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    Serious question time:

    I need a name for my 40k Chaos space marine legion. Something suitably awesome.
    Think heavy metal album/band names, almost.


      Visceral Coil.

        That's a bit TOO heavy metal name. It needs to still make some sense :P

        Pretty damn neat, though.

        VISCERAL COIL \o/

          It really does make sense. Pretty sure literally a Visceral Coil would be an intestine. Not sure you want your Legion to be named after innards, though. :P

            what's wrong with innards :P
            swirls around a big old bowl of soup

              Innards is one of my favourite words to say. It's a strangely satisfying word.

            i meant it doesn't make sense in terms for an army name - other than that it does make sense, as you mentioned, and sounds pretty brutal.

              The Lutefisk Eaters.


      Have you got a look (colour etc.) yet?
      apologise if you've already posted these previously

        They're white with a brass trim :)
        Haven't posted them yet - so you're all good! :D

          Something Something ghosts, phantoms or spectres could suit white...
          Fallen Spectres?
          Ghost Lords?
          The Phantom Legion?
          This is me brainfarting :P

            ohOH or maybe something something Templars?
            the Templars wore white didn't they?
            Fallen (i like fallen apparently) Templars?

          Brass and white makes me think angelic.

          The Blooded Angels?
          The Fallen Legion?
          The Bronze Horde?

            Hmmm good effort, but kinda generic or too close to existing loyalist/chaos chapters

      Fallen Oracles. Dread Punishers. Champions of the Eye.

        Those are pretty cool. I'll give you that.

          If I had the money/time/painting skill, I would be all over 40K miniatures. I love the lore and the idea of it but I can't quite get into it.

          Are you/have you bought the miniatures from GW or are you going through an alternative source? A friend of mine swears by this Chinese company that does miniatures for anywhere between 50% or 75% the price that GW charges. Not exactly authentic but he says it's good enough.

            I save a bundle of money by buying my stuff from ebay, gumtree and slavetopainting. I have heard the chinese knock offs can be pretty bad.

            Having the time and money can be a problem, but painting skill doesn't come naturally to anyone - it ad to be built up. I still have my first minis... my god, the humanity...

      The Colobus Monkeys. *decisive nod*

        The Colobus Monkeys OF DOOM!

      The Flamestar Battalion

      A name with flames, battles, and lions. Also stars because space. And a healthy dose of Shane W Smith promotion. It's all you could want.

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      Are they aligned with any specific god or are you going for chaos undivided?

        Undivided. It's the only way to roll.

    Karma Morgue.
    The Claws of Abandon
    The Cladestine Mass.

    AND MORE - can be found here:

      My god.. this is like the best thing ever...


    Sons of Anarchy \o/ (cc @virus__ @nomad)

    We're up to date now. But we have a whole week to wait for the finale...???!!
    *tears hair out, goes on violent rampage*

      How good was the tension of this week's ep? I think it took all of Nero's will to comfort Jax rather than beat him.

      I'm glad Tara went the way I thought, by not actually taking the deal, however everyone thinks she did so that won't go well. Could pretty well watch her struggle through the decision all ep.

      And isn't Jax weaving a Web of lies and betrayal? Young Lin won't be pleased to find his uncle has been offed.

        The tension was AMAZING. The scene that was tensest for us was when Tara went and got the kids from Wayne and Wendy. They did that so brilliantly.

        My prediction: murder/suicide with the kids :(
        A Kurt Sutter show has done this in the past (The Shield), and it would also fit with Tara's Opheliaesque descent into madness.

        We also really loved the Juice scene with Nero in Deosa. Ridiculously tense and so well-played. Poor Juicey.

        Last edited 06/12/13 12:08 pm

          Can't believe I forgot the scene with Juice. So good, I'm feeling really bad for Nero, getting "suggestions" from Alvarez (who hasn't been seen for a long time), finding out his almost son is lying to him. I think he'll unravel next season, starting with next week's ep.

          Haven't seen the shield so the thought never crossed my mind that Tara could be so desperate. I hope that she still has enough sense to see that killing them is far worse than the alternative.

            I also think Jax kills Nero this week. For some reason, I kind of feel like Nero's story is almost done. He's already chosen the 'life' over the farm for his son, and he's learned the truth about Jax. Either way, he's out of the business, and I'm not convinced Jax will leave him standing with what he knows. He'd be too strong an antagonist, and too powerful a dividing force.

            I think this is important, because we've seen Jax transition into Clay. This was finalised just before Clay died, when they both arrived at the same solution to a problem. If history is going to repeat, the new Clay (Jax) is going to have to kill the idealistic moral centre of the story (JT, now Nero).

            Edit:that said, every one of my predictions to date has been well wrong, so I still believe this show can do something better, something more fitting, and something more surprising, than anything I've mentioned.

            Last edited 06/12/13 12:35 pm

              Oh... Man that's brutal, I really really don't want that to happen. He's such an awesome character. Damn...

                Yeah, I agree. But think of the incredibly epic character drama that could spiral out from that :P

      It's a 2 hour finale as well. Fuuuuuuuuuck.

    Hey @dc, the way you talk about your entertainment, you seem to have a kind of artistic eye. Just curious: are you good at photography at all?

      I'm good at nothing. Haha! #EmoDC

        You're right - that's not even good emo. Too much laughter.

        Grr. Give me a proper answer. You're good at a lot of things!

        Maybe I'll rephrase to see if it helps: have you ever had an interest in photography? Or do you know anything about it?

          He's good at Pirate Jokes, apparently.

          He's not good at BUILDINGS BECAUSE HAT

          Dammit @dc, it was a serious question. I need someone with a good eye and knowledge of composition to help me out with photography,and I was hoping you could help because you do have a good aesthetic. Even if it's just to accompany me when I need to shoot my products so I can have a second opinion I trust.

            I was even gonna pay you (in home-made bread if that's all you'd take :P).

              I'm happy to help if I can. My grandpa was a professional photographer, and my dad used to take a lot too. I'm not a genius when it comes to photo stuff, but I probably know enough to help you out a bit. If you have questions I don't know the specifics about, I have plenty of resources I can use to get the answers too!

                Awesome, I'll hit you up next year when I've got some prototypes sewn up. Thanks! :D

            Don't think I'm right for it. Thank you though.

              I think you're a liar. :P Why you no wanna help your friend out? :(

                Seriously though, not trying to give you a gift or anything so you shouldn't be scared. :P
                I just like your visual perspective so I thought it might be fun if you helped me. I'm not trying to photograph buildings! :P

                Because I'm good at nothing. Haha! #EmoDC

                  You're definitely good at making me want to hit you....

    FF VIII has just come to steam.

    Man, if I didn't already own copies of that game...

      Oh man that brings back memories. First game I pre-ordered, convinced my parents I was too sick to go to school and they left me at home. Home meant quickly getting dressed after they left and getting to the local EB.

      I devoured that manual on the way home on the bus.

      By happenstance, the next day I woke up covered in Chickenpox.

      I was the happiest 9th grader ever that month.

      *Buys it again for the memories*

      EDIT: words.

      Last edited 06/12/13 1:33 pm

        One of the first games I played to completion, and one of the first I owned.

          FF8 is probably why my grades weren't great in year 12. I remember getting into trouble often when my mum would come to wake me up for school and i was still awake from the night before playing FF through the night. aah, sweet memories

            I love the plot, though Adult me looks back on it and goes "Time Compression is such an arse pull"

              yeah there were a few odd coincidences that were a little lame, like oh hey we all happened to grow up together and all of us forgot, also the main enemy just happened to be Matron. all a little convenient. I really loved the Laguna storyline too, so good I really liked Ward, I'm also really surprised i remember so much about it, there are so many games I've played since and forgotten entirely, shows the quality

              Last edited 06/12/13 1:08 pm

                They didn't conveniently forget, GF's made them forget. Matron wasn't the real enemy either. You should play it again so you can remember what happened better. :P
                One of my favourite games ever. I have 3 copies. I've replayed it at least 5 times and I don't often replay stuff.

                  Yeah, the GFs made them forget, but it's still a pretty big coincidence.

                  I also wish they'd made Laguna and Squall's relationship explicit

                Yeah, there's nuances to that plot I can still recall. One of the first games I experienced rather than played

              Hey Red, have you seen the brief write-up I did called Eyes On Rinoa which is sort of related to FFVIII?

              Oh wait, you did read it. And commented.

              Last edited 06/12/13 1:55 pm

        You deliberately went out and got infected with Chickenpox so you could play FF8? That's dedication.

        When I got chickenpox it was in the middle of summer when we were away camping so I spent most of the Christmas break holed up in my grandparents caravan with a Sega Master System and Alex Kidd in Miracle World. :(

          A) nice spot the typo in my post. :P
          B) Ouch. Still, I reckon you're probably an expert on Alex Kidd now, right?

            I finished the game without realizing the rock paper scissors guys had a specific sequence to their selections. Sometimes I'd lose dozens of lives trying to beat them.

          I got Chicken pox at the age of 21. That was a fun summer, as it came after missing all of my uni exams on another medical issue, working at Toyworld over christmas, and before starting my honours year.

            I suspect that my parents used to deliberately send me around kids that had it so that I'd catch it as a kid, because it's much nastier to get as an adult. No good vaccine for it (there is one but it just makes the symptoms milder) and who knows, maybe in a few dozen years we'll find it makes you immune to some other weird virus, like having had cowpox made you immune to smallpox.

          I got chickenpox two days before my 10th birthday. No vidya games make up for that. :(

      I just replayed it, everything made a lot more sense except ultimecia has no motivation

      There is actually a scene with a guy saying it doesn't matter.

      And you what? I was thinking about it, and from a 17 year old's perspective that is perfect.
      adults choices made no sense to me at all back then (still dont really,)

      The Squall & Laguna relationship is actually all explained if you keep talking with the Laguna, Ward and Kiros NPCs before the end of the 3rd disc.

      I remembered Laguna being a cock for abandoning his children, but he literally had no other choice.

    My mother has been in town for the past two weeks, so we've been going out to dinner a lot and general catching up. Father is coming here tonight for the weekend. Gf suggested a dinner with her parents too (since we've been twice to this new asian place that's hard to get a booking for). Mission was quickly aborted. D:

      You mean you dumped your gf?
      Or just killed your parents? (Or her parents?)

        LOL. Thankfully, no. :P Just going to dinner with my parents and gf. The parents-meet-parents thing can wait a bit longer ...

          parents meeting parents things are weird, took me and my GF just under 10 years for my parents to meet her dad. My gfs dad is a cop too which was a little intimidating in the early stages of our relationship.

            He's gotta be one of the easiest going cops I ever met!

              it's true, but still you know, he did tell me once it was good to see I didn't have a record. :/

    Weirdly, GT5 was the game I bought my Driving Force GT for.
    Now that GT6 is out, I feel...nothing. :(

      I'm pretty much exactly the same. I suppose the bonus for me is that using GT5 & the DFGT actually taught me to drive (or at least be comfortable using a wheel & pedals) so it saved money on more driving lessons

      I got so excited about GT5, I got a G27. No urge to get GT6 or retrieve GT5/G27 from the friend that borrowed them a year or so back.

    So PS4 folk, anyone played War Thunder (or PC folk since it's old news to you guys), it's pretty fun my only complaint are some planes are locked out unless you pay for premium currency to buy them, still it is free to play so micro transactions are forgiveable I guess oh and the fact that they didn't even attempt to make the menus console friendly, at least i got to test out the touch pad as a mouse . It's pretty impressive how much you can customise & level every plane and their crew individually. Also been playing Lego Marvel Superheroes and having some fun with that, nice simple game for when your brain isn't working that well also it has 155 characters.

      I believe that @tigerion and a few other TAYBies play or played it on PC.

      Also saw that there's an expansion to it coming soonish (this month?) that adds the noble team sport of competitive tankery to the game.

      Later on they intend to add naval combat too, I think. I'm hoping all that stuff is playable together because it would be amazingly awesome to run air cover for a tank assault.

        that does sound pretty great, i hope they do it. I'm liking the physics and plane damage, really cool how every bullet hole seems to affect your handling, took me a bit to realise that was happening i thought the game was bugging out cause I kept losing control, then I realised derp your missing half your tail of course your not gonna fly well. :P

      I played it on PC but I got sick of it pretty quickly. You hit a point where progression is too slow and your planes are too weak unless you grind for ages or pay to unlock better stuff that it becomes dull. It's not exactly pay to win, but once the game felt like a grind to me I figured there was no real value in playing it anymore.

        yeah I can see that happening, the plane I'm researching atm seems to be taking a stupid ammount of time compared to any I've done prior. I don't see myself paying for credits so I'll probably have a similar experience to you.

    @ 3DS peeps

    I'm thinking about my next 3ds purchase once I'm done with Pokeymans.

    Fire Emblem or Bravely Default?

      tough call, Bravely default has benefits for street passes so maybe if you don't get them often Fire emblem might be the better option, have only played the demo for bravely default so i can't really pick a winner.

      It looks like Bravely Default will be one of those games that's best while others are also playing, so get that next.

      Yes. Yes you should.

        I'm on a one game at a time rule with the 3DS. Could eventually do both, but that's my hard and fast rule.

      As much as I love Fire Emblem (best game on the 3DS) I agree with Strange. Also you'll be able to find a copy of Fire Emblem for a long time yet while Bravely Default is a little more iffy.


    Has anyone here ever used Corsair Vengeance headphones? I'm thinking of getting either a steelseries 7h or the vengeance 1400s, the latter is getting a look in because of the noise cancelling mic which seems like it'd be quite handy.

    Can anyone offer some perspective on the corsair option?

      Probably not helpful, but having had a set of Steelseries break the same way as the myriad of complaints about their build quality across their whole range, I recommend the Corsair if they're good.

    Also @chuloopa: Speaking of 40K, how's the RPG going?

      I missed the last round with the wedding and noosa - but the next game is this coming monday.
      BRING IT ORRNNNN!!!!! :D
      Apprently, after I let the GM play in my stead, i am stuck, cowering, behind a table being shot at by 8 people with las carbines and very close to death.
      I get the feeling i'll be rolling a new character soon! lol

        Or getting a stack of cybernetics. :P

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    I should really stop looking at RPG bestiaries while I'm at work. I've got way too many ideas for creatures to throw at my party and storylines to create. Gah.

    Interesting fact I did learn though: a group of satyrs is referred to as an orgy.

      Not so much a collective noun as a ever present verb for satyrs.

    In all the hype the internet has had for the new Spider-Man trailer it appears that "X-Men: Apocalypse" being announced has kinda gone under the radar.

      I'm finding it really hard to summon enthusiasm for the next X-men. I'd have been happy for a straight continuation of First Class, I worry the new one is going to be overstuffed (even with mutants I like, like Blink.)

        Apparently the plan is to set it up so that the "First Class" universe can kind of be its own thing without having to stick to the canon of the original movies.

        The fact that you have a story from Matthew Vaughn/Jane Goldman (First Class/Kick Ass/Stardust) being directed by Bryan Singer (who knows how to handle an ensemble cast, he's not Brett Ratner) as well as all the original casts coming back is enough for me.

        EDIT: Also more McAvoy/Fassbender bromance.

        Although, it does kind of imply what will happen at the end of DOFP.

        Age of Apocalypse deals with Legion going back in time to kill Magneto. But he goes back to a time when Xavier and Magneto were still chummy and Xavier dies protecting Magneto. Magneto comes to believe in Xavier's ideals and becomes the "good guy" so to speak. Apocalypse takes the place of the bad guy in that timeline.
        So what does this mean for DOFP? Well, unless they're going to use the whole "let's send someone back in time again!" plot you could potentially see the death of Xavier.
        EDIT: More tin foil hat theory - in AoA, Bishop goes back with Legion is the only one who knows that the timeline has changed. Bishop is in DOFP. Maybe he goes back with Wolverine and it has been kept under wraps?

        Last edited 06/12/13 1:57 pm

          Going by my limited knowledge of the lore (based pretty much on the Wolverine and the X-men cartoon):

          It was my understanding that Age of Apocalypse was one possible timeline as a result of Mister Sinister's experiments. In the cartoon at least, the DOFP and Master Mold timeline was averted only to cause the AoA timeline to come into effect.

          It could be that AoA will have a similar jumping between timelines style of story as DOFP and once that is averted, things will be all dandy. I'm not across the other future X-men stories eg. Cable and others but that might be something that could be mined for a future movie.

            The X-Men universe is a clusterfuck of timelines.

            What I see:

            DOFP leads into AoA which introduces the likes of Cable and the X-Force movie in development.

            There's also a new Wolverine movie in development as well but I have no idea where that would fit on the timeline (Old Man Logan style movie anyone?)

            Kind of makes sense. The First Class actors signed a 3-picture deal if I remember correctly which would allow them to finish up after AoA.

            EDIT: Apparently the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot exists within the X-Men universe as well.

            Last edited 06/12/13 2:19 pm

              Another Wolverine movie? Geez, I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but enough is enough. Too bad Fox won't ever stop milking this cash cow and give the licence back to Marvel. Although it is good that the next Avengers has both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch so there is the groundwork there to create a unified Marvel film world. Here's hoping anyway.

              Cable and the X-Force would have to lead to a Deadpool movie at some point but I think they're going to give that a wide berth for a few more years yet. Origins wasn't that long ago.

                I don't actually mind X-men being separate, as it's it's own thing even in the comics

                  Crossovers with in universe stuff are the best though. That's why I really like what DC did with Smallville and Arrow where you got to see all of these little snippets of the wider mythos. Plus comic books do tend to have villains that go across a number of the superhero franchises so having superheroes do the same makes sense.

                  I agree, with X-men you can get away with it for the most party as they have a ridiculously large cast of characters to play with and their storylines are pretty self-contained. Personally I'm a fan of the larger universe interacting with itself so I love the Justice League and Avengers series.

                  @popdart5 But other than Spiderman and Wolverine being Avengers, i really don't see a great advantage to having the X-men in-universe with Cap etc- I'd prefer they be theeir own thing and be able to breathe a little.

                  DC is a bit different as its books tend to be smaller in terms of cast.

                  @redartifice True that. I guess I just want to see it all come together in a big geek-splosion and have it be awesome. X-men always did have a different style so it would suit running in its own set of movies.

                  That said, a movie about the Civil War arc? That would be badass.

                  @popdart5 I think Civil War is way too elaborate to be filmed- and didn't the X-men largely sit it out?

                  I want a Ms/Captain Marvel appearance before any specific plots :)

                  @redartifice True that about the X-men, can't believe that slipped my mind.

                  And yes, a Captain Marvel movie would be awesome. At the moment, it looks likely to be superior to any prospective Wonder Woman movie (because there won't be one ho ho ho).

                Apparently Deadpool is ready to go (script is actually meant to be really good) but Fox don't want to greenlight an R (MA15+) movie as they're considered box office poison.

                  Damn it Fox, why must you ruin it for everyone? :(

                  A serious, honest to comic Deadpool movie would be fantastic. Of course it would have to be R but that's the only way it would work.

                  I just saw your edit about the Fantastic Four. In my view, that really should sit in the rest of the film Marvel continuity as they were all about the interstellar travel and exploration. Seeing the Fantastic Four interact with the Celestials, Watchers, and the Skrull would have been awesome. Now we get to sit through another foundation movie with more Doctor Doom.

                  Thanks Obama Rupert.

                I've always thought X-men worked better away from the rest of the Marvel 'verse. The whole mutant persecution thing loses some of its impact when you've also got characters like Spiderman, Thor or the Hulk running around the place.

        Noooo, you're killing me today, DoFP sounds amazing! Arrrgh!

        STOP IT!

      People missed a new X-Men movie being announced?
      Don't worry - it's not the end of the world.

      I still haven't seen The Amazing Spiderman, or The Wolverine. I have got to catch up on my superhero films.

    360 version of Alan Wake: Collector's Edition is $15 at EB. That's for the awesome books and packaging and extras, etc.

      Also an awesome game, that's probably worth mentioning

    PS4 on display in JB. Picked up the controller, and my hands cried out in delight, like I was holding a GameCube controller for the first time again.
    Now they just need to release some good exclusives already so I can get a PS4.

      Only thing preventing me from getting a PS4 is lack of availability.

      Woe is me.

    I can't decide whether or not to get Phoenix Wright 5. If I do, it'll be the most I've paid for a game all year (excepting GTA V, which technically I paid for last year), and it'll just be a digital copy to boot :(

    On the other hand, Apollo Justice was awesome and the ending genuinely twisty brilliant.

      There'll be no other way to play it so you'll have to decide how much you really want it! On the plus side: it won't go out of print while you decide.

      (It's pretty fantastic though :P)

        Does Nintendo e-shop ever run sales or cut prices?

        Edit: or, approaching the problem from a different angle, do Nintendo Dollars ever go on sale?

        Last edited 06/12/13 2:21 pm

          Very, very rarely. There might be a Christmas sale coming up but for something as new as Phoenix Wright 5, I doubt it will go on sale.

          What Poppy said. Even if it does go on sale, don't expect to get more than 10% off. 20 if you're lucky.

          EDIT: I don't think I've ever seen the eShop cards go on sale. I've never really looked though.

          Last edited 06/12/13 2:23 pm

    Finished Link Between Worlds last night. I think that's my first official game Finished for the year, since Pokémon / Animal Crossing / Monster Hunter / Minecraft / Terraria / FTL etc. end up in more of an 'abandoned' status when I'm not playing, and they'll never be Finished finished.

    Edit: Speaking of games that will never finish, Starbound will be racking up a lot of play time for a long time to come now.

    Last edited 06/12/13 2:37 pm

    @powalen @sughly @greenius @phoenix Why is there no Survivor discussion?
    I just watched yesterday's episode.
    As much as it sucks for Hayden, I'm glad Katie drew the white rock. She's been useless since the first day. I doubt she'll make it through Redemption but I'd be happy to be proved wrong. It's always been unlikely anyone but Laura will make it through that.
    Not sure it was the smartest move at Tribal,but at least it was a move. Good to see things shaken up a little bit. That "rustle" "ruffle" thing was hilarious.

      I loved that Tribal Council. It would've been sooo good if Tyson went after all of that haha Oh well. Don't care that Katie is gone, don't care if she stayed. She's just there like whats-her-face was last time that got to the final three :P I really hope that Tina doesn't throw the challenge like she mentioned in the next week preview.

      Speaking of... that redemption challenge was pretty great too. Laura M is a gun! Completely dominating every challenge. Pretty tense seeing Tina and Caleb too. Unlucky to him.

      It'll be interesting to see the fallout from Ciera's flipflop in the vote. NOBODY was happy with that!

      @sughly @phoenix @greenius

        Hayden was happy for it! :) but yeah, super sad to see Caleb crash out, literally :(

      @powalen @sughly @phoenix

      I was waiting for you guys to watch the ep and start it! :)

      That ep was filled with lotsa little chuckle moments like "what do you and Colton have in common?" :D

      Defs was a ballsy move though! I'm glad it wasn't Tyson, I want him to winnnnn

        Mmmm I really like Tyson, but I want to see it get shaken up before the end, so Hayden's become my underdog. If Ciera's mum comes back in, that will change it so much, but I dont think redemption person will come back in til ep after. Might be too late for Ciera/Hayden by then. Tyson finding the immunity puts a massive spanner in the works for those against him too, obviously. But im with Pow, REALLY wanted to see Tyson go down with the white rock. Wouldve been incredible!

    Wow. Looking at the overall GOTY list there this year hasn't been crash hot on the games front. All my favourite games are from 11/12.

      11/12 were stellar years, but there have been some standouts. I think the generation leap is a major factor.

        There's been stand outs but other years I don't think they would have been quite so much.

      @dc would disagree.
      But yeah, I agree with you. Nothing there really screams "VOTE FOR MEEEEEEE" to me.

      Edit: granted, I haven't played most of them :P

      Last edited 06/12/13 3:23 pm

      I feel the opposite! This has been one of my favourite years for games!


        Fire Emblem was pretty great but I thought XCOM was better.

        There's a lot of good to great games but nothing much in the way of excellence.

          Hah, opposite for me again. Didn't like XCOM as much as I was hoping because it wasn't enough like Fire Emblem :P

      I had to go for Bioshock because it was the only game on that list I finished/played enough of to vote for...

      And I guess it was pretty good.

      I think for me it's either Tomb Raider or Fire Emblem, though technically FE is a 2012 game. 2011 and 2012 were much better years.

      I couldn't really bring myself to vote for any of them, compared with contenders from previous years.

        Oh wait, this is an actual vote thing? Shows me for not reading the Kotaku homepage while at work!

        Still... Eh :P I'd rather read you lots' individual GOTYs than the big wigs.

      I really liked what this year offered storywise.

        Agreed. I think the last 18 months or so we've seen a lot of truly mature storytelling

      On the other hand, DOTA!!!

      And board games, I guess.

      I been having a great year P4G to start lots of fun between and Bravely to finish!

    Oh my god. Giving references to real estate agents is awkward.
    "If you owned an investment or rental property would you be happy to have *friend* as a tentant?"
    "...yeah" *5 seconds of silence*

    That one really caught me off guard :P Ask me again in 30 years time maybe.

    Wow. 5 mins to go on Friday afternoon. I finally finished a bunch of web dev stuff. All that was left was to move a menu structure.

    Now, I have a fucked up website.

      Fucked up in the sense of not very good or fucked up in the sense of "Dude, that's just... wrong!"?

        Half of the site went missing. Most of the menu's just went poof because the CMS decided to throw some errors. Luckily content wasn't lost, but it would have been a lot of repeat work to get the structure back.

        I've got it under control now, but wow was I (and still am) insanely annoyed.

        Last edited 06/12/13 6:22 pm


      Asked @markserrels on twitter. Apparently nobody nommed this week :| I was going to, but I get home to late to make the cutoff.

      I was going to nom for all the help I received today, but I also missed cutoff

      All you had to do was ask.

      You can have the kudos Shane :-)

    First, the mechanism on my CD player part of my stereo breaks.
    Now, it won't turn on.
    Thankfully, my brother told me about TuneIn Radio.
    One quick download of the Android app, and I'm back listening to Triple M Melbourne! \o/ :D

    Last edited 06/12/13 9:07 pm


    Looks like I'm having to pay over $100 for Ex Machina HC Vol 4....ouch.

      What. That's crazy! Why?

        Dunno, noone has it it stock. It's eBay only now.

        Worst thing is, it was at my local shop for ages and I didn't grab it, thinking it would be cheaper at bookdepository

          Some of these might have one in stock... have you checked them all?

            Ever bought anything from BetweenReads?

            They seem to be the only ones with it

              Nope sorry. Next time I'm in the city ill see if they have any in stock.

            Hnnnngh, says their supplier has limited stock....

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