Quickflix Now Available For The PlayStation 4

I'm a big fan of the PlayStation 4 but it's definitely lagging behind the Xbox One when it comes to its media capabilities, particularly here in Australia where the selection of apps is particularly limited. Sony Australia is attempting to remedy this and the first step is today's announcement that Netflix and Vidzone are now available on PlayStation 4.

Quickflix, for me, seems like the big one.

"It’s well recognised that PlayStation fans love all forms of digital entertainment, whether its music, TV, movies or games and we remain committed to delivering the most immersive digital entertainment experiences on our platforms." said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. "We are excited to have an agreement in place with such an innovative market leader like Quickflix that brings PS4 owners, amazing entertainment content to enjoy."

Quickflix price plans start at $14.99 per month. Seems reasonable.

I am having a lot of issues streaming content on my PS4 and my Xbox One. I previously streamed all my content from a laptop to either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. Both next gen consoles feel a lot more closed off that before, so I am considering a Quickflix subscription as a solution for my woes. Anyone here use Quickflix — would you recommend the service? Let us know in the comments below.


    If you want a better framework of what they have to stream, check this out:

    But their DVD service is quite impressive too. I used to use it a lot before I got Foxtel.

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    today’s announcement that Netflix and Vidzone are now available on PlayStation 4.

    You mean Quickflix right?

    Geez... it's about time. What's the point of having a next gen console if you can't use it to stream the contents of the "weekly rental" section of an early 90's Focus Video store?

      Yeah, the streaming movies are kinda crap and there's a thin selection. I signed up for a free trial a year or so ago and cancelled it right before they started charging me. By that time I'd watched everything worth watching which was mainly kids movies. My kids loved it, but there wasn't much for me.

    Yay! Now i can pay $14.99 per month for movies that are over 20 years old to stream on my PS4! Or if i want newer movies, I can pay the $14.99 per month PLUS $5.99 for a 48 hour window to view it!

    Yeah sorry, but Quickflix is a very broken site for streaming. The subscription option is full of outdated movies that most people have seen a million times over or they just don't want to see. A lot of major studio titles from the past are not on the list. At best it's the online version of a very badly run Video Ezy.

    I wish Netflix would get off their butts and sort out their issues from legally streaming to Australia. It's been what? 3-4-5 years since they stated "We'll have it going soon"

      I had netflix when I lived in America 4 years ago. It was pretty awesome.

      That's assuming that the legal issues preventing Netflix from expanding here aren't the same ones that responsible for Quickflix's current range of content ...

      There are definitely ways to just get netflix. They might work pretty well. I, for one, would never break copyright law by watching something meant for a better country, but if I wanted to, I could, with almost no effort ...

      Problem will be its $8 a month for Netflix US, + the $5 for a service like UnblockUS, for a massive catalogue of media worth watching.

      I envision the AU Netflix will have substantially less available, at a higher subscription price.

    Yeah, Quickflix is more expensive than Netflix, even when you factor in the cost of setting up unblock-us.

    We tried Quickflix for a few months maybe a year ago. streaming selection is pretty woeful unfortunately.

    I have since set up Netflix through a VPN (including cost of VPN service it is still cheaper than Quickflix) and it blows QF out of the water. Not even really comparable services IMHO.

    Quickflix must be really struggling to get traction with content providers. Probably to do with presure from everyone's favourite monopolists Telstra+Foxtel.

    If it is as easy to get Netflix through VPN on PS4 as it is on PS3 I would recommend you do that.

    I wouldn't care if there weren't any TV related functions on the PS4 at all, to be honest. I don't buy a gaming console to watch TV, I do that on my PC.

    Quickflix is shit. I tried the free trial. Had nothing worth streaming. Not even close to being worth $15 a month.

      Just out of interest, what is worth streaming then? I assume you've seen everything on it already.

      I guess from my point of view I don't jag things online and really only buy DVD's or Blu-Ray's of TV shows and movies. Looking at the list I reckon I could be satisfied with a lot on there for quite a while and for $15 a month it seems like chicken feed...to me anyway.

        Yeah, but the selection on Netflix is *so* much better, all you need to do is use unblock-us.com and you are away. Huge selections, fantastic interface and so much better than quickflix.

        Compare it to what is available on the US Netflix though and Quickflix really is garbage, especially when it's about 50% more money.

          Fair points guys. Pardon my ignorance, but what's stopping AU getting on the bandwagon with Netflix? Seems like the way to go.

            Archaic licensing deals with television stations? I don't really know. I do know that when TiVo released here they had to remove the fast-forward-through-ads feature because of some broadcast standards. Maybe our digital media will catch up some day.

    Sort by year, and the latest movies for streaming are dated 2011 - and there's only 2 of them. Most of them I don't even recognise and are probably all "straight to DVD". lololololololololololol.

    I signed up for Quickflix to see what they are like, I think ill be cancelling and sticking with Netflix and Hulu+ on my Chromecast. Its a shame that they don't provide a decent selection or anything remotely new for $15 a month.

    Just out of interest what does the Xbox One provide as far as streaming is concerned in Australia? A lot of the stuff that I've seen seems to be stuff like Netflix that still isn't supported in Australia.

    A friend of mine is letting me loose on his PS4 when he gets back from holidays... I intend to sign him up for a trial of unblock-us and then try to log into Netflix on his machine...

    Really looking forward to it!

    Wouldn't touch Quickflix though... way to limited selection and way over priced for "premium" content.

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the lack of HD yet, SD only on their streaming service! Their postal service is actually pretty good, but they are way behind on the streaming side of things.

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