Reminder: Battlefield 4 On PC Is Very, Very Pretty

Reminder: Battlefield 4 On PC Is Very, Very Pretty

YouTuber Wintergore is both directing and “starring” in this machinima video as a dirtbike rider on the run from every dirtbike rider’s worst nightmare: a fleet of angry little robots.

The action’s fun, but really, this is awesome just to kick up to HD and enjoy just how damn pretty Battlefield 4 on PC is.

Battlefield 4 : China Rising SUAV Machinima [YouTube]


  • Yeah, it is pretty. It’s very pretty. Have they fixed the stability issues yet? I’m tired of the game crashing every second game I play.

    • I’m not sure, I stopped playing also. Well I never really started playing to begin with as I spent most my time on the loading screen, in the battlelog and in the task menu trying to end task.

      • Shift right click end process tree on processes usually cuts through the attempting to end task crap. I get crashes, usually an hour or two in which usually signals sleepy byes time. Regardless I’m sure things will get ironed out… I’m still enjoying the gameplay.

    • kinda like dating that super hot girl but you can never find the time to be alone with her long enough to seal the deal. And she’s keen too but always has to bail.

      • Same here. Only problems I ever had were the crashes on Shanghai when the building collapsed. Lately it’s been running perfectly.

      • Stability has greatly improved but is still far from perfect. Those on windows 8 are having a better time than those on 7 like me. (i cant upgrade due to other software that i need to run). Mostly i run without crashes but every say 4 or 5 hours of game play i still get one. ( rebuilt my comp from scratch with all latest firmware and drivers etc so its game issues not hardware setup)

        Also there is still times when server cue’s bug out.

        There is still some very big problems like the sound bugs and more importantly the one shot kill bullet registering more than once that are holding the game back in a big way.

        Not saying its not playable and fun but far from a polished product at the moment.

    • Are you serious? There are tons of Aussie servers. Just pick a game mode and rank them by ping, I regularly get 10-20 servers with a ping of around 30ms.

      • I usually get about 5-8 servers with ping under 100ms and then if I restrict it to oceania I get 3-4 servers max. What are your multiplayer filter settings?

      • That sucks for you guys…. i get 40 pings only if i play W.A. servers. Im in sydney on an adsl conection so nothing special.

        A couple of tips for finding servers on pc for you that might help as there is loads more that you aren’t finding obviously.

        Firstly check to make sure you aren’t limiting your filters to any particular game style, player count etc.

        Make sure you are looking for ranked servers only as without this you will find all the private servers used for scrims etc and probably password protected. You cant rank up or get unlocks on these servers anyway so probably not what you are looking for.

        Now the biggy, When you search sort by active servers with people playing then scroll down to the bottom of the list. You will see the list then expands as you get to the bottom. You can keep doing this multiple times. each time you do it it will find more servers. scroll back up the top and sort by populated servers again then you should find heaps of servers.

        Then when you find a server with people/ game mode and map selection you like make sure you add it to your favorites.

        Hope that helps

        • I have all game modes selected, all player sizes, oceanic, so I need to manually search pages my self to find populated servers seems annoying but I guess that’s why my history normally has twice as many

          Where is the logic in this dice?

          • yeah its not a great way to do it but it works…. i have at least 30 servers in my favourites that pretty much have at least half full to full player counts 24/7 and there is many more.

            The way you have to search is stupid but it was the same in bf3 too

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