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    It's NEARLY Broken Sword 5 day, it's so close yet so far!

      Ah, Paris in the Fall!

      I remember watching the opening cutscene of this game when it was released with my brother. It totally blew ours minds. So, so amazing. Then we convinced our mum to buy it and it didn't work on our computer. Sat looking at the box longingly for months. XD

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    Pick an objective 100m away and time how long Edward Kenway takes to sprint there.

    God damn he is slow.

      Interesting question- who would be the fastest (human) videogame character on foot?

        Depends, are we including super powered characters? If not, I'd say Faith Connors.

          I'm gonna go with no powers, no enhancements, and has to be human. So Sonic is right out

            I remember seeing a YouTube video explaining it would be Ezio if you consider falling as a speed.

            Seriously, some guy calculated the gravity of the world in Assassin's Creed only to figure out that it's twice or more dense than Earth's. So he would fall faster than any other character.

            Horizontally? No idea.

              Probably why him and Kenway run so slow, it's too hard to lift your feet.

          Are we including constantly-rolling-around speed? :P

        Master Chief, no doubt.

          I feel he's a little too post-human

            Ah good point. Didn't see your disclaimer before I posted. In that case, I would probably pick a random player from Fifa when you make them sprint. They can be pretty quick.

        Well Sonic the Hedgehog's official top speed on foot is 3,840mph

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        The player-character from SR4? maybe being in a simulator doesn't count.

        I remember there being a lot of talk when the Rift came out about how the Scout was really off-putting when everything in TF2 got scaled to IRL proportions, since he actually runs at something like 35 miles an hour.

      CJ from GTA: San Andreas is stupidly fast, I believe.

        I think he was a bit slower than Claude from 3 & Tommy from VC though

    All this talk about Night of the Rabbit in the game of the year thread reminds me how amazing the OST was... So. Damn. Beautiful.

      You mean the guy insinuating it's not a real game because he hasn't heard of it?

        That's the one! It's one thing when people say that about Heavy Rain and the like, but a traditional point-and-click adventure? That's one of the oldest genres of games ever. Why's he so crazy, Freeze? WHY?

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          I think he was traumatised by an adventure game as a child.


    Interesting read.

      Other than the first bit about how they heal, even though mine turned out fine, those reasons are pretty bullshit. That's just my opinion from having hand and finger tattoos though.

    So last nigh Myself, faction, Nob and blaghman tried our hand at multi-player game called "Forced" here is my review

    Their netcode is crap, like utter crap, taken from there official steam page
    "Doesn't play nice with wireless networks"
    40 minutes of attempting to port forward and unblock firewalls later we still didn't get to play. So me and blaghsie played LoL, we lost our game.
    0 out of 5 rocketships

    Fuck, these past few days have been something...

    So I ended up failing programming. Got 47% when I needed 50%, but I can do a supplementary exam next Thursday which is good. A week and a bit to get 3% smarter :P (Other than that I got a credit and 2 distinctions). The downside is that I was going to go home tomorrow to see friends and also go up to Burnie to see other friends, but now I can't. The upside is that instead of me having to go to Launceston, my friends from Launceston are coming down here next week which is nice! Gonna take them to my favourite food place. They can also meet my darling housemate!

    Onto her... I gave her a massive lecture about respect yesterday. I knew she thought she would be able to step all over me because 99% of the time I seem so quiet and shy, but she's becoming scared of me now I think, now that she knows what I'm capable of when you push me. Soon I will have control... Oliver didn't realise how bad things were getting until I told him to read through all my tweets from the past few days. Although I do feel kinda bad cos I promised him I wouldn't let him be bothered by housemate stuff while he's away.

    And I finally have internet on my PC again after over a month! So good! I missed my PC. Good thing too, cos I can't exactly study programming on a phone...

      The fact she is now fearing you rather than just accepting that she was in the wrong and that she should pull her head in is a little interesting. I hope she doesn't start badmouthing you behind your back and start manipulating any shared acquaintances into thinking you're a terrible guy. Because you seem like a pretty cool guy.

      Bad luck about having to do a supp. 3% sounds pretty achievable to me so good luck. :)

        I found her weak point. Normally I don't take advantage of people's weak points, but I had to do something then, even if I never bring it up again. The only two shared acquaintances we have is my other two housemates, and, well, they're very firmly on my side anyway, so no dramas :)

        And thanks! After doing the first exam I know what I need to be focusing on which helps a lot :)

    NegativeZero's Kantai Collection Update that No One Cares About Except Maybe @popdart5 But He Already Saw My Tweets Last Night Anyway:

    Having recently opened up World 3-2, I decided yesterday that it was time to start building up a Destroyer fleet to clear it, as you can't get to the boss node in the world without a fleet entirely made up of Destroyers. My only real issue was picking six to level up. I knew I would take Yukikaze as I already had her at level 22 and she's one of the two rare Destroyers and has some of the highest stat caps. I was also fairly sure I'd want to take Yuudachi, Samidare and Hibiki due to the fact that all three have high-level (55-70) second-tier remodels. The final two slots were pretty much open.

    So while doing my daily construction quest I found myself with a bit more resources than I needed, so I thought I might as well jump onto the JP wiki and check the highest-probability recipe for building Shimakaze, the other super-rare Destroyer who is something of a mascot for the game. Apparently the RNG Goddess has started to smile upon me again, because I got her first attempt. \o/

    Based on a twitter tease yesterday it looked like Murasame might be getting an update in the next maintenance, so I decided to take her as my final Destroyer. Unlike some of the others I'd never actually fielded Murasame before, so she was level 1. After the 6 PVP sorties (I used a fleet made up of five of my six destroyers (less Yukikaze) and Kirishima and lucked out because the HQ level 101 Admiral I was pitted against on one fight actually had only one ship, a light carrier at level 84, and my Kirishima got a crit on her and instantly beat her. The rest of the PvP sorties were defeats, but the XP was good anyway due to the massive level disparity.

    Decided to split my primary fleet in two to act as training fleets for the destroyers. Sent Hiryuu, Kirishima and Yamashiro to escort Yuudachi, Shimakaze and the now level 6 Murasame. After a couple of very successful sorties through World 3-1 with the group I decided to have a go at 3-2, reasoning that the enemy ships wouldn't be that much stronger (they aren't) and the XP would be higher. Very first fight in the node, I clear it with some light damage to a couple of ships and medium damage to Murasame. The fight dropped my second Kongo-class battleship in as many days, this time I picked up Hiei.

    In my elation at this development I stupidly decided to advance to the second node. A node where, it turns out, a trio of enemy Wo-class Carriers was waiting. Due to only running the one carrier I didn't have air supremacy, and in the opening salvo the Wo-class flagship dragged my poor Murasame to the bottom. I was a bit shaken by this as I'd never had a ship sink up until this point. After sinking the enemies I had to take a couple of minutes to gather myself. I'd forgotten that sinking was a risk. :( Luckily it wasn't one of the ships I had put much effort into, but I still felt kind of bad.

    So I ended up doing the safe thing and solo-grinding world 1-1 with Yuudachi to get her to level 20. Tedious but cheap and could keep doing it indefinitely. In the process I got a drop of a replacement Murasame.

    My Akagi is getting extremely close to level 30 now, about 600xp away, so my intention tonight is to get her to her level 30 remodel first. Subsequently I'll be putting effort into leveling the highest-level of my chosen Destroyers which I think is Hibiki or Samidare. I'll also continue trying to buff my Hiei up and aim to hopefully do some runs of 3-2 with a more robust fleet to attempt to get a drop of Haruna or Kongo. At the current rate I should have a full destroyer fleet ready to attempt 3-2 by next weekend.


    Spent the last I don't know how many hours trying to wrap my head around a multi-dimensional problem only to keep tying it in knots instead, BUT I FINALLY CRACKED IT

    *spins on floor in circles*


      Unless NDAs are involved.

      In that case, Don't Elaborate!

        Haha, nah nothing like that. Just a little thing I'm working on for school. Some offhand comment (and an ensuing argument) about 4D stuff on Friday got me thinking about how you'd do something like that. And now I'm trying to put together a 4D version of Snake, and things are going well. Tends to be quite the mindfuck though.


          Programmatically, it shouldn't be a big problem, I think the logic should scale ok?

          The projection to a 2D surface for display is probably not going to be very intuitive...

          I assume you don't mean 4D as in 3 spatial + 1 temporal :P

            Yeah, four spatial. Stupid temporals :P

            At the moment it's 3D with the 4th being displayed as a spectrum of colours. There's also buttons to switch which of the coordinate axes are being displayed on the spatial axes being drawn to the screen. Initially I had them rotating through, and that worked better while I had absolute controls but now that I've got relative controls working, making it just switch out the fourth dimension with one of the others works much better.

    I keep thinking I can speak and understand Japanese.
    I think I need to watch a little less anime

      I keep on having the same thing happen. I think I must be getting better but I think it's just that I'm learning more and more completely obscure things that are utterly useless to know if I actually want to use the language.

        I know Blaghs had the same issue. He'd recognise the language but forget that he can't actually understand it.

          It's worse for me, I did Heisig's Remembering the Kanji twice and although I've forgotten a lot of the obscure ones and I have learned proper readings for some of them, I still have an association with the english keyword for a lot of them, so I'll be reading something and I'm recognizing the keyword combos, not the characters, and I'm sort of doing a two-step process to get to the JP reading for that at best, but most of the time I just don't know the reading at all.

      No, you just need to learn more!

        I'm currently writing out Kanji flash cards. I will then move onto verbs and such. If I memorise them, then I only have to learn the sentence structure

          You're writing them out? Have you tried using software like Anki to do SRS flashcards for you? I had a setup at one point where I found a font that showed all the stroke orders as well and used that (because stroke order is super important when trying to read people's scribbles)

            I'm writing them out because it will help me memorise. I will practise them with stroke order and such later

    Bloody hell @dc. I haven't even finished the tutorial missions yet and I've killed more people than you in ACIV.

    About to overtake @thecracks as well.

    Not even close to @blaghman though...

      I refuse to kill people I can knock out. I'm a lover, not a fighter!

      When playing the PC version at one point uplay was telling me that I was in the top 120 most prosperous pirates but I've since fallen much lower and I don't know if that was accurate anyway.

        I was about 620 last time I checked.

          I saw on screen once "D.C. has overtaken you in prosperity" and I was like "NOT ON MY WATCH" so I just went around looting everything I could find in the hopes of getting back ahead.

      How do you view this information? Also, sounds like I need to go on a murdering spree...

        Database -> Leaderboards.

        You have about 280 kills and are second in the board. @dc had 240.

        @Blaghman has nearly 1200 the psychopath.

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          It popped up on screen one time that I was like 380th in the world for most kills, and while I'm pretty sure that's only PS4 players, that's still a little worrying.

    Found a photo of me from when I was 21. Makes me laugh. XD Brisbane TAYbies will know I don't look like that. At all.

      You still look like that. Just with less hair. And more frown lines from being a worrier. :P

        That guy used to worry about stuff too. (Then again, so would six year old DC. XD)

          Pic for comparison?

            Got no recent pictures of me. Haha! Last one on my PC is from 2011. XD

            Edit: There's this!

            Last edited 03/12/13 6:35 pm

              DOUBLE WHOA

                I created that video to prepare TAYbies of my awkwardness before I attended first meat!

              Hah, nice. When I was 21 I was halfway through my honours year, and had long hair and a full beard, which I shave for charity.

              These days I look pretty similar, but fatter.

      Ha! Exactly the same!!!

      If I could find a picture of me from when I was 21 you'd probably be scared of me. :P

        But I already am scared of you! D:

          If you really were scared of me you'd be making yourself eat proper food and playing Dark Souls. :P

            Maybe I've got a death wish. :P

              Dark Souls will help with that!

              I've tried to stop/slow making fanboy pro-DaS comments to you - I know you don't have any interest in Dark Souls, Mr. @dc and that's ok. I'm just making joke because of appropriateness in reply to your last comment. My comment is meant light-heartedly (like the vast majority of what I say). Please understand!

      The best I can manage is a photo from when I was like 8

      I'm the tall one

        Lives up to the picture name, totes adorable. (Note to self: never say totes again unless you're refusing a tote bag someone is trying to hand you.)

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      So this happened.

        OK, so that's just clickthrough shit and I didn't think it through very well.
        Emo-Null, 2005/6

          This is a restricted profile. Only confirmed connections can access this profile. Click the Connect button to request a connection.

            Errm, let's change that. Try again.

              HOLY SHIT DUDE. HOLY. SHIT.

                I believe @strange would probably want a heads up that there's partial nudity. I remember someone posted a chest shot once and she didn't care for it. XD Actually I'm pretty sure that was Aleph too.

                Last edited 03/12/13 10:22 pm

                  Pretty sure you have more problems with partial nudity than I do, DC. :P

                  Sssh, you're my scapegoat! :P

              You look like you belong in a modern Final Fantasy

      18. I was so much less fat then. *sob*

        IM EXCITED

          I was forced to be excited by my friend.

            Dood, I didnt know you knew Jason Donovan!

            I totes know the dude on the far left o.0

              Stalking Blaghs for years, you're bound to meet some of his entourage!

              Just the other day I met... uh... never mind...

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              That's funny, because I don't!

              (I was at a friend's engagement party, so there were lots of people there I didn't know)

        You look older than you do now. Benjamin Button style!

          Really? Now I'm curious, how about this one (this is also at eighteen, ignore the guy next to me).

            You look younger! Must've been the glasses and hair cut! XD

              Alright, final test, how about this one (I'm the one on the right, you can tell because my hair has always been crazy thick)?
              Now I'm just sad about how cute I used to be. I hated being called cute, and now that I'm a fat old blob I wish I could go back to it. Haha.

                Definitely look way older there!

      27. Three months ago.

      Last edited 03/12/13 10:33 pm

        This'll make it easier on the bounty hunter!

        I mean, uh, awesome photo my friend!

          Haha, this guy. :D Thanks.

          So what's the verdict? Adam Sandler, Matthew Fox?

            Buble, maybe?

              Haha Michael Buble? Time to bring out his Christmas CD I guess. Thanks for the reminder.

              I've also had Rob Thomas. And Tom Cruise but that one's bullshit.

                I mostly get screams and cowering!


      Oh man, it's Jimu! D:

      Play it cool, D.C., play it cool...

      *takes deep breath, psyches self in parking lot for 15 minutes*

      Here goes nothing. You can do it. I believe in you, D.C.

      Hey Jimu!


        All psyched for Bravely this weekend???


          I don't know what that means! D:


          I have to cancel my pre-order because I can't afford it. I probably don't have enough time to play at the moment anyway so I guess it's for the best.

          Last edited 03/12/13 7:35 pm

        I see empty box

          It 's an exclamation mark in a trangle, like a roadsign, minus the colour.


            Is that pro or anti Bravely?

              It was actually in response to your "Hio!"

              I (Bravely) take a neutral stance.

        I hart J Park!

    Cool, didn't realise GaiKai was coming to Vita, HANDY DANDY :D

    WHy am I the only one postin?

    Wha happen ta everbuddeh?

      Apocalypse! I've been taking in the urban decay! So beautiful!

    Oh man, I'm SOOOOO happy right now.

    Playing Apollo Justice, and have just started
    Phoenix Wright's last case!

    Phoenix objected to something Gumshoe said, and THIS MUSIC started playing. My favourite track from the first game, that was sadly absent from 2 and 3. I was so shocked that I just let it play on loop for about twenty minutes, bopping along with the stupidest grin on my face.

      I agree, Treme was pretty great! *nods knowingly*

        Uh... tomorrow we will have discussions. Or maybe Thursday.

        Only get one episode of something a night, and mid-season Sons of Anarchy is just too damn compelling.

        Last edited 03/12/13 9:08 pm

        Yeah, Bravely Default is gon' be awesoem

    So I just bought a 1440p monitor to take over from my 3x 1080p monitors...
    I am excite.

    Also, I blame the Steam sales.

      I keep thinking I should look into one of those.

        Amazon had a 39" 4k TV for sale at $489 + shipping, although I missed it by a day (they had removed intl shipping) and today they've bumped it to $659. If I were in the states, that'd be my bet.

        In light of that though, I've gone with a QNIX QX2710 for $340 or so, free expedited shipping from South Korea. Pretty damned cheap considering the price points offered by the more well known brands.

        I'm interested to see if any 1440P monitors with G-Sync come out next year, since I'm due for a GPU upgrade sometime then. Should be nice if it happens.

          I'm interested to see how my 6970 fares with it. Shouldn't be *too* bad, as it does just fine with the current setup.

            Well, you're looking at about 85% more pixels on a 1440 display compared to a 1080, so for normal day to day stuff it will be faster, and if you ran games across all three monitors it'll be faster, but if you relegated gaming stuff to one monitor and used the other two as off stuff, then for games it'll be a decent chunk slower.

            Probably. Technology can be weird sometimes.

            Edit2: Mentally re-re-did some maths, probably still got it wrong.

            Last edited 03/12/13 10:40 pm

          I'm hoping I won't have to replace the GTX770 I have for a while or that buying a second one cheaper in the future will see me along.

          Last edited 03/12/13 10:38 pm

      You'll still run back to at least one more monitor. :P

    Walking Dead Half-season finale spoilers (I dislike how they break up the seasons like this :P)

    I dunno... I'm torn on this episode. It was pretty cool in some moments, but overall it's just... why? This episode would've been great as the finale LAST season, not now. At least finally, finally we can move on from the whole Governor group rivalry thing, right? :P There were some cool moments in the episode though, like the girls shooting that army woman (though I was kinda hoping she would survive) and the other little girly getting chewed on (didn't expect her to be, also for some reason as soon as I saw she was digging stuff up my mind went straight to "mine field" for some reason D:)
    I look forward to seeing more of the two sisters though, now that they've lost both father and daughter (also assuming the one that was involved with the shooting survived. They didn't show her dying so you can only guess). Hopefully they either join the group or meet up with Carol and create a three lady tough bikie gang or something :P

    Hahahah! I said "He's in the house!" at that exact same moment too. It was too perfect.

      It's totally the You know nothing, Jon Snow of The Walking Dead it seems.
      I really liked the sisters too. The one that always pretended to be tough and Alicia had a thing going on, I wonder if she witnessed what went down. Also Carol would be proud of those girls, but I get the feeling Alicia wouldn't have fired on them.
      The thing I liked most about this ep was how it served as bookend, one chapter's over and a new one begins. Let's just hope it's more like prison sickness story arc and less like governor...

        What do you mean by "I wonder if she witnessed what went down"? The Governor-is-crazy thing?

          Rick's group killing her girlfriend! She kind of sneaked off midway through fight and I don't think we saw her again?

            Ahhhh! I thought you were referring to Alisha witnessing something. I gotcha now. Yeah, it doesn't seem like she (Tara! Google tells me her name is Tara :P) would've seen that! Though it wouldn't be hard for her to guess what happened.

      I didn't read the spoilers, but what the hell is with the 'mid/half-season finale'? If it's in the middle of a season, it's clearly not a bloody finale, is it?

        It's a thing! Always used to be a two parter traditionally, but with cable shows they're basically structured like mini-seasons.

        This way they can drum up finale hype twice in a season! And sell more DVDs! Or something!

        I dunno, I just don't like it because I'm selfish and want all the episodes right now instead of waiting until after Christmas :P

          Gots to love Netflix releasing entire seasons on one day and leaves the pace of episodes to the audience!

            Really? That's awesome :D
            I love binging on shows, waiting a week between eps is a killer.

              All eps of new Orange is the New Black season two will be watched in a week, I bet. *waits for April*

            I do kinda like the week wait between episodes though. Allows for these kind of discussions episode by episode instead of for the entire season!

              Yeah, that's the one thing you trade off with Netflix, though it also leaves a lot more surprises watching at your own pace because people haven't talked about lots of specifics between eps.

    First time I've watched Good Game for a while.

    What the shit is up with that robot? And all the cheap slapstick?

      Was it Good Game spawn point, or whatever it is? I've only watched like 2 episodes of the show in my life, but I'm pretty sure the one with the rowboat is a more kiddy version, or something?

        Mark was on it once! And there was a song about a Wyvern that hasn't left my head since!

        Last edited 03/12/13 10:35 pm

        Wait wait you're telling me they brought in a robot, but didn't re-instate P-Nutz?


    So Oliver's missus told me I should buy a Tim and Eric poster to put up in the kitchen... Spagett it is! (Am actually going to look for a print of this)

      I predict housemate will take issue with this and this'll be the straw that breaks the camels back and then we'll all get to watch your trial on prime time news!

        That would be amazing if things blew up over Tim and Eric. I couldn't imagine a more perfect scenario :P

    It's crazy, here I am talking to a guy I went to primary school with (on Facebook). Haven't seen him for almost 20 years, and we're planning to catch up soon. Small world.

    Thanks for all the kind words you guys said earlier today.

    I feel like I didn't come across as very grateful, but believe me... I am. Just felt oddly vulnerable about something that's been on my mind for a while now.

      Hey man, we just want you to feel fulfilled in life- something that can be hard when you're in a rut. I hope you find something soon!

      I hope you feel better soon man, just keep your chin up and keep moving forward.

    Watched Monsters University this evening.
    Why didn't I see it when it came out in the cinemas?
    It was so awesome! :)

      How's it compare to the first? I wasn't really a fan but loved Pete Doctor's follow up stuff. (Was he even the director this time around?)

    Oh my god Sandra Bullock, get off my TV screen!!! ARRGGGHHH!!! *slams TV into ground*

      Hey now, Gravity was great!

        I refuse to watch that movie! I will only watch it if (maybe potential spoilers?)...
        Sandra Bullock floats off into the sun and Dies!!!
        I have an irrational hatred for Sandra goddamn Bullock. I cannot see her face nor hear her voice without getting mad!!!

          Adam Sandler is my version of that, but Reign Over Me was actually a solid film. I think every actor is allowed to have one.

          Jack Black is my version of that, I hate everything about him but even with that, I loved brutal legend right up until it became a console rts...

            Jack Black and his whole schtick was perfect in High Fidelity.

        The trailer for that made me very mad because of the female. Then I realised it was Sandra Bullock (who I normally like). I am still undecided as to how I should feel.

          It's a great flick

            Yeah, I'm sure it is overall. I was just slightly pumped after all the articles and headlines about "wow space is terrifying in this new scifi'. Then I watched the trailer, and it was just some silly girl who was floating in space due to her butter fingers. :(

            Still keen to watch it though. :D







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