Robbers Settle For PS4 When GameStop Is All Out Of The Xbox One

Robbers Settle for PS4 When GameStop is All Out of the Xbox One

In the new console generation, the PlayStation 4 appears to be the second best choice — for robbers in Indianapolis that is. Last week, two suspects stormed a GameStop on the south side of the city and demanded — by name — all of the Xbox Ones in stock.

The GameStop employees replied, more or less, "Uh, we don't got any."

So the assailants forced the GameStop workers into a back room, forcing them to lay down on the floor. The robbers made away with nine PS4s at a combined value of $US3600 which, unlike most other reports of video game crime, actually corresponds to the stolen goods' suggested retail price.

"24-Hour News 8 is looking into this investigation as police try to locate the robbers," reports WISH-TV, which is not, as far as we know, a public safety agency.

Robbers take PS4s when XBOX unavailable [WISH-TV]


    I think they will find they made the right move..........not only will they find the playstation far superior in all things that matter, the Xbone with its kinect would most likely have dobbed them into the cops at the first available moment.

    yeah because they really were going to souly rob the store for their X1's... "hey let us rob a place for minimul amount of value, and not take as many systems as we could fit in the getaway vehicle" defffffinatelyyyy lol

    There were PS4s laying around but not XBOX Ones? Strange. I wonder why they didn't just say 'oh no, we're sold out of PS4s as well, all we've got is Wii U', that would have sent them running. =P

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      Well they did go into the back room to prove that there weren't any XBox Ones.

    It goes to show how Sony did not have the proper numbers to make the release date a fair go for everyone.. where as Microsoft seem to have gotten it about right.

      Lol you're such a fan boy.

      Microsoft only launched in 13 countries. Sony launched in 32. I think it's safe to say Sony made the fair go here.

        I disagree for Australia.. nearly everyone here has missed out and is awaiting the second shipment on orders before August 20 and the 3rd shipment for anyone after that,.. how anyone can say that is ok or even sensible let alone considerate is beyond me..

    Now instead of having to steal three games for each system, they only need steal one...

      Dam straight
      With a playstation plus account they can get free quality games every month......they are going to be very happy

        Your trying very hard arnt you

          What can I say
          I'm a playstation fanboy
          It's my well as a public of service
          to announce to the world which console is the best


            Good to see YOU'RE not denying it, keep up the good work lol

            Nothing worse than a fan boy in denial but clearly that's not you :D



            Example usage:

            Why do you think yaw the grammar police? Don't be a dick on the Internet, go outside, I think it's nice whether.

    underground criminal robberies of next gen console

    xbox - 2
    PS - only if they have to

    war won right there in normandy fellas

    Wait, so the Xbox One fights crime, and you prefer the PS4?

    Stop right there, criminal scum.

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