South Australia's Anti-Gaming Ads Hits Photoshop With A Vengeance...

South Australia's anti-gambling ads may have been created with good intentions, but there is no denying they completely missed the mark, using fear tactics, tarring all games with the same brush. People got angry. They got angry and then they loaded up Photoshop.

Kotaku reader Mathew posted the ad in the the Photoshopbattles subbreddit and things got hilarious pretty quickly. The above work, by reddit user 'shlipnshlide' is my own personal favourite, but there were a couple of other humdingers.

Like this one by CoreStrategy...

Or this one by Gprime5.

This one by Theskabus is good.

Head to the original reddit thread for more!


    well done internet... changing the world one lazy Photoshop at a time!

    If only the government could see these. "Oh yeah, we are stupid." My god this is tiring

      To be fair, the Premier, Jay Weatherill, has already spoken up and said the wording of the ad is too ambiguous, that his intentions were never to give the idea that all gaming is bad, and that he plans to change the wording of the posters during the next phase.
      Complaints were made, errors were realised, and we got a result. People are still whinging.

        Because it shouldn't have been made in the first place. They knew EXACTLY what they wrote and who they were targetting when they wrote it. You are making it sound like a typo, like one letter was in the wrong place. They knew what they were doing, don't let these filth off so easy.

    Now i wanna watch Casino Royal again.

      No you don't. It was crap.

        +1 - so many false endings! "OMG THIS IS IT ITS ALL OVERRRRRohhhh wait, they're all fine and there's a billion hours of movie to go..."

          EXACTLY THIS.

          Oh man it was written so badly...

        Just watch the start, with the parkour and explosions. That part was cool.

        Gotta admit though, "You Know My Name" (the title song) was pretty good

          I had to look it up, but yea not bad.

    Thank you Internet. There are so many officials and administrators in this state who will benefit from an internet ass kicking to liberate them from their self induced Dunning–Kruger effect. It's the only way they'll learn!

      You talk as if they know what the internet is.

    The "Gambling begins with Cookies" one is pure gold.

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