Skullgirls Makers Say Konami Asked PSN, Xbox Live To Remove The Game

Skullgirls Makers Say Konami Asked PSN, Xbox Live to Remove the Game

Lab Zero, the makers of the fighting game Skullgirls, says Konami, which published the game to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2012, has asked Microsoft and Sony to take the game off the services.

The administrator of the official forums for Skullgirls updated the community on the news, saying that Lab Zero found out about the impending takedown only after someone from Sony contacted the studio — though that was after the takedown request had been approved. "So the decision is probably final." The post notes that Lab Zero and Konami recently parted ways.

Kotaku has reached out to Konami representatives for additional comment; we will update this post should they give one.

The de-listing will happen on Dec. 17 and Dec. 31, according to the Skullgirls forum. Lab Zero is working to find new publishers in Europe, North America and Japan "but details are sketchy." A new publisher would mean a new build of the game, and thus new QA and certifications.

A more detailed explanation of what's taking place is at the link. One possible bright side to this is that, by hustling to finish this new build so that the game remains listed everywhere, it could speed along the rollout of a patch for the game.

Konami/Console Updates you will want to read [ via Polygon]


    Meanwhile it remains nice and listed on steam due to less fucking retarded business practices.

    This article sure is confusing as all fuck. My brain hurt after the first paragraph and the title.

    And yknow, shit happens, whatever.

      Lol you have trouble reading that first paragraph? Try reading my thesis paper.

        Your thesis paper probably makes some fucking sense. The title says Konami asked them to remove it, the first paragraph says the developer did.

          It took some rereading to understand what you were seeing, but I get it now.
          If we remove the bits that say who's who we get
          "Lab Zero says Konami has asked Microsoft and Sony to take the game off the services."
          But if I understand it right, what you're reading is
          "Lab Zero, says Konami, has asked Microsoft and Sony to take the game off the services."

          So yeah I dunno, probably could've been wrote better. (Yes wrote, not written, because)

            After reading this, then going back and reading the paragraph, my first thought was "I bet this is a fucking Owen Good article".

            Someone needs to have all comma keys surgically removed from his life until he can learn to use them properly.

            I had no problems understanding the first paragraph...

            It actually surprised me that someone could have interpreted it another way.

              i thought this was one of those gaming sexism controversy articles. Turns out it was nothing at all.

    The real question is, if I rushed out to buy the game now before the delisting, will my percentage of funds go towards Lab Zero, or Konami now that they have parted ways?

    This is important, as I feel a developer should get paid for their work. The delisting may be a result of Konami no longer wishing to pass the percentage of sales onto Lab Zero after the parting of ways. If the agreement is over, is it better to wait and purchase when/if another publisher picks up the game?

    Answers, please provide.

      Briefly (I had a less brief answer typed out, then Kotaku's site crashed):
      - A new publisher has been found; the games will be back up on PSN & XBox Live eventually. It will take a bit longer outside of the US than within the US (who would have guessed?)
      - If you buy before December 31st Konami will almost certainly get a cut.
      - The Steam version should be unaffected.
      - Trophies will probably reset.
      - If you have the game installed, it won't go away, but if you don't have it installed, you probably won't be able to install it until it returns.

    Maybe Konami found out what Zone is really famous for and collectively dropped their monocles.

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