Project Eternity Is Now Pillars Of Eternity, And It Looks Great

There's still no release date for Obsidian's big new RPG, once called Project Eternity, but here's a lovely new trailer for your medieval-landmark-loving eyes.

The takeaway here: the game's now called Pillars of Eternity; it looks like the old Infinity Engine brought back to life; oh man I want to play this now.


    OMG. Still absolutely fanging for Baldurs Gate 2 on my iPad aswell.

    Man, if you could remake baldurs gate with this engine. .

    If its wrong to get an erection watching game trailers then I don't want to be right!

    is it using the D&D combat system? cuz i cant really understand that style....

      From the little I've read, I think they're making they're own system, which may or may not be similar to d&d.

      Not exactly, because they don't have the D&D licence. But it's designed to be like the combat from the Infinity Engine games like Balder's Gate and Icewind Dale so there will be similarities.

    I flung 360 bucks into the ether for this. Worth ever penny.

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