Retro Platformer + Creative Community = Something Magical

Retro Platformer + Creative Community = Something Magical

What you see above is just one of the many amazing creations the community of Below Kryll, a free metroidvania platformer, has come up with — and you might be surprised to learn that behind all the pixel art, there is a quite addictive game.

On the surface, Below Kryll is just a browser-based free to play action game. You jump around, dodging obstacles, slashing up baddies with your sword. You collect XP and level up. Standard fare. The game's secret lies with its massive open world, which was (and is being) created almost entirely by its players.

This results in all kinds of content: song-based levels, pixel art galleries (both of which can be explored for rewards), and more standard stages with difficulties all over the spectrum, from easy to I Wanna Be The Guy. The game also screens for subpar or offensive content using a scoring system which rewards talented mapmakers, and a report system which, well, lets players report abuse.

At the moment, Below Kryll is in open beta and can be tried for free here. If you take a look and decide it's something you like, you can also help it along with a vote on its Greenlight page.

Below Kryll [Game Website]

Below Kryll [Steam Greenlight]

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    Seems like an interesting cross between Whirled and Second Life. I'm curious to see what the content control is like given that I saw several potential copyright lawsuits in that video already and we all know that someone is going to make a penis or vagina world.

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