PS3 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

PS3 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Just because Sony's got a new console out doesn't mean people aren't still attached to their PS3s. Here are some tips for PS3-related holiday shopping.

DO consider buying a PS3 for someone who already has an Xbox 360 or Nintendo console. It may seem gratuitous, but you're a generous soul and the kind of gift-giver who realises that only cruel people would deprive someone of the chance to play the PS3-only The Last of Us as well as a slew of other PS3 exclusives such as Ni No Kuni and the million or so games in the Ratchet & Clank series. Plus, there are a lot of free games available through PlayStation Plus. Oh, and Gran Turismo 6 comes out only for PS3 in December.

DO consider the PS3 for the person who has no consoles, but recognise that the person might prefer the jump to next-gen. There aren't many games for the PS4 or Xbox One, though, and a PS3 would give them access to way more stuff to play. (The PS4 can't play PS3 games, which you probably knew.) Caveats galore: if more of their friends play on Xbox Live, they'd prefer an Xbox 360 over a PS3. If they like Zelda or Mario, you should get them a Wii U. If they're more of just a straight-up Call of Duty and Madden gamer and don't play much else, you could get them a PS3, 360, PS4 or Xbox One. It's pretty much a wash. If they want to play GTA V, flip a coin between the PS3 and 360.

DO buy The Last Of Us on PS3. The PS3-exclusive game from the makers of the equally great Uncharted series crafted one of the best narrative experiences of the year, as well as a pretty fun and challenging stealth game. Here are a bunch of other great titles to choose from, too.

DO buy Puppeteer for someone you'd like to play games with. It's not just a very charming (if occasionally overly noisy) game, it's got a great co-op mode that lets two people play the entire story together.

DO buy a year of PlayStation Plus. You won't just be giving access to PS4 online multiplayer and a bunch of other services, you'll be giving the gift of games, thanks to the massive collection of free PS3 and Vita games PS+ subscribers get access to.

DO pick up A PSN gift card. The PS3's been getting larger and larger hard drives and there are lots of titles available for download. The PSN credit will double for the Vita.

DON'T buy any stands for the system unless you/your gift receiver absolutely must have one.

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    DO buy a vertical stand if you have cats and you're going to stand it that way, especially if it's near an edge...

    DO consider getting a PlayTV if they don't have Foxtel or a PVR. Got lots of use out of mine.

    DON'T keep it in a cupboard or cabinet with poor airflow...

      Agree with all of these, especially the third.

        yep, my son's kept on overheating till i told him to move it out of the cabinet he had it in.

      I've heard PlayTV has issues with firmware releases, have you come across that?

      I've not really looked into it, but the PS3 gear is sure to drop in price now the PS4 is out.

    Nice copy/paste from your 360 guide with marginal changes to make it a PS3 article.

    The ability to play blu-ray movies is significant (and severely lacking in this piece) as the PS3 is the only console from this generation which can play them. This is a double-edged sword as it can be problematic for someone who wants to play games - other family members may want to use the console to watch HD movies, resulting in less game time. On the other hand, if the user has no one to share the console with, buying a PS3 will mean they have a games console and a HD movie player (if they didn't already have one).

      12Gb version is a good option for a Blu-Ray player/media hub and occasional gaming console - it's almost cheap enough to grab one as a spare for the bedroom for when the latest high-def rom-com forces one to retreat from the lounge and main PS3... Can get for under $200 new, possibly even less on your favourite auction site...

    If you're buying a last-gen console for someone, chances are they are lacking $$$. This is why PS3 is good choice:
    - Bluray player
    - Free access to other streaming options, unlike X360.
    - A better exclusive list for the last year or so (subjective).
    - Bluetooth controller can be used on other devices.
    - Free multiplayer.
    - PS+ sub for active gamers is insane value.

      Free Multiplayer unlike 360, but than say pay for PS+ anyway. MS do give you free games with gold subscription now. They don't give you as many I admit, but if your just getting your 360 you won't have all the games that are now free.

    DO buy Ratchet and Clank: Nexus. Really cheap and really good

    DON'T buy anything from the AU PSN unless it's on a special discount. Ironically, retail copies are cheaper than digital.
    DON'T buy locally unless it's a Christmas emergency. Aus tax is ridiculous.
    DO import if you can stand the 2 week wait. Recommend Ozgameshop, and I've heard Green Man Gaming is good too. You'll save way more online than you will in Boxing Day sales.

    I must be the odd one out but

    DO buy them Uncharted 2, DO NOT buy them The Last of Us

    Also, for something completely different and immersive (in a wildly different way) DO buy them Beyond Two Souls

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