Standalone DayZ Is Just As Hilarious As The Mod

Have you ever been on the rude end of a stickup in DayZ? There's something incredibly tense about the situation - nervous fingers on triggers, one wrong move and things get hectic - and it's in times like these the unexpected larrikins really shine.

I look forward to many more videos like these. Be warned, both videos have NSFW language. The below clip shows a normal stickup gone horribly wrong, from the perspective of the bandits. Karma seems to catch up later as well, and some of DayZ's alpha bugs are on display.

And then we have the Wiggles video, which is... Certainly a thing.


    I still can't believe those knob heads killed the Wiggle Cultists. That was super uncalled for.

      Quite the dick move, yes

        What?? Are thou mad? they were evil zombie wiggling majicks users... They had to be destroyed, FSM in his noodly goodness does not approve of wriggling when it is not noodles.

        Kill em, then serve them with brie... mmmm brie

    Love this game so far. Very bare bones, but a lot of fun. It is what you make it. Great tension and atmosphere, especially when you have something to loose like a good gun or lots of ammo. So much potential for the future. Hope to see you in the Jung.

    Massive dick move in clip 2. Anyone who has amused me in some way or helped me in the past Ive always given food or drink to as payment!

      Have to agree, killing them did nothing for them. I would have let them go or joined in their fun

        Yep. These are the kind of people who make DayZ the great game it is. These others are the kind of people who still do, but not so much. It's the incidents like this that make you want to meet them. We've met up with a group of ten people on a server running around telling people they were forming a new police order. If you didn't join them, you'd die. The uniform was the Dallas Clown Mask, black pants, black shoes and a red shirt lol. Kind of scary in a way, that they'd be militarising...

        But for these guys? Honestly? I would've got the mp3 and played it over the mic...


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      Totally agree... That wiggle dance alone should have earned them a free pass.

        That whole moment was brilliant. I loved it.

        Last night we were playing, I spotted a zed standing still up ahead and shot it and killed it, right in the head. It was dark and we ran up and noticed it hadn't disappeared yet.

        It was a player who had gone AFK, just starting out and didn't have much gear. Luckily we were in Kamenka and he respawned there, he came running back up. I had a spare compass, can opener, some cans of food and 2 waterbottles I gave him (the waterbottles at the airfields are NUMEROUS, Im carrying like 10 as is), I gave them to him and said sorry over the mic. He laughed it off but said he appreciated the gear as an apology. Still felt like a douche for not checking closer to see if it was a player or not though.

        Now he's added me on Steam, said it was good to meet people on the Standalone who don't play like arseholes (though it was a dick move, it WAS accidental) and intends to hopefully do better by others too.

        I think there's room for bandits and good people in DayZ. I'd hate it if EVERYONE was good to everyone, it would remove that feeling of uncertainty, but it's a great feeling when someone isn't a threat at all.

          A mix of people is good but I can also see the scope for a roleplay server stocked exclusively with people who are nice to each other and talk like they're in a charming Victorian era movie "Good morrow madam, I trust the day finds you well!".

          It'd be especially fun when they're attacking zombies and shouting stuff like "Have at you, varlet!"

            When this becomes a reality, that is the day I shall begin playing. Huzzah!

            Ive been on an RP server before. The owner via hax dropped 10 of us at the airfield in the nw and told us we had to survive 2 days. 50 others were hunting us lol. There was a name list and a seperate global chat for hunters and survivors. Was so much goddamn fun...

    Haha that main guy in the 2nd videos was so amusing. What a legend! He deserve a cookie, not a bullet or two in the head :/

    The wiggle master did an AMA on reddit

      Heheh, that's hilarious - will be posting that up. Cheers :)

    Goddammit. I wanted to learn the power of the ricochet fists.

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