Please Stop Causing Car Accidents, Video Games. Please.

You know, Scott Hoy, maybe video games are to blame for an increase in single-vehicle accidents.

Or not. Who cares. I just love that Scott Hoy, lawyer, is channelling Mickey Rooney in the cutest way possible here. Keep it up.

[Thanks Matt!]


    bloody video games!!!!
    When they are not out gambling and shooting up schools there crashing cars into trees.

      those poor trees were innocent...Curse you video games!!! This has to be a parody or something though right? Because if not it's absolutely hilarious for him to say that he doesnt know whether its video games but that it's so unfair to blame people in the back.

      Last edited 13/12/13 7:31 pm

    He's Scott Hoy, and I'll stop

    Last edited 13/12/13 7:31 pm

    A Mickey Rooney reference? Top points for that, although I'll bet very few of us understood it lol.

    This better be a parody. It's getting harder and harder to tell these days.

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