Say Hi To The $1500 Steam Machine

Say Hi To The $1500 Steam Machine

Valve might be aiming for the living room with its idea of the Steam Machine, but that doesn’t mean every “console” released in the family is going to be small and cheap. Digital Storm’s third-party offering, for example, is going to cost a lot.

It’ll be showing off a PC at CES next month that it says “takes aim at the high-end of the market”. Including both Windows and Steam OS, it’ll also have a “full-size liquid cooling solution, up to a 700W power supply, and advanced airflow thermal management”. No word on the specs that matter; that’ll wait for CES.

But for $US1500 (well, they’re quoting $US1469), it had want to be pretty damn powerful.


  • I keep thinking that I should join the “PC Master Race”, but I love my controllers too much. These steam boxes might be a nice compromise.

    Can Steam OS be installed by anyone other than OEMs? Or, does anyone have experience gaming on a regular PC with, say, and Xbox controller?

    • 360 controller is your best bet. Plug it in and away you go. I use one for any games that don’t require aiming. Or rts style games. But really it couldn’t be easier

    • Steam OS will be free for all.
      Plus both ps3 and Xbox controllers work on pc.
      Xbox ones are plug and play.

    • Pretty much any of the cross platform games should come with native controller support. Plugging a wired xbox controller is how I play most pc games now

    • “Or, does anyone have experience gaming on a regular PC with, say, and Xbox controller”

      I have been using a controller, xbox or otherwise, on a PC since around 1997. It’s fine these days, and supported by almost every game you’d want to play with a controller. Logitech F310 is my current weapon of choice, and is very similar to the 360 controller.

    • I’m just +1 to state that I use my xbox 360 controller with my laptop hooked up to my tv. Definitely the way to go with everything that doesn’t need precise mouse controls (like RTS’)

    • I use a controller to play PC games on my TV all the time, it could not be easier. Get a 360 pad for max compatibility.

  • I’ll be building my own, but that’s not to say this isn’t a good idea. And with Valve backing it, it’s sure to be a winner. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if people get these as their main PC in their office.

  • Hi

    700W psu isn’t real “high end” these days. Not when a 1000W only costs a little more and gives you room to grow.

  • US$1500!!! so that would be $2500 – $3000 AUD then. I’ll pass thanks, rather build my own gaming PC for that sort of money.

    • Where did those numbers come from? The currency conversion brings it to $1,680 and the 10% GST takes it to $1,850. Sure some companies will add a little more and shipping might bring that price to $2,000 if they are really greedy and want to ensure they only gain money from currency fluctuations and never lose any.

        • I agree we do get screwed with prices massively, but I sincerely doubt that a $1,500 USD device would ever be on sale down here for $3,000, a full 100% markup.

          • Yeah its not like its adobe or something.

            The Creative Suite Master 6 Collection in Australia costs $4,334. The same software carries a price of $2599 in the US.

  • Until the specs are released, we can’t tell if this is value for money or not.

    I’d usually spend $1500 on a PC when I upgrade though, so maybe.

  • $1500. Hmm. Anyone mind if I take a guess at the specs?
    I’d say:
    Intel i5 4670k (maybe factory OC)
    Nvidia GTX 770/780
    Asus, Asrock or MSI Z87 Motherboard
    16GB DDR3 1600 RAM
    120GB SSD and/or 1TB HDD with option to upgrade to 512GB SSD and 3TB HDD for substantially more money
    700W Power Supply

    Does that sound about right?

    edit: make that 8GB RAM

    • Dramatically overestimating there, I think.

      The case isn’t the same as any of their existing models, but it comes close to the Bolt:
      You can configure a $1465 Bolt (pretty close to the $1469 this will cost) with an i5-3570k and a GTX 770, nothing better than that. And that’s with the stock Intel cooler.

      It’s not unreasonable to think that you won’t get anything better than that for the $1469, especially since it’s going to be water cooled (probably one of the Corsair closed loop systems as with many of their other products).

      • Damn, I forgot about the case and water cooling. The problem is I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay much more than $1500 for anything less. Then again, I suppose this isn’t being targeted at people like me who prefer to build their own systems.

    • I just built a pc for my friend 2 weeks ago with a budget of $1500. He got a i5 4670, ebbs superclocked 770, 120gig ssd, 3tb hdd, low profile noctura cpu fan, Asus atx mobo, 2×4 ripjaws, cheapo corsair case and win7 home. It easily runs bf4 on ultra.

  • This is a way better option than an Xbox One or PS4 and not at all redundant among hardcore PC gamers who build their own PCs for way less. Good work everybody.

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