Report: Lindsay Lohan Calls Lawyers Over Grand Theft Auto V

Report: Lindsay Lohan Calls Lawyers Over Grand Theft Auto V

A report on TMZ claims that shining diamond Lindsay Lohan "has called in her lawyers" to take legal action over her supposed portrayal in Grand Theft Auto V.

I'll give you a moment to collect yourselves.

She's apparently going to demand that Rockstar and Take-Two pay her for using her likeness. No word on specific instances, but TMZ believes part of the issue is that the game's swimsuit-clad cover star is based on Lohan's appearance. Even though it's not, that honour going to model Shelby Welinder.

They also point out a couple of the game's paparazzi missions, but anyone who's played the game will know those aren't exactly trading off Lohan's explicit reputation, instead opting for more of a traditional "fallen idol" Hollywood stereotype.

Note that the report only says she's "called in her lawyers", not that any paperwork has actually been filed.

We've contacted Rockstar for comment, and will update if we hear back.



    Now if only we could fast forward to the next two major headlines involving this washed up child star:
    - Report: Lindsay Lohan GTA V case thrown out of court
    - Report: Lindsay Lohan found dead in bathtub.

    My god that picture of her is horrifying. This article needs a NSFW tag.

      MY EYES!


      I thought bodies only looked like that after Dexter left them in the ocean for a month... mother of god...

        I don't understand why some girls seem to think looking like you've had an allergic reaction to a bee is the in look, and plastic surgery will get you there.

          We watched the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD today...

          When The Governer beats Rick to a bloody pulp and his face is all bloody and slimy from spit and bloody, one of my mates paused it and said 'ITS LILO!' and brought up this page and pic lol! Amazingly it looked similair hahahah!!!

      That picture is proof they didn't use Lindsay Lohan, and used somebody else.

      Edit, if they hired and paid the model in the link for the picture this is just going to make Lohan look like an idiot. Not that people's opinions of her are that high.

      Last edited 02/12/13 3:52 pm

      Haha, saying bad things about women's appearances is awesome

    First of all she thinks she is the cover model. Think of yourself much.
    B) It's satire.
    3rd. She finally admitted that she is a coked up whore.

      Come on, associating her with coked up whores is pretty insulting to coked up whores.

    A report on TMZ

    I stopped reading right there. Are you even aware of what TMZ actually is? The Nostalgia Critic takes every moment to slander it. Even making his entire review of "A.I." just one huge middle finger to the show.

      Yeah but all gossip shows are like that, Nostalgia critic, while i agree with his view on TMZ, he is kind of a self righteous jackass. Though they are reporting on what their sources have informed them (TMZ) and Kotaku have reported on that.

      TMZ is about the only site that can make Kotaku (US) look like journalists.

    That girl in GTA v wasn't a fire crotch was she?

    The model is Shelby Welinder. Poor Lilo doesn't know how to google.

      I say a counter sue is in order!

      Shelby should sue Lindsey for distilling her brand as people may now confuse her likeness in GTAV for her!

        Or sue her for defamation of character. Lilo is accusing her of looking like a washed out crack whore..

      I think the GTA V swimsuit girl bore a striking resemblance to Kate Upton.

    That picture. Dang. This article definitely needs a "NSFW: drug addled whore" warning.

    Is it because she looks like the Atom Blimp?

      You just made my day!

    The worst thing is that this story will just get her more publicity. That, and arrogance, are probably the main motivating factors for filing this "not-yet lawsuit". The worst possible thing for Lindsay - beyond being made fun of in a videogame - is to be ignored.
    Let's make it happen.

    Pity this scrubber didn't a wrap herself around a tree in a car wreck a long time ago.

      this poor taste of a joke was 2 fast 2 soon

      Last edited 02/12/13 4:00 pm

    I think LiLo thinking that that is her likeness is evidence that she still has some decent Coke connections.

    I thought the Poppy Mitchell character in the paparazzi missions was meant to be Lohan?

    Last edited 02/12/13 3:02 pm

      Sounds more likely to me, esp given the "bikini girl" is a direct swipe of another model.

    Maybe she is bringing the lawyers in sack them or tell them off, complaining that she should of been the coke-whore-crack-head-slut on the cover as that would have been a major career boost and step up on where she currently is...

    It still dumbfounds me that they bother to use any real models for cover paintings. Sure, use pics for reference to get a body juuuuuust right, but any professional artist can create a face from imagination. If they can't, then they're in the wrong line of work. That's something you learn to do as a child.
    Unless you're doing a specific homage there is no excuse, it's not even a time saving thing- it takes exactly as long to copy a real face as it does to make your own.

      its just adds an extra layer of awesome when theres a human original for you to fap to

      Yeah but its all about avoiding lawsuits too

      An "artists impression" face can be open to a lawsuit - but an artistic shot based on an actual model who got paid for the work is pretty solid and can be defended against by any wannabe actress who wants a quick buck (see this case in point - she isnt based on Lohan because she is infact based on a real paid model - case closed)

      I think you'll find most 'professional' artists use reference, whether it was found or shot specifically (as in this case). Artists have been using reference since the beginning of time, you think those ancient greek statues were carved completely from memory? Sistine chapel? What about Caravaggio's works? You think a 'child' could do an endless amount of realistic and unique faces and be able to replicate the specific likeness from different angles and with different expressions? No. Furthermore many artists use the same model or reference for the same character (unlike greg land who just uses whatever he can rip) so as to keep the likeness correct and consistent.

      It's incredibly easy to tell when an artist doesn't use a reference, as all his/her stuff looks exactly the same and has a stylised look, often a bit cartoony. That's fine if that's what you are going for, but of late Rockstar's stuff has always had a solidly realistic foundation to go along with the realism in the game. If they are trying to create a unique and varied cast of characters to go into a realistic world it would make sense that they would use reference to make the characters as nuanced and subtly unique as possible.

      Using reference is not 'ripping' as so many people on the internet seem to claim, it's a tool. it can be exploited by lazy people (like the aforementioned greg land) but it can also be used to give the work a subtlety and depth that is impossible otherwise.

        That's not what I mean at all. Read my comment again and you'll see I fully support reference. Completely copying a real human face to get a realistic look is not needed though, especially for very obviously stylised stuff like Rockstar GTA art.

          I read it again, my point still stands. You advocate using reference to "get a body juuuuuust right" but say it's not ok for faces as "any professional artist can create a face from imagination" whereas I am a firm believer that you can use references for anything.

          There are obviously people that abuse it though, I'm not for copying a photo and passing it off as your own, but from the images in the linked article ( it's pretty clear that the artist has done fair bit to change it from the original photograph. Add to that the fact that the model was paid to use her likeness and i'd say it's pretty fair use of reference.

          The rockstar stuff lately has been pretty realistic and unstylised and I've long suspected they've relied pretty heavily on reference (actual photo shoots they do themselves of cast actors, not stolen off the net) for the art for titles like GTA4, Red Dead, Max Payne, GTA5 as it's all very accurate and strong. Compare that to the art from GTA3, GTA3: VC, GTA: CW and you'll see the difference when it comes to realistic looking and stylised and how it can be useful, if not necessary, to use a particular model for reference and likeness, especially when it comes to painting the same character multiple times in different situations.

          Come to think of it, even if you don't use reference to paint a 'realistic' looking face, if it is indeed 'realistic' it will inevitably look like someone out there, so then you could be accused of using their likeness without permission...

    the face only a mother cou.... never mind.

    Last edited 02/12/13 3:40 pm

    Does that mean Ms Lohan take it up the bottom?


    We’ve contacted Rockstar for comment, and will update once they stop laughing

    Hoes have been in GTA for ages. Why call in the lawyers when they've been portraying her in GTA for over a decade?

    Oh. Fading child star who no one cares about. Anything to get your name in the tabloids...

    It's going to cost her. I hope Rockstar countersue just so she has to continue sugardaddying to survive. I was enjoying the quiet away from Miss Lohan being reported every second.

    This genuinely made me laugh out loud though. The model/rendering looks NOTHING like her. She really does think everything is about her.

    Unless... she really did get back scuttled in the Chateau Marmont garden....

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