Seemingly Impossible GTA V Stunts

Seemingly Impossible GTA V Stunts

The following words appear at the end of an incredible new video filled with four minutes of amazing Grand Theft Auto V bike, car and plane: “No cheats or mods were used to perform the stunts”. Wow.

The video features the amazing feats of the Nomad Union crew. The video was uploaded to Machinima. We do love this kind of thing, you know.

The stunts in the video all look tough but, what do you think? They seem real to me. I doubt I could do a single one of them. I asked the head of the crew if these were all for real. His reply: “All the stunts are performed with no changes done to the physics of how the vehicles handle, in other words all legit.”

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  • Lol “no mods were used”, we WISH we could use mods, the inevitable PC version is going to be FANTASTIC

  • I love my Sanchez. It can perform some incredible maneuvers. I have spent hours hopping it up onto buildings and doing the stunt jumps with flips. The big drain in Los Santos has nice edges for some vertical freestyle action. The desert is basically a series of massive jumps.

  • Hmm when we start seeing kids driving motor bikes into buildings then we know that video games are having an effect on their reality….

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