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    So I royally fucked my thumb today with a knife. There is watered down blood on pretty much everything I've touched. I gave up cleaning cos more blood was just getting on everything :l

    My friend built his first PC today. The first thing he wants to do with it? Start playing Xenoblade in Dolphin again now that he has a more powerful computer. He's an okay guy.

      Picturing you doing it intentionally, before waving it at your housemate and saying "next time, this is you".

      For some reason.

        Ahahahaha omg I'm sharing that with the other two :P

      If you're still bleeding, write a note in your own blood. Nothing creepy though, just a note saying something mundane like you need more milk

      Is your friend @greenius?

        Nawww, but I think they would get along just fine indeed.

        Speaking of the green mang, where has he gotten to?

    I just ate a poptart and fuck do I feel fat now. (and sick)

    Apparently these are breakfast foods? I guess they could work if your aim was to take a shit right after breakfast every morning... Keep yourself regular and what not.

    @popdart5: addendum to my KanColle update from earlier: I just logged back in and re-ran 3-2 with my main fleet. Two nodes, two drops - a second Hiei, then Kongo.

    That's three in a row because I got Haruna before. I'm thinking that HQ level must make a difference.

    Fourth fleet! \o/

      Goddamn you're on a roll. Grats on the drops. \o/

        Kongo is pretty amusing. She speaks with an accent, slightly weird thing where the emphasis and rhythm is wrong or inconsistent. And mixes in random english phrases. And talks about drinking tea.

    There's no one here!

      I am, maybe that's whats driving everyone else away. I'll nip off & see if they come back

        Wait? Aliasalpha's gone? Sweet, I can start talking again. >.>

    So... telltale are making a Borderlands game.

    Not sure how I feel about that, I've rather gone off Telltale stuff in the last year or so, maybe borderlands will be the thing that pulls me back in

      I love the world of Borderlands and always wanted to see something more story heavy there, so this pleases me. :D The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead are pretty incredible too, so can't wait to play this.

    Interesting set of games in EB's PS3 bundle.

    Last of Us, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3 paired with Darkness 2, Duke Nukem Forever and Grease Dance.

      Dear EB,

      If you're selling a Wii U Premium with 5 games but include Nintendoland in there you're only including 4.


        I don't have nintendo land. I am a bad wiiU owner.

        And really it's only 3 because one of them is Wii Music, for the Wii. :P

        Unless it's the new bundle that includes NSMBU and NSLU, in which case they're only including three games. Two if you go by @strange's logic :P

    Because I'm sick and I was rushing I managed to kind of ruin my SecretSanTAY thing. Sorry, unfortunate secret person!
    I think it's fixable but I'll definitely wait until I'm better so I don't make it any worse. :P

    I want an adventure game that's not too hard and realatively cheap. If it could be horror based, that would be awesome.
    Don't suggest scratches as it sets off my simulator sickness. Can you think of anything that fits the bill?

      This almost feels like the beginning of a Little Britain sketch.

        Really? I don't see how ^^;;

          Because it doesn't initially seem like it's going to result in humour and then it doesn't result in humour?

      If you don't mind old games I'd recommend Sanitarium,

      Wake up in a mental asylum with no memories and have to piece together what happened to you. Isometric view like Baldur's Gate, but definitely a point-and-click adventure game. Horror aspects with a lot of surreal, Twilight Zone-esque stuff going down.

      Another old game is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. There's a HD remake coming out next year, so might be worth waiting. If you don't mind pixel art then this game has held up incredibly well though.

      If you don't mind new games using the pixel art style you can't go past The Blackwell Bundle.

      You play as Rosellina Blackwell who's bound with a spirit. They investigate crimes. Not really horror, but there's a a certain spookiness to them. There's four games included here. (All pretty short.)

      I should say all these games go for cheap during sales so you might want to wait it out, especially with Christmas sales and the like on the horizon.

      If you just want to play a good adventure with no horror themes, Night of the Rabbit.

      Still pretty new and expensive, so might not fit your criteria.

      All three of the Deponia games are pretty great too.

        @sughly might have some better suggestions. You're totally right though, @scree. Would've recommended Scratches. That's too bad about the motion sickness. :'(

        Last edited 08/12/13 8:20 pm

        How about Phantasmagoria?


        From an interview with Roberta Williams.
        If you are to pick only a single (I know it is hard) game that best represents your achievement and your career as a game designer, which game is it? Why?
        If I could only pick one game, I would pick Phantasmagoria

        Last edited 08/12/13 8:38 pm

          I thought it was terrible and certainly wouldn't recommend it to any one. XD

          I liked Roberta Williams Laura Bow series though. And King's Quest.

            Quick question about all the games mentioned, Is the movement anything like scratches? I will probably wait until christmas, but I might jot the names down

              Nah all third person point-and-click adventures.

                First person is fine, I played Dark fall the journal without any simulator sickness

      If you can wait a few years I'm just sketching down ideas for one right now.

      Failing that, it might be an idea to check out Stasis:

      I was going to suggest Sanitarium but I've been beaten to it.

      Last edited 08/12/13 11:02 pm

      If you could find a copy of Noctropolis, that might scratch the itch too (

        Oh man, now there's a blast from the past. Haven't played that game in years.

          Yeah I must admit that seeing screens of it gave me a warm fuzzy nostalgia feeling, must see if I still have my disc around

    Haha, just did a quick mod of "easy mode" 4D Snake into 5D Snake. KINDA HARD =D

    Might only take a modified rotation algorithm to make it a little more playable though.

      ...may have just spent the last hour and a half playing it >_>

        By 4D do you mean 4D objects in a 3D dimension, or 4D objects in their own dimension?

          On top of X, Y and Z, there's a fourth spatial dimension W which lets objects appear to be in the same position as each other, but shifting your perspective reveals them to be separated.

    Huh, something weird happened today. When I tried to access the site, I had constant database errors. Eventually, it let me in, but the interface was totally different. I assumed that Kotaku had changed the website layout to something horrible, and the database errors were because they were implementing the new interface. But then went to the website through my lifehacker bookmark, and Kotaku's interface went back to being normal. Can anyone tell me what the hell happened?

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