PS4 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

PS4 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Sony's newest console just recently launched, right in time for the holiday season. Here are some dos and don'ts when it comes to holiday shopping and the PS4.

DO buy a second controller for a giftee who owns a PS4. The PS4 controller runs out of juice with a dispiriting quickness, and it's very nice to be able to have a spare to leave charging at all times. Speaking of...

DO consider a charging station made by your brand of choice. It's more sightly than wires sticking out of the console.

DO buy a year of PlayStation Plus. You won't just be giving access to PS4 online multiplayer and a bunch of other services, you'll be giving the gift of games, thanks to the massive collection of free PS3 and Vita games PS+ subscribers get access to. Your gift receiver can instantly pick up Contrast and Resogun, both of which are fantastic games and free with a Plus account.

DO pick them up a copy of Need For Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4 or some other available launch games you think they might like.

DO get them a 1080p television so they'll really appreciate all the fancy graphics this thing can do. You know, if you wanna go big with your gift.

DO consider getting the PlayStation camera to go with a PS4 if someone's already picked up Sony's newest console. There aren't too many games out yet for the PS4, and of those there aren't too many that use the camera's features, but it might be something your gift receiver will find useful and/or fun. Especially if they've got kids who would probably love Playroom, for instance. Or cats.

DON'T get them an actual PS4 just yet unless you know for sure they want one. There aren't enough games out there right now to justify the new console purchase, and early adopters can sometimes get stuck with some growing pains. But if you are considering getting them one... First, can you find one? Second, is the momentary glory of giving a cool new PlayStation more for you or for them? Because, you know, it's not about you. You are giving them a system that doesn't have a lot of games. You are giving them a system that can't play any PS3, PS2 or PSOne games. You are giving them something they can brag about and that plays one fine looking version of Assassin's Creed IV. But it doesn't run GTA V. It's also not an Xbox One. Tough call between those two, though we can maybe help you sort that out, at least.

Let's build this guide out in the comments below...


    "Do buy them a 1080p TV"

    So these articles are written by and for the 1% then?

      1080p screens are sub $200 now.

        1080p TV =/= 1080p screen.

          For the purposes of viewing a PS4 over HDMI, it works.

          Anyway, here's some starting at $298 listed price ...

            In my house we rarely go into triple digits with Christmas present, so I would consider those small/cheap tvs as still being too much to spend, but everybody is different.

              Yeah, us neither. But $300 is still within sane limits, I suppose.

            Granted, but one would think the purchase of a PS4 would have been enough. Now we're talking a TV on top :P

      And everything else listed is sub $100...

      no just idiots

      1%. you mean bikers?

        There is more that one type of 1%. It's been used to describe the ludicrously wealthy as well as Bikers, Psychics, and others I can't think of right now.

          I knew he meant the extremely wealthy, I was just trying to be a smart actually part of a 1% of ppl that don't have any wisdom teeth (probably explain alot lol )

            I've still got stitches in my mouth due to having my wisdom teeth surgically removed, consider yourself lucky. Another week or so before they desovle.

              Apparently were destined not to have wisdom teeth, it will be interesting to see if my kids get them.

    I'm not actually sure you can find stock of a PS4....

      Yeah i thought that too, i had given up on getting one anytime soon, but unbelievably, I got one today from HN.

      Yeah something more along the lines of

      DON'T get your hopes up

    Ok, so both the Xbone and PS4 buyers guides recommend to NOT to buy either console... What?

    "Here man, I bought this for you, Merry Christmas"

    *friend/relative unwraps gift*

    "Cool, a PS4/Xbone controller, some games, and a charging station". "What the hell am I meant to do with all this, I don't have the console"?

    "Sorry, the buyers guide told me not to buy one"

      To be fair the guide does say "unless you know for sure they want one"

      If you read it properly, some of the DOs mention getting the item (eg. controller) if the person already has a PS4. It's not telling people to buy a PS4 + other stuff; it's also telling people what to buy for those who already own the console.

    I LIKE the PS4 more than xBox One:

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