People Are Saying A K-Pop Group Ripped Off Lupin III’s Theme

People Are Saying A K-Pop Group Ripped Off Lupin III’s Theme

Popular Korean group Crayon Pop gets flak for its alleged costume knocks-offs. And now some are wondering if the group’s newest single, “Lonely Christmas,” doesn’t rip off the theme song for anime Lupin III.

Here is “Lonely Christmas.”

And here is the Lupin III theme from 1978.

One Korean YouTube user even made a direct comparison of each song’s intro.

Maybe Crayon Pop paid to sample the theme? Maybe it doesn’t sound like Lupin III? Maybe it’s ok because this is just the beginning?

Some people online seem to think there are similarities. On 2ch, Japan’s largest forum, there are accusations of outright plagiarism. Others online called it “sampling.”

韓国アイドルグループ、ルパン三世のテーマをパクるwwwwww [2ch]

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  • I think it’s a sample, many korean songs have been doing the same thing as of late to attract a more ‘western’ audience by borrowing ‘key sounds’ from well known sources to attract outside attention. If a group were to do it illegally then that is a real shame because I do follow Kpop and have for many years and it happens both ways which is just reflective of the world we live in…most music is just regurgitation of once original pieces. Crayon Pop fighting!

  • Why do people care, i mean anyone remember when Men at Works “I come from a land down under” used to be played on radio but because a certain part apparently sound like Kookaburra sat in an old gum tree, its gone. Personally i don’t know how many combinations of notes you can have but occasionally you are going to have two that sound similar.

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