Skull Kid Assist Trophy Revealed

Skull Kid Assist Trophy Revealed

Sadly not a new fighter, but the Skull Kid is still an incredibly cool assist trophy for Super Smash Bros Wii U, revealed today by Masahiro Sakurai. I’d be in for an HD remake of Majora’s Mask if that’s what it’d look like!

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    • It must be coming. Ocarina 3D was so successful! But as we know, Nintendo doesn’t always want our money

    • Why 3DS?

      Screw 3DS. I want a proper remake, made to be played on the TV in a darkened room with a kickarse sound system.

  • Personally I reckon a Majoras Mask prequel would be cool….how the heck was it made and for what nefarious purpose?

    • Pretty sure Majora’s Mask follows on from Ocarina of Time, I may be mistaken though, but that’s the way it seemed to me.

      • lol yeah good point. I spose I meant an interquel or something. Something before Majoras mask that allows us to delve into the mysteries of the mask, but one that doesnt necessarily relate to ocarina….

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