See PlayStation And Xbox Controllers Evolve Before Your Eyes

See PlayStation and Xbox Controllers Evolve Before Your Eyes

A new generation means new controllers — but the road to the current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers was full of tweaks.

Not all of these changes are visual, of course, but it's still cool to look at these GIFs by Gadget Love and see just how much has changed since the PS1 and Xbox days. Up above we have PlayStation controllers, followed by the Xbox controllers:

See PlayStation and Xbox Controllers Evolve Before Your Eyes

Do you have a favourite controller? Let us know in the comments.

(Via Gadget Love)


    Aww, no Nintendo gif :(

      Not quite the same effect for Nintendo controllers. Rectangle, rounded rectangle, three handles!, bits all over the place, rectangle.

        That was kinda why I said it, although it would work for Nintendo's handhelds.

    They're also missing the part where the Dreamcast controller leads to the XBox controller.

      And the SNES controller into the PlayStation's.

    Whilst it will probably be a while until I get to buy a PS4, I did get to use one at a demo unit at J.B the other day.

    I thought it was really pretty nice and fit my hands well. After using the PS4 controller though, my PS3 controller felt light, flimsy, and not properly designed to fit the human hand. And I previously had no problems with the PS3 controller!

    that picture of the original xbox controller brings back painful memories. what a disaster of a controller that was. thankfully they changed it quick smart.

      really? i like big things in my hands, I guess its just what im use to ;)

      honestly I prefer the origonal big controller over the smaller one that came out later, I have pretty huge hands tho.

        Personal preference of course. The ABXY buttons were awkwardly placed too.

    Both of them have improved massively.

    It's so weird seeing the Playstation controller without the sticks... yet also brings back memories when playing Kula World with friends. Saying things like "no the controller with sticks SUCKS! You use it!" "No, YOU use it!"

    Gosh we were brats...

    They missed the original Playstation Analog Controller
    After the Digital Controlller, but before the Dual Shock.

      Concave sticks!!!

        Hell Yeah! I've actually got one. They are a lot bigger too! Actually fits Western hands quite a bit more naturally as well. They have no Rumble motors, unlike the Japanese version, but if you open the controller it has the spaces for the rumble motors - I yet to try putting a motor from the Dual Shock in to see if it works.

    I think what we have now is the best so far for both.

    The PS controller certainly is blossoming...

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