Snoop Dogg Explains Why His Virtual Weed Costs $100

Back when we first covered the "Snoopify" app — which lets you stamp Snoop Dogg-themed stickers on personal pictures — it was hard not get stuck on just how much a digital joint sticker cost. Last night, Snoop Dogg showed off the app on Conan, and he explained why it costs so much.

In a word? It's cyber! Duh.

(But also, surely, because people will pay that much for it).


    These have more use than a $120 plain white tshirt 'designed' by Kanye West

      There is and always will be a market for stupidity.

    Jesus Snoop is one ugly son of a bitch! :)

      looks a bit like a anorexic klingon thats had plastic surgury to remove the wrinkles :D

      Last edited 12/12/13 12:05 pm

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