and I'm only 63 years old...

      I'd ask what indie film series you're referring to but I'm sure it's too obscure and I've never heard of it.

      This! Some of us old farts grew up riding the tech wave when it first started and we still riding that board! Damn fine trip it's been too.

      And as for The Hunger Games, best movie I've seen in ages. Well acted and a pretty damn good story line as well. I'm pumped for the next one.

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    Games Journalism everybody! A big round of applause for Mr Hamilton.

    I don't understand The Hunger Games, and I'm in my mid thirties. I haven't read/seen any of it, and I don't care. I know I'm not alone, and besides, this series is aimed at teenagers.

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      Same here - Mid thirties, but the hunger games just didn't do it for me. I expected more tbh.
      I've seen the first one, was average at best, not sure if I will spend time watching the 2nd one. Storyline was highly predictable in the first one, I would be surprised if the 2nd one is that much different.

        I had rather low expectations, and was rather unimpressed. I couldn't agree more about the storyline being highly predictable, it was tropes galore in the worst way possible. It was so obvious what was going to happen in evey scene that tried to create tension it was just so horribly pointless to watch. I just wish something out of left field happened so it didn't seem like such a waste.

    I haven't seen the first one cause it looked silly/bad job by the people who put the promo together.
    Now we have this sequel with an awfully convenient, thin as bacon plot line... yes.. we just happen to have decided that the person who only just won their freedom or whatever has to fight for it again.. because sequel... and money and lack of decent plot.

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