Supanova In Adelaide Had A Massive Transformer Stomping Around The Floor...

We've ran a number of videos from Kenaz before. He tends to patrol the floor of all the big conventions in Australia and puts together some snazzy videos of all the best cosplay. His latest effort was shot at Supanova in Adelaide and, in his own words, he went a bit 'nuts' with some after effects!

But I totally don't mind. I really enjoyed some of the effects!

I particularly enjoyed the gigantic Transformers cosplay. Wow. That was really something else.


    Everybody mute this video and play this in the background instead:

    Worked wonders on the last one.

      Upvoted for the mute warning.

      Even though I was going to anyway.

    There was a brief glimpse of an optimus prime.

    That other thing? Don't know what the hell it was.. but definitely was not a transformer.

      That was Tekkaman Evil/Saber from Tekkaman

      It's Sabre from Teknoman! An old and incredibly Rad Anime (^_^)

    Fantastic video from Adelaide Supanova!

    And the Transformer would be this one right here:

    Hey thought I would point this out this video is in ADELAIDE it even says it in the opening of the video it's in adelaide
    Considering I was there and I'm in the video really don't remember being in Queensland and sweating my ass off lol
    This you should change this before you upset the adelaide community
    Thanks :3

    I don't mind those super editing effects, gives it a good feel. Besides, I rate that Sabre, Teknoman's brother made an appearance -- loved that show!

      I was beginning to think I was the only one who watched Teknoman.

        That sabre/evil is awesome, i think there was someone doing blade at one of the other cons recently too. Not long ago crunchyroll had the complete series on dvd on their specials thingy, subbed but still much better than old vhs tapes from Cheez TV :P

    Jack of blades from fable 1 was pretty cool. Also Banjo Kazooie :)

    was there, saw the teknoman costume, it was huge. kudos to the guy being able to walk around in it.

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