Sorry, TV Host, That Is Not 'Zelda'

Sorry, TV Host, That Is Not

Look, I hate to break it to you Arizona news anchor, but that's not Zelda you're talking about. That's Link, and I'm pretty sure he's a guy.

In the clip above, a local news anchor and self-proclaimed Zelda fan mistakes Link's name and gender in the trailer for Hyrule Warriors.

"She's just fierce! Look at that! Go girl!"

And while it's funny, it's not because she was wrong, but because it's a really easy mistake for people who aren't familiar with the series to make. Link is androgynous! And if you had a nickel for every time somebody mistakenly called him "Zelda" you'd probably be able to retire in Malibu.

Also, real talk: I would totally root for Link on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Sorry, TV Host, That Is Not


    It'd be the best thing ever if Nintendo pulled a Metroid and actually had you playing as Zelda dressed as Link in a game.

      or playing as Impa dressed as Link dressed as Gannon dressed as a Fairy

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      Dude that would make the best plot twist ever!

    Ok before everyone flies off and calls them idiots, you have to remember not everyone are gamers and most people who have no idea just presume that the protagonist from a game called "The Legend of Zelda" is actually named Zelda. Because that isn't a little confusing for someone who has no knowledge of video games.

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      No it's perfectly justifiable to call them idiots, sure it's a common although dated mistake to make. The reason they are idiots though is due to her claiming how much she loved Zelda in the beginning...They should just not have bothered wasting time with that crap since it's clear she had no clue about Zelda at all.

        Until we gamers stop ridiculing everyone who gets it wrong when promoting our hobbie. We will not recive the respect we seek from non gamers. Both gamers and non gamers are people, and people want respect, calling them idiots for a lack of knowledge is counter productive. Ignorance is no excuse, but is separate from idiocy .

          I don't seek respect from non-gamers. It's their loss if they refuse to enjoy an entertainment media because of some 'gamer stigma'.

          Eventually they will all die of old age and we won't be talking about people being non-gamers any more than we talk about non-movie-watchers or non-music-listeners or non-book-readers. A small amount of people who don't play games will exist, but the assumption will be the other way around. Instead of "Do you play games?" it will just be "What type of games do you enjoy?" as the default question.

          It's no different to calling yourself a "car lover" and then confusing a Ferrari for a Lamborghini. You'd be ridiculed by 'actual' car lovers. And so you should. If you don't know your stuff, don't pretend you do.

            My point in short is, to get respect you must give respect. Would you call your mother an idiot for showing an interest in your hobbie and getting some details wrong? And to you puck if you don't want the respect from non gamers (people) than you must live in a small sad world and more power to you sir or madam.

              there's a difference between someone showing an interest in something and getting the details wrong sometimes, and someone claiming that they're a huge fan (to the extent that the series is a part of them apparently) when it's evident to anybody who has any actual knowledge of the series that they are quite evidently not a huge fan.

              I don't make fun of people who are just trying to be interested, but I cannot agree that people like this presenter who go around claiming something they know nothing about just to look cool or manipulate a market are anything other then idiots.

              "...when promoting our hobby. We will not receive the respect we seek from non gamers."

              The way that is written just sounds so pathetic. Does a person who loves reading seek respect from people who don't know how to read? Does a person who loves art seek respect from people who have never looked at a painting in their life? I don't care if they accept my "hobby" - I feel sorry for them in the same way I genuinely feel sorry somebody who has never listened to music or learned how to read.

              It just rubs me the wrong way, the sentiment that we desperately want people to respect our "hobby" as opposed to what, looking down at us? Gaming is now the majority, it's ubiquitous, and I don't seek respect from non-gamers any more than I seek respect from people who don't know what the internet is. I'm respectful to them. If they ask, I'll show them, but I don't desperately desire validation from people who don't appreciate or understand this amazing medium.

              Oh, and to the point of the article, I don't think she's an idiot at all, I just think she being dishonest and feigning affection. Or rather, I don't think she's an idiot for not knowing who Zelda is, I think she's an idiot for pretending to.

              My rant was purely based on the idea that we want people who don't understand gaming to "respect" us. I'd prefer to spend my time enjoying games rather than trying to win them over - time and old age will take care of that without me.

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                From what you have been saying (correct me if I'm wrong) if you were born different or suddenly became a paraplegic, had a stroke etc you would neither give respect to or want the respect of those who do not share the same affliction as you? Grow up and get your head out of the sand

                  Are you comparing being a gamer to having a debilitating affliction? I just can't shake the feeling that you are slightly ashamed of being a gamer. If that's the case, I'm saying you shouldn't be.

                  How about this for a stretched analogy: If you were gay, and you lived in an area that was very inclusive and everybody accepted you, but then one day an old homophobic dickhead passing by randomly gives you an ear bashing about how homosexuality is a sin. Do you call them an idiot under your breath and ignore them, or do you strive to impress them and earn their respect?

                  What about a reasonable analogy, like the ones I suggested earlier? You like reading, and you're often lost in the pages of a good book. You meet a person who has never read a book in their life, and doesn't even understand the appeal of reading. How important to you is earning the respect of that person?

                  Perhaps we're using the word respect in different ways. I respect people by default, but I don't seek the approval of people who don't respect me.

                  By the way, I've just been attacking your comments, not you personally, there's no need to get so aggressive.

              For most people here gaming is not a hobby it's a life choice and that news anchor is just ignorant

            And a warm welcome to fisty!

        Thrasher is 100% Correct, and I also believe that anyone who happens to be on a freaking news program should either do their research, or at least have someone else do the research to ensure that stories are presented....wait for it.... Factually.

      any "self proclaimed zelda fan" should probably know the difference.

      Then, by all accounts, everyone who's ever watched me play Metal Gear Solid should go "Wowee, that Metal Gear sure can sneak around like the best of them! What an awesome name!"

    I never got the gender confused but I did always get the name confused up till around the internet was common

      I made the mistake to begin with but when I got my own copy of the game I read the instruction manual. A lot. It's a bit harder to make the mistake now though because the games are full of text. Although even then I guess Link never speaks so it could still be confusing. People call you Link, but not that often so you could potentially think that was you calling someone else Link.
      Then again maybe she's just really new to the series but totally loves what she's seen so far. I loved Zelda by the time I reached the first dungeon. Same goes for most things I love. Mass Effect, Star Wars, Pokemon (I still can't tell you much about Gen II through IV), I loved them all well before I knew what was going on. I remember before Pokemon hit reading a tiny little article about it and being absolutely blown away by the concept. I loved it before I knew what a Charmander was.
      Of course realistically she's just saying that as part of the scripted casual conversation those shows are built on. =P

    I think Zelda looks great in that blue scarf, and I love the way she swings the masters sword.

    I get more frustrated when people refer to Big Boss as Solid Snake.

    For the longest time, that how I thought it was too.

    That's how many fucks I gave about Zelda games.

    Eh. I always thought that was Zelda, then played Super Smash Bros. Though I still believe Link is a female.

    Lol @ the guy who thinks respect from non-gamers matters in any way, shape or form. Or that it has any relevance to being a paraplegic. He must be a pathological people pleaser. My life is the the opposite of sad and lonely, yet I oh so amazingly don't give two shits about who respects my hobby. Liek omgz!

    Ladies and gentlemen; I present todays moron! Ironically, being a pathological people pleaser must make ones life a sad, lonely existance. Lol wanker.

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