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    Has anyone had to deal with Iinet? They seem to be the only other provider in my sister's new area other than Telstra, she's had a few bad experiences with Telstra and would prefer not to use them.
    :/ worst get ever :/

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      We're on iiNet.
      We're getting 100GB (Peak) /100GB (Off-Peak) per month, and that's $29.95.
      If you really want some expertise, I'd suggest looking here:

      I'm also with iiNet. I have a package that is for home phone and internet. I pay $90 for both but I get 250 gigs. No off peak or on peak
      Customer service is pretty good too

        Sweet, she'll probably go with them, I just spoke to her and she has a couple of friends that said similar stuff

      We were on iiNet from about 2005 through to a couple of years ago. I thought they were pretty great., never had any issues.

      In fact we switched over to Telstra from them :P Think they offered mum a pretty good business deal or something. Dunno.

      I like them, only switched away when we moved to a Telstra only area, looking forward to switching back. They're a little more pricey than the likes of TPG but you get good service.

      I'm with iiNet, btw. Love it. I had a month of bad service (when my old ISP merged with iiNet) and they compensated my inability to watch by giving me a three month refund (i.e. $330 back!).

      Wasn't even their issue but they fixed it for me. I'm on a 100/8Mbit connection on a 550/550GB plan, btw.

      I was with iiNet for ADSL2 at two different places, total of about eight years, and they were generally great. Good value plans, good service, lots of unmetered stuff. Only dropped them for Tel$tra because I'm right on the edge of the exchange here and had to choose between ~3mbit ADSL or 100mbit Cable...

    Just got comped $150 worth of steaks and Glenfiddich scotch.

    Had to wait over 2 hours and take the steaks home in takeaway containers because they somehow kept asking if we'd eaten but never brought out the meals but still. Can't complain about free.

    So, the battery in my mouse died, and I'm stuck using my Wacom Bamboo Manga to move the mouse.

    And I found new battery!
    Crisis averted! \o/

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    Just watched Pokemon Origins Ep1.
    More mature than the usual toons and a lot more faithful to the game mechanics.

    Shocked to see Squirtle bite Charmander's neck while Charmander screams!

    Looking for opinions on my new shirt design

      Made me smile.

      Does it reference something?

        He's shooting at an amazon drone.

          what is an amazon drone? (I don't think I've played/seen/read that)

            Here you are

              Ah cool, that makes more sense.

              Still, design is good enough on it's own I think, even without understanding the reference I liked what I saw :D

                People are talking about shooting them down for goodies.
                I immediately thought of animal crossing.

            Amazon are trialling using drones to deliver online purchases. So rather than wait for the delivery van to turn up the drone just flies it off and delivers it to you

    So I liked the Kick Ass movie better than the comic

    But I liked the Kick Ass 2 comic better than the movie.

    So I guess owe @blaghman a drink. For now, anyway :P

    It was kinda good. She ended up sitting down with us at lunch, and there was another big ol' discussion and chat with everyone. Pillowmaker sort of invited her along to some museum exhibit that I'm also invited to and will happen at some point before February, she seemed rather keen. So there's that I guess. Also dunno what'll happen in regards to Pillowmaker's 18th in a couple of weeks, but I feel safe in assuming there's something. But yeah, there just wasn't the right moment for it at all today. There's still graduation on Tuesday though.

    Final post to annoy you all about this thing that I'm determined to happen, and that will inevitably fail:
    @bdkiaf (are you even alive?), @shane, I will be at @rize's (at at?) house some time between 12 and 1 in theory hopefully. You should be there. I'm making gingerbreadwait, no I messed up, so instead it's mysterious biscuits >.> . You will probably need to find out his address. (I have it here somewhere if you can't work out how to contact him, which just leaves you with the problem of contacting me)

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      ...should've gone to Canberra this weekend :P

        If you leave now you could get here by like, 3!

          But then I would also actually be in Canberra. It's one of those "good in theory" things. Like Communism.

      Uh whoops. Only just saw this. Morning sickness and crazy cranky kids mean we probably won't be able to come... Sorry!

    Oh yeah, just to show you how amazing Starbound is...

    Just now picked up my Bravely Default Collector's Edition from my local EB Games, feels like a sin if I pry it from its protective bag, what do I do =(

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      I managed to peel that big sticker off the back in one piece!

        Haven't decided if i wanted to cut through the middle or attempt peeling it, seriously considering getting another copy -.-

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          I cracked mine, box will go on the shelf next all the other 3DS games for easy access.
          Will place that statue ....somewhere.
          Artbooks can go with other art books, Box itself will then be on display ....somewhere.

      My local EB didn't actually order any stock besides pre-orders.... now i have to wait a week :(

    Guess what just arrived @blaghman !


    Please email me your bank deets so I can forward to you the FUNDS.

    I am sooooo happy!

      Yeah, totally forgot it was Christmas time. Weekend deliveries RULE!

    Well, it's been six years but alas it's time to say goodbye to my decks. Let the saving fund for a PC that can handle more than 19FPS begin! DayZ standalone, Dark Souls II and FO4, I'm coming for you.

    Ok f*** Manus.
    Artorias was a jerk but at least it was a straight melee fight, none of this one-hit dark sorcery stuff. Yeah I know about the pendant but the charge up for all the sorcery attacks look the same and if I guess wrong, thats it.

    I got my #Stargazers shirt from finally!

    If your wife would be happy with a word equivalent thing maybe check out the Acer Chromebooks
    Probably closer to your budget with the saving you make on windows and the like

      Or, @shane, if all she wants is word, I have a copy of Office Home and Student at work that's available for use. I can send it to you to install for her.

    Apparently EB Games is having some sort of 24 hour online only sale or something starting at midnight on Monday. Just thought I'd point it out for anybody interested.

      I got an email about this last night. Said they would be sending out a preview on Sunday sometime. Should be interesting to see if there's any decent bargains, or whether they're just going to discount enough to match other retailers everyday prices! :p

    Hey does anyone here have professor layton and the miracle mask? And has anyone played the azaran legacy? I have the later but not the former. Do I need to play them in order?

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      Haha, I don't have Miracle Mask but I do have Curious Village, Pandora's Box, Lost Future and Last Spectre if you have the time for them?

        Own them all and played through them. The only one I'm missing is miracle mask and because it came before Azaran legacy I want to know if I need to play it first.

        Just found out last spectre, Miracle mask and Azaran legacy are a trilogy. So I have to play Mask first.

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    I just found out that adding two spoons of sugar to a sugarfree drink, and stirring it and causing a small centrifuge to give a caramel taste makes it taste better.

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      sounds interesting! might have to try that someday!

    To carry on with Nintendo's absolute rubbish region-locking, I'm in America right now and the charger's not even compatible...I got a 3 in 1 pack from best buy last time I was here, but couldn't find the wall charger so I have to use the car one if it gets low...Nintendo is the worst with Regions.


      You mean a US charger won't charge your AU unit? Or some combination thereof?

      That can't be :/

        No, any charger will charge the device, but the AU charger won't work in America because of the voltage. The PS4 will work anywhere, as does the PS3 (I think, but I'm not sure about other consoles), but the 3DS charger won't work in America, so you have to spend $20-30 to get a charger.

          Oh. Yeah, that ain't no region-locking thing :P Most chargers here tend to only be designed for 240V, not so many are 110-240 for international use. Had the same issue with traveling to Japan where they only have 110V like America, and our hotel didn't have any international voltage sockets like some tend to. But that said, we had no problem charging our 3DSes there, it all just went a bit slower than usual. Not sure why yours just flat-out isn't working.

            I haven't tried actually charging here, I just assumed it wouldn't work, or could possibly brick the console, which wouldn't be good. It's just annoying, especially as it can be difficult to get a charger.

      Might actually be a voltage thing; 240V compared to the 120V North America uses.
      My US 3DS charger doesn't feel like it has an in-built transformer or driver, so it might just be Nintendo don't want you potentially frying your 3DS since they haven't added in any protection.

        Yeah, it's a voltage thing, but it'd be nice if it just worked anywhere...

    So, by virtue of hooking my PlayTV up to my laptop and finding 32-bit drivers, I've managed to be able to watch TV on another screen that isn't my TV, whilst I work.

    World Cup groups have been drawn. We're in Group B with Netherlands, Chile and Spain.

    Well at least we qualified...

      It will be a fun series of matches to watch though. Even though Australia was defeated 4-0 by Germany the last time around it was nice watching the match.

      A few months to go. Getting excited.

    So in addition to getting refunded $10 ($12 including delivery) for the Metallica guitar bundle that was never coming to me, Good Guys gifted me $40 which I put toward a blue PS3 DS3 controller! I know, I know, PS3 is old school now but it's a blue DualShock 3 for $12! (including delivery) :D

    Just finished watching Mob City, Frank Darabont's new show. He's the guy who made Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and the Mist, not to mention the first season of The Walking Dead. It's basically L.A. Noire, the TV show. (Atleast visually.) Really looks identical to the city depicted in that game. The characters here are pretty damn compelling too. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of noir! So much charm and atmosphere!

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      @gutsoup, I get the feeling you'll like this too. It's an interesting perspective change to the East coast shenanigans of Boardwalk Empire.

      The Mist is sooo good.

        You know it! I just love the sense of foreboding in that movie!

          So many characters from it now feature in The Walking Dead too!

            Haha! Yeah, Darabont's one of those guys who remembers who he likes to work with. I remember he directed an episode of The Shield and was so impressed with the crew of that episode that he used that crew to shoot The Mist exclusively, not the usual film guys you'd go for...

            There's Green Mile and Walking Dead actors in Mob City's cast too.

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              He directed an ep of The Shield? I didn't know that!

              Edit: just looked it up. Wicked. That wasn't a bad ep, IIRC. Definitely an important one!

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                You should watch this, Shane! i think you'd like it!

      Is it as good as LA Confidential?

      Trick Question. LA Confidential is amazing

        You know I haven't seen any movies. Geez. :P

          LA Confidential is the definitive Modern take on 50s noir. Killer cast (Kim Basinger, Kevin Spacey, Rusty and Guy Pearce in their breakout roles) and impeccable direction and writing. Highly, highly recommend.

      I know TV Darabont is different from film Darabont too, but I definitely preferred this pilot to The Walking Dead's pilot!

    NegativeZero's Kantai Collection Update that No One Cares About (except maybe @popdart5)

    Spent basically all day playing. Ground out both sets of PvP fights, didn't do that well. I probably should have waited a while longer before playing, but I realized today that I haven't been using Expeditions at all and they're actually fairly effective ways to get resources. So I grabbed some lowbie destroyers + Tenryuu and had them go find me piles of ammunition and some bauxite. Going to have to remember to keep them running doing stuff the entire time I play. Sent on the right expeditions with the right ships you can get most resources at a reasonable rate over time. The best ammo expedition also returns insta-heal buckets which is useful.

    Aside from that, ground 1-1 heaps with my six primary destroyers, one at a time so they got the sparkly high-morale bonuses. Makes them really hard to hit. Also grinding that area was netting me 1-2 destroyers every time for very low investment and I was basically letting those pile up to 8-10 and then using them to modernize whichever destroyer is weakest. My six are now between level 26 and 23, with Shimakaze at the top because she tends to hit harder. Second-highest isYukikaze. I had her from ages ago so she's had much more modernization - lots of Choukais and Mayas when I was trying to do 2-3 - and has better stats as a result, plus she has massive luck stats compared to the others so she tends to be more likely to get crits and dodge damage so tends to get MVP often. The other four are lagging behind a bit. I think my Hibiki is cursed - she keeps getting sent to the boss node in 1-1 and getting the boss fight with 4 enemies instead of three and taking bad hits that everyone else dodges. :( Anyway, the Destroyer fleet is all now modernized to 3 stars. I need to get them around 15-20 more torpedo stats and around the same again in armor and hopefully firepower. Anti-air doesn't seem too important yet, which is good since it's hard to level it up as you need carriers and battleships to do it.

    Had a few cracks at 3-2 with the destroyers as I was going along. Getting them sparkling definitely helps. They hit more often, even if the damage is small, and they dodge a heck of a lot better. If I do night fights I can clear the first southern node in 3-2 with them, and will get A/B if I move through without finishing everything. Made it to the node after that a few times and it's pretty awful. Every enemy is elite-class, and it's a set of 1-2 Ru-Class Battleships, 1-2 Ri-class Heavy Cruisers 1-2 To-class Torpedo Cruisers and 2 Ni-class Destroyers. So far I even getting to the node with light damage, I haven't managed to make it through this fight without one or two destroyers taking a hit, and it's usually from the battleships which hit a destroyer hard. Murasame and Hibiki tend to really like standing in the way of enemy fire. :( Still, they're definitely doing better and I think if I get a lucky break I might actually be able to make it to the boss node. Don't know what's waiting for me but I hope it's not hard.

    After playing for hours today with the Destroyers, I eventually decided I'd had enough so I spent the remaining ammo and fuel I had to refuel my primary fleet (Hiryuu - my highest ship by a long shot now, she's level 50, Kirishima, 32, Hiei, 28, Fusou, 43, Kitakami, 27 and either Iku or Imuya depending on which hasn't been damaged) and ran 3-2. Obviously went to 3-2-A since it seems you always go there if you're not a destroyer fleet and took out everything in the opening salvo - Hiryuu and Fusou's planes took four enemies and Kitakami and Imuya finished the rest.

    And then Haruna dropped. \o/

    This is after the game's been trolling me with drops all day - twice spent the resources to build a Battleship and got Naka instead, for example. Literally everything was destroyers and light cruisers up until this point, then suddenly Haruna. So now I have 3 of the Kongo-class BBs, just need Kongo herself to finish out the set (and most importantly unlock the 4th fleet, which shall be super useful for expedition grinding). I'd also just hit HQ level 40, so maybe that affected the drop rate? Dunno for sure, but it did seem like the Ise and Hyuuga I suddenly got happened around the level 30 mark, and Hiei and Kirishima happened close together around the 35 mark. I may be reading too much into this though.

    Hoping to clear 3-2 some time next week. Will probably keep 3-2 as a grinding spot for a long time though, 3-2-A seems pretty efficient for bringing up new ships if you've got the resources. I'll probably try and take a break tomorrow to let the resources build up again (I'm at < 100 fuel and ammo, ~300 bauxite and for some reason have 5000+ steel right now) but I intend to focus on Haruna for a bit, try and get her up to 25 for remodel and hope I get Kongo in the process.

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