Steam's Store Went Down. Merry Christmas!

Steam's Store Went Down. Merry Christmas!

UPDATE - Looks like it's back. Skyrim and Deus Ex are now both available for under $US10. Merry Christmas!

Hope you weren't planning on buying - or in some cases playing - any new PC games today, because Steam's servers have either been down or crushed for much of the day. The service's support Twitter is silent - maybe it's got the day off - but you don't have to look far to see reports of people struggling to get online.

How's everyone's status been? I had a little trouble this morning (it's December 26 already here in Australia) but everything seems fine now OK now I can't access the store at all. We're still getting reports of downtime in the US and Europe though.

Most complaints seem to be concerning Steam's store and community features; the service's status page (at least when it loads, as it's on-and-off for me) still shows hundreds of thousands of people playing games.

The store, on the other's what the store page looks like for most:

Steam's Store Went Down. Merry Christmas!

I guess more people wanted a free copy of Left 4 Dead 2 than Valve were bargaining for...


    Big effen whoop!

      game deals? around christmas the holiday that bastardises the occasion, but still manages to evade the conscience of millions

    You forgot to mention the tf2 item servers being out all day to.

    Did have some trouble this morning but it came good pretty quickly :)

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