Our Pick Of Today's Steam Sales

The final Steam Sale day of 2013 — at least on this side of the pond — offers up mixed fare. Here's our pick of the best deals.

I've got to admit that I'm a little underwhelmed by today's deals, but maybe that's just me.

I mean, GTA IV is a classic, and at $12.49 there's enough game in there, but I've already got an (unfinished) copy lurking somewhere. Actually, now that I check, I've already got it on Steam already as well!

Likewise, Alan Wake at $2.99 is quite cheap, but it's already in my pile of shame.

I keep meaning to get into Kerbal Space Program, and it's 40 per cent off at $16.19, but again, pile of shame. Pile of shame. I must be strong.

And then there's Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition at $14.99, a game about which I cheerfully know very little aside from this Mock The Week sketch.

Anything else in today’s offerings jumping out at you?



    Because Steam regional pricing is broken, it's cheaper to pick up the "Complete" edition of GTAIV for $7.49


      The "Metro Franchise Pack" which includes Metro Last Light is also cheaper than buying just Last Light (and it's a great, albeit hardware taxing, PC game)


        So you've just underwhelmed my underwhelmation. Which isn't even a word.

        Farming Simulator 2013 it is, then!

          Pretty much haha.

          Good price for Injustice though. Net code is a little broken still but if you've got your PC hooked up to your TV, enjoy fighting games and a couple of 360 controllers it's worth checking out.

          That's a bit of a niche market isn't it? Bring on Steam Machines.

            Fighting game fans regularly bitch about the standard 360 DPad, I wonder how they'd fare with the steambox controller

        I'm sure Last Light was cheaper yesterday in a 75% off flash sale though. There's been some weirdness this sale.

    Props to the devs of Farming Simulator, they did a special Ed Byrne edition: https://twitter.com/MrEdByrne/status/401359302147186688/photo/1

      My productivity is going to be... impaired... for a while.

      Too busy laughing.

        Well word is that the game had a big spike in sales after that Mock The Week bit so I guess they felt like they had to thank him

    You MUST play Kerbal Space Program. I started learning the ropes the other day and am enjoying it immensely. Still early days in career mode, gathering science and figuring out maneuvers.


      I've also been playing it for the past few days and I am addicted to it, it's so much easier with the mod "MechJeb", I must learn to pilot manually though. It takes to much fun out of it!

        Yeah I'm not touching mods until I've finished learning the ropes.

    If I didn't have it on Xbox then Alan Wake is a definite buy, I recommend it to people who haven't played it before. Might pick up Outlast though, that looks pretty good

      For $4 you can get the complete package with the special edition extras for the main game and also get American Nightmare and the extra bonus materials (comic, extra book pages from the DLCs etc) are free when you own the main game.

      Lots of extras might be worth the buy. Personally I got it because one of these days my 360 won't work anymore so having it on PC for really cheap was enough to get my money.

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