​Robot Drummer Performs The Pacific Rim Theme, Aided By Lightning

I love the Pacific Rim theme. You love the Pacific Rim theme. And from the looks of it, this robot drummer loves the Pacific Rim theme.

Check out this performance from Arc Attack Music in which a robo-drummer and some tesla coils bang out Ramin Djawadi and Tom Morello's riff-tastic anthem to giant robots everywhere. If I ever needed a drummer on short notice, I'd hire this little guy no sweat.

[via Geekologie]


    Imagine the looks on the cops faces when they raid that garage expecting to find drugs because of the excess electricity consumption and there are two tesla coils and a creepy looking robot staring back at you...

    Great song recreation tho :)

    I wonder if they can get the tesla coils to perform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EEtGLLDhNY

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