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    I went out yesterday to get what else I needed for my Secret SanTAY but ended up buying other stuff and forgetting about Secret SanTAY. Oops. :P

    Hopefully everyone who needed help with Secret SanTAY got enough help from the rhyme things last week. Also, are we supposed to be sending these ASAP or waiting until it's closer to Christmas?

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      I did more or less the same thing- was in the city, thought I'd give blood then go buy the SS present, and totally blanked.

      i reckon send them ASAP.

      I'd say ASAP to avoid the Christmas postage rush!

      Send ASAP with note saying they can't open until Christmas.

        I want to open mine as soon as I get it! >:]

      You were giving suggestions? Because I kind of need some suggestions as I'm kind of stumped as to what to give. :(

        We had an impromptu TAY musical.

        Failing that, PM someone on TAY who is keeping an extensive list or files. Which seems to be half of everyone these days.

          I'm happy with cash. Or fame.

          I'm gonna live forever...

          Oh. Unfortunately this was not useful to me. Secret reasons that I cannot reveal.

            Can't go wrong with lollies/chocolates or something like that!

            Yeah, even if your recipient did do a verse, some of those were extremely difficult to figure out a gift from. I have no idea what some people were expecting to get as a gift from some of those verses!

              Yeah come to think of it mine wasn't very good. I was more focused on rhyming than giving proper ideas. Whoever drew me - Don't worry too much. Anything would be great.

              Ideas that I thought of:

              For office workers - Novelty Stationary/Desk knick-knacks

              Commuters - A cheap mp3 player (pretty sure they are under $20 by now) and load it up with songs you think they might like.

              Posters - Movies, TV shows, games - do a little TAY/Twitter stalking and find out what people like.

              Cheap Indie Games - There are steam games that go for as little as $2 at the moment. Plus Indie Bundles where you pay what you want. Find TAY-Names and see if the recipient has a steam account or if they even play on PC. If it seems a bit random write a note on why you thought they would like the game, and what you liked about it. Makes it a little more personal.

              The finger of one of their loves ones - Cut up a magazine and use letters of different size and font. Demand that they post to TAY what they want for a present, and if they don't you'll continue to send fingers until there are none left. Maybe then go for the toes, but we are meant to keep it under $20 and I think postage might be an issue.

      The rhyming was helpful! I went slightly overbudget, but you get that.
      I hope the pressie to my recipient arrives before Christmas. I don't mind when they open it! \o/

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      I started listing things out but didn't put them into the song
      Hmmmm I'll try to get it done tonight

    @shane: TREME! Foxtel is fast tracking it too, so I won't have to [redact] it!

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    Super Mario 3D World feels like a step backwards from Galaxy, unfortunately. :'(

    Assassin's Creed 4 on the other hand is so amazing. Been abusing the PS4 share function with screenshots on Twitter. XD

      Really? I've been struggling To put the game down. The game borders on the perfect Mario game for me. XD

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        I just loved the sprawling, epic feel of Galaxy. The orchestra. Variety of puzzles and the like. Don't get me wrong, this is a damn good game and an improvement on the New Super Mario Bros game that I really dislike...

          Mario Galaxy was too much of the same thing for me. Don't get me wrong I loved galaxy's but Mario CATS is different. Every power up, almost every level I think "wow, that's cool!".

            Haha! Just goes to show that tastes can differ crazily. :D

            I find this new one a bit disposable.

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            The double cherry power up is my favourite. I just wish there were more in the levels so I could have like, a hundred Peach's :P

            (I can see where DC is coming from though, Galaxy 1 is still the best Mario game)

              Every time the Galaxy theme kicked in I always had a grin on my face. :D

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                There's one new tune that I really like in this new game though! I would link to it but nobody has uploaded the soundtrack yet :P

                ps. I have the Galaxy soundtrack on my ipod :x

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                  I've watched the live scoring session so many times. XD


              Hey, if it's the best then why didn't you suggest it when I was asking if something would be better to get than 3D World? :P

              No it's not, Mario 64 is!

              Well, talking 3D anyway. Otherwise it's SMA4.

            CATS is moving very fast for someone new to the series. Almost overwhelmingly so.

      That's one of the reasons I love Steam games (or even non-Steam games that let you run with the overlay). Being able to grab screens whenever you want is awesome!

        Needs screen recording functionality ASAP to be on-par with PS4/Xbone. !

    Telltale confirmed The Walking Dead 2 will launch this month! (And there's something new they're posting tonight.)

    All these people mentioning the Bond Bluray box has me watching mine. It's amazing how well these movies hold up even after 30-50 years. Dr. No is more believable and real than Goldeneye or Tomorrow Never Dies. Something to be said about the value of practical effects and stuntmen.

    Also Roger Moore deserves far more credit than he gets. He's a fantastic Bond.

      The Spy Who Loved Me is my favourite classic Bond and Tomorrow Never Dies/Skyfall are tied for favourite modern Bond!

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        Tomorrow Never Dies?


          I love it. I know it's got many a flaw but the over-the-top Rupert Murdoch like villain and Sheryl Crowe's theme? AMAZING! (In fact I think that movie has the best Bond theme evah!) You're not the only spy out theeeeere...

          Goldeneye's theme is pretty amazing too.

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            I've always rated the Brosnan bonds as Goldeneye> World is not enough > Tomorrow >.......>A Piece of Bellybutton Lint > Die Another Day

              World is Not Enough is unwatchable for me. Completely irredeemably bad. XD I'd rank them: Tomorrow Never Dies, Goldeneye, Die Another Day and pretend the other one doesn't exist.

              They just named her Christmas for that one joke. *shakes fist*

                Oh, she was awful, but I thought the rest of it was pretty cool. Robert Carlyle!

                Remember Pussy Galore?

                  I know, I know. But even so, I thought Christmas only came once a year is the worst line ever written.

              Isn't Die Another Day more of an homage to the other films than it's own thing? I think that's it's main problem. It was a 50th anniversary celebration or something.

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        Funny you say that. I'm actually watching The Spy Who Loved Me right at this moment.

      Roger Moore was an incredibly good Bond.

      Based off your final line I don't think we can ever truly be friends as Roger Moore was a crappy, wet, pathetic Bond in a sequence of terribly badly written films and the absolute best thing that happened to the franchise was when they dropped him for Timothy Dalton.

        Roger Moore stayed on a couple of films too long. Esp by Never say Never Again A VIEW TO A KILL SHUT UP I KNOW MY BOND FILMS he was waaaaay too old and comfortable.

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          That's the one with the love interest from The Last Crusade, right?

          Set in San Francisco, maybe?

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            The one with Grace Jones in San Francisco where Christopher Walken is the baddie.

        I had this exact paragraph in mind, but was too scared to put it on TAY in case I started some hippie war against Moore lovers or something.

          Connery was great but Spy Who Loved Me and Live and Let Die, while are not any Dr. No or Goldfinger, are still a lot better than Thunderball or You Only Live Twice.

            Live and Let Die is suuuuuuuper racist which loses it quite a lot of points from me.

              Haha, yeah. I watched it last night and cringed at Rosie's "Oh lawdy!" schtick. But none of it seems to be done with any hatred and comes across more of a product of it's time.

              Although in a weird sort of way it was fairly progressive. Bond romancing a black girl, Kananga being a smart worthy Bond villain. The characters of Tee Hee and Whisper were treated with respect as being genuinely threatening and dangerous. Still racist as all get out now but for back then..

              The worst stereotype was probably the Sheriff.

                Calling it now, the Sheriff is the worst supporting character in a Bond film.

      But Goldeneye gets so many more points for Sean Bean.

        Plus Tina Turner's theme song is pretty damn iconic and sets the atmosphere perfectly!

      We watched Star Trek: First contact the other night, And even though that film is relatively new I was still impressed by how good it looked on Blu-Ray

        Oh man, I fucking love First Contact. Probably my favourite Star Trek movie.

        Jerry Goldsmith's score. GOOSEBUMPS. (Manly goosebumps, but goosebumps all the same!)

        You're all astronauts on some sort of... Star Trek.

        FAN SERVICE! :D

          Just like the Tough little ship comment on Defiant :)

            Funny seeing Adam Scott from Parks and Rec as one of Worf's crew members! XD


            Perhaps today IS a good day to die!

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    What is it about sit to stand exercises that make your arse hurt for so long? Legs I could understand but arse??

      I'm no Mathematician, but I do believe the Gluteus Maximus muscle(s...?) are being worked out, hence the arse soreness.

        Is that really maths? I remember much less arse in my maths classes in high school

          No it isn't, but like I said, I'm no mathematician!

      Oh man, exercise is the worst.

        140kg leg press probably didn't help to be honest. I'll not be walking normally for the rest of the day I suspect

          You're way fitter than me. I leg press a lot less than that. XD

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            That's my light leg workout, my record on the leg press is 463kg. Mostly only out of spite because one of the trainers did 453 so I had to try and beat him. My hips haven't been the same since so it was probably a mistake all things considered but it was fun to watch his face when I told him I beat his record

            What's a leg press? Is it anything like a garment press? It sounds very painful, and doing less of it sounds sensible :\

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              On the other hand, a sandwich press is not very painful and, in fact, delicious.

                You smell like bacon if you use a sandwich press which is a bonus but it hurts to eat so it's something of a double edged sword

                They can be rather painful if you attempt to use them on non-sandwich things.

                  You've got to ask yourself: If you're using a sandwich press for things that aren't sandwiches, is it still a sandwich press?

     that's a leg press. In fact that's kind of exactly like me except that I'm a bloke with a beard, am 38 and sadly have notably bigger tits an my muscle mass would weigh more than she does. Other than that, identical

          I generally do incline leg press (150-160kg) as a warm-up for doing squats to get everything moving, but if I do it on its own I don't get much muscle soreness in my arse, it's my quads that get sore from that. Squats are what gives you the glute pain.

          Upside: if you do it regularly enough you get to the point where the soreness is never that intense and doesn't linger for days any more. When I started doing stuff, leg day would mean that I would have trouble getting up stairs for the following 2-3 days after that.

            Jesus man, i can barely lift my own legs inclined. Are you superman or something?

              When you are a lardy fatass like me, your legs need to be twice as strong to move around your massive bulk. Also I'm fairly strong in my legs and back generally. And I'm not about to say that ~150kg is easy to lift or anything because it absolutely isn't.

              I used to just do squats but I couldn't get the full range of motion needed to do it well because my calves and hamstrings would be too tight. After I broke my toes earlier this year I had to build the strength back up in my leg after six weeks not being able to lift anything through it, so my trainer had me on just the leg press to help rehabilitate it, and we found that if I did it first all my leg muscles would warm up and I could squat better too.

            Two weeks into going to the gym I look forward to leg day. It's chest/arms day that makes me feel like a broken man. XD

              Chest and back day makes me feel like a weakling. :( I can't do a single body-weight chinup yet and I'm pretty weak in my chest as well, though improving slowly. Used to be that doing chinups, even assisted, would make my biceps so sore and inflamed I couldn't straighten my arms for 2-3 days after :(

              I don't look forward to Legs Day because my trainer has me doing one-leg squats to try and improve my ankle stability and I am amazingly shit at them.

    Work morning tea + staff awards + secret santa is over. It was great. :D

    I got the lil car from party popper thingie (woo, cars!), the Pokemon plushie as gift (Minin, right? Someone knows me well - I have a few of them!) and the pictured award. Pics made me lol.

      You work with a bunch of ducks? lol

        I don't think I need to specify what I misread this as, right?

          Yeah, I was wondering what kind of workplace serves brunch too.

    Apparently there's an upcoming episode of Family Guy that is an hour long cross over with the Simpsons. Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria are meant to be on board.

      Well that sounds awful. I'll happily be wrong about that though.

        I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be completely correct.

          "Remember that time our shows were funny?"
          *credits roll*

          (I shouldn't be so negative :P)

      I like this. It's nice to see rival shows being friendly and getting along.

        Even though people think of them as rivals, they're both on Fox so they're not exactly competing for ratings or anything.

        Besides, they both suck too much to have any loyal fans left these days.

    NegativeZero's Kantai Collection Update that No One (except maybe @popdart5) Cares About

    Got home on Friday and logged in. Decided to try pushing my luck, after the sudden breakthrough earlier last week where the RNG goddess decided to stop trolling me and dangling Battleships just out of my reach and give me Ise. Attempted to build another BB, and magically I got the Hyuuga, sister-ship to Ise. Immediately began leveling them up, upgraded them at level 10 into Aviation Battleships like my two Fusou-class.

    While building Hyuuga as part of a daily construction quest I also built three other random ships, one of which turned out to be the heavy cruiser Kinugasa, who I had been trying to obtain for ages. Getting her along with Ise allowed me to clear out two of the composition quests.

    Began running a primary fleet of Akagi and Hiryuu, plus Fusou, Yamashiro, Ise and Hyuuga. Even at much lower levels my Ise-class hit very hard which was nice. Began grinding 2-3 a few times to try and get the two new BBs to higher levels. This also freed me up to move some of my secondary ships I'd been running in Fleet 1 into Fleet 2, and given that they were getting fairly powerful as well I found my secondary fleet was easily the match of 2-2 and 2-3 as well, though the enemy BBs are a bit tricky for a heavy cruiser.

    While doing said grind I managed to get a second Ise, which I think was the RNG goddess trolling me again.

    Then with my primary fleet getting a bit more powerful I decided I'd have a few cracks at 2-4. I was easily steamrolling most of the enemies but couldn't make it to the boss node without some of them getting hurt enough that I wanted to recall them just to be safe. Finally managed to push through to the Boss node and cleared it first go. World 3 and 4 both unlocked! And to make things even better, the drop for the 2-4 boss was heavy cruiser Myoukou, which I had been needing to get to finish a composition quest that was a pre-requisite for the quest to have all four of the Kongo-class BBs, which unlocks the 4th fleet.

    It turns out that 3-1 is actually on paper easier than 2-3 and 2-4. Like 2-2 you're mainly fighting destroyers and cruisers. The difference is that they're higher-level enemies, Flagships and Elites, meaning they're harder for lower-level ships to crit against. My 4 BB 2 CV primary fleet were absolutely smashing the crap out of them though, often sinking 3-4 of the enemies with the initial aircraft wave and then the BBs easily clear out the rest.

    Problem was that I couldn't get it to let me into the Boss node for the area. Just RNG badness (unlike 3-2 where you must have a fleet of destroyers to get to the boss). After many runs over the space of the weekend, last night I finally managed to get through to the boss. Stomped it first go, easy fight. And the drop for beating the 3-1 boss was Kongo-class Battleship Kirishima! Super happy.

    So now I have to clear 3-2, which means getting a fleet of six Destroyers into around the level 30 range. Spent the remainder of my fuel in PVP, 2-2 and 2-3, with my new Kirishima (who has shot up to level 10 already), CVL Hiyou and Chiyoda all acting as escorts for a trio of three of my lower-level Destroyers. I already have Yukikaze to 23 so I'm letting her sit for a bit while I concentrate on Yuudachi (currently level 15), Hibiki (10) and Shigure (7) as those three all have a second-tier remodel after their initial level 20 remodel. I haven't decided which other two of my collection will get the same treatment. If I manage to get a Shimakaze to drop or build for me then she'd definitely be worth it, but really those five are the only top-tier destroyers. If they update the game again and introduce a second remodel to another DD then I'd pick her, but assuming that I get no others past this point I'd probably pick more of the Shiratsuyu-class or perhaps my Makigumo since she's rarer than many and has some nice starting gear after remodel.

    In the meantime I'll probably split my primary fleet up, running 2 heavy carriers and 4 battleships is a massive resource dump. I'll probably go back to running a single light carrier and battleship pair in fleet 1 and 2 and supplement the rest with cheaper ships like cruisers. And I'll start grinding 3-2 as I've been told the rest of the Kongo-class battleships drop fairly often from there.

      You've had a better luck than me. Congrats on filling out the Ise-class BB and clearing World 2.

      RNG god has been trolling me pretty hard on 1-3 as I keep getting thrown into the maelstrom path rather than the boss path. Ran it about a dozen times over the weekend and only got the correct path to the boss once before I was thrown back to the side path. I double-checked if there were any composition requirements but it seems I've just had really bad luck.

      Coincidentally, I've been derping pretty darn hard and I wasn't tracking my dailies so I couldn't figure out how why I wasn't getting more development kits. Yeah, I'm pretty noob still. Thankfully I've got both Sendai and Naka CL drops and I only need Jintsuu to clear the quest for the third fleet and I've been clearing expeditions at a steady pace.

      Still haven't lost a ship yet and my HQ is now level 6 and my flagship Tenryuu is level 10 so I'm not doing too badly. Haven't gotten any BBs or CVLs yet but that shall hopefully come soon.

        You will probably need to get at least 1 BB and one CV or CVL to clear 1-4. There are carriers there. At a pinch you could probably use a heavy cruiser or two but IIRC the boss node for 1-4 is quite hard, plus you need to get through a lot of nodes to get there.

        It actually sounds like you're doing okay to me. It took me ages to get Sendai as she's actually a rare drop. BTW, you can tell rarity by the background color. Common are blue, Uncommon is purple, Rare is grey, Super Rare is Gold, and the Ultra Rares are holographic with a sort of cloudy purplish color. Generally when you remodel a ship her rarity goes up one slot, so a Grey will become Gold when remodeling etc.

        Thus far throughout the game I've only gotten 3 UR (Akagi, Hiyou, Yukikaze) and 4 SR (Ise x2, Hyuuga, Kirishima). Also for the first week or so all I had was destroyers plus Tenryuu and Yura. I kept doing one of the construction recipes for building carriers and eventually got Shouhou (CVL) and that made a big difference.

        Keep at it and you'll get some nice stuff eventually. One of the most important things to do is the construction daily quests, the brown series. Once you unlock the daily, it's Develop equipment once, build one ship, then develop again 3 times, then build 3 ships. You get enough instant-build materials and new construction kits out of that that you end up net positive in both even if you use the insta-construction blowtorches to clear out two slots, and overall assuming you do the minimum amounts (btw, 31/31/31/31 has a higher chance of cruisers and a minor chance for rare destroyers and subs than standard 30/30/30/30) you end up several hundred ahead in every resource.

        Assuming I'm reading the Japanese correctly, this twitter update:

        Says that they're down on the 4th for Maintenance and Updates. No new shipgirls are being added but a certain 'hai hai~' one may be getting a second 'kai' evolution. The particular line they mention is one of the lines that Murasame is always speaking, so I guess they're continuing their trend of introducing second-tier remodels to the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers with her (previously they added new evolutions with new art to Shigure and Yuudachi).

        Just in case you've got one kicking around. Might be worth investing in her for longer-term use if you do, assuming this is correct. We'll see if it's accurate or not.

          Hmm, if that is correct then I'm in a good position. I have Murasame and Shiratsuyu so I might start getting them some experience.

            Shiratsuyu-class are good Destroyers generally anyway, so nothing lost if you do put some effort into them.

            Actually it might be that they don't introduce a Kai-2 form like with Yuudachi and Shigure. Two weeks ago they changed the art and voice samples for Shiratsuyu's first upgrade. Might do that with Murasame.

    Started looking at the cost of flights from Brisbane to Osaka (yeah I'm hype, what of it?)

    Economy class with Emirates is AU$17500 return.

    Yes that's the right amount of 0's.

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      To be fair, it would take a LOT of lights to cross the ocean.

      I'm surprised Emirates would even toy with the idea of letting some non-oil baron peasant board one of their flights.

      Edit: Haha man that sounds a lot meaner than it was meant to be.

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        How is Emirates still in business? I'm sure all the tycoons have private jets!

      Pretty sure I've flown with them before. Must be a mistake.

      Out of curiosity I did the exact same flight but from Sydney.

      Most expensive: Malaysia Airways, $9679

      EDIT: Even going first class with Korean Air is only $13426

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    Fuck yeah my 8250 lives!

    Took a good 15mins or so for the battery to actually start charging again. BUT IT'S ALIVE!

    Man I miss that phone.

      And in 50 years, when you find it again, you'll say the exact same thing.
      And then when you pass it to your children. Then down to your children's children...

        I did the same thing the other day for my 6100. Had to get that one out to check out which numbers for a few of my contacts were their current numbers, since I had multiple listings for a few but the "default" marking didn't come across in the transfer. But it was just so amazing how small and light and comfortable it is to hold and use. I miss that.

        This one I've booted up to check some stuff on Snake. I can't believe how fast it is to do everything. Like, I click a button. And at the exact moment I do that, the thing I wanted to happen HAPPENS. STRAIGHT AWAY.

        Also my high score in Snake was actually 855.

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          My first phone was the Nokia 8310.

          I still have it and yes, it still powers if I charge it.


    No one go on Twitter. Walking Dead S2 spoilers from Shiggy and others.
    Not huge spoilers, but still enough to be IRRITATING.


    Last edited 02/12/13 3:16 pm

      THE WORST.
      im kidding i dont care :P

      Ah, put a warning on that spoiler tag D:

        I thought the warning was implied, but okay, I've clarified it!

          Thanks. It's entirely my fault, but still :P Jokes in spoiler tags have taught me bad habits.

          I'm more annoyed that Telltale is revealing this sort of information in the first place! :(

            All fair points, and I guess I didn't need to mention it at all. I will re-edit, and I apologise to you.

              Wait, this post has totally confused me. I have no idea what's going on! haha

              EDIT; Just to be clear and all that: not annoyed at you, Shane :P No need for an apology.

              Last edited 02/12/13 3:33 pm

                Guess I totally misread everything. SORRY


                Wait... jokes in spoiler tags... THAT WAS ME.

                I'M SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRY :(

      Yeah thanks to the stupid new Twitter thing where it automatically shows images I got miled spoilered too. I don't really care as I doubt I'll ever play the rest of the first season let alone anything newer (I found the first chapter incredibly unenjoyable) but I know that was going to be seen by people accidentally who really didn't want to see it :(

    Some of the sea shanties in Pirate's Creed are crazy catchy!

      You can turn them off in the menus.

        Why would any one want to do that? D:

          Because the shanties are racist and so are you if you like them.


          Last edited 02/12/13 3:19 pm

            I thought you guys established I was racist when I said I'm looking forward to going to a Mexican restaurant. :P

            Black people are terrible
            And so are the Jews
            Let's kill all the Mexicans
            And go eat Chinese food
            And nuke the Chinese too

            I haven't played the game.

            Edited for thinking of a better more racist line.

            Last edited 02/12/13 3:30 pm

      You get all the catchy ones early and then once you get more it takes forever to get to the good ones again because they've filled it out with annoying ones. :(

        Haha, I cut them off mid song. They're a well rehearsed group!

      Was talking on TS with Rize, and he mentioned one of the shanties, and I was like "I don't think I know that one," and he responded with "you will if you hear the chorus."




        Sounds like the start of the Doctor Who theme.

          This just in: BBBC* sues Nintendo

          The extra B is for BYOBB** (Bring your own barrister)
          That extra B is a typo.

            Fifty years of Prior Art, bitches.

              and that's discounting the time travel they could claim

                Nintendo says the Doctor is stopping everyone from buying WiiU's because...Timey Wimey Stuff?

    UGH. Mondays, am I right?

      This may be controversial, but I don't mind Mondays. It could have something to do with the fact I don't have a job, but Mondays aren't too bad for me.

        Yeah, when you don't have a job every thing is different! Might weird you out to know @shane that Saturday and Sunday are my least favorite days! XD

          Doesn't surprise me that you hate days when TAY is quiet. Makes sense, really.

        No, your unemployment is totally unrelated. I don't know why you would ever think that.

      This is indeed an example of a Monday.

      I find they suck because it seems no one ever delivers stuff I've been waiting weeks for on mondays

      Totally. Let us wallow in misery together. Ugh.

      I just ate like half a cheese cake. My Mondays going gooooood :P

    @strange @sernobulus @jo @DARKSOULS\o/PEEPS
    Enter the code BOOKDEAL and get the whole thing shipped to you for $28 roughly

    Code expires in the next few hours.

    @freezespreston, don't do this. Please recall I ordered your copy ages ago.

      Nifty. Not too big on art books, but nifty.

    clearing out my steam inventory.

    got a few things free to a good home :
    1 x Payday
    2 x Godmode
    1 x Ace of Spades
    1 x ShootMania Storm

    someone take them please.

    Edit: they've all been sent to random people.

    Last edited 02/12/13 4:21 pm



      EDIT: I'm actually impressed you found one I didn't own.

      EDIT 2: I could've sworn I owned it.

      Last edited 02/12/13 4:27 pm

        if you dont want it, pass it on to someone else, coz i really dont want it back.

        Edit: I was surprised too.

        Last edited 02/12/13 4:31 pm

    I got a Job offer in Canada, in Manitoba the coldest part of Canada, in a town of 4000 people.


      coz it'd be a pretty awesome experience.
      also, Bish-proximity.

        its 2000 kms or more from bish, you actually would have to drive into the US to get to toronto from Manitoba

          still about 12,000km closer than you are now.

            I talk to him nearly everyday, he sends me messages with lyrics to 80's music. He is pretty rad.

      Why is everybody jumping ship to Canada!?

      Are you all Alien Interfaces and going to "Canada" is code for being deleted?

      Last edited 02/12/13 4:46 pm

        It's code for China. They're all actually communists. They get picked up in secret from Canada by Harold Holt's submarine. They used to do it from Australia but Tony's watching the beaches.

      You know polar bears are common there yeah?

      I mean, if that's not reason enough I don't know what is.

        Really polar bears in Canada ? didnt know that. although i dont know a lot about canada

          This should help.

            Also this

            I'll stop being a dick now.

              I "googled" canada and got to the wikipedia page. You are like internet god.

                I was going to do a "fun facts about Manitoba" and just list a bunch of random bad stuff but decided this was a less dickish thing to do haha.

                  Oh i know its terrible, Its so cold and small and nothing is there.
                  But life experience and the call of the void.
                  Im still sure that i just want to do it because i thirst for adventure every three months. Ill get there and it will be shit and ill want to go back home to no job and sadness. Or good things could happen.
                  Good things never happen to me :P


                  Imagine me giving the speech from Independence Day but instead about killing aliens its about moving to Canada.


      I plan to be there myself this time next year.

      Theory: playing enough SSX will make you a snowboarding god.

      Watch "The Fourth Kind" then visit Nome when you get there!

      Make a list of pros and cons of staying vs going, mull over it for several days and then throw it in the bin and do whatever seems good at the time.

    Ugh, why do I bother interacting with people on Gizmodo? It always ends badly. Especially on politically aligned articles.

      at least its not lifehacker.

        Dont comment on lifehacker, Those guys hate being told they are wrong. Any article that mark writes about trying some new diet or excercise or sleep thing people jump down his throat saying he is wrong and its akin to committing suicide.

      "Australian government couldn't organize condoms and lube distribution in a brothel."

      Shit, guess all those airports, armies and taxation systems don't work as intended then.

        I guess they'd point out that those were set up by the former government and the current one hasn't had a chance to fuck them up yet?

          Nope. Everything is Tony Abbotts fault.

          Especially the crucifixion of Jesus.


            just because i hate political stuff, i am making a joke. This joke does not reflect my personal political views, of which i have none.

            If they had had proper NBN they would have been able to stream the crucifixion and no one would be arguing over it.

    Oh, I forgot to mention:

    I was in EB on the weekend and they said they sold out of Xbones. But, as I was killing time, I saw an opened box on the floor with a sales dude inspecting it. I asked him "haha, did it break already?" and he replied saying that some crazy dude traded in his un-opened Xbone for $300 in-store credit.

    Some people are truly retarded.

      So retarded. How could someone even entertain the thought of having a console over a PC? At least he/she came to their senses.



        THEN FARCRY 2

          I don't think LoL would be worth it - we would have to install and wait for the patches on my crappy rural internet. Need to find some good games that would be easy to pass around on a network.

      Stolen? Gift?

        Also walk in for store credit is easier than the hassle of putting it on eBay to some.

        Day one preorder and switched preference after e3

        Tbh it's more suspicious if he traded in a stolen one. Why else would someone be happy to lose at least $200? The dude could have camped in food court for half an hour and sold it for $500 easy.

    looks like "the mandate" got funded on kickstarter. GG.

    Was there a steam sale on or something? I don't think I've actually opened Steam in about two weeks.


        Are you lying in a vain attempt to spare my wallet?

        The problem I found in the last 3 or so sales is that everything on sale I already own, or it's not yet cheap enough to impulse buy.

      still is going on i think. I dont buy steam games often cause i dont even install them. STUPID NQ internet

        Share files with your bros! Friend did that with me a couple years ago.

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