​Taking Down A Slave Ship In Assassin’s Creed IV’s DLC Isn’t Easy

​Taking Down A Slave Ship In Assassin’s Creed IV’s DLC Isn’t Easy

Boarding a slave ship and liberating its human cargo is probably the most satisfying thing you can do in the new Freedom Cry DLC for Assassin’s Creed IV. It’s also one of the toughest. Take a look at how this naval battle to free slaves almost ended in tears.

The video here shows me taking on three much bigger, faster and better-equipped ships to get at the slave ship that the vessels are protecting. You’ll be drawing fire from multiple enemies at once since these fights aren’t just facing off against one ship at a time. Complicating matters further is the fact that you’ve sometimes got to aim around the slave ship, lest you hit it accidentally and kill some of the captives on board. You’ll see that I almost died here. But, instead, I — and 80 some-odd others — got to live as free men. It’s the best kind of reward.


  • Seemed like it wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard if you spent more time firing your canons and less time aiming then doing nothing :p

    • Haha this, saw you aim not fire aim not fire then throw barrels 😛

      Personally I found Ai ships to be a cake walk for the vast majority of the normal game, hell i took out 2 of the legendary ships before I even had full hull, cannons or heavy shot.

      If the add on makes it more difficult in any way thats a huge bonus, however given it hilarious, price gouging, wallet molesting cost, until its at least 75% off i shan’t be experiencing it =/

  • yeah I found it really easy as well quiet often found my self taking on 2-3 ships then by the end I’ve killed about 6-10 as hunters and few other ships joined in as I’m sailing in restricted area and really if you do get too low in hp you just need to board one and repair the ship

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