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    Downloaded OSX Mavericks overnight. Seems to be working well. It will be interesting to see if there's any major differences between this os and the one I'd been using.

      I suggested that on the previous page haha. What version was the current?

        10.6.8 I think. It's taken a fair chunk out of my download though. :(

    The Lesser Evil (as endorsed by Mark Serrels on Facebook)

    99 cents.

    You can afford it. You can afford TEN.

    Oh, here's a story that'll make you buy a copy out of sympathy:
    I knew my parents weren't going to buy a copy, so I gifted them a copy. I told my mum, "I've bought you a copy of The Lesser Evil." Her response: "What's that?"

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      Eh couldn't be stuffed dicking around with addresses, so decided to buy it at full tote.

      Yay comics!

        Oh, you fool. I think from memory you already own Flamestar, but I comped you a copy anyway. Email inbound.

    Before I reluctantly drag myself off to a Telstra shop, would anybody in the great Hive mind of Tay know what the approx price for unlocking a Telstra Wifi 4G usb dongle thingy might be.
    I have never actually had to have a device unlocked by Telstra before and I haven't the faintest idea of how much it might cost.

      I vaguely recall unlocking a mobile costing $50 years ago. No idea about today, nor with wifi dongles. Any particular reason you need to unlock it? May be better and easier to just get a different one with whoever you're changing to.

        Changing to a Virgin plan, but heard reports that there device is large and rather crappy. I get a better deal if I bring my own modem and I like the current telstra one, basically just a usb stick which can also create wifi hotspots.

      What's that? You're going overseas for a few weeks and need it unlocked to use over there? Well why didn't you say so.?

      If the SIM is on a Telstra plan, it should be free unlocking for the device. Prepaid? No idea.

    Considering the amount of time I've spent in Assassin's Creed IV I think it's only fair I tell people that it's so incredibly worth buying. I was hesitant after playing Revelations (disliked) and ACIII (great environment, complete apathy regarding characters other than Haytham intro) but this is just a hell of a lot of fun.

      I'm going to wait for it to go on sale. In the mean time I have 2 copies of Brutal Legends to start. =P

      I wasn't liking it all that much then this happened.

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        It turned into a broken Facebook link?

          Fixed? I don't know. Facebook is the only way the PS4 will share videos for some retarded reason.

    Wrote a thing about GMing Numenera on the interwebs for TAYbies:

      Great write-up Red. Always cool to hear how the GM feels about how a campaign is progressing. And yeah, people seriously should try out RPGs at least once to see if they like it. :D

      Just read it, 10/10 would read again :)
      Always looking forward to the next session

    Just got back from talking to the surgeon (he was the same one who operated on me originally). He's ordered an MRI on my knee, but I'm definitely going to have to have surgery on it. The giant bit of bone that's been floating around in my knee since the original surgery that I've been complaining about for years and people have been saying is nothing, turns out it actually is something.

      Who would have thunk it
      Did they give you an idea on whether it is fairly straight forwards or not?

        Sounds like he's just going to cut in there and take it out. The MRI is to see if there are any smaller pieces he also needs to take out.

        Because I'm weird, I've decided I'm going to see if they'll let me keep the big piece they remove.

          It would be weird not to want to keep the bit they took out.

      So what you're saying is, it turns out that something isn't nothing, it's something? WHO KNEW?

      Good to hear it'll hopefully get fixed now, at least!


    So Pizza Hut is giving away a PS4 every hour along with your choice of Knack, Killzone, Driveclub or Infamous Second Son.

    Something weird I can't quite put my finger on.

    Oh yeah, the pizza is terrible. No wait. Something else.


      I'm reading through the rules and regulations and I can't find anything TOO dodgy. Well, aside from the usual level of dodginess that goes on in competitions like this.
      kinda dodgy: you essentially can't be related to ANYONE that works at Pizza Hut - even 1st cousins rule YOU out of winning something.

        I think he's referring to the fact that Infamous Second Sun isn't out on PS4 until march (?) next year. =P

          That's all right, technically neither is the PS4.

          This. It seems like they'll have a bunch of stuff in 6 months to give away but are jumping the gun and running the competition now. Not really dodgy at all just a bunch of excited winners who are going to need some patience.

          Don't think Driveclub is out for a while yet either.

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            A) I missed all of that. B) even dodgier - there is NO second son prize.
            In the terms and conditions:
            14. The first valid entry drawn in each Hourly Draw will each win a Sony Playstation 4 (500GB) and subject to availability, the winner’s choice of one (1) of the following games: Knack; Driveclub; or Killzone Shadow Fall. Each prize is valued at $649.

            I repeat: NO INFAMOUS SECOND SON is mentioned ANYWHERE in the terms and conditions. So they are advertising on the box a game you can't win.

            ...yeah, dodginess meter rising...

              Ha. Didn't see that. Good to know their Second Son promotion includes no Second Son.

                They probably published all their material for it before Second Son got its release date announced- wasn't it and Driveclub originally going to be a launch title?

                  True. Although they're still offering Driveclub in the T&C's and that can't be offered for a while.

                  Driveclub was pushed, but Infamous was never a launch title in the US or Europe. It *is* a 'Launch Window' title though, and it'll be a launch title in Japan.

    Did you ever ask the wife if we could invade your house?
    @bdkiaf, @shane, I volunteered Rize's house for a barbecue, since I couldn't think of a better option. It's probably a fair trek for you, Shane, but ehh, whatevs, this is why I shouldn't attempt to organise things.

      ...I'd totally forgotten about that. I also just realised I haven't organised accommodation for Sydney next weekend.

      Erm...yeah, sure, it's fine! Lunch or dinner thing?

        Lunch? Does lunch work? Do @bdkiaf and @shane have an opinion? Are they free to turn up then? Are they dead now? Who knows? Find out next time!

          I dunno. When is it again?

            Uhh, this Saturday? I think? Could probably do Sunday if that's better? I don't really know...

              I don't know, either.
              This is Canberra meat organising at its very usualest. :D

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    @sernobulus, the difference between a forced redundancy and a voluntary redundancy is this:

    * If you get called into your boss' office, and told you have no job any longer, that's a forced redundancy.
    * If a memo goes around saying "We have ten staff and five positions. Anyone want to volunteer to be made redundant?", that's a voluntary redundancy.

    They sometimes have different payment schemes. Your situation definitely sounds like a forced redundancy to me... EDIT (BUT if they offer more more for a voluntary redundancy, it sounds like they're trying to do right by you).

    Find out how much you get for each one, and pick the one that suits you best. You certainly can't be forced to take voluntary redundancy :P

    Edit 2: You should check your enterprise agreement or contract to see if there are any other differences to be aware of. This is the kind of thing that varies from workplace to workplace

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      Basically what's happening is I am being offered a bonus for taking a Voluntary Redundancy. I'm just being cautious because I don't want to accept it then realise I have missed out on something else.

      Anyway I've sent an email to my union asking about it.

        As far as differences in the workplace is concerned both are the same, just don't want to be ended up being taxed more after I leave or something like that.

          If both are the same, then voluntary redundancy just makes them look better (especially if your dept or govt made a commitment to reduce forced redundancy). I say stick it to them and say no.

          Edit: If there is no difference, I'm sure your union will advise you to embarrass them as much as possible too :P

          Edit 2: I forgot about the bonus. Take the bonus. /o\

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    news about JC2-MP on the front page,
    Official Steam Support

      Awesome! Not too surprised because the mod had has Steam authentication for a while. Still, awesome :D

    Seems I've been on a bit of a WWII bender in games lately. Skyrim will cure that right?

      Play Valkyria Chronicles!

        Oooh yes, yes I wait. I want to play less WWII themed stuff, not more. D:

      If it doesn't cure it I'm sure there's a mod that turns dragons into Nazi warplanes anyway.

        A vast open world WWII RPG game, war raging across it all with you trying to survive and influence the tide of war?

        *throws money in every direction*

          I reckon the second the game came out and people said "You can play as a Nazi!" you'd be in trouble.

          That said, i always thought that Gearbox's Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 concept sounded kinda cool, Borderlands meets Dirty Dozen/Inglourious Basterds

            Er, fictional alternate history WWII?

              The other problem with WW2 is that it had a large mechanised component.

              WWI however...

      Play Commando: Behind Enemy Lines!
      Or the second :)

        I was a huge fan of BEL & BtCoD & even the second one!

        The headaches trying to get the first working over multiplayer correctly, the buggy network code... the inevitable screw ups from people... but when you eventually pull it off...

          I never played multiplayer on them! I'd imagine it would be great fun though.

          I still remember planning for a wave of enemies in the second game somewhere near a giant Buddhist statue, plan went off without a hitch :)

      Was hoping to find a complete WWII overhaul mod for skyrim. Alas you will just have to imagine that I did

    So thanks to Brütal Legend and my quote earlier, i'm now listening to the original Tenacious D album.... i'm OK with this

      Drive-Thru cracks me up every time.


      I love you baby, but all I can think about is kielbasa sausage.

      Your buttcheeks is warm.


    Walking Dead Season 2 (Game) Spoilers.

    The Walking Dead was a great game, with a great story that had a great ending. I wanted to see them take a risk and try something new. From the looks of it, they are just going to strut out the same characters and not take risks.

    To me it makes me worry that they have run out of ideas. At first they said the second season would have new characters and no previous characters. Now they are just trying to bank off the fact that "maybe if we include people from the first season people will play it".

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      I understand what you mean and would've preferred a new, self-contained story but Telltale at the moment are on a roll creatively. Their games have never been better and their Walking Dead follow up The Wolf Among Us might just be their best work yet. They've earned some credibility to me and I'm gonna trust them. I think going in with a bit of cynicism is just going to make any minor flaw that much worse. Blind optimism is where it's at. XD

      It's almost like a TV show though. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had an amazing second season finale. Then went on to have an amazing third season finale the next year. Sometimes there's way more stories to tell with these characters even if it doesn't appear obvious initially.

      Hope I'm not coming across as a jerk. You're awesome my friend.

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        But the fact that they went back on their word makes me think that they has no faith in their next season. As I said, they're hoping the players love for the previous season's characters would carry the game.

          to me, what they are doing the equivalent to bringing in a guest actor into a failing TV show to boost viewer numbers

            When did they ever say no character was returning and what makes you think any one perceives The Walking Dead as failing? They've just come off Game of the Year awards and have nothing but good will their way. People would've bought the season no matter what they did. What's with the creative doubt, though? I don't understand where this cynicism is coming from?

            Haha! Oh man, I think I'm talking in circles. You're giving your opinion and I keep questioning it in different ways. XD Sorry 'bout that, man. We're just not on the same page here, is all. Or The Last of Us's page. Or Super Mario 3D World's page.


            NEMESIS! D:

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              Pretty sure I remember as well them saying it would be all new characters. As you said, people will buy it either way so why did they not feel like it would stand strong enough without returning characters?

              Also no offense or insult intended at all but you're not the most objective person about the things you love. You get pretty passionate about it. I need to say that's not a bad thing, it's good to be that way about what you love.

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                if Telltale had turned around and said, "look with think this story isn't over so we are going to release 5 more episodes" or "make a whole new a season 1.5". I probably would have been all over it. (In a good way).

                :( I feel like whenever I try to have a good natured debate everyone accuses me of being unable to take criticism. Strange with Sleepy Hollow last week and now this. In my head I never mean to structure my posts like this, I guess it's just a failure of not being able to articulate my thoughts properly. Makes me feel like crap. Blergh. Not your fault, it's clearly my fault.

                  Well it's a bad thing if no one can feel like they can talk to me and expect reason. :(

                  If I didn't want to have a discussion about games with you I would have never started this conversation. I enjoy talking games with you especially because we have different (sometimes extremely different) opinions on games.

                  You stick to your opinion yet you don't talk down to people that don't agree with you or claim your opinion is better. I've never been offended by anything you've said, and your my Arch-Nemesis.

                  TL:DR Don't be a doofus @dc, you're a cool guy I enjoy discussing games with.

                  This is just me, but I really like your take on things. It's really easy to get down on something, and even easier to do it before all the facts are known. You're one of the very few people I know who doesn't do that. I genuinely value it in you (and envy it too, actually), and you should value it too.

                  In terms of reason, it's probably the most reasonable perspective to have. Your fanboyism over existing media though is quite frankly disturbing, and is something I would never do. (DARK SOULS \o/) (SIX FEET UNDER \o/)

                  In terms of criticisms or whatever, I can't comment. I'm pretty much always taking digs at you, and I assumed because I'm still alive, you didn't really mind :P

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                  Well it's a bad thing if no one can feel like they can talk to me and expect reason. :(

                  MASTER RACE!

      It could be a fake-out- they might kill Omid in the first ep.

        He's not my biggest concern. The fact that Clem is in it even though they assured us that her story is over.

          Also 400 Days was pretty amazing. Want to see how this all fits with what we know about season two.


      Am I the only one here who didn't like the Walking Dead game?

        Well, it's understandable. The gameplay was only okay, and emotions don't work on crusty black hearts.

          Finally, the recognition I deserve!

      The only thing I don't like so far is that Telltale feel the need to show these kind of teasers at all. People would've bought it anyway based on the last game, I really feel like they should've kept any characters completely secret until they were revealed in-game. Newcomers aren't going to know who the characters are and returning players would've had a nice surprise.

      I liked the very first teaser they did (the one with just Clementine's hat on the ground) because it never revealed anything much at all, but at the same time made you think about what it could mean.

      I'm sure the game itself will be good.

    This is going to sound a little emo and I promise you I'm not suicidal in the slightest, but lately I find myself getting increasingly weary at life. I feel like my existence is pointless. I contribute nothing. I've wasted every good opportunity that's ever come my way. I'm tired of feeling like this, of having no reason to ever get out of bed in the morning, of not being able to make long term plans because I'm so damn poor. Being unable to deal with the most basic social situations. So weary. :(

      Time to get back to writing. It's purpose, work, and maybe even an income, all without the demands of having to deal with people.

      I offered a collaboration of some sort before, and I'll stick by that offer. Happy to help in any way other than collaboration also.

      Edit: Also, unsure if sympathy and moral support were implied, so I'll imply them now.
      *hugs of non-invasive variety*
      Let me know if I can do anything. Also, move to Canberra. We are good at being incredibly anti-social. :P

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        Haha! I don't need anyone's sympathy or moral support. I just need to vent. Thanks though. :)

          Of course, man. Anything you need, I'll do my best to help.

          More seriously, it does sound like for the sake of your sanity, you need to find work or vocation of some sort. Even if you just study by distance at one of the free universities. Work isn't all it's cracked up to be, but it's a good distraction from the realities of meaninglessness.

          Not that I'm telling you what to do - just my impressions.

      I haven't heard the backstory, and I know you have anxieties, but maybe get a job/volunteer/take up an outside of the house hobby- something that gets you out of the house a bit?

        Got a gap on my resume that's so huge and unexplainable that I don't think I'm employable. Haha!

          I'm reasonably confident that's not the case, and this is just an excuse not to try.

          if you are looking to reenter the workforce, there are job services that can help. Again, I dunno your circumstance well enough to comment, but if you're through centrelink they may be able to point you right.

          Also, volunteering is a good stopgap to bolster the resume.

          You say that you spent the gap on Sabbatical. A really long one. You learned a lot. Oh man, you met some monks and they taught you a lot. Very fulfilling, even if you're a little dubious of the spiritual side of things.

            Maybe I was taken by Somali pirates or drugs lords in Columbia? D:

              You were in New Orleans, helping them rebuild :P

              In all seriousness, you don't have to justify gaps in your resume unless you're directly asked about them. And if you're directly asked, some version of the truth is usually best.

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      Mate, I know the feeling. I've had that feeling many times before. There's been days when I've just wanted a reset button for my life. The only advice I can offer is Dory from Finding Nemo's: Just keep swimming. It will get better.

      You know there is one person who can change that?

      Change is scary and hard and it's all too easy to fall in a rut and stay there but it's nearly always worth the effort.

      Dude, firstly i know exactly how you are feeling, exactly. I feel that every second of every day. Like it wouldn't matter if i was here or not, not that i want to end my life just that if i didn't exist the world would keep turning. Here is the thing though. That little voice who you think is talking sense is wrong. Very wrong. If you didn't exist i wouldn't have you anymore. This may sound selfish but i don't care. You are my friend, i love you. I am thankful you are there. Every little sarcastic comment that we swap makes me smile and think how lucky i am that i have you as a friend.

      Change is hard, it takes work and taking yourself out of your comfort zone and depresion has a way of getting in your head and questioning the point of even trying. I am telling you it is definitely worth it. I'm not cured. I still have days where i don't want to move from bed. Days where it seems like nobody cares. But they do, i really feel like my life only got better when i decided to make a effort. So make a effort, even a small one at first.

      PLEASE PLEASE TALK MORE, i enjoy your comments so much and you make me happy. Don't take my sunshine away asshole.

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        I could add my voice, but my case is slightly different to most people's (then again, isn't everyone's case slightly different to others??)

        But as a very newly minted TAYnewb, @rocketman and @dc swapping comments is pretty funny to read.

        This whole comment is really just a chance to point out that "Don't take my sunshine away asshole" is the funniest thing I've read since a Pratchett book on Saturday night.

          ooh, the new one? I haven't got it yet

            Worth it. Sure, it's not a Vimes/Watch book, or a witch book, and it isn't up there with Going Postal (even though it's a Moist von Lipwig book) but it's a good Discworld novel. Better than Unseen Academicals.

              Yeah, Academicals was a little uneven. I'm halfway through The Long War atm.

                I think Academicals was worth it entirely for Alphonse Nobbs (Not Related).

          Was it you who was applying to do a Ted talk? Did you hear back from them?

            I did apply about the self-stigma and surviving mental illness.
            They lost my rejection letter, so I found out when I went to chase them up.
            Still going to write and film my talk, but in my loungeroom, avoiding my toddler and my wife playing CiV or Candy Crush.

            All professional like.

            EDIT: Good memory, btw!

            Last edited 03/12/13 1:32 pm

              Remember to post it here on TAY!

              Also if you don't mind me asking, what sort of mental illness you got? Very personal so I understand not saying. (And I imagine the reveal in the video will be stronger without knowing specifics.)

                Hey DC, now that TAY has wondered off for a few pages I feel I can post back here and very few people will see it.
                I will do the reveal in the video, but it's a horrible chronic condition that has almost constant depression, hallucinations and a tonne more.
                I'm thinking of doing a "Draw your life" first and then the self-stigma talk. I think I just need to get my story out...

                Anyways. Just wanted to say thanks for the interest. It does mean something, as does this community. You guys are pretty bloody awesome.

                  Sorry to hear about your troubles, my friend. I don't talk about this often but I got different troubles of my own. Have had pretty severe OCD since I was a kid. It's not fun. Whole different beast to what you've dealt with but we've all got our burdens. :D Can't wait to see your talk!

                  Last edited 05/12/13 4:06 pm

        Arcade Fire tickets were sent out yesterday! WOOOO! (Also I guess there'll be other bands there too, but I like to think of them as all being support acts for Arcade Fire. XD)

      Just like everyone else said - change is the answer. Either you convince yourself that everyday menial actions (such as @rocketman loving your comments) enhance the quality of life of others, or you need to mix it up. Do something different.

      How drastic/radical is up to you, but once you are resigned to the fact that everything is shit, you stop giving a fuck and do something different. Eventually you come to realise that the something-different is actually hitting a spot. A nice spot.

      Eventually the time will come where you'll be tired of this too, and the wheel rotates again.

      Dear @DC
      I've been there before. Its not fun.
      Keep busy. Volunteer somewhere, go study something.


      as for good opportunities.... there'll be more of them. I can guarantee that. great opportunities never stop turning up. you'll find even more if you go looking for em.

      highest of fives & hugs & stuff.

      Edit : I find that reaffirming advice is best delivered at extreme volume with lots of coarse language - ALL THE FUCKING CAPS ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

      Last edited 03/12/13 1:09 pm

        Re: edit: That's the Mallrats principle.

        I do that when i need to pump myself up. Also its alot easier to take advice if the person swears alot. im not sure why.

          thats just how I talk really.

      I'm tempted to sue here, you're clearly stealing my entire act! Blatant case of infringement, I'd accuse you of depriving me of income if I ever had any.

      Are you able to see a counsellor or better yet a psychiatrist? Maybe through a job network place? Since it sounds like a fairly persistent thing, it sounds like the kind of thing that's going to disrupt your ability to work so you might be able to get it free. Certainly worth asking

      Just gotta find a good reason to get out of bed. 'Good' doesn't have to be complicated. When I was unemployed this year and feeling low it was generally something as simple as 'I get to talk to my friends' today that made me feel better, which is getting into cheesy levels of sentimental but is definitely true. If nothing else, don't underestimate the value people place on your friendship, because it certainly means things aren't pointless.

        I feel like I never have any new stories to tell my friends and am just telling stories I've already told before.

        Geez, I need to lighten up. Thanks Alex. XD

          You don't need new stories to tell your friends, you make new stories every time you hang out. :)

      I've spent the majority of my life thinking I was worthless, unemployable and useless. It wasn't even until recently when I discovered I was actually really good at sewing that I thought I had a purpose in life beyond popping out smart, creative kids. So for at least 20 years (from 16 onwards) of my life I was lost.
      I only found my way due to the support of everyone on TAY at one of the lowest points of my life. If it wasn't for the TAYbies I'd never have had the courage to try something new and would never have discovered I could do more than I thought I could.

      You're on the right path. You're clever, good looking, you even make pirate puns( :P ) and you're nowhere near as bad at social situations as you tell yourself you are. You're just kind of in limbo at the moment and its up to yourself to get yourself out of it, with the support of your many friends. Friends who value your friendship greatly enough that you can think of that as your purpose until you're ready to find a secondary purpose.

      We all believe in you, @dc. It's time to start believing in yourself. *hugasaurus*

        :') Thank you, Strange. You're awesome.

      Okay that was a little against the flow of the other comments so..

      Chin up! :D

      Last edited 03/12/13 2:55 pm

    I just realised that next year sees the release of Satellite Reign, Wasteland 2 & Project Eternity.
    2014 is gonna be awesome for old-school RPGs.

      Aaaaand potentially Fallout 4?
      ...I hope.

        oh god yes.
        but I think that the direction Fallout went in after 3 is less old-school & more... just plain rad.

          Hopefully they stay away from the RadAway.

      DARK SOULS 2.

      Might be new school, but has plenty of old-school sensibilities.

        I finally started Dark Souls properly the other night with the intention of getting into it.

        so far so good.
        Beat the Taurus Demon & was stupidly low on health, so I chickened out & ran back to the bonfire in the Undead Burg so I wouldn't lose all the souls I had.

        Am I doing it wrong?

        Edit: Spoilerd just in case.

        Last edited 03/12/13 12:57 pm

          Nah, there's a bit just after that which can mess you up if you're not ready for it. That said, the shortcut back to the the Burg is not much further on.

            Nah, there's a bit just after that which can mess you up if you're not ready for it.

            This it pretty much any moment in the entire game.

          Actually, that's a good (though WIMPY) strategy. As Blaghman said, you never know what's up ahead. Only rarely will you be rewarded with a safe path to a save point after a boss battle.

          Last edited 03/12/13 1:01 pm

            ...the bosses dont respawn do they?

            Edit: to be fair, I am pretty wimpy.

            Last edited 03/12/13 1:02 pm

              You're worried about a Taurus demon respawn?

              Hahahahaha. Just you wait.

                They don't respawn anywhere, though, do they? I do kind of want to show 35 a screencap from Demon Ruins, though :P

                  The 6 in the lava don't but the ones in the Demon Ruins do. I was farming them for souls down the big stair case.

                nah, I can take him. its more that I just dont wanna have to do it again right now.

              Bosses don't respawn, and neither do a handful of major enemies, including NPCs (hollowed or otherwise, with only a couple of exceptions), Havel, hydras, Black Knights, blowdart guys, giants, titanite demons (with one exception), and a few others. All other enemies will respawn every time you die or rest at a bonfire.

                Thank Christ the blowdart guys don't respawn. They are mega jerks.

    I have a big tear in the cover on my lightning to USB cable. Should I stop using it and get a new one?

      Unless you want to short the cable and potentially your USB port i would.

      Get some Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo.

        i both love & hate your gravatar. just thought i should point this out.

    Job listing for the position of service desk manager has just come up at work. Now to determine if I can bullshit my way through this and somehow get that job. Considering the people involved in the process know me pretty well, I'd say my chances are slim :P

      If anyone can bullshit their way to the top it would be you, or a really big breasted woman. Because lets be extremely sexist for a minute here, boobs are worth 2 degrees.

      Let me add, This is a joke and not at all how i feel about job vacancies, WOmen have to work just as hard as men if not harder to advance in their choosen career.

        I like how your jokes now have disclaimers.

          Your face is a disclaimer

          Let me add, I only started doing it because I'm becoming extremely self concious about how my bad jokes are
          1) not funny
          2) offensive
          SO now even if they are terrible and unfunny i dont offend anyone.

        Disclaimer was too late, already dropped my monocle.


          Maybe this is what grandmama meant about people in the colonies "going native"

            Because I'm out of my fancy tea and the office only has Bushells and I'd rather lick ashphalt.

      Just say that it's for a friend. Bladow Blize. And that if he happens to get the job, you will quit yours.

      And kill him.

      And take his job.

      I may not have thought this through.

        Which is why taking those organs we harvested from homeless people to the Canberra zoo to help the dying zebra was a bad idea.

    Favourite specific moment in a game this year?

    Mine would be in The Last of Us:

    Joel and Ellie and the two brothers flee the sewers into the sunlight and are greeted with an overgrown suburban street. It's quiet and peaceful and beautiful. We're given the opportunity to take a reprieve from the action and just take in the surrounds and the multiple character moments scattered about. There's another scene in Salt Lake City like this too which was equally as good. (You know the one. :D

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      Hang on, before I read this

      Is this before or after you meet David? The horse just died for me.

        Spoilers are before that. There's a vague spoiler for after too.

          Right, I'll ask you again when I'm done (82% as of last save)

      Metal Gear Revengeance

      Every Boss in the game
      But serious props to the final boss, versing a roided out senator was amazing. also Judo throwing 50 story tall robots over your head.

      Beyond: Two Souls

      Also, I loved this from Beyond: Two Souls. Ellen Page singing is always an easy way to win me over though.

      The finger part in Bioshock Infinite

      Edit: Err, that sounds ruder than I planned

      Last edited 03/12/13 1:33 pm

      The part in pokemon X
      Where the weird giant guy definitely forcefully performed a sexual act on the little fairy flower pokemon, Oh that didnt happen in the game. YOU ARE KIDDING YOURSELF IF YOU THINK IT DIDNT HAPPEN

        How about the Middle Aged man meeting the young boy in a hotel room for "bonding time" so he can teach him "O-Powers".

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          "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"
          And then the screen slowly got dimmer and dimmer...

            I think we are all a little bit terrible humans.

              I dunno. From the sound of it, there's no way this is accidental innuendo.

                They definitely knew what they were doing when they added it to the game.

                  Don't forget the Ferris wheel bit in Pokemon B/W. =P

                  Was that the one with the sweaty girl?


                  Yup, so uncomfortable. XD

                  There's also a female swimmer who says something like "If I'm wearing a bikini, where do I keep my Pokeballs? Woman's secret!" before battle :P

                  @dc In the Japanese version of the game, after the ferris wheel ride, the "sweaty girl" reveals that she is actually male and dresses up as a woman to keep his job as a Nursery Aide :P

      The only 2013 games I've played have been Tomb Raider, Injustice, and... I think some third game which was obviously not memorable enough to qualify here.

      I choose not to participate in identifying a moment. Instead I'll just scream DARK SOULS \o/ at the top of my virtual lungs and *crash* through this window over here.

      The Last of Us:


      Really though, the entire ending section was amazing. Heck, the entire game was amazing.

      I'm always bad at this sort of thing cause I can't think back far enough to consider everything this year.

      Basically all the character interactions in AC4 are up there, though.

      Oh man I don't even...

      Every single moment that things just escalated in Wonderful 101. Which is practically the whole game I guess. There really should be something from Pikmin too, but I can't think of any. Rayman Origins, when I hit that water level and that music started playing. Fez when I realised it was more than just a platformer playing with perspective.

      I also need to get onto Zelda and Mario so I can add things from those to the list.

        I've been trying to find a copy of W101 but nowhere sells it :P Should probably head online before it goes out of print or something...

          Like Freeze said, I've found most EBs have a copy. And just on the weekend I saw one in JB at Bankstown. And just checking now, Big W has it listed online at least.

          Search better! :P

      The bit in Bioshock Infinite where it finally ended and I could stop playing it.

      I actually didn't play many 2013 games this year, and those that I did, I didn't really like that much or were kind of niche and I don't really remember many key moments at all, just the overall experience quality.

        You didn't even like this scene from BioShock?

          I like the upbeat version that plays during the credits.

            The TV show Treme has an insanely cool soul version of that song. So, so good.


            (Season two spoilers!)

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          No, moments that were kind of interesting like that just made the crappy tedium of the actual gameplay even worse and the massive dissonance between what I was doing and what I felt like I wanted to be doing even worse.

          I wanted to explore Columbia, not slaughter hordes of the same boring dude over and over in the most brutal ways possible.

            First hour was mind blowingly good. I'd play an entire game of that sort of exploration!

              Yes, this exactly. The first hour was great.

              I think I wanted Bioshock Infinite: the Adventure Game.

                I think @sughly wanted that too. (Who am I kidding? I'd play that any day!)

            I agree with this. I found the combat really repetitive (which is certainly not a problem I had in the other two games), which is a damn shame, because the setting and ideas behind Infinite were very cool


      Cable starts telling you why it's so important you go to where you're going and Deadpool retreats into his head complaining about how boring it is then shoots himself rather than listen to it.

      All of Tiny Tina's assault on Dragon's Keep DLC for Borderlands 2. It's the most fun / funniest thing I've played this year.

        Oh man, I loved all Tiny Tina's dialogue in the core game.

          If you haven't played her DLC, I can't recommend it enough. Best as a group, though!

        I really need to finish that. The mate I'd been playing it with has unfortunately been quite unwell.

      To the Moon Spoilers:

      What's that, this game is old and you should shut up about it? Quiet you fool. Still counts since I played it in February!

      I'm actually not sure about stuff from this year. This is difficult.

    I'm getting increasingly hyped for Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies. And especially the DLC, where I get to defend a whale accused of murder (hopefully a killer whale). It sounds every kind of fantastic.

    I hope it's a well orca-strated case! :P

    Apollo Justice is awesome, and I will be sad when it's over, though.
    I'm getting a little uncomfortable at how often the 15 yo's panties are brought up, but every time is legitimately funny. Much confusion.

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      Lucky I refreshed before posting to see your edit :P Playing Apollo Justice before Dual Destinies is pretty essential.

      some people didn't care for apollo justice but i loved it, up there as one of the best Ace attorney games.

      They are magic panties, so its ok.

        Those people are FOOLS. This game is amazing.

    So, Pokemons people.
    I just got given a metronome which apparently makes the pokemon holding it do extra damage with moves uses consecutively. Does that stack with a move like echo voice?

      Theoretically that should work, yeah. Just be careful of Ghosts and Soundproof pokes! (I always forget Mr. Mime is soundproof :P)

        Hooray! Also, anyone with disable would be annoying.

    Has Fallout 4 been announced yet?


      In my dreams atleast.

      With all the build up, I'm hoping we get more than just a brief trailer that doesn't really show anything like we got when Skyrim was announced.

        If (IF IF IF IF) the information is coming across correctly, they already have the location, some of the main NPC's and a great deal of story worked out (which you would kind of hope they would have at this stage in the game).

        EDIT: So I hope they would have a proper trailer ready to go.

        Here is a nice summary document, keeping you up to date with the changes:

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        but that initial fallout 3 teaser trailer was so hype though!

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      After loving Obsidian's take on Fallout I don't think I could go back to a Bethesda one. (Haha! Who am I kidding, I'll happily play it.) Just loved Obsidian's sense of place and character better.

    I wasn't enjoying ACIV much at all but ever since I stopped trying to play it the "right" way by avoiding combat or being scene I've enjoyed it so much more. Charging in full tilt and stabbing 3 guys before anyone even realises what's happening then clearing the last couple with your swords before they can call reinforcements or raise an alert it SO much more fun.

    Edit: Screw you Ubisoft and your optimal missions. They're boring and unfun and I'm just going to play it my way.

    Last edited 03/12/13 2:34 pm

      I found the side objectives are much better implemented this time around than AC3 which was just unintuitive and frustrating. These ones lend themselves more to how I'd play anyway. :D

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