Square's Going All Out For The Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remakes

Here are a bunch of new trailers for the upcoming HD remakes of sports sim Final Fantasy X and pop star emulator Final Fantasy X-2, which will be out for PS3 on March 18 (and Vita at some point in the undetermined future, unless that version is mysteriously cancelled.)

They're looking good. Certainly better than some other remakes.


    These aren't remakes, they're HD remasters. There is a difference.

      It is a HD remake as the 3d graphics has been redone, remaster is scaling and texturing, please note the HD remake and not remake

    I just hope they do not cancel the vita version :(

    Looking good. Now can they fix the laughing?

      No way. Changing any of the dialogue would take some of the nostalgia away. The laughing scene was bad. It should stay that way.

      Why fix what was intentionally made to be bad?

      There is nothing broken about the laughing scene at all? It is all perfectly in context and suits the game fine. If you think there is a problem with it, you eiother: haven't actually played the game or you weren't actually listening to the story.

      Take 10 minutes and watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-9Q2_2yLmQ

      I thought that's how normal people laugh? It's how I laugh. HAHAHA-HAHAHAHA-HAHAHA

    if the English Vita version gets canned I will cry.

      I doubt it. There's the demand (or I'm pretty sure there is), Sony needs to sell more Vitas and Square Enix needs more money. With features like cross-saves and cross-trophies, I think FF fans would go nuts! I know I am!

        So wheres Dtagon Quest VII 3D & Monsters & FF Type 0???

        Why did Ninty have to publish Bravely Default?

        I dont trust SE.

          I would like to hope that DQVII will probably come out eventually as the 3DS is still selling like hotcakes. The release of FF Type 0, on the other hand, seems less likely because the PSP is previous-gen. That saying they could still localise and release it on the PSN store, or they remaster it for Vita.

    PC or gtfo.

      I would also like this. Bet you it won't happen tho.

    I'm so torn. Do i really want to dodge all those lightning bolts again... just for HD.

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