Studio Ghibli Gold Box On Amazon Today

Studio Ghibli Gold Box On Amazon Today

It’s not the first time Amazon has run a gold box on Studio Ghibli’s amazing catalogue, but this is the best, most complete one so far, and features the option of saving on Blu-ray/DVD combos if that’s your style. Classics like My Neighbour Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle are marked down to $US20/each, along with a few of the newer films, and don’t neglect one of my unsung favourites, Whisper of the Heart. [Amazon]

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    • Time.

      The BDs release in Japan first. If you’re impatient you can always import them – they’re not regioned and all are subtitled at the least, most have multiple language dubs as well. Also have very nice packaging, all cardboard, one solid color with a white stencil outline of the film’s (Japanese) logo and some key image from the movie poster or similar.

      They release a few new BDs every 6-9 months. I’ve been collecting them all since they started with Nausicaa. They’ve been roughly going through chronologically except when they’ve released brand new films to BD for the first time (Poppy Hill, Arietty) and for some reason back a couple of years ago they released Howl’s Moving Castle and Tales of Earthsea alongside a re-release of Ponyo (using the same packaging as everything else).

      Last month they released Pom Poko and this week they are releasing Princess Mononoke and The Cat Returns.

      This means the only gaps are Spirited Away, The Wind Rises and Princess Kaguya, plus they skipped Ocean Waves, presumably because it was a TV film and not a feature film. Since Kaguya has only just opened in theaters, presumably the next installment of the films would be Spirited Away and The Wind Rises as a pair, probably around mid 2014.

      Then if you don’t want to pay JP BD prices you’ll probably have a 6-12 month wait before Madman et al pick them up for re-release.

        • I’m just hoping they don’t release Kaguya and then be like ‘welp, guess we’re done’ and never do Ocean Waves as it’s the only one I haven’t already seen and I don’t want to dig out a DVD version for it.

          Also hoping they don’t suddenly decide not to do the same minimal packaging for new films.

    • IIRC the Madman DVD releases all had a gold strip at the top of the label. Might be as close as you’d get.

      The packaging is one of the main reasons I’ve been getting the JP BD releases. So minimal and pretty. Can’t wait for Mononoke this week.

      • Hey buddy! What are you doing on this side of town? Haha see you back on TAY.

        I picked up a grey-import via eBay which has the most of the films (majority of them dual language also) on *DVD* – compressed to about three films per disc. This is the one.

    • I was going to make the same comment, “gold box” clearly implies some kind of box which is gold. I followed the link and the words gold box were not anywhere to be seen as far as I could see. Also they are all Region 1 from what I could see. Would have been nice to have some kind of warning about that on our Australian site.

      • It’s actually really hard to tell on Amazon, they list everything as region 1, whether they are or not. Plenty of movies which have only been released as region free which Amazon show as region 1.

        • I didn’t know that, I’ve found a few Ghibli box sets that are explicitly listed as region free. Still if its listed as region 1 you can’t just order it and hope that its region free.

  • What would make it even more awesome is if Amazon delivers it via a drone shaped like Kiki on her broom.

  • Goddamn I want to own all the studio ghibli movies, but madman still charge bloody $30 for DVD’s and $40 for blurays. Even Disney movies are cheaper.

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