'Significant Quantities' Of PlayStation 4s Incoming: Sony Australia

Sony Australia has issued an update in regards to its dwindling (read: nearly non-existent) PlayStation 4 stock. The short of it is that thousands of additional PS4s will be hitting stores locally — but not until February. Tch.

According to Sony Australia's statement, the February stock refresh will fulfill all current pre-orders with thousands of consoles left over to purchase in stores.

There's really nothing in Sony's statement that we didn't already know, but we suppose it's nice to get some official confirmation.

"The best way to guarantee your PS4 in February is by going to your preferred retailer, either in store or online, before Christmas to place your pre-order," added SCE Australia's managing director Michael Ephraim. "With this announcement, it looks like Christmas will come again in February for players across Australia."

We think they probably wold have preferred it to come once — in December. Just sayin'.


    Well, at least by the time you get one, there might be more games to play on it.

      The only thing I can say to console myself while waiting for the PS4 to be released here in Japan. :(

      Weird how all these new consoles seem to have 'no games'. It's like they just came out or something.

    I was hoping for one over the Chrissy break, but at least February is looking more promising now.

    According to Whirlpool, a lot of people are getting the SMS/call to come and collect their PS4s this week. I myself got a call from HN this morning, but I already collected mine on release day.

      Yeah I was in EB today buying a Skylanders figurine (for my nephew, I swear!) and watched a couple of people ahead of me in the queue pick up PS4s. I nonchalantly asked if that meant they had them in stock. No dice.

      I got my call up from JB yesterday.
      Missus has already wrapped it and won't let me play till Christmas though. Sad

    Yeah, my brother just got the call and is picking his up Friday, must be some coming early.

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    I ordered a second shipment PS4 from EB in early September and was told that mine is now a third shipment order and not a second. Called head office and they said I was correct, I did order a second shipment but my order had been changed by someone in the store and swapped with another one. The person who did it will be reprimanded apparently but it's still "not possible" to get one that I rightly ordered. Point is... can't we just have them now?

      I would have lost my shit at them if I was you. Did they offer you anything?

      man that sucks, i pre-ordered mine from EB first, was put back till next year, cancelled them and pre-order from Dick Smith in october, already have my ps4.

      wtf that's bullshit man. did you demand compensation?

    I'll be looking to pick one up when those 'significant quantities' of PS4s have some 'significant quantities' of games to play on them.

      I'm enjoying my PS4 in small doses so that my games will last longer. Alternating it with progressing through my PS3 backlog (around 40-50 titles). I'm also playing some FIFA and Madden on PS4 (I'm a complete beginner at those games). That's enough to keep me going until inFamous, Watch Dogs, the Order etc come out. Considering I get through 1-2 PS3 games per month I should have enough to keep me busy until the PS4 has a whopping great line-up capable of sustaining me on its own.

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        Yep, it's a good time for the PS3 backlog. Playstation plus isn't helping to reduce it either.

        Pretty much the same here - I've been tossing up bits of ACIV, Resogun and some Killzone. Then I've been going back to play my ps3 games a fair bit.

    thousands... for the country? Seems a bit low innit?

      Na its the 22 million thing. How many people game, how many like consoles, how many want to buy a new one at launch ect ect. The numbers just get smaller and smaller

    Surprised they fell so short in the first place. Ahh well - it's not all that bad, there aren't exactly a great number of games out for the console at the moment, so it'll give those that have been waiting a good buffer for having waited.

    Tin foil time.

    Everyone knows that shipments get artificially culled in order to get more HYPE N EXCITEMENT for the product. But I have a new theory - the less consoles in the wild with early first-run hardware inside, the less people with DOAs or other issues. Which then means less people complaining and less bad press for the product.

    tl;dr kissing causes babies.

      Sony pretty much said they were concerned about having too many consoles on shelves and people thinking they were not selling etc.

      Does however look like they were a lot slower to get a big production going like microsoft.

      The only thing they should worry about now, is as many places run out of xbones, how many more consoles/percentage of the market xbox may have gained due to their lack of foresight.

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        When did Sony say that?

        It's nothing to do with not having production going - they've sold the same number or units (if not more) than Microsoft. The difference is that they launched in more countries (especially in Europe), meaning the units are spread more thinly across more markets.

          Some Sony marketing guy said it just after the USA launch. Your claim that they have sold the same number of units, when they have no provided anything out of the first week, is pretty wild.

            No wilder than your claim that Sony don't want units on store shelves for people to buy, or that Sony were slower to get to mass production than MS.

            "Not provided anything out of the first week"? Just because Sony haven't been restocking much here in Australia doesn't mean they haven't been restocking. We're a long, long way down the list of priorities compared to USA and Europe, so that's where most of the stock has been going.


              Vgchartz is based off hearsay and reports when made. At the moment it will be completely and utterly inaccurate in every form in regards to ps4 and xbone sales. Nearly all retail chains have reported much lower stocks of ps4, just Google search - seems to be like 1:6 ratio. And sure, the ps4 is in some more countries, but like you said most are small fries compaired to the USA and Europe.

    So long as there is good stock for the Second Son launch I could care less

    I think I got lucky, I pre-ordered at JB in November with a $10 deposit and ended up grabbing one a few hours ago.

    Not many good games coming out until like march next year anyway, so no rush really

    I saw a guy collecting one in JB Hi-Fi tonight - no shit. It was fascinating to see one in real life ;-)

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    I just got mine today and sold it for $800 :P

    picked up my killzone bundle that i ordered in early november yesterday from dse.. arhh finally

    I can't believe it. We ordered a PS4 at JB Hifi the first week in December and I picked it up today. I was telling my son it would be the end of January at the earliest. He is going to get a surprise present on Wednesday, and with a bit of luck Dad will get a chance to play as we'll.

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