Here’s Stan Bush Rebooting His Iconic Transformers Anthem, ‘The Touch’

Fahey wasn’t too fond of the remixed “The Touch” that played during the credits for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron last year, the credits only offered an excerpt. Today, Stan Bush released the entire thing. Does the additional context make it better?

I’m kinda still with Fahey on this. Bush’s title track from the 1986 film is the definitive, un-self-conscious 1980s ballad, and this updated cut never achieves the shower-singing catharsis the original hit at multiple points.

Fahey thought “The Touch: Power Remix” was Bush’s revenge for being left off the soundtrack for the first live-action Michael Bay flick. While I’m not too fond of it, it still beats anything Linkin Park did.

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  • Oh, oh, no. No, no, no. I don’t think so. Not right at all. This remix makes it all about the lyrics which were really just another instrument in the original version. It’s like taking the cheese off a pizza & then claiming the cheese is a different type of pizza

  • The original is an anthem of the heroes great arrival and just being a badass… This one invokes none of that feeling.

    Personally, when I hear the original all I see if the iconic Optimus vs Megatron fight from the movie ( but this new version just feels like a cheap remix that has no heart or soul to it

    • I would rathe listen to ANY of these songs on repeat for 10 hours than watch the Transformers movies that Michael Bay made. The music from the movies, the fall from cybertron song, Linkin Park pale in comparison to the horror of those monstrosities.

      I swear, Michael Bay was probably muttering “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” for all the sense that the trilogy made

  • Stan Bush re-recorded “The Touch” on his 2010 album.
    Pretty much is note-for-note the exact same as his original, just with better tools to record everything. You can hear the guitars so much better in the 2010 version!!
    Get THAT version instead!

  • Oh god. It’s horrible. Truly horrible.

    I love the original song. I loved it when I sat in the cinema as a little boy and cheered when it kicked in when Optimus Prime transformed and rolled in to beat the shit out of Megatron. This was just after sitting there with my mates, all of us bewildered at how Transformers could die so easily after a season or two where they would just get back up? Then we did our best not to cry because of Optimus dying. But there was ‘THE TOUCH’ the best goddamn song in that movie. Not even Lionheads ‘Transformers’ theme song came close.

    But this version, ugh, it’s horrible.

    Saints Row 4 recently recaptured that magic gloriously at the end, where you don that armour and go to fight Zinyak, such a gloriously stupidly heroic moment, a transcendantly beautiful bit that just screams ‘BALLS TO THE WALLS BRAVE!’ and ‘The Touch’ is the perfect capstone to it 🙂

  • Is there a term for people like furries but who think they are actually transformers? If there isn’t we should totally make this a thing.

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