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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Morning all! I had a hell of a nightmare last night. I dreamed that I’d lashed out and bought a Wii-U. And I liked it. D:

    Also, there’s only a day or so left before The Lesser Evil goes up in price again. In the meantime, you can obtain it for your various screen-based devices for just 99 cents.

    (You’ll need to have your Kindle location set to USA to take advantage of this price)

    • I dreamed I was sailing with my dad in a boat-car, then the boat-car sank and a squid with a dragons head broke into the boat-car and attacked us. I had to escape through one of the boat-cars doors and ended up washing up on a small chain of islands where a bunch of caravans were parked and tents set up. The people living on the island were all rather weird. There were lions living on the island, and a girl who lived with them, and she killed and ate one of the other residence of the island and then chased me up a tree.

      So, not as crazy as your dream, but pretty close.

    • I think if I could afford a Wii U, I would buy one. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played on demo units. Also, I haven’t owned a Nintendo console since my SNES.

    • I dreamed my backyard (which appeared to be the backyard of our house in Tasmania connected to our Newcastle house) had a wall of barbeques along the back fence and we had hired a BBQ operator (who also happened to be the postman, as well as looking like our Swedish friend Gnoff) but we didn’t have any meat and after chopping up veges and putting them on there, for some reason we decided to put big sheets of fresh pasta on the BBQ. And then a gigantic storm rolled in. We managed to rescue the veges, but the pasta stayed. When it finished storming the Gnoff/postman/BBQoperator was out there throwing the pasta on the grass, complaining about whoever put it on there.

      I like your “nightmare” better. πŸ˜›

      P.S. I already have the Kindle version.

    • WiiU is pretty fun. Also handy for the Wii-via-HDMI thing.

      Gf and I picked up a remote and Pro Controller for $10 ea on the weekend. so we were happy.

        • DSE had them in a ‘clearance: name your price’ bin. They still had em 50% off on shelves last week, so that’s like $32ea. I gf held one up to a random store guy was like “$5!?” the guy replied “..Yep! … Wait… I’ll go check” and offered us $10ea. πŸ˜€ Amazing deal.

  • Morning everyone. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

    I finished The Witcher 2 on the weekend. There were a couple things I didn’t really like about it, but all round it was pretty good.

    I also finally got round to beating the Pokemon League in Pokemon X. Facing the Champion was a bit disappointing. I was all “oh, Gardevoir has a mega form, cool” and then, after it had mega evolved, “oh, well that’s a bit terrible looking.” I mean, they could have just given it wings or something, but instead they give it a giant poofy dress. I haven’t really used mega evolution in the game, mainly because a lot of the Pokemon I’ve been using haven’t had mega forms, but also because I lot of the mega forms don’t look that good imo. Not sure what I’m going to do in the game now. I don’t know if the meta/competitive game is really for me. I might try and fill up the Pokedex, since it’s super easy to trade with people now.

    I started Dishonored as well after getting it during the Stream sale. It’s pretty decent. Very Bioshocky.

  • On this Monday morning it is becoming very apparent I struggle to handle 4am finishes on Saturday nights…

    WTB [Sleep]


    Also, being woken up by screaming children running around outside the apartment while playing is possibly the worst way to be woken up at 10am on a Sunday.

    • Actually, screaming children inside the apartment, bashing you in the face with toys, would have been worse. And 6am would also have been worse. #voiceofexperience #helping

    • I have the same issue with my next door neighbours kids, but they ride around on those stupid bicycles with the loud dodgy motors attached. GTA made me ready for this..


    Yep thats right people, I have received a fantastic quote from one of my suppliers, and I present it to you now. We’ve got hotels, we’ve got trains, we’ve got sightseeing, we’ve got free time, we’ve got food. Something for everyone πŸ™‚

    Spoilered for wall of text, but EVERYONE should be reading this πŸ™‚


    Day 1 – 21st March 2015 – Arrive Osaka
    Upon arrival into Osaka airport you will be met and transferred by private coach to your accommodation for check in

    Day 2 – 22nd March 2015 – Osaka
    This morning visit Osaka Castle & enjoy a cruise on Osaka River. This afternoon we will be attending the (hopefully, depending on schedule) Final Day and Closing Ceremony of Osaka’s Annual Sumo Tournament. The afternoon of the final day is when the best competitors and the most important bouts take place.

    Day 3 – 23rd March 2015 – Osaka
    Full Day at leisure
    Start of 7 Day Japan Rail Pass

    Day 4 – 24th March 2015 – Osaka-Hiroshima
    Today make your way to Osaka train station to catch the bullet train to Himeji. Tour of Himeji Castle with English speaking guide. After the tour, and some time for lunch, we will catch the bullet train to Hiroshima. On arrival into Hiroshima make your way to your accommodation for check in

    Day 5 – 25th March 2015 – Hiroshima
    This morning you will take a short tram trip to the edge of the Seto Sea. Here, board a ferry for the ten-minute passage to Miyajima Island. This tranquil island is home to Itsukushima Shrine, partly comprised of an offshore red β€˜torii’ gate – one of Japan’s most famous and photographed sites. In ancient times access to holy Miyajima Island was through this β€˜floating’ gate; you will arrive more conventionally, gliding into the ferry terminal. Take some free time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this pretty island, mingle with the wild deer, and sample some Japanese snack food. Take this opportunity to try a traditional okonomiyaki pancake lunch before departing this unique setting and re-board the a direct ferry for the trip back to the mainland to the Peace Memorial Museum, dedicated to the events of 1945 and the aim of a war-free world. A visit to this exceptional museum is a sobering, yet educational experience. You will also see the famous Peace Memorial Park and a poignant cenotaph inscribed with all the known victims of the Hiroshima bomb, and the eerie A-Bomb Dome, a tragic city-symbol, left standing in a ruinous state after more than 60 years. In the evening, explore Hiroshima, a truly β€˜reinvented’ city.

    Day 6 – 26th March 2015 – Hiroshima-Kyoto
    Today make your way to Hiroshima train station to catch the bullet train to Kyoto. On arrival into Kyoto make your way to your accommodation for check in

    Day 7 – 27th March 2015 – Kyoto
    Spend a delightful morning walking through the streets of Kyoto where you will discover some of the lovely temples and shrines in this ancient city. Begin at JR Kyoto station at 1.45pm and take a bus to Higashiyama, for an exploration of the beautiful Kiyomizu temple, with a panoramic view of Kyoto. Walking down Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka streets uncovers quaint shops in traditional Japanese buildings, and this walk has been described as one of the prettiest in Kyoto. Stop at tranquil Kodaiji temple, surrounded by formal gardens, and then continue on to Yasaka shrine, a Shinto shrine in the Gion district. Roam the Gion district, with traditional restaurants and tea houses (ochaya), and maybe spot a geisha scurrying along one of the many alleyways to her next performance.

    Day 8 – 28th March 2015 – Kyoto
    Today is a full day at leisure. Spend a day exploring the many sights and sound of Kyoto, or possibly take a day trip to Nara, famous for its parkland, wild deer and temples. Visit stunning Todaiji Temple, made without the use of a single nail, and the shelter of a massive bronze Buddha. Also see the smaller yet equally beautiful 8th century Kasuga Shrine. The entrance is lined by stone lanterns, creating an atmospheric approach. Spend some time mingling with Nara’s free-roaming deer, before your return to Kyoto.

    Day 9 – 29th March 2015 – Kyoto-Takayama
    Today make your way to Kyoto train station to catch the bullet train to Takayama. On arrival into Takayama make your way to your accommodation for check in.
    End of 7 Day Japan Rail Pass

    Day 10 – 30th March 2015 – Takayama
    This morning set out on a walking tour of some of Takayama’s main attractions. As an introduction, visit the Festival Floats Exhibition Hall, home to colourful floats which come out annually during one of Japan’s most famous festivals. You will also visit Takayama Jinya, formerly a government building and home to some wonderful insights into Japan’s past. Your walking tour will include a stroll past some beautifully preserved wooden houses on Kami Sannomachi Street and a venture past some enticing sake rice wine breweries. This evening, continue your encounters with Takayama’s friendly inhabitants and explore the local eating options.

    Day 11 – 31st March 2015 – Takayama-Hakone
    Late morning you will leave your hotel and travel by coach to Hakone. This picturesque town is famous for its proximity to imposing Mount Fuji, a symbol of Japan and the highest mountain in the country. Before checking-in to your Japanese-style hotel you will enjoy a short boat trip on peaceful Lake Ashino, and an exciting cable car ascent (weather permitting) to the top of Mount Komagatake for majestic views of Japan’s most loved and famous geographic landmark. After a sumptuous Japanese dinner, you will sleep tonight in an atmospheric tatami-floored room, on a futon mattress.

    Day 12 – 1st April 2015 – Hakone-Tokyo
    This morning you will travel the short distance by private coach to Tokyo. This afternoon is at leisure

    Day 13 – 2nd April 2015 – Tokyo
    Following breakfast meet in the reception area of your hotel for a tour briefing before embarking on your exploration of the city. Today you will explore some of the city’s highlights on a carefully created tour. You will begin with a short walk to nearby Hama Rikyu Garden, dating to 1654 and once the private respite of the Tokugawa Shogun. After a stroll through this tranquil garden, after which you board a boat (shared service) for a cruise on Tokyo’s Sumida River. This short trip will take you past the headquarters of some of Japan’s most famous companies and will end near bustling Asakajusa Temple, the oldest and most beloved temple in Tokyo. Here, be introduced to the influences of Buddhism and Shintoism on Japanese culture. Around mid-day, travel to serene Meiji Jingu shrine and Harajuku. Here, mingle with youngsters dressed to the hilt in colourful cult fashions. Later, take in mesmerising sky scraper views of Japan’s major city from Tokyo Tower. Towards the end of the afternoon, return to your hotel by train and foot.

    Day 14 – 3rd April 2015 – Depart Tokyo
    At proper time you will catch the airport transfer vehicle to Narita airport for your onward flight

    Hotels and Inclusions
    Osaka – Mitsui Garden Hotel Yodoyabashi
    Hiroshima – Mitsui Garden Hiroshima
    Kyoto – Mitsui Garden Kyoto Sanjo
    Takayama – Green Hotel Takayama (ryokan)
    Hakone – Hakone Yumoto Hotel (ryokan)
    Tokyo – Park Hotel Tokyo

    Holiday Price Includes:
    All Accommodation
    Breakfast Every day, Dinner in Hakone
    Transportation and touring as per the itinerary with entrance fees
    7 day JR pass
    1 Local English speaking guide on touring days

    Visa if necessary (If travelling on an Australian Passport, a Visa is not required)
    Meals not listed above
    Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, drinks, tips…)
    Travel insurance (Possession of adequate travel insurance is a compulsory condition of travelling with Travel Indochina)

    And all this comes to the price of….
    $3,897.00 per person twin share or
    $4,461.00 per person single room

    There you have it folks. If you really did read through everything, you have my thanks. Feel free to send praise, hurl fruit or anything in between as your reaction dictates. If I can start to get a list of people who are genuinely interested in coming, feel free to respond below or email me at peter(dot)orange(at)harveyworld(dot)com(dot)au
    I will be talking with my manager when he returns from a trip next week (I think), in regards to how much the deposit is (It will probably be on the order of about $500 per person). If I can go to him and say I already have X number of people ready to deposit, that would be fantastic.

    Thanks again everyone

    Tags of people who have shown interest before: @transientmind @ontargett @dkzeitgeist @rocketman

    Confirmed – @jocon @negativezero @freezespreston
    Almost Confirmed – @cakesmith
    Keen – @rize @coldcamv @beardymcmuttonchops @mrtaco

      • Thats cool. Once my manager gets back next week, I will confirm a deposit amount for you to lock your place in. Then you won’t need to fully pay the rest of the trip until about January 2015. Plenty of time πŸ™‚

    • I too am keen and am in a similar boat to @coldcamv. Even raising the deposit may be difficult, but I will try.

    • By the way, do you think it’ll be more efficient for us to book airfares through you as well, or arrange our own? Obviously won’t be able to get a group deal but if eg. there are multiple people leaving a given city it might be nice to travel together the whole way and not be all over the place, especially when going somewhere that no one speaks English.

      • Honestly I would prefer to look after everyone’s flights. I’ve been looking into some flights already and trying to find an airline where the flights all converge at a stopover point, or at least arrive in Japan at approximately the same time. We won’t be able to look at confirmed flight times until about May/June next year anyway.

        • That would be so handy if you could, since you know way more about all this stuff than us.
          Thanks for doing this man, I know it’s a work thing anyway but it’s still awesome.

    • Consider me in the ‘almost confirmed’ camp.
      Reckon it’d be alright to bring another 1-2 people?

  • Morning TAY,

    How’s every little thing? It’s 36 today and I’m outside building a fence, yep, I will surely not last the day!

    Hope other people are airconditioned and/or on holidays.

    In other news who’s been keeping up with Survivor2299 it has me intrigued and I wish I could spend more time in the meta and reading everything but I don’t get paid to do that I get paid to work and I need money.

    • I’d like to say my office is airconned, but it doesn’t seem like that. Come the afternoon and the sun hits my side of the office and turns into a sauna. Joys.

      I’ve been following survivor2299. Not to the point of decoding anything as by the time I look at an update someone else has already cracked it. Obviously hoping it’s real, I think there’s way too much effort gone into this for a hoax, even if the trademark was a fake. Even if it is a fake I think Bethesda would be fools not to announce anything after seeing lots of people going nuts over it

      Good luck with the fence

  • Apparently, The Lesser Evil is selling quite well at the moment. Exciting, humbling, terrifying, confusing.

    I actually have no idea how many copies are actually selling, but I pretend that there are thousands of copies, and I will be rich starting next week. There’s no way I can be disappointed if I set my sights that low.

    Anyway, if there are that many copies out there, someone you know is bound to have it. Don’t miss out on the inevitable watercooler discussions!

    99c for one more day only!


    Edit: Apparently its current sales rating means it’s selling about 1 copy a day! That’s royalties enough to buy one packet of instant noodles… EVERY DAY! \o/

    • Star Wars Blu-ray box set? Good, I’ve been looking for a present to give…erm…

      Yeah, it’s for me.

    • Isn’t the Star Wars blu-ray set the one that has the stupid Vader “Nooooooo!” dubbed over the scene where the Emperror is electrocuting Luke, and that Hayden Christensen ghost? I would rather never see Star Wars again than legitimise that fucking shitfest.

      • I thought the “Nooooooo!” came from the end of ep 3 when Palpy tells Vadar his misses kicked the bucket.

        • Yeah. Then they dubbed one over the scene where the Emperor is frying Luke, as Vader goes over to pick up the Emperor and throw him down the bottomless shaft.

          Because for some reason Lucas thought the slow zoom on Vader’s mask and the swell of John Williams’ score simply didn’t convey Vader’s strong emotions at that moment, despite enduring for 30 years as one of the best moments in the trilogy.

        • By ‘unchanged’ you mean it’s still the godawful 1997 ‘special edition’ with all the extra bad CG shit though right? IIRC the original untouched THX remaster version was ‘destroyed’ when they did the Special Edition and fucked everything up the first time.

          • I don’t mind the ’97 version. I can live with the stupid music sequence in Jabba’s palace even though it completely shatters the tone, and ignoring Greedo shooting first is… difficult… but I can mostly ignore it. The other changes I am ok with.

          • The CG stuff in the Battle of Yavin don’t have the same feel as the old models did. That stupid extra sequence with the bad CG Jabba where Han steps on his tail still annoys me. Also the ending of RotJ where they changed the celebration music. I don’t mind the change but the original was better.

          • I don’t mind the revamped music at the end, though the shots panning across all the various places with people celebrating strikes me as a bit dumb. I think Lucas only did that because he wanted to tease Coruscant for the prequels.

  • Hope all is well.

    Stole my room mates 360 for the weekend and bought myself The Witcher 2, its pretty cool. Looks and sounds great. The combat is taking a little to get used to but that’s only because I’ve never played anything similar before. I’m going to spend some time on the wiki, seems like there is a fair bit of lore and I have no idea who’s who or why this Kings attacking this guy.

    Also, watched Hard Target for the first time last night. So cheesy, so good πŸ™‚

    • It amps up then slows down here and there but overall its pretty entertaining. I’ve only seen the first 12 eps however.

  • Morning TAY…
    DAMN these steam sales are making it hard to be good…
    At least i’ve been strong and only bought one thing, AND IT WASN’T EVEN FOR ME \o/…
    But Far Cry 3 for $8.73… F**k you steam and your generous sales…

    SOOO how was everyone’s weekend?
    I got a bunch of house work done \o/
    I think i might be doing weekend wrong!

  • Upon waking, I realized that in the first time in a year I have encountered my deadliest enemy- snow.

    And so therefore to show my pure hatred for it I promptly went out, made a snowman, and then PUNCHED IT TO DEATH WITH MY BARE HANDS. Then I made that “I’ve got my eyes on you” motion to the sky, to signal my fragile peace with that harlot Mother Nature.

    • You know, there is totally a thing I want to try.
      Water balloon with red dye in it, build a snow man, put the water balloon in the middle of head and complete as normal.
      Wait for someone to pass by (preferably young, impressionable children) and start stabbing away at the head with a stick or whatever, laughing maniacally.

  • Morning all. Picked up two years worth of US PS plus membership from amazon for $60 as part of the black Friday sales so very happy with that… Looking forward to now dusting off the vita which hasn’t seen much action since finishing p4g

    And caught up on some potaku eps over the weekend

    • That’s a pretty good deal. I love my Vita, and I’ve only played under an hour of P4G so far (saving it for the plane to the US in January). I was a PS+ member for ages before getting a PSV and had saved up so many games for it from PS+ I haven’t even played half of them.

      P.S. Your name is extremely untasty. Eww. πŸ˜›

      • Yeah the PS plus vita games collection isn’t the best at the moment but I’m still looking forward to trying uncharted and hotline miami and hopefully over the next 12 months they will add some better games hoping for more JRPGs

        P.s. I’m good cooked or raw what’s not to like about that πŸ˜‰

        • As far as JRPGs go, they’ll actually have to localize some of them before they can put them on Plus. At the moment it’s basically just Persona 4 and arguably Disgaea and Ys. πŸ™

  • You know, I’ve honestly forgotten about a offer I made some time ago, so now’s the perfect time to bring it up again.

    Steam Sales. NA prices are cheaper than Aus prices. Need a game? Want to pay EVEN LESS, you cheap asshats? Just shoot me a message here or on steam if you have me and I’ll see if I like you enough can work out a deal with you.

    EDIT: Taybies only, though, needless to say. Better if, y’know, I recognize you. πŸ˜›

    EDIT HARDER: Alternatively if you are a cool hip cool person you could, I dunno, change your IP address so you can buy steam games from another region. Can you do that? I’ve never bothered.

    • I’ve been to distracted by AC4 to look at the Steam sale much, but if I find something I may take you up on this offer.

    • They’ve put a lot of restrictions in place on the IP-switcheroo to crack down on avoiding the Australia Tax – a lot of popular VPNs are blocked, and both paypal and credit cards are being locked to their home regions. So your offer is generous and valuable.

  • 5km walk to work, quick shower at work and find out that my work shirt smells like it does when you leave it in the washing machine for a day too long. Stale water smell, tasty. I swear I didn’t leave it in for more than 20 minutes after the washing machine had finished. Ho hum

    Time to go check my various fantasy football teams

  • I bought Mario 3D World on the weekend.

    I also finished Mario 3D World on the weekend πŸ˜›

    Pretty good. Not the Game-Of-The-Forever (for me) that some people are claiming, but very solid. The mechanics of Mario really are the best of the genre. I also played a bit of Rayman Legends on the weekend and playing them both so close together made me realise just how floaty Rayman’s physics are :/

    Great playing as Peach again though. Played as her for 99% of the game. I switched to the unlockable character after they were unlocked though and realised just how much I’d been relying on Peach’s hover as a recovery haha Kept falling from everything. Going to go back and grab all my missed green stars/stamps/etc over the next few days.

    Unfortunate that there’s no challenge mode or anything like that. That was one of the best bits about NSMBU. Ah well.

    • Some guy I know was saying that Peach’s hover ability makes her not only the best character in the game, but completely trivialises 99% of the jumping puzzles.

      • That was the case in Mario Bros 2 as well. I wouldn’t go so far as say “trivialises”, but it’s a very different playstyle. Mostly easier because you can line up landings much better but sometimes harder (bouncy platforms become a lot harder because the hover kicks in when you don’t want it to).

    • So if my daughter has never played a Mario game before, is this the one to get her for Christmas or should I start her with a different one?

      • Hm… now that’s a difficult question haha I don’t have much experience recommending games to kids πŸ˜›

        I don’t think you can go wrong either way. A 2D Mario might be easier for someone new to get into but this one isn’t exactly amazingly difficult either. Depends which play style you think she’d enjoy more I suppose!

        • Well she’s almost 13 and 3D platformers are her favourite type of game and she’s obsessed with Zelda. I think she’s a complete Nintendo fangirl but she doesn’t know it yet. πŸ˜›
          She has my Gamecube in her room though, so I was considering tracking down that GCN Mario game. Was it Sunshine? But anyway, the kids are getting a WiiU for Christmas so it’s probably best to go with the latest for now I guess. Thanks for your input. πŸ™‚

          • My gf’s sister is 13 and a major Nintendo fan girl as well. We’ll be getting 3D world and she’ll be over our house every day until we finish it, I have no doubt.

          • Decent 3D platformer experience, she’ll be fine.
            We’re struggling a little with this one when there’s a lack of experience.

    • Bought it, played through world 1 and half of world 2, all co-op.
      Kept running out of lives, they burn fast in co-op.

  • Played the first half hour of Fez over the weekend. It really surprised me! I loved the moment the world glitches out and makes it seem as if your PC reboots itself – pure genius.

  • I’m a bit of a civilisation noob – What’s the difference between the Gold Edition and the DLC bundle?

  • Also, tried out my PS4 controller on my PS3, was expecting a few games not to work as people have said the share and options buttons don’t port over, but they do in all the games I tried out πŸ™‚ Fallout 3, I’m assuming New Vegas as a result, Borderlands and Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing. I’ll test out more games this week but it looks like the Dual Shock 4 is a PS3 compatible controller which is good for me as my second Dual Shock 3 broke a while ago

      • I just plugged it in by USB. I don’t think you can take the USB out, but worked absolutely fine for me. I think there was a Reddit thread somewhere that has incompatible games, but for the few I tried it worked fine. Next thing is to try it on my PC

        • Ah okay, so it’s just a standard joypad under USB (as expected) but bluetooth definitely doesn’t work?

  • So it looks like i might be moving after Christmas…
    Been chatting with my Brother in Laws and they want to save some money too, so we’re thinking about a 4-bedroom split between us…

    This should be interesting

      • *The top bunk mattress starts bouncing*
        “Todd! You’re having a dream! Wake up! ”
        “Dude, I am awake. “

      • Yeah that’s going to be the weird part…
        But we spend most weekends with them anyway…
        Plus they’re both the majority of our Board Game crew XD

    • man think about it really hard…. we tried that this year, we all used to be so close and after this, well, my bro moved out after about a month and a half, and my mrs barely speak to him anymore, and we are *this* close to kicking out my bro in law…

      • We’re just toying with the idea at the moment… we’ve lived together before, but not for longer then a month at a time when we first moved here.
        So yeah, it’ll be interesting, but out of pure necessity we have to do it

  • Hola Tay

    I had a quiet weekend- gave blood on Saturday (apparently I have an outstanding platelet count) then went on an epic quest to buy my work secret santa present. Went to a specialist Mexican store (miles away) and bought hot sauce. Went back via bunnings and bought some plants and a planter box for my front balcony, so i can grow my own chilies.

    Played a bunch of The Last of Us, about 80% through. Really, really good, living up to the hype.

    A Monday Morning Question: What video game plant would you have in your garden? Given how useful it is, i think I’d have to go with Nirnroot.

  • Morning all!!!


    Short mini review of games i grabbed:

    COD- Ghosts – havent played it yet

    Ass Creed IV – ITS ASS CREED! and it looks really cool, especially after it updated, as the update ups the resolution from 900p to 1080p!

    Killzone Shadowfall, – only played about 30min of it but story seems cool, and game looks amazing. like running a game on my pc on high settings-type amazing….

    Resogun – man that game is MESMERISING it is just plain beautiful… so much fun. i keep on playing first level or two over and over…. damn you @freezepreston i want my high score back!

    Contrast: Havent played it yet…

    DC Universe Online: seems like a lot of fun, playin with a group of friends we all just rolled some new characters.

    Warframe: Warframe is heaps of fun once you get into it… the melee mechanics need a LOT of work though…

    Warthunder: Seems fun but is very slow paced… controls are also very awkward… near impossible to target anyone… im probably just crap…

    hopefully Blacklight Retribution is released this week…. \o/

    who else grabbed a PS4? I took Friday off to get acquainted with the new member of my family of hardware!

  • I’ve never been into the series but I think other people here were: the developer of Rune Factory (and Lufia, back in the day) has declared bankruptcy and shut down. Rune Factory 5 cancelled. πŸ™

    • Aww man. Didn’t played Rune Factory a lot (from what I’ve seen it was Final Fantasy Harvest Moon which has to be a good thing). There was a great many an hour lost to Lufia 2 on SNES at my uncles place over Christmas Holidays when I was young. Imagine an 8 year olds disgust after he named Maxim after himself and halfway through the game finds himself married…and a father. My cousins never let me live that down.

  • Hey!

    Words! Or something. I don’t know, I’m not a writer. I had to move my desk at work despite the fact I’ve only got 9 days left until I’m kicked out. So that’s something!

    Oh, Mario CATS is a pretty amazing game. Forces myself to stop playing at the last world because I didn’t want to finish it on the weekend. Uhh, I think I’ve been playing too much SWTOR, I dreamed I was playing it last night >.> (cc:@rize @cakesmith)

    And uhh, things …?

  • Hi all, weekend was decent. Went to my work xmas party, gf’s will be in a week or so. Anyone else having their work parties yet?

    Our morning tea and secret santa will be soon. I’m looking forward to cake. πŸ˜€

    • I had mine a few weeks ago. Managed to empty the bar of their entire bourbon supply. Then met my new CEO and major shareholder and proceeded to tell them all about my adventures in Amsterdam. I can’t remember if they were impressed or disgusted.

    • We’re having lunch on the last day of work before Christmas (we shut down over the holidays). It’s my first Christmas in this job so I don’t know what the protocol is going to be. Do I get my bosses a present? Can I order the most expensive thing on the menu? Should I go wild with free drinks? I don’t know! πŸ˜›

  • I went out yesterday to get what else I needed for my Secret SanTAY but ended up buying other stuff and forgetting about Secret SanTAY. Oops. πŸ˜›

    Hopefully everyone who needed help with Secret SanTAY got enough help from the rhyme things last week. Also, are we supposed to be sending these ASAP or waiting until it’s closer to Christmas?

    • I did more or less the same thing- was in the city, thought I’d give blood then go buy the SS present, and totally blanked.

      i reckon send them ASAP.

    • You were giving suggestions? Because I kind of need some suggestions as I’m kind of stumped as to what to give. πŸ™

          • Yeah, even if your recipient did do a verse, some of those were extremely difficult to figure out a gift from. I have no idea what some people were expecting to get as a gift from some of those verses!

          • Yeah come to think of it mine wasn’t very good. I was more focused on rhyming than giving proper ideas. Whoever drew me – Don’t worry too much. Anything would be great.

            Ideas that I thought of:

            For office workers – Novelty Stationary/Desk knick-knacks

            Commuters – A cheap mp3 player (pretty sure they are under $20 by now) and load it up with songs you think they might like.

            Posters – Movies, TV shows, games – do a little TAY/Twitter stalking and find out what people like.

            Cheap Indie Games – There are steam games that go for as little as $2 at the moment. Plus Indie Bundles where you pay what you want. Find TAY-Names and see if the recipient has a steam account or if they even play on PC. If it seems a bit random write a note on why you thought they would like the game, and what you liked about it. Makes it a little more personal.

            The finger of one of their loves ones – Cut up a magazine and use letters of different size and font. Demand that they post to TAY what they want for a present, and if they don’t you’ll continue to send fingers until there are none left. Maybe then go for the toes, but we are meant to keep it under $20 and I think postage might be an issue.

    • The rhyming was helpful! I went slightly overbudget, but you get that.
      I hope the pressie to my recipient arrives before Christmas. I don’t mind when they open it! \o/

    • I started listing things out but didn’t put them into the song
      Hmmmm I’ll try to get it done tonight

  • Super Mario 3D World feels like a step backwards from Galaxy, unfortunately. :'(

    Assassin’s Creed 4 on the other hand is so amazing. Been abusing the PS4 share function with screenshots on Twitter. XD

    • Really? I’ve been struggling To put the game down. The game borders on the perfect Mario game for me. XD

      • I just loved the sprawling, epic feel of Galaxy. The orchestra. Variety of puzzles and the like. Don’t get me wrong, this is a damn good game and an improvement on the New Super Mario Bros game that I really dislike…

    • That’s one of the reasons I love Steam games (or even non-Steam games that let you run with the overlay). Being able to grab screens whenever you want is awesome!

  • All these people mentioning the Bond Bluray box has me watching mine. It’s amazing how well these movies hold up even after 30-50 years. Dr. No is more believable and real than Goldeneye or Tomorrow Never Dies. Something to be said about the value of practical effects and stuntmen.

    Also Roger Moore deserves far more credit than he gets. He’s a fantastic Bond.

    • The Spy Who Loved Me is my favourite classic Bond and Tomorrow Never Dies/Skyfall are tied for favourite modern Bond!

        • I love it. I know it’s got many a flaw but the over-the-top Rupert Murdoch like villain and Sheryl Crowe’s theme? AMAZING! (In fact I think that movie has the best Bond theme evah!) You’re not the only spy out theeeeere…

          Goldeneye’s theme is pretty amazing too.

          • I’ve always rated the Brosnan bonds as Goldeneye> World is not enough > Tomorrow >…….>A Piece of Bellybutton Lint > Die Another Day

          • World is Not Enough is unwatchable for me. Completely irredeemably bad. XD I’d rank them: Tomorrow Never Dies, Goldeneye, Die Another Day and pretend the other one doesn’t exist.

            They just named her Christmas for that one joke. *shakes fist*

          • Isn’t Die Another Day more of an homage to the other films than it’s own thing? I think that’s it’s main problem. It was a 50th anniversary celebration or something.

    • Based off your final line I don’t think we can ever truly be friends as Roger Moore was a crappy, wet, pathetic Bond in a sequence of terribly badly written films and the absolute best thing that happened to the franchise was when they dropped him for Timothy Dalton.

      • Roger Moore stayed on a couple of films too long. Esp by Never say Never Again A VIEW TO A KILL SHUT UP I KNOW MY BOND FILMS he was waaaaay too old and comfortable.

      • I had this exact paragraph in mind, but was too scared to put it on TAY in case I started some hippie war against Moore lovers or something.

        • Connery was great but Spy Who Loved Me and Live and Let Die, while are not any Dr. No or Goldfinger, are still a lot better than Thunderball or You Only Live Twice.

          • Haha, yeah. I watched it last night and cringed at Rosie’s “Oh lawdy!” schtick. But none of it seems to be done with any hatred and comes across more of a product of it’s time.

          • Although in a weird sort of way it was fairly progressive. Bond romancing a black girl, Kananga being a smart worthy Bond villain. The characters of Tee Hee and Whisper were treated with respect as being genuinely threatening and dangerous. Still racist as all get out now but for back then..

            The worst stereotype was probably the Sheriff.

    • We watched Star Trek: First contact the other night, And even though that film is relatively new I was still impressed by how good it looked on Blu-Ray

  • What is it about sit to stand exercises that make your arse hurt for so long? Legs I could understand but arse??

    • I’m no Mathematician, but I do believe the Gluteus Maximus muscle(s…?) are being worked out, hence the arse soreness.

      • 140kg leg press probably didn’t help to be honest. I’ll not be walking normally for the rest of the day I suspect

          • That’s my light leg workout, my record on the leg press is 463kg. Mostly only out of spite because one of the trainers did 453 so I had to try and beat him. My hips haven’t been the same since so it was probably a mistake all things considered but it was fun to watch his face when I told him I beat his record

          • What’s a leg press? Is it anything like a garment press? It sounds very painful, and doing less of it sounds sensible :\

          • You smell like bacon if you use a sandwich press which is a bonus but it hurts to eat so it’s something of a double edged sword

          • You’ve got to ask yourself: If you’re using a sandwich press for things that aren’t sandwiches, is it still a sandwich press?

        • I generally do incline leg press (150-160kg) as a warm-up for doing squats to get everything moving, but if I do it on its own I don’t get much muscle soreness in my arse, it’s my quads that get sore from that. Squats are what gives you the glute pain.

          Upside: if you do it regularly enough you get to the point where the soreness is never that intense and doesn’t linger for days any more. When I started doing stuff, leg day would mean that I would have trouble getting up stairs for the following 2-3 days after that.

          • When you are a lardy fatass like me, your legs need to be twice as strong to move around your massive bulk. Also I’m fairly strong in my legs and back generally. And I’m not about to say that ~150kg is easy to lift or anything because it absolutely isn’t.

            I used to just do squats but I couldn’t get the full range of motion needed to do it well because my calves and hamstrings would be too tight. After I broke my toes earlier this year I had to build the strength back up in my leg after six weeks not being able to lift anything through it, so my trainer had me on just the leg press to help rehabilitate it, and we found that if I did it first all my leg muscles would warm up and I could squat better too.

          • Two weeks into going to the gym I look forward to leg day. It’s chest/arms day that makes me feel like a broken man. XD

          • Chest and back day makes me feel like a weakling. πŸ™ I can’t do a single body-weight chinup yet and I’m pretty weak in my chest as well, though improving slowly. Used to be that doing chinups, even assisted, would make my biceps so sore and inflamed I couldn’t straighten my arms for 2-3 days after πŸ™

            I don’t look forward to Legs Day because my trainer has me doing one-leg squats to try and improve my ankle stability and I am amazingly shit at them.

  • Work morning tea + staff awards + secret santa is over. It was great. πŸ˜€

    I got the lil car from party popper thingie (woo, cars!), the Pokemon plushie as gift (Minin, right? Someone knows me well – I have a few of them!) and the pictured award. Pics made me lol.

      • Even though people think of them as rivals, they’re both on Fox so they’re not exactly competing for ratings or anything.

        Besides, they both suck too much to have any loyal fans left these days.

  • NegativeZero’s Kantai Collection Update that No One (except maybe @popdart5) Cares About

    Got home on Friday and logged in. Decided to try pushing my luck, after the sudden breakthrough earlier last week where the RNG goddess decided to stop trolling me and dangling Battleships just out of my reach and give me Ise. Attempted to build another BB, and magically I got the Hyuuga, sister-ship to Ise. Immediately began leveling them up, upgraded them at level 10 into Aviation Battleships like my two Fusou-class.

    While building Hyuuga as part of a daily construction quest I also built three other random ships, one of which turned out to be the heavy cruiser Kinugasa, who I had been trying to obtain for ages. Getting her along with Ise allowed me to clear out two of the composition quests.

    Began running a primary fleet of Akagi and Hiryuu, plus Fusou, Yamashiro, Ise and Hyuuga. Even at much lower levels my Ise-class hit very hard which was nice. Began grinding 2-3 a few times to try and get the two new BBs to higher levels. This also freed me up to move some of my secondary ships I’d been running in Fleet 1 into Fleet 2, and given that they were getting fairly powerful as well I found my secondary fleet was easily the match of 2-2 and 2-3 as well, though the enemy BBs are a bit tricky for a heavy cruiser.

    While doing said grind I managed to get a second Ise, which I think was the RNG goddess trolling me again.

    Then with my primary fleet getting a bit more powerful I decided I’d have a few cracks at 2-4. I was easily steamrolling most of the enemies but couldn’t make it to the boss node without some of them getting hurt enough that I wanted to recall them just to be safe. Finally managed to push through to the Boss node and cleared it first go. World 3 and 4 both unlocked! And to make things even better, the drop for the 2-4 boss was heavy cruiser Myoukou, which I had been needing to get to finish a composition quest that was a pre-requisite for the quest to have all four of the Kongo-class BBs, which unlocks the 4th fleet.

    It turns out that 3-1 is actually on paper easier than 2-3 and 2-4. Like 2-2 you’re mainly fighting destroyers and cruisers. The difference is that they’re higher-level enemies, Flagships and Elites, meaning they’re harder for lower-level ships to crit against. My 4 BB 2 CV primary fleet were absolutely smashing the crap out of them though, often sinking 3-4 of the enemies with the initial aircraft wave and then the BBs easily clear out the rest.

    Problem was that I couldn’t get it to let me into the Boss node for the area. Just RNG badness (unlike 3-2 where you must have a fleet of destroyers to get to the boss). After many runs over the space of the weekend, last night I finally managed to get through to the boss. Stomped it first go, easy fight. And the drop for beating the 3-1 boss was Kongo-class Battleship Kirishima! Super happy.

    So now I have to clear 3-2, which means getting a fleet of six Destroyers into around the level 30 range. Spent the remainder of my fuel in PVP, 2-2 and 2-3, with my new Kirishima (who has shot up to level 10 already), CVL Hiyou and Chiyoda all acting as escorts for a trio of three of my lower-level Destroyers. I already have Yukikaze to 23 so I’m letting her sit for a bit while I concentrate on Yuudachi (currently level 15), Hibiki (10) and Shigure (7) as those three all have a second-tier remodel after their initial level 20 remodel. I haven’t decided which other two of my collection will get the same treatment. If I manage to get a Shimakaze to drop or build for me then she’d definitely be worth it, but really those five are the only top-tier destroyers. If they update the game again and introduce a second remodel to another DD then I’d pick her, but assuming that I get no others past this point I’d probably pick more of the Shiratsuyu-class or perhaps my Makigumo since she’s rarer than many and has some nice starting gear after remodel.

    In the meantime I’ll probably split my primary fleet up, running 2 heavy carriers and 4 battleships is a massive resource dump. I’ll probably go back to running a single light carrier and battleship pair in fleet 1 and 2 and supplement the rest with cheaper ships like cruisers. And I’ll start grinding 3-2 as I’ve been told the rest of the Kongo-class battleships drop fairly often from there.

    • You’ve had a better luck than me. Congrats on filling out the Ise-class BB and clearing World 2.

      RNG god has been trolling me pretty hard on 1-3 as I keep getting thrown into the maelstrom path rather than the boss path. Ran it about a dozen times over the weekend and only got the correct path to the boss once before I was thrown back to the side path. I double-checked if there were any composition requirements but it seems I’ve just had really bad luck.

      Coincidentally, I’ve been derping pretty darn hard and I wasn’t tracking my dailies so I couldn’t figure out how why I wasn’t getting more development kits. Yeah, I’m pretty noob still. Thankfully I’ve got both Sendai and Naka CL drops and I only need Jintsuu to clear the quest for the third fleet and I’ve been clearing expeditions at a steady pace.

      Still haven’t lost a ship yet and my HQ is now level 6 and my flagship Tenryuu is level 10 so I’m not doing too badly. Haven’t gotten any BBs or CVLs yet but that shall hopefully come soon.

      • You will probably need to get at least 1 BB and one CV or CVL to clear 1-4. There are carriers there. At a pinch you could probably use a heavy cruiser or two but IIRC the boss node for 1-4 is quite hard, plus you need to get through a lot of nodes to get there.

        It actually sounds like you’re doing okay to me. It took me ages to get Sendai as she’s actually a rare drop. BTW, you can tell rarity by the background color. Common are blue, Uncommon is purple, Rare is grey, Super Rare is Gold, and the Ultra Rares are holographic with a sort of cloudy purplish color. Generally when you remodel a ship her rarity goes up one slot, so a Grey will become Gold when remodeling etc.

        Thus far throughout the game I’ve only gotten 3 UR (Akagi, Hiyou, Yukikaze) and 4 SR (Ise x2, Hyuuga, Kirishima). Also for the first week or so all I had was destroyers plus Tenryuu and Yura. I kept doing one of the construction recipes for building carriers and eventually got Shouhou (CVL) and that made a big difference.

        Keep at it and you’ll get some nice stuff eventually. One of the most important things to do is the construction daily quests, the brown series. Once you unlock the daily, it’s Develop equipment once, build one ship, then develop again 3 times, then build 3 ships. You get enough instant-build materials and new construction kits out of that that you end up net positive in both even if you use the insta-construction blowtorches to clear out two slots, and overall assuming you do the minimum amounts (btw, 31/31/31/31 has a higher chance of cruisers and a minor chance for rare destroyers and subs than standard 30/30/30/30) you end up several hundred ahead in every resource.

      • Assuming I’m reading the Japanese correctly, this twitter update:

        Says that they’re down on the 4th for Maintenance and Updates. No new shipgirls are being added but a certain ‘hai hai~’ one may be getting a second ‘kai’ evolution. The particular line they mention is one of the lines that Murasame is always speaking, so I guess they’re continuing their trend of introducing second-tier remodels to the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers with her (previously they added new evolutions with new art to Shigure and Yuudachi).

        Just in case you’ve got one kicking around. Might be worth investing in her for longer-term use if you do, assuming this is correct. We’ll see if it’s accurate or not.

        • Hmm, if that is correct then I’m in a good position. I have Murasame and Shiratsuyu so I might start getting them some experience.

  • Started looking at the cost of flights from Brisbane to Osaka (yeah I’m hype, what of it?)

    Economy class with Emirates is AU$17500 return.

    Yes that’s the right amount of 0’s.

  • Fuck yeah my 8250 lives!

    Took a good 15mins or so for the battery to actually start charging again. BUT IT’S ALIVE!

    Man I miss that phone.

    • And in 50 years, when you find it again, you’ll say the exact same thing.
      And then when you pass it to your children. Then down to your children’s children…

      • I did the same thing the other day for my 6100. Had to get that one out to check out which numbers for a few of my contacts were their current numbers, since I had multiple listings for a few but the “default” marking didn’t come across in the transfer. But it was just so amazing how small and light and comfortable it is to hold and use. I miss that.

        This one I’ve booted up to check some stuff on Snake. I can’t believe how fast it is to do everything. Like, I click a button. And at the exact moment I do that, the thing I wanted to happen HAPPENS. STRAIGHT AWAY.

        Also my high score in Snake was actually 855.


    No one go on Twitter. Walking Dead S2 spoilers from Shiggy and others.
    Not huge spoilers, but still enough to be IRRITATING.


        • Thanks. It’s entirely my fault, but still πŸ˜› Jokes in spoiler tags have taught me bad habits.

          I’m more annoyed that Telltale is revealing this sort of information in the first place! πŸ™

          • All fair points, and I guess I didn’t need to mention it at all. I will re-edit, and I apologise to you.

          • Wait, this post has totally confused me. I have no idea what’s going on! haha

            EDIT; Just to be clear and all that: not annoyed at you, Shane πŸ˜› No need for an apology.

          • Guess I totally misread everything. SORRY


            Wait… jokes in spoiler tags… THAT WAS ME.


    • Yeah thanks to the stupid new Twitter thing where it automatically shows images I got miled spoilered too. I don’t really care as I doubt I’ll ever play the rest of the first season let alone anything newer (I found the first chapter incredibly unenjoyable) but I know that was going to be seen by people accidentally who really didn’t want to see it πŸ™

    • You get all the catchy ones early and then once you get more it takes forever to get to the good ones again because they’ve filled it out with annoying ones. πŸ™

    • Was talking on TS with Rize, and he mentioned one of the shanties, and I was like “I don’t think I know that one,” and he responded with “you will if you hear the chorus.”


  • clearing out my steam inventory.

    got a few things free to a good home :
    1 x Payday
    2 x Godmode
    1 x Ace of Spades
    1 x ShootMania Storm

    someone take them please.

    Edit: they’ve all been sent to random people.

    • ….


      EDIT: I’m actually impressed you found one I didn’t own.

      EDIT 2: I could’ve sworn I owned it.

      • if you dont want it, pass it on to someone else, coz i really dont want it back.

        Edit: I was surprised too.

  • I got a Job offer in Canada, in Manitoba the coldest part of Canada, in a town of 4000 people.


    • Why is everybody jumping ship to Canada!?

      Are you all Alien Interfaces and going to “Canada” is code for being deleted?

      • It’s code for China. They’re all actually communists. They get picked up in secret from Canada by Harold Holt’s submarine. They used to do it from Australia but Tony’s watching the beaches.

    • You know polar bears are common there yeah?

      I mean, if that’s not reason enough I don’t know what is.

          • I was going to do a “fun facts about Manitoba” and just list a bunch of random bad stuff but decided this was a less dickish thing to do haha.

          • Oh i know its terrible, Its so cold and small and nothing is there.
            But life experience and the call of the void.
            Im still sure that i just want to do it because i thirst for adventure every three months. Ill get there and it will be shit and ill want to go back home to no job and sadness. Or good things could happen.
            Good things never happen to me πŸ˜›

          • @rocketman

            Imagine me giving the speech from Independence Day but instead about killing aliens its about moving to Canada.

    • Congrats!

      I plan to be there myself this time next year.

      Theory: playing enough SSX will make you a snowboarding god.

    • Make a list of pros and cons of staying vs going, mull over it for several days and then throw it in the bin and do whatever seems good at the time.

  • Ugh, why do I bother interacting with people on Gizmodo? It always ends badly. Especially on politically aligned articles.

      • Dont comment on lifehacker, Those guys hate being told they are wrong. Any article that mark writes about trying some new diet or excercise or sleep thing people jump down his throat saying he is wrong and its akin to committing suicide.

    • “Australian government couldn’t organize condoms and lube distribution in a brothel.”

      Shit, guess all those airports, armies and taxation systems don’t work as intended then.

      • I guess they’d point out that those were set up by the former government and the current one hasn’t had a chance to fuck them up yet?


            just because i hate political stuff, i am making a joke. This joke does not reflect my personal political views, of which i have none.

          • If they had had proper NBN they would have been able to stream the crucifixion and no one would be arguing over it.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention:

    I was in EB on the weekend and they said they sold out of Xbones. But, as I was killing time, I saw an opened box on the floor with a sales dude inspecting it. I asked him “haha, did it break already?” and he replied saying that some crazy dude traded in his un-opened Xbone for $300 in-store credit.

    Some people are truly retarded.

  • Was there a steam sale on or something? I don’t think I’ve actually opened Steam in about two weeks.

  • …I just decided to Adblock all of the article links on the bottom of the page.
    No regrets… but one get. \o/

    • Please, if you’re going to gift outdated technology at least do something not mainstream.

      Like a Betamax or Laserdisc.

    • My Mother gave my Uncle Nicotine patches one year. It was… kind of hilarious. Also I don’t think anyone else would get away with it, but Mum’s a little scary…

      Edit: Also, fuck that list, socks are amazing.

    • Re-posting because I only just read it on the last page:

      (With regards to the rhymes and ideas for Secret SanTAY gifts):

      Yeah come to think of it mine wasn’t very good. I was more focused on rhyming than giving proper ideas. Whoever drew me – Don’t worry too much. Anything would be great.

      Ideas that I thought of:

      For office workers – Novelty Stationary/Desk knick-knacks

      Commuters – A cheap mp3 player (pretty sure they are under $20 by now) and load it up with songs you think they might like.

      Posters – Movies, TV shows, games – do a little TAY/Twitter stalking and find out what people like.

      Cheap Indie Games – There are steam games that go for as little as $2 at the moment. Plus Indie Bundles where you pay what you want. Find TAY-Names and see if the recipient has a steam account or if they even play on PC. If it seems a bit random write a note on why you thought they would like the game, and what you liked about it. Makes it a little more personal.

      The finger of one of their loves ones – Cut up a magazine and use letters of different size and font. Demand that they post to TAY what they want for a present, and if they don’t you’ll continue to send fingers until there are none left. Maybe then go for the toes, but we are meant to keep it under $20 and I think postage might be an issue.

      • Pro-tip regarding Steam games: TAYlist has a co-op section. If you know PersonX loves co-op games, buy them a couple of the ones they are missing!

  • For work I just came across a company called “Schindler Lifts”.

    This has to be a bad joke, right?

  • @jocon
    DUDE WE MISSED YOU and your awesome voice, join us on TS sometime. We have a new server, i cant remember the deets but ill send them when i get home. anyway COME PLAY GAMES AND SHOOT THE SHIT WHEN YOU CAN.

    By the way this goes for everyone, I enjoy talking to people on the TS server, if you haven’t joined us before, you totally should. Its fun and occasionally me and blaghs sing duets (we do it literally all the time is fucking annoying)

  • Dammit!!!!! Bought Game Dev Tycoon from the Humble Store. Installed it and found out my version of OSX isn’t enough to run it. What a pain.

  • @welbot, @jimu, @gutsoup, @lambomann007, @popdart5, @enduwolf, @sernobulus, @virus__ @beardymcmuttonchops @freezespreston @shane @strange @steve-o_the_deve-o @dkzeitgeist @sughly @dc @rocketman

    Can you guys twitter DM me your emails. I figure that’s the easiest way to do this but I’ve only got the Syd people.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

  • Ys Seven, day something.

    In the desert now, far less dessert than I had hoped. This guy has a hammer with which he uses to hit stuff.
    I hope I can replace my archer soon, she bores the crap outta me.

    Game has really generic everything except music, which is hit and miss. The rockin stuff is rockin but the attempt at heartfelt shit is puke worthy.

    I’m enjoying my time. Isn’t blowing me away or anything.
    Thankfully easy really is easy this time, I know this because I haven’t spent far too long on the same early boss like I did in the last Ys.

    Both are better than Ys I&II on DS, that shit is shit and I dont like it.

    I had hoped P4G would at least come second in that handheld vote, looks like both Zelda and Pokemon will knock it lower πŸ™

    Zelda is worthy but Pokemon Black or White 2 is better than X & Y. Bit ‘arsh really.

    • Aisha is awesome, she fires her bow basically as fast as you can spam the button and most of the time it’s from range as well. I ended up using her ahead of Adol most of the time.

      The game’s a slow burn at the start when you’re going around the villages and everything, but it escalates and gets better and better as it goes. I hope you make it as far as the Altago Ring, if only because Crossing Rage is one of the best boss battle themes ever.

  • Artorius huh.
    Did not expect to be fighting him so soon and maaaaan is he a jerk.
    Once he goes super-sayan I just cannot touch him – his triple overhead slam becomes impossible for me to block and is undogeable to start with. And he is just so fast and has so many attacks it’s hard to get a hit in.
    Not giving up but damned if I know what I’m gonna do.
    Definitely not go fight the black dragon of instakillyoufromamileaway thats for sure.

      • Not too bad, killed me a couple of times but was pretty straightforward once I figured out his attack pattern.

      • And seriously, that dragon.
        He does an aoe on the ground beneath him at a distance at least equal to that of Havel’s tower to Dusk’s crystal golem, and the shockwave reaches and immediately kills me 😐

    • No way could I have done that fight without the Greatshield of Artorias. I have no tips to offer, I’m afraid.

    • While he is charging up his super saiyan thing ie: starts gathering the darkness, you can hit him two or three times to cancel it out and keep him a bit more docile.

        • Yeah tried it a few times, usually not fast enough and the two times I got there I could not do enough damage to stop him before the aoe came out.
          But I shall persevere…

          • The wikis say three strong attacks will usually do it. I never succeeded in breaking his concentration, though. I just Greatshielded him instead πŸ˜›

          • Wow, damn. My weapon is too slow for that.
            He is resistant to bleed I suppose.
            I’ll try boosted great combustion, maybe it will do enough.

    • I read some reviews. My favourite quote from those:

      “The Walking Dead is TV’s okayest show that we all want to be great.”
      Sounds like a bloody ep, from all accounts. But all the reviews seem to agree that it’s failed to pay off on a whole bunch of set-ups.

        • GAH. This is terrible πŸ™

          I think my original plan to wait until the season is complete and then marathon it is going to be difficult.

          • Yeah, I think it worked okay last time because expectations were blown away throughout the season and word of mouth spread with every episode. Now any one who’s remotely interested is a potential spoiler source. *shakes fist*

          • Looks like the spoilers on IGN and front page could be the same as you saw on twitter yesty. I’m no stalker I promise >.>

  • @BEAVWA!!!
    Thank you kind sir!

    I guess you could say that i’m now
    willing to make the commitment to wakin’ up
    at the crack a’ noon, for deep-knee rock squats!
    Seven or eight at a time! In a row!

    ROCKON !..! -_- !..!

    BrΓΌtal Legend GET

  • Well I finally did it, SKYRIM! on PC!
    Time to experience all of those tasty looking mods.
    Mmm, mods.

    • YEEAAAH \o/
      I highly recommend Sounds of Skyrim (Wilderness, Dungeons and Civilisation from memory) they are awesome!
      Also if you want to tinker and are willing to accept a performance drop, ENB for Skyrim is pretty amazing!
      HD Textures are a must
      and so are Static Mesh Improvement Mod

      I pretty much run stuff that doesn’t change the overall gameplay, because reasons…
      Although i did download a “Passive Horses” mod because i got sick of my horse having a higher kill count then me XD

      • Yeah, started looking at the sound and visual mods, plus the immersive armors (I think it is called) oh and the mod that adds cloaks or capes.
        May take it slow at first, PCs are scary and using stuff like mods makes me think I will make the computer blow up.

        • Yeah be careful, i suggest only adding a couple at a time, because it can cause severe stability issues having too many mods XD
          Winter is Coming cloaks are awesome!

      • Best day ever! Enjoying the PS4? Assassin’s Creed has consumed my life. Tempted to start Killzone just to see next gen goodness. πŸ˜€

  • @shane: New Treme was so, so good. Didn’t realise until I started watching that I’ve got a real fondness for these characters. You watch yet?

      • I don’t understand this at all. I know season one was a fairly self-contained experience, but this is like a TV show with an ensemble cast.

        As long as the writing is good you should give them the benefit of the doubt.

        This is just an extension of what came before and what came before was good.

  • Also picked up Civ5 for the PC. This should be interesting as the last Civ game I got for the PC, er 2 i think, the first time I played it I think I was on it for about 18 hours straight without even realising.
    Here’s hoping that happens again.
    Though I don’t know how it could possibly beat Civ Rev on my iPhone.

  • Every time someone mentions that a staff member at my work is employed as a casual, I have to stifle the urge to mutter “filthy casual”.

  • Downloaded OSX Mavericks overnight. Seems to be working well. It will be interesting to see if there’s any major differences between this os and the one I’d been using.

  • The Lesser Evil (as endorsed by Mark Serrels on Facebook)

    99 cents.

    You can afford it. You can afford TEN.

    Oh, here’s a story that’ll make you buy a copy out of sympathy:
    I knew my parents weren’t going to buy a copy, so I gifted them a copy. I told my mum, “I’ve bought you a copy of The Lesser Evil.” Her response: “What’s that?”

  • Before I reluctantly drag myself off to a Telstra shop, would anybody in the great Hive mind of Tay know what the approx price for unlocking a Telstra Wifi 4G usb dongle thingy might be.
    I have never actually had to have a device unlocked by Telstra before and I haven’t the faintest idea of how much it might cost.

    • I vaguely recall unlocking a mobile costing $50 years ago. No idea about today, nor with wifi dongles. Any particular reason you need to unlock it? May be better and easier to just get a different one with whoever you’re changing to.

      • Changing to a Virgin plan, but heard reports that there device is large and rather crappy. I get a better deal if I bring my own modem and I like the current telstra one, basically just a usb stick which can also create wifi hotspots.

    • What’s that? You’re going overseas for a few weeks and need it unlocked to use over there? Well why didn’t you say so.?

  • Considering the amount of time I’ve spent in Assassin’s Creed IV I think it’s only fair I tell people that it’s so incredibly worth buying. I was hesitant after playing Revelations (disliked) and ACIII (great environment, complete apathy regarding characters other than Haytham intro) but this is just a hell of a lot of fun.

    • Great write-up Red. Always cool to hear how the GM feels about how a campaign is progressing. And yeah, people seriously should try out RPGs at least once to see if they like it. πŸ˜€

  • Just got back from talking to the surgeon (he was the same one who operated on me originally). He’s ordered an MRI on my knee, but I’m definitely going to have to have surgery on it. The giant bit of bone that’s been floating around in my knee since the original surgery that I’ve been complaining about for years and people have been saying is nothing, turns out it actually is something.

      • Sounds like he’s just going to cut in there and take it out. The MRI is to see if there are any smaller pieces he also needs to take out.

        Because I’m weird, I’ve decided I’m going to see if they’ll let me keep the big piece they remove.

    • So what you’re saying is, it turns out that something isn’t nothing, it’s something? WHO KNEW?

      Good to hear it’ll hopefully get fixed now, at least!

  • So Pizza Hut is giving away a PS4 every hour along with your choice of Knack, Killzone, Driveclub or Infamous Second Son.

    Something weird I can’t quite put my finger on.

    Oh yeah, the pizza is terrible. No wait. Something else.


    • I’m reading through the rules and regulations and I can’t find anything TOO dodgy. Well, aside from the usual level of dodginess that goes on in competitions like this.
      kinda dodgy: you essentially can’t be related to ANYONE that works at Pizza Hut – even 1st cousins rule YOU out of winning something.

      • I think he’s referring to the fact that Infamous Second Sun isn’t out on PS4 until march (?) next year. =P

        • This. It seems like they’ll have a bunch of stuff in 6 months to give away but are jumping the gun and running the competition now. Not really dodgy at all just a bunch of excited winners who are going to need some patience.

          Don’t think Driveclub is out for a while yet either.

          • A) I missed all of that. B) even dodgier – there is NO second son prize.
            In the terms and conditions:
            14. The first valid entry drawn in each Hourly Draw will each win a Sony Playstation 4 (500GB) and subject to availability, the winner’s choice of one (1) of the following games: Knack; Driveclub; or Killzone Shadow Fall. Each prize is valued at $649.

            I repeat: NO INFAMOUS SECOND SON is mentioned ANYWHERE in the terms and conditions. So they are advertising on the box a game you can’t win.

            …yeah, dodginess meter rising…

          • They probably published all their material for it before Second Son got its release date announced- wasn’t it and Driveclub originally going to be a launch title?

          • True. Although they’re still offering Driveclub in the T&C’s and that can’t be offered for a while.

          • Driveclub was pushed, but Infamous was never a launch title in the US or Europe. It *is* a ‘Launch Window’ title though, and it’ll be a launch title in Japan.

  • @rize
    Did you ever ask the wife if we could invade your house?
    @bdkiaf, @shane, I volunteered Rize’s house for a barbecue, since I couldn’t think of a better option. It’s probably a fair trek for you, Shane, but ehh, whatevs, this is why I shouldn’t attempt to organise things.

    • …I’d totally forgotten about that. I also just realised I haven’t organised accommodation for Sydney next weekend.

      Erm…yeah, sure, it’s fine! Lunch or dinner thing?

  • @sernobulus, the difference between a forced redundancy and a voluntary redundancy is this:

    * If you get called into your boss’ office, and told you have no job any longer, that’s a forced redundancy.
    * If a memo goes around saying “We have ten staff and five positions. Anyone want to volunteer to be made redundant?”, that’s a voluntary redundancy.

    They sometimes have different payment schemes. Your situation definitely sounds like a forced redundancy to me… EDIT (BUT if they offer more more for a voluntary redundancy, it sounds like they’re trying to do right by you).

    Find out how much you get for each one, and pick the one that suits you best. You certainly can’t be forced to take voluntary redundancy πŸ˜›

    Edit 2: You should check your enterprise agreement or contract to see if there are any other differences to be aware of. This is the kind of thing that varies from workplace to workplace

    • Basically what’s happening is I am being offered a bonus for taking a Voluntary Redundancy. I’m just being cautious because I don’t want to accept it then realise I have missed out on something else.

      Anyway I’ve sent an email to my union asking about it.

      • As far as differences in the workplace is concerned both are the same, just don’t want to be ended up being taxed more after I leave or something like that.

        • If both are the same, then voluntary redundancy just makes them look better (especially if your dept or govt made a commitment to reduce forced redundancy). I say stick it to them and say no.

          Edit: If there is no difference, I’m sure your union will advise you to embarrass them as much as possible too πŸ˜›

          Edit 2: I forgot about the bonus. Take the bonus. /o\

    • Awesome! Not too surprised because the mod had has Steam authentication for a while. Still, awesome πŸ˜€

  • So thanks to BrΓΌtal Legend and my quote earlier, i’m now listening to the original Tenacious D album…. i’m OK with this

  • @dc

    Walking Dead Season 2 (Game) Spoilers.

    The Walking Dead was a great game, with a great story that had a great ending. I wanted to see them take a risk and try something new. From the looks of it, they are just going to strut out the same characters and not take risks.

    To me it makes me worry that they have run out of ideas. At first they said the second season would have new characters and no previous characters. Now they are just trying to bank off the fact that “maybe if we include people from the first season people will play it”.

    • I understand what you mean and would’ve preferred a new, self-contained story but Telltale at the moment are on a roll creatively. Their games have never been better and their Walking Dead follow up The Wolf Among Us might just be their best work yet. They’ve earned some credibility to me and I’m gonna trust them. I think going in with a bit of cynicism is just going to make any minor flaw that much worse. Blind optimism is where it’s at. XD

      It’s almost like a TV show though. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had an amazing second season finale. Then went on to have an amazing third season finale the next year. Sometimes there’s way more stories to tell with these characters even if it doesn’t appear obvious initially.

      Hope I’m not coming across as a jerk. You’re awesome my friend.

      • But the fact that they went back on their word makes me think that they has no faith in their next season. As I said, they’re hoping the players love for the previous season’s characters would carry the game.

        • to me, what they are doing the equivalent to bringing in a guest actor into a failing TV show to boost viewer numbers

          • When did they ever say no character was returning and what makes you think any one perceives The Walking Dead as failing? They’ve just come off Game of the Year awards and have nothing but good will their way. People would’ve bought the season no matter what they did. What’s with the creative doubt, though? I don’t understand where this cynicism is coming from?

            Haha! Oh man, I think I’m talking in circles. You’re giving your opinion and I keep questioning it in different ways. XD Sorry ’bout that, man. We’re just not on the same page here, is all. Or The Last of Us’s page. Or Super Mario 3D World’s page.

            NEMESIS! D:

          • Pretty sure I remember as well them saying it would be all new characters. As you said, people will buy it either way so why did they not feel like it would stand strong enough without returning characters?

            Also no offense or insult intended at all but you’re not the most objective person about the things you love. You get pretty passionate about it. I need to say that’s not a bad thing, it’s good to be that way about what you love.

          • if Telltale had turned around and said, “look with think this story isn’t over so we are going to release 5 more episodes” or “make a whole new a season 1.5”. I probably would have been all over it. (In a good way).

          • πŸ™ I feel like whenever I try to have a good natured debate everyone accuses me of being unable to take criticism. Strange with Sleepy Hollow last week and now this. In my head I never mean to structure my posts like this, I guess it’s just a failure of not being able to articulate my thoughts properly. Makes me feel like crap. Blergh. Not your fault, it’s clearly my fault.

          • If I didn’t want to have a discussion about games with you I would have never started this conversation. I enjoy talking games with you especially because we have different (sometimes extremely different) opinions on games.

            You stick to your opinion yet you don’t talk down to people that don’t agree with you or claim your opinion is better. I’ve never been offended by anything you’ve said, and your my Arch-Nemesis.

            TL:DR Don’t be a doofus @dc, you’re a cool guy I enjoy discussing games with.

          • This is just me, but I really like your take on things. It’s really easy to get down on something, and even easier to do it before all the facts are known. You’re one of the very few people I know who doesn’t do that. I genuinely value it in you (and envy it too, actually), and you should value it too.

            In terms of reason, it’s probably the most reasonable perspective to have. Your fanboyism over existing media though is quite frankly disturbing, and is something I would never do. (DARK SOULS \o/) (SIX FEET UNDER \o/)

            In terms of criticisms or whatever, I can’t comment. I’m pretty much always taking digs at you, and I assumed because I’m still alive, you didn’t really mind πŸ˜›

          • Well it’s a bad thing if no one can feel like they can talk to me and expect reason. πŸ™

            MASTER RACE!

    • The only thing I don’t like so far is that Telltale feel the need to show these kind of teasers at all. People would’ve bought it anyway based on the last game, I really feel like they should’ve kept any characters completely secret until they were revealed in-game. Newcomers aren’t going to know who the characters are and returning players would’ve had a nice surprise.

      I liked the very first teaser they did (the one with just Clementine’s hat on the ground) because it never revealed anything much at all, but at the same time made you think about what it could mean.

      I’m sure the game itself will be good.

  • This is going to sound a little emo and I promise you I’m not suicidal in the slightest, but lately I find myself getting increasingly weary at life. I feel like my existence is pointless. I contribute nothing. I’ve wasted every good opportunity that’s ever come my way. I’m tired of feeling like this, of having no reason to ever get out of bed in the morning, of not being able to make long term plans because I’m so damn poor. Being unable to deal with the most basic social situations. So weary. πŸ™

    • Time to get back to writing. It’s purpose, work, and maybe even an income, all without the demands of having to deal with people.

      I offered a collaboration of some sort before, and I’ll stick by that offer. Happy to help in any way other than collaboration also.

      Edit: Also, unsure if sympathy and moral support were implied, so I’ll imply them now.
      *hugs of non-invasive variety*
      Let me know if I can do anything. Also, move to Canberra. We are good at being incredibly anti-social. πŸ˜›

        • Of course, man. Anything you need, I’ll do my best to help.

          More seriously, it does sound like for the sake of your sanity, you need to find work or vocation of some sort. Even if you just study by distance at one of the free universities. Work isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but it’s a good distraction from the realities of meaninglessness.

          Not that I’m telling you what to do – just my impressions.

    • I haven’t heard the backstory, and I know you have anxieties, but maybe get a job/volunteer/take up an outside of the house hobby- something that gets you out of the house a bit?

        • if you are looking to reenter the workforce, there are job services that can help. Again, I dunno your circumstance well enough to comment, but if you’re through centrelink they may be able to point you right.

          Also, volunteering is a good stopgap to bolster the resume.

        • You say that you spent the gap on Sabbatical. A really long one. You learned a lot. Oh man, you met some monks and they taught you a lot. Very fulfilling, even if you’re a little dubious of the spiritual side of things.

          • You were in New Orleans, helping them rebuild πŸ˜›

            In all seriousness, you don’t have to justify gaps in your resume unless you’re directly asked about them. And if you’re directly asked, some version of the truth is usually best.

    • Mate, I know the feeling. I’ve had that feeling many times before. There’s been days when I’ve just wanted a reset button for my life. The only advice I can offer is Dory from Finding Nemo’s: Just keep swimming. It will get better.

    • You know there is one person who can change that?

      Change is scary and hard and it’s all too easy to fall in a rut and stay there but it’s nearly always worth the effort.

    • Dude, firstly i know exactly how you are feeling, exactly. I feel that every second of every day. Like it wouldn’t matter if i was here or not, not that i want to end my life just that if i didn’t exist the world would keep turning. Here is the thing though. That little voice who you think is talking sense is wrong. Very wrong. If you didn’t exist i wouldn’t have you anymore. This may sound selfish but i don’t care. You are my friend, i love you. I am thankful you are there. Every little sarcastic comment that we swap makes me smile and think how lucky i am that i have you as a friend.

      Change is hard, it takes work and taking yourself out of your comfort zone and depresion has a way of getting in your head and questioning the point of even trying. I am telling you it is definitely worth it. I’m not cured. I still have days where i don’t want to move from bed. Days where it seems like nobody cares. But they do, i really feel like my life only got better when i decided to make a effort. So make a effort, even a small one at first.

      PLEASE PLEASE TALK MORE, i enjoy your comments so much and you make me happy. Don’t take my sunshine away asshole.

      • I could add my voice, but my case is slightly different to most people’s (then again, isn’t everyone’s case slightly different to others??)

        But as a very newly minted TAYnewb, @rocketman and @dc swapping comments is pretty funny to read.

        This whole comment is really just a chance to point out that “Don’t take my sunshine away asshole” is the funniest thing I’ve read since a Pratchett book on Saturday night.

          • Worth it. Sure, it’s not a Vimes/Watch book, or a witch book, and it isn’t up there with Going Postal (even though it’s a Moist von Lipwig book) but it’s a good Discworld novel. Better than Unseen Academicals.

          • I did apply about the self-stigma and surviving mental illness.
            They lost my rejection letter, so I found out when I went to chase them up.
            Still going to write and film my talk, but in my loungeroom, avoiding my toddler and my wife playing CiV or Candy Crush.

            All professional like.

            EDIT: Good memory, btw!

          • Also if you don’t mind me asking, what sort of mental illness you got? Very personal so I understand not saying. (And I imagine the reveal in the video will be stronger without knowing specifics.)

          • Hey DC, now that TAY has wondered off for a few pages I feel I can post back here and very few people will see it.
            I will do the reveal in the video, but it’s a horrible chronic condition that has almost constant depression, hallucinations and a tonne more.
            I’m thinking of doing a “Draw your life” first and then the self-stigma talk. I think I just need to get my story out…

            Anyways. Just wanted to say thanks for the interest. It does mean something, as does this community. You guys are pretty bloody awesome.

          • Sorry to hear about your troubles, my friend. I don’t talk about this often but I got different troubles of my own. Have had pretty severe OCD since I was a kid. It’s not fun. Whole different beast to what you’ve dealt with but we’ve all got our burdens. πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see your talk!

      • Arcade Fire tickets were sent out yesterday! WOOOO! (Also I guess there’ll be other bands there too, but I like to think of them as all being support acts for Arcade Fire. XD)

    • Just like everyone else said – change is the answer. Either you convince yourself that everyday menial actions (such as @rocketman loving your comments) enhance the quality of life of others, or you need to mix it up. Do something different.

      How drastic/radical is up to you, but once you are resigned to the fact that everything is shit, you stop giving a fuck and do something different. Eventually you come to realise that the something-different is actually hitting a spot. A nice spot.

      Eventually the time will come where you’ll be tired of this too, and the wheel rotates again.

    • Dear @DC
      I’ve been there before. Its not fun.
      Keep busy. Volunteer somewhere, go study something.


      as for good opportunities…. there’ll be more of them. I can guarantee that. great opportunities never stop turning up. you’ll find even more if you go looking for em.

      highest of fives & hugs & stuff.

      Edit : I find that reaffirming advice is best delivered at extreme volume with lots of coarse language – ALL THE FUCKING CAPS ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

    • I’m tempted to sue here, you’re clearly stealing my entire act! Blatant case of infringement, I’d accuse you of depriving me of income if I ever had any.

      Are you able to see a counsellor or better yet a psychiatrist? Maybe through a job network place? Since it sounds like a fairly persistent thing, it sounds like the kind of thing that’s going to disrupt your ability to work so you might be able to get it free. Certainly worth asking

    • Just gotta find a good reason to get out of bed. ‘Good’ doesn’t have to be complicated. When I was unemployed this year and feeling low it was generally something as simple as ‘I get to talk to my friends’ today that made me feel better, which is getting into cheesy levels of sentimental but is definitely true. If nothing else, don’t underestimate the value people place on your friendship, because it certainly means things aren’t pointless.

    • I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking I was worthless, unemployable and useless. It wasn’t even until recently when I discovered I was actually really good at sewing that I thought I had a purpose in life beyond popping out smart, creative kids. So for at least 20 years (from 16 onwards) of my life I was lost.
      I only found my way due to the support of everyone on TAY at one of the lowest points of my life. If it wasn’t for the TAYbies I’d never have had the courage to try something new and would never have discovered I could do more than I thought I could.

      You’re on the right path. You’re clever, good looking, you even make pirate puns( πŸ˜› ) and you’re nowhere near as bad at social situations as you tell yourself you are. You’re just kind of in limbo at the moment and its up to yourself to get yourself out of it, with the support of your many friends. Friends who value your friendship greatly enough that you can think of that as your purpose until you’re ready to find a secondary purpose.

      We all believe in you, @dc. It’s time to start believing in yourself. *hugasaurus*

  • I just realised that next year sees the release of Satellite Reign, Wasteland 2 & Project Eternity.
    2014 is gonna be awesome for old-school RPGs.

      • I finally started Dark Souls properly the other night with the intention of getting into it.

        so far so good.
        Beat the Taurus Demon & was stupidly low on health, so I chickened out & ran back to the bonfire in the Undead Burg so I wouldn’t lose all the souls I had.

        Am I doing it wrong?

        Edit: Spoilerd just in case.

        • Nah, there’s a bit just after that which can mess you up if you’re not ready for it. That said, the shortcut back to the the Burg is not much further on.

          • Nah, there’s a bit just after that which can mess you up if you’re not ready for it.

            This it pretty much any moment in the entire game.

        • Actually, that’s a good (though WIMPY) strategy. As Blaghman said, you never know what’s up ahead. Only rarely will you be rewarded with a safe path to a save point after a boss battle.

          • They don’t respawn anywhere, though, do they? I do kind of want to show 35 a screencap from Demon Ruins, though πŸ˜›

          • The 6 in the lava don’t but the ones in the Demon Ruins do. I was farming them for souls down the big stair case.

          • Bosses don’t respawn, and neither do a handful of major enemies, including NPCs (hollowed or otherwise, with only a couple of exceptions), Havel, hydras, Black Knights, blowdart guys, giants, titanite demons (with one exception), and a few others. All other enemies will respawn every time you die or rest at a bonfire.

  • I have a big tear in the cover on my lightning to USB cable. Should I stop using it and get a new one?

  • Job listing for the position of service desk manager has just come up at work. Now to determine if I can bullshit my way through this and somehow get that job. Considering the people involved in the process know me pretty well, I’d say my chances are slim πŸ˜›

    • If anyone can bullshit their way to the top it would be you, or a really big breasted woman. Because lets be extremely sexist for a minute here, boobs are worth 2 degrees.

      Let me add, This is a joke and not at all how i feel about job vacancies, WOmen have to work just as hard as men if not harder to advance in their choosen career.

        • Your face is a disclaimer

          Let me add, I only started doing it because I’m becoming extremely self concious about how my bad jokes are
          1) not funny
          2) offensive
          SO now even if they are terrible and unfunny i dont offend anyone.

          Maybe this is what grandmama meant about people in the colonies “going native”

          • Because I’m out of my fancy tea and the office only has Bushells and I’d rather lick ashphalt.

    • Just say that it’s for a friend. Bladow Blize. And that if he happens to get the job, you will quit yours.

      And kill him.

      And take his job.

      I may not have thought this through.

      • Which is why taking those organs we harvested from homeless people to the Canberra zoo to help the dying zebra was a bad idea.

  • Favourite specific moment in a game this year?

    Mine would be in The Last of Us:

    Joel and Ellie and the two brothers flee the sewers into the sunlight and are greeted with an overgrown suburban street. It’s quiet and peaceful and beautiful. We’re given the opportunity to take a reprieve from the action and just take in the surrounds and the multiple character moments scattered about. There’s another scene in Salt Lake City like this too which was equally as good. (You know the one. πŸ˜€

    • Metal Gear Revengeance

      Every Boss in the game
      But serious props to the final boss, versing a roided out senator was amazing. also Judo throwing 50 story tall robots over your head.

    • The part in pokemon X
      Where the weird giant guy definitely forcefully performed a sexual act on the little fairy flower pokemon, Oh that didnt happen in the game. YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF IF YOU THINK IT DIDNT HAPPEN

    • The only 2013 games I’ve played have been Tomb Raider, Injustice, and… I think some third game which was obviously not memorable enough to qualify here.

      I choose not to participate in identifying a moment. Instead I’ll just scream DARK SOULS \o/ at the top of my virtual lungs and *crash* through this window over here.

    • The Last of Us:


      Really though, the entire ending section was amazing. Heck, the entire game was amazing.

    • I’m always bad at this sort of thing cause I can’t think back far enough to consider everything this year.

      Basically all the character interactions in AC4 are up there, though.

    • Oh man I don’t even…

      Every single moment that things just escalated in Wonderful 101. Which is practically the whole game I guess. There really should be something from Pikmin too, but I can’t think of any. Rayman Origins, when I hit that water level and that music started playing. Fez when I realised it was more than just a platformer playing with perspective.

      I also need to get onto Zelda and Mario so I can add things from those to the list.

    • The bit in Bioshock Infinite where it finally ended and I could stop playing it.

      I actually didn’t play many 2013 games this year, and those that I did, I didn’t really like that much or were kind of niche and I don’t really remember many key moments at all, just the overall experience quality.

        • No, moments that were kind of interesting like that just made the crappy tedium of the actual gameplay even worse and the massive dissonance between what I was doing and what I felt like I wanted to be doing even worse.

          I wanted to explore Columbia, not slaughter hordes of the same boring dude over and over in the most brutal ways possible.

          • Yes, this exactly. The first hour was great.

            I think I wanted Bioshock Infinite: the Adventure Game.

          • I agree with this. I found the combat really repetitive (which is certainly not a problem I had in the other two games), which is a damn shame, because the setting and ideas behind Infinite were very cool

    • Deadpool

      Cable starts telling you why it’s so important you go to where you’re going and Deadpool retreats into his head complaining about how boring it is then shoots himself rather than listen to it.

    • All of Tiny Tina’s assault on Dragon’s Keep DLC for Borderlands 2. It’s the most fun / funniest thing I’ve played this year.

  • I’m getting increasingly hyped for Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies. And especially the DLC, where I get to defend a whale accused of murder (hopefully a killer whale). It sounds every kind of fantastic.

    I hope it’s a well orca-strated case! πŸ˜›

    Apollo Justice is awesome, and I will be sad when it’s over, though.
    I’m getting a little uncomfortable at how often the 15 yo’s panties are brought up, but every time is legitimately funny. Much confusion.

  • So, Pokemons people.
    I just got given a metronome which apparently makes the pokemon holding it do extra damage with moves uses consecutively. Does that stack with a move like echo voice?

  • I wasn’t enjoying ACIV much at all but ever since I stopped trying to play it the “right” way by avoiding combat or being scene I’ve enjoyed it so much more. Charging in full tilt and stabbing 3 guys before anyone even realises what’s happening then clearing the last couple with your swords before they can call reinforcements or raise an alert it SO much more fun.

    Edit: Screw you Ubisoft and your optimal missions. They’re boring and unfun and I’m just going to play it my way.

    • I found the side objectives are much better implemented this time around than AC3 which was just unintuitive and frustrating. These ones lend themselves more to how I’d play anyway. πŸ˜€

    • At least you can do that. That’s the big change in AC4, back to the way it was in the first couple of games. You can fuck up the stealth and recover from it, etc. The game reacts to the way you’re playing instead of proscribing a path and penalizing you for not doing exactly what they want.

      In AC3 what you’re describing would have been instant fail and start the sequence over.

  • So, uh… apparently there’s some niche expo next year in Melbourne called PAX Australia – and I got a pass to it. I’m beginning to think that booking a hotel as early as possible is probably wise…

    Any recommendations on places to look at (or, alternatively, avoid)?

    (Probably mostly asking other interstate’rs who went this year.)

  • Pick an objective 100m away and time how long Edward Kenway takes to sprint there.

    God damn he is slow.

      • That’s the one! It’s one thing when people say that about Heavy Rain and the like, but a traditional point-and-click adventure? That’s one of the oldest genres of games ever. Why’s he so crazy, Freeze? WHY?

        • I think he was traumatised by an adventure game as a child.


    • Other than the first bit about how they heal, even though mine turned out fine, those reasons are pretty bullshit. That’s just my opinion from having hand and finger tattoos though.

  • So last nigh Myself, faction, Nob and blaghman tried our hand at multi-player game called “Forced” here is my review

    Their netcode is crap, like utter crap, taken from there official steam page
    “Doesn’t play nice with wireless networks”
    40 minutes of attempting to port forward and unblock firewalls later we still didn’t get to play. So me and blaghsie played LoL, we lost our game.
    0 out of 5 rocketships

  • Fuck, these past few days have been something…

    So I ended up failing programming. Got 47% when I needed 50%, but I can do a supplementary exam next Thursday which is good. A week and a bit to get 3% smarter πŸ˜› (Other than that I got a credit and 2 distinctions). The downside is that I was going to go home tomorrow to see friends and also go up to Burnie to see other friends, but now I can’t. The upside is that instead of me having to go to Launceston, my friends from Launceston are coming down here next week which is nice! Gonna take them to my favourite food place. They can also meet my darling housemate!

    Onto her… I gave her a massive lecture about respect yesterday. I knew she thought she would be able to step all over me because 99% of the time I seem so quiet and shy, but she’s becoming scared of me now I think, now that she knows what I’m capable of when you push me. Soon I will have control… Oliver didn’t realise how bad things were getting until I told him to read through all my tweets from the past few days. Although I do feel kinda bad cos I promised him I wouldn’t let him be bothered by housemate stuff while he’s away.

    And I finally have internet on my PC again after over a month! So good! I missed my PC. Good thing too, cos I can’t exactly study programming on a phone…

    • The fact she is now fearing you rather than just accepting that she was in the wrong and that she should pull her head in is a little interesting. I hope she doesn’t start badmouthing you behind your back and start manipulating any shared acquaintances into thinking you’re a terrible guy. Because you seem like a pretty cool guy.

      Bad luck about having to do a supp. 3% sounds pretty achievable to me so good luck. πŸ™‚

      • I found her weak point. Normally I don’t take advantage of people’s weak points, but I had to do something then, even if I never bring it up again. The only two shared acquaintances we have is my other two housemates, and, well, they’re very firmly on my side anyway, so no dramas πŸ™‚

        And thanks! After doing the first exam I know what I need to be focusing on which helps a lot πŸ™‚

  • NegativeZero’s Kantai Collection Update that No One Cares About Except Maybe @popdart5 But He Already Saw My Tweets Last Night Anyway:

    Having recently opened up World 3-2, I decided yesterday that it was time to start building up a Destroyer fleet to clear it, as you can’t get to the boss node in the world without a fleet entirely made up of Destroyers. My only real issue was picking six to level up. I knew I would take Yukikaze as I already had her at level 22 and she’s one of the two rare Destroyers and has some of the highest stat caps. I was also fairly sure I’d want to take Yuudachi, Samidare and Hibiki due to the fact that all three have high-level (55-70) second-tier remodels. The final two slots were pretty much open.

    So while doing my daily construction quest I found myself with a bit more resources than I needed, so I thought I might as well jump onto the JP wiki and check the highest-probability recipe for building Shimakaze, the other super-rare Destroyer who is something of a mascot for the game. Apparently the RNG Goddess has started to smile upon me again, because I got her first attempt. \o/

    Based on a twitter tease yesterday it looked like Murasame might be getting an update in the next maintenance, so I decided to take her as my final Destroyer. Unlike some of the others I’d never actually fielded Murasame before, so she was level 1. After the 6 PVP sorties (I used a fleet made up of five of my six destroyers (less Yukikaze) and Kirishima and lucked out because the HQ level 101 Admiral I was pitted against on one fight actually had only one ship, a light carrier at level 84, and my Kirishima got a crit on her and instantly beat her. The rest of the PvP sorties were defeats, but the XP was good anyway due to the massive level disparity.

    Decided to split my primary fleet in two to act as training fleets for the destroyers. Sent Hiryuu, Kirishima and Yamashiro to escort Yuudachi, Shimakaze and the now level 6 Murasame. After a couple of very successful sorties through World 3-1 with the group I decided to have a go at 3-2, reasoning that the enemy ships wouldn’t be that much stronger (they aren’t) and the XP would be higher. Very first fight in the node, I clear it with some light damage to a couple of ships and medium damage to Murasame. The fight dropped my second Kongo-class battleship in as many days, this time I picked up Hiei.

    In my elation at this development I stupidly decided to advance to the second node. A node where, it turns out, a trio of enemy Wo-class Carriers was waiting. Due to only running the one carrier I didn’t have air supremacy, and in the opening salvo the Wo-class flagship dragged my poor Murasame to the bottom. I was a bit shaken by this as I’d never had a ship sink up until this point. After sinking the enemies I had to take a couple of minutes to gather myself. I’d forgotten that sinking was a risk. πŸ™ Luckily it wasn’t one of the ships I had put much effort into, but I still felt kind of bad.

    So I ended up doing the safe thing and solo-grinding world 1-1 with Yuudachi to get her to level 20. Tedious but cheap and could keep doing it indefinitely. In the process I got a drop of a replacement Murasame.

    My Akagi is getting extremely close to level 30 now, about 600xp away, so my intention tonight is to get her to her level 30 remodel first. Subsequently I’ll be putting effort into leveling the highest-level of my chosen Destroyers which I think is Hibiki or Samidare. I’ll also continue trying to buff my Hiei up and aim to hopefully do some runs of 3-2 with a more robust fleet to attempt to get a drop of Haruna or Kongo. At the current rate I should have a full destroyer fleet ready to attempt 3-2 by next weekend.


    Spent the last I don’t know how many hours trying to wrap my head around a multi-dimensional problem only to keep tying it in knots instead, BUT I FINALLY CRACKED IT

    *spins on floor in circles*

      • Haha, nah nothing like that. Just a little thing I’m working on for school. Some offhand comment (and an ensuing argument) about 4D stuff on Friday got me thinking about how you’d do something like that. And now I’m trying to put together a 4D version of Snake, and things are going well. Tends to be quite the mindfuck though.

        • H-h-h-h-h-hypercuuuuuuuuuuuuube.

          Programmatically, it shouldn’t be a big problem, I think the logic should scale ok?

          The projection to a 2D surface for display is probably not going to be very intuitive…

          I assume you don’t mean 4D as in 3 spatial + 1 temporal πŸ˜›

          • Yeah, four spatial. Stupid temporals πŸ˜›

            At the moment it’s 3D with the 4th being displayed as a spectrum of colours. There’s also buttons to switch which of the coordinate axes are being displayed on the spatial axes being drawn to the screen. Initially I had them rotating through, and that worked better while I had absolute controls but now that I’ve got relative controls working, making it just switch out the fourth dimension with one of the others works much better.

    • I keep on having the same thing happen. I think I must be getting better but I think it’s just that I’m learning more and more completely obscure things that are utterly useless to know if I actually want to use the language.

      • I know Blaghs had the same issue. He’d recognise the language but forget that he can’t actually understand it.

        • It’s worse for me, I did Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji twice and although I’ve forgotten a lot of the obscure ones and I have learned proper readings for some of them, I still have an association with the english keyword for a lot of them, so I’ll be reading something and I’m recognizing the keyword combos, not the characters, and I’m sort of doing a two-step process to get to the JP reading for that at best, but most of the time I just don’t know the reading at all.

      • I’m currently writing out Kanji flash cards. I will then move onto verbs and such. If I memorise them, then I only have to learn the sentence structure

        • You’re writing them out? Have you tried using software like Anki to do SRS flashcards for you? I had a setup at one point where I found a font that showed all the stroke orders as well and used that (because stroke order is super important when trying to read people’s scribbles)

          • I’m writing them out because it will help me memorise. I will practise them with stroke order and such later

  • Bloody hell @dc. I haven’t even finished the tutorial missions yet and I’ve killed more people than you in ACIV.

    About to overtake @thecracks as well.

    Not even close to @blaghman though…

  • Oh man, I’m SOOOOO happy right now.

    Playing Apollo Justice, and have just started
    Phoenix Wright’s last case!

    Phoenix objected to something Gumshoe said, and THIS MUSIC started playing. My favourite track from the first game, that was sadly absent from 2 and 3. I was so shocked that I just let it play on loop for about twenty minutes, bopping along with the stupidest grin on my face.