Playing Battlefield 4 Inside An Armoured LAN Party

Playing Battlefield 4 Inside An Armoured LAN Party

Yes, this is a cheap marketing stunt. But it’s one I want to own. Or at least borrow for the weekend.

EA’s Australian outpost and Origin – the PC manufacturers, not the EA online store – have built the “Battlefield 4 and Origin PC Armoured Division Tank”, a clumsy name for what’s essentially a converted Armoured Personnel Carrier full of gaming PCs.

Pop open the rear hatch and you’ll find six computers in neat slide-out housings. Seating doesn’t look terribly comfortable, but then, there should be little comforting about cramming six humans into the back of a military vehicle to play video games.

It’ll be touring the country in 2014 as a glorified Battlefield 4 demo unit. Let’s hope it’s also available for hire at weddings.


    • It’s an armoured case of emotion. This could just end up rolling around the country pissing a whole lot of people off.

  • You know what would be amazing? If AMD released driver updates. As partners of BF4 you’d think they’d have drivers coming out all the time to improve how the game plays on AMD GPUs. Nope. Last driver update was September.
    The game runs fine on my HD7970 Ghz, but I like to see companies making an effort. Back to Nvidia for me next gen of GPUs. I really miss Nvidia Experience.

  • Stupid game freezes every damn map an takes 15 minutes to load…. I don’t get how people have ranked up so far when it performs as well as Eric the eel did at the Olympics.

      • i5 3570k, gtx670, 8gb ram… This game has been the biggest pain the arse, i’ve read up on fixes but I shouldn’t have to do so much to get this to work.

  • I can smell the man sweat and dropped guts from here already. I doubt I’d want to be inside that thing for very long. Winner stays and pays.

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