Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Packs Include Episodic Adventure

Briefly: Onslaught. Devastation. Invasion. Nemesis. + Extinction x4 — the four DLC packs coming to Call of Duty Ghosts through 2014 will also include a four-part episodic adventure in the game's co-op players vs. aliens Extinction mode, as explained today in the new Season Pass trailer for Ghosts.


    I remember they tried that in Halo 4.
    and by try I mean failed miserably. I didn't even finish it because it was so boring. Doesn't help that I was constantly exposed to Sarah "Egghead" Palmer.

    Would anybody really be that interested in this? I mean, Extinction was considered by many to be a lame ripoff of Zombies from Treyarch. A mode that you completed once that didn't really offer anything new.

      i've heard differently. I've heard its combined Zombies and Survival into a different, but quite honestly more enjoyable mode.

      Zombies gave you little to work for, and the fact it was endless meant theres no real way to "win" zombies. People found entertainment in it, I saw it as running circles of a map for hours on end, to mow down a train of AI.

      I like zombies but I think that extinction is better. There is slightly more enemy variety and can use some perks and streak rewards. Has more tower defence elements than zombies does. Higher levels on zombies is just running around making zombie trains then mowing then down, not really a fan of that if I'm honest.

      Also, agreed re halo, trying to put a story arc to firefight, so wrong. Should have just left it as firefight.

    who cares. there are now 2515 steam reviews for PC version. I scrolled for a very long time, and couldn't find 1 positive review!
    still havent bought the game. and never will. ill wait for free to play.

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