Our Pick Of Today's Steam Sales

Some things in life are inevitable; death, taxes and cheap games during a Steam sale. Here's the pick of what's on sale today.

Value is one of those highly relative things, but it'd be hard to argue against quite a few of the games on offer today, although there's more than a few that have been specials in previous sales unless my memory's playing funny tricks on me.

I'm also horribly tempted by today's sales, simply because there's so many titles that I've missed out on when they were "new" — a pertinent reminder that "old" games can still be "good" games — but also that my personal pile of shame would now take several lifetimes to work my way through.

As such, I must be strong, and not spend the onerous sum of $3.74 on Spelunky.

Or, for that matter, the exact same sum for Fallout New Vegas.

I always find it tough to pick up the newer "sale" items in Steam sales, even though it's a bit of a logical fallacy; there's something easier in spending a few bucks on an older game than there is spending tens of dollars on a heavily discounted title. That should make the $39.97 Total War: Rome II easier to avoid, right?

Anything else in today's offerings jumping out at you?


    I really enjoyed deadlight, a puzzle platformer with a nice art style, interesting story and decent mechanics
    A few section that are fiddly with the controls which have caused people to rage quit but I didn't have too much trouble. I 100% all the collectables but didn't complete the stupid hardcore mode which is basically completing the game in 1 sitting with 3 checkpoints in the 4 hour game (if you die you go back to the start of the act)

    How is Rome II at the moment? I avoided it at launch becuase of what I heard was a rocky start. Has it improved now?

      Last I heard it still wasn't good. People were complaining that they were working on expansions and DLC while the base game was still broken. I don't have it but that was the latest I heard

        tbh, I'm not sure how many people saying that played it in the first week didn't like what they saw and have been whinging ever since without playing the updates. You can definitely get enjoyment out of it as it is, whether it's $40 worth of enjoyment is up for debate but its not an unplayable mess as some people are still saying

        As for them bringing out DLC while still patching the main game, people need to realise that that's pressure from SEGA as the publisher and not Creative Assembly ignoring everyone that's bringing it out. and anyway, it'd be different teams working on the DLC compared to the paches. Like I said, some people like to complain

          Probably a bit of truth to that. There are a fair few people on the GWJ forums saying it has improved considerably in the last month or so.

          Think I'll grab a copy of it when I get back from work :)

      It needs some kinks worked out of it, is all. I have a decent rig and the grand campaign map is still rather shoddy performance-wise, and you'll run into the occasional bug here and there. Ultimately I found it enjoyable though, so I think it's worth picking up at forty bucks.

    I'm tempted to go back through Mass Effect again. 1 & 2 are available for $5 each (although Steam are doing a 2 game bundle for $12.50, that math doesn't add up). Shame ME3 is only available on Origin. But I am kind of wary, I have in the last month picked up my PS4, FIFA 14, KZ Shadowfall, ACIV, BF4 and Knack. On top of that I got Rome II, SimCity and Borderlands 1/2 during EB games MadMonday sale. I have only bought Skyrim from the Steam sale so far and gotten Left 4 Dead 2 for free but Mass Effect is really tempting. Plus is still have an abundance of games in my PS+ collection to go through........... So many games, such little time.

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    I can suggest Risk of rain! Brutally hard, but I found the sheer number of abilities and new game mechanics kept me interested and playing long after I left similar rouge-likes. Also great fun in multiplayer. It's a steal for the price. OH and the soundtrack is easily my favourite of the year, top notch sound design too, it's worth it just for the soundtrack.

    Highly recommend The Swapper. I haven't been completely stumped by a puzzle game since Portal 2 coop. Also a really interesting sci-fi story and great atmosphere. Definitely one of the most underrated games this year.

    I'm annoyed about Bioshock Infinite. It's on as a flash sale right now. It was $9.99 so I went to buy it, got to the checkout and it gave a warning that the price had changed and it had jumped up to $19. I was logged in the whole time so I wasn't viewing the US price or anything like that.

      That happened to me with RAGE, saw it for $10 a long while ago on the mobile app, was logged in and bought it and got charged $40. Raise a support ticket and see if they can refund anything

        I checked the price before cancelling the transaction. I'm just annoyed that we're still getting the Australia tax. I'm pretty sure Infinite wasn't always $99.99 rrp on Steam, but it is now. I'll bet it gets a price drop again after the sale. Just sucks that I missed out on the low low price.

          You might already know, or you might already have 1 and 2, but you can get steam codes for all three BioShock games for USD$15 on Amazon.

          Just for anyone interested.

            I do already have 1+2, I'm guessing from the THQ bundle I bought years ago.

            Does buying games from Amazon work without VPN etc? It seems like just about every time I try buying something from there I get the old "not available in your country" message.

              Yeah, for some reason you can only download it in the US. Just change your shipping address to someplace in America and you should be fine.

          You are correct, I waited for the flash sale to end, showing the discount off $99.99. Then clicked through to see they have dropped it back to $79.99. WTF? ACCC where are you?

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            It's a pretty shit move, offering 80% off rrp with one hand and bumping the rrp up by $20 with the other.

            2K used to be better than this. I've seen their Borderlands 2 price jump around as different sale offers are introduced too. GOTY was $15 very briefly at the start of the sale (the same as the US price) but now even as a 50% off flash sale it's $39.99 for us Australians. Not to worry, I got it from a key seller for $15 anyway. It's the 'Mac' version, but it's a Steam key so it's multiplatform anyway.

            I just found this: http://www.steamprices.com/au/app/8870/bioshock-infinite

            Check out the graph. It tracks the game's price over time. RRP is actually higher now than it has ever been, even when the game launched. RRP was even down to $59.99 right before the holiday sale started.

    What is State of Decay like? I bought it yesterday on one of the flash sales.

    I just picked up deadlight today. Has been on my wishlist for a while. I think I missed out on Outlast being on sale though.

    Picked up Bioshock triple pack, and in case you haven't played it, New Vegas is a MUST HAVE! I cannot stop raving bout it (and the excellent soundtrack)

      New Vegas... less than the cost of a pint for the game and all it's DLC. And guaranteed this will last you longer than one pint.

    As a side note. Anyone who lives in Melbourne and has played Deadlight... Keep an eye out for the old Metcard machine!

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