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    Girlfriend is going away for 4 months and we’re starting to realise we’ll be missing our anniversary, her birthday and valentines and its all starting to sink in now =/ We’ve been attached at the hip for about 3 years now, so this will be hard.

      Dear phlaiman

      Sounds rough, but I'm sure you'll find ways around it. Where is she going?


      Lonely Hearts beat in tune


        Dear Red,

        She is going to Washington DC for an internship. I really want to be able to visit her but financially I'm not sure if it will be the best decision considering I am trying to save at the moment.

        For ever yours,

          Dear Phlaiman

          As cool as a trip to washington would be, if you're going to the US you'd want to do it properly, which could cost.

          That said, trip with GF would be cool

          Voyager Red.

      Dear Phlaiman,

      That's a shame, but it DOES give you the opportunity to have a pretty fantastic reunion after the 4 months is up.
      Nam sain,


      P.S. "Girlfriend going away, this will be hard"


      I know that feel. My girl is heading to Europe for 3.5 months in April :( I will be going over with her for 2 weeks in the middle, but its going to be really hard. Its bad enough that we already live several hours apart and only get to see each other every other weekend :(

      Not as bad as @tech_knight though...

      but just think of the money you'll save on anniversary / birthday / valentines gifts!

      You're doin' it wrong. Be an antisocial shut-in like myself and never have to worry about anyone going away, ever!

      Srsly though, that sucks. As others have said, at least you could have an awesome reunion, right?

    Once again my work IT system hits me in the face with his ancient ways. Yes I know I was due to update my password but I didn't think you would do it in the middle of the day and lock me out of all of my work. I just had to restart and log back in to everything which in itself is a five minute task.

    Yay government. -_-

      You should ring IT and see if they can disable that restriction for you. We do it at work because our staff can't even remember one password, let alone a new one every month - it just adds unnecessary tickets to our help desk.

    Casual booth set up next to me of one of those Rent2Own things.

    Xbox 360 for $30 per week over 12 months.


      Oh wait, per WEEK.


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      "You too can own the Xbox 360 for the low, low price of $1,560!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

      set up a booth next to it offering your old 360 for the low low price of $20 per week.

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      The irony is that it works out to be $360.

      Oh wait, per WEEK. Disregard.

      Deja vu right there.

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        You give me $30 per week for 12 months, and I will refund you $720 at the end.

        Double your money?

          The total is almost enough to buy THREE Xbox Ones.

            Yep, if you saved that $30 a week for three months, you could buy right into next gen without a problem. I cannot believe there are people out there who wouldn't even bother with that basic maths.

              If I had to guess I'd say it's people who couldn't save a penny to save their lives. Maybe people on unemployment benefits also? Though seriously, come on people, shop around. Any XX-month interest free deal at major retailers shit all over this one. It's criminal.

    Dear TAY,

    Oh man I have a work shing-ding on this afternoon. Like, in three hours, for a client we use for a lot of travel.
    It's fine, you know...except for the hanging out with complete strangers, in a foreign office, with "networking opportunities". To top it off, I'm the ONLY one from my massive workplace going, which means I won't know anybody.
    Does anybody have any advice on how to not come across as an anxious dick?

      If anyone walks up to you throw business cards in their face until they leave.

        Does not work so well for Gambit, mon ami.

        Edit to sound more Gambit-y.

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      Dear Quiz B,

      I used to be like you and i still am


      seriously though, just walk up to some non threatening people, try making light of the situation, a joke about the food or something. Introduce yourself and make small talk about your jobs. then the best part is once you know one person you can just tag along with them. I swear to god i have met more people that way than any other way. People in general are nice and will notice if you are a bit awkward and will want to make you feel more at ease.

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        Just throw up on the receptionist and pass out in the cemetery on the way home


        EDIT: Tags are hard.

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          i should clarify, it happened one time each over two years
          Yes im a mess of a person, shut up you guys are the same you just dont tell the world of your hilarious failures

      if they haven't met you before, you can just pretend that you're a not an anxious dick & they wont know any better.

      just pretend you're confident & charismatic & interesting. thats what i do.

        I think you are all 3
        i literally had a conversation with bish one day that was like
        "@35 is a cool guy he seems way to cool to hang out with us, maybe he is taking pity on us"

          When one of you goes missing and someone called @36 starts posting, you'll know what's up.

          --Frank le Dau, Senior Creative Reporter for ACA

          so my act is pretty convincing then? :p

          thanks man. but i like hanging out with you lot coz you're all genuinely cool & fun & friendly.?

          I totally feel the same when hanging out with Transientmind and Sughly. XD

      1. Don't walk through the door, kick it in.

      2. Announce your presence with a "yo to hold onto your panties ladies as Quizzle B is in da house an they bout to get DROPPED!"

      3. Stride in, slap the first woman you see on the butt, call her a bitch and demand she get you a drink.

      4. Turn to the closest guy with your hand up for a high five with a "wemminamirite?"

      The rest should run naturally after that.

        Oh God I laughed so hard at that my office colleague leaned over to see what I was reading. She wasn't amused.

        Serves her right for snooping.

      Ask "how's business"
      "plans for christmas"
      "Anyway, I'll keep circulating, may chat to you later"

      And repeat

        This. The act of being socially social is actually the most unsocial thing you can do in a social society.


      Apparently the key is talking to pairs of people, not alone people.

      (My version of this is sidling up to pairs of people until you're just out of comfortable talking range, but well within eavesdropping range. It makes everyone feel very awkward, which levels the playing field!)

      Edit: whoops, looks like fled beat me to it.

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      Dear Anxious Quiz,

      That sounds terrible, I know you feel its going to be rough, but here is a few tips on how to pull through those awkward "Networking Opportunities"
      Step 1. Drink all the alcohol
      Step 2. There is no step 2

      Helpful Cam

      Dear Tay.
      It's terrible. I'm the only person under 30. Aside from flirty travel agent, who is also trying to get me to chat up 50 year olds. I may have drank a lot of wine.
      Quiz didn't slap anyone on the arse yet b

    Hello TAY,

    I have a $100 Wesfield gift card I forgot about from last year that was expiring next week so I'm thinking of buying a VITA over the weekend. Big W will be having a WiFi VITA with Tearaway on sale for $199 on Saturday. I would have preferred a bundle with more games but this is the cheapest I can find, I'm sure they'll be cheaper stuff over Christmas but I can't use the gift card then and I can't think of anything else I want from a Westfield store at the moment. Or should I buy a EB/JB gift card with my gift card and wait for their Xmas vita sales?

    So what are the need to know things for a new VITA owner? What settings etc should I change/activate when I get the unit?

    A 32GB card is enough right? SuperUfo has one for $63, which would make my overall purchase price $262 which seems to be what VITA bundles at EB/JB currently cost.

    Can I use the VITA without a memory card? Or do I just leave the VITA boxed until my memory card arrives?

    Has any game/app used the 3G function on the 3G+WiFi variant of the vita? Should I get that version?

    Can I sort games into folders like on PS3?

    Is there a cheaper or better bundle you are aware of?

    I already have a PS+ account so I'm not going to buy any games for the foreseeable future. Actually since this is a fresh console I want to see how long I can go without buying a game. Other than persona 4 (which most of you claim is THE vita game) and LBP Vita(which is the only game I really wanted) most of the big VITA stuff is on PS+ It might be an interesting experiment about my thoughts about game ownership and whether just experiencing the games will be enough. Also I'll try as much as possible to not have a Vita backlog. This could be a freah start on my gaming habits. Maybe downloading one or two vita games at a time.

    Thank you,


      So what are the need to know things for a new VITA owner? What settings etc should I change/activate when I get the unit?

      A 32GB card is enough right? SuperUfo has one for $63, which would make my overall purchase price $262 which seems to be what VITA bundles at EB/JB currently cost.

      Can I use the VITA without a memory card? Or do I just leave the VITA boxed until my memory card arrives?

      Nothing you really need to do. Maybe check for updates when you get it. Only thing I would suggest is maybe get 2 memory cards. Only one region can be set per memory card so if you want to access the US PSN you will need another memory card.

      I think the VITA comes with a small memory card. So you should be able to play it straight out of the box. If you are planning on hoarding all the PSN+ games a big memory card will probably be needed.

      Has any game/app used the 3G function on the 3G+WiFi variant of the vita? Should I get that version?

      3G is pretty pointless as far as I can tell. All games and apps that require a connection to the Internet need a WiFi connection.

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        Isn't the account switching process cumbersome? I think you need to reset your system or something? I have two accounts on PS3 but I think I'll stick with one for the VITA.

        Oh nice, I hope this Tearaway bundle has a memory card. I can't see any pictured. Thanks for the tips :-)

          Need to factory restore VITA to use another account. So: take out card #1, restore, insert card#2. Each card is linked to the account too.

      Can't just buy $100 of KFC?

        Ha ha, I don't think I can eat that much :-)

        'But you're fat!', I hear you shouting.

        That is more to do with poor eating habits and lack of exercise on my part


          You don't think you can... but wouldn't you like to be sure of something in life?

          Knowing is half the battle, Mr. Masha.

      - Folders: yes
      - Get the 8GB memory card + games combo. It's like $40, and the old bundle with LBP, Wipeout, etc is a great deal.
      - Holding down the PS button gets you into a neat menu with volume/brightness/etc
      - The VITA comes with a nice intro video explaining features. The game pre-installed on it is good to work out every feature (touchscreen/back)
      - Memory card is required, yes.
      - Can set up VIta to auto-download updates like a PS3 since you have PS+
      - Keep an eye out for sales on stuff. I picked up 4GB cards for $5 at HN one time.
      - 3G just works as a data connection as per usual. No need to get it.
      - Check out the other bundles. Tearaway is $38 in stores, while Killzone is like $58. So if this appeals to you, better to get Killzone bundle and purchase Tearaway.

        Holding down the PS button is a good tip. Thanks

        Nice, I like the auto update feature on my PS3.

        There are no other $199 bundles I can find but that's why I'm still hesitant about buying now. I need to use the card for something though

        Thanks for the info:-)

          Pretty sure EB/JB/Big had killzone bundle for $199 too.

            That offer ended November 27th and it was at JB. Just missed it :-(

            Maybe buying the EB/JB gifcard is the best option just in case they repeat the deal over xmas.

            Curse my indecisiveness! :-)

      I'm fairly sure that the Tearaway bundle was also with an 8gb Memory Card but I may be wrong on that?

      You can use *some* Vita games without a memory card, but it varies and I've never done it.

      Default settings are all good, the only thing I did was shove most of Sony's useless shit apps into a folder to hide them forever. Yes, you can sort stuff into folders, but it's manual. 3G functionality so far hasn't had a compelling reason to have. I got 3G for mine because I was worried that in the future I might wish I had it.

      I'm using a 16gb and while it's a pain to manage all my stuff, I've got a fair amount of games on it. I have Super Stardust, Gravity Rush, Lumines, Gravity Rush, Atelier Totori, Guacamelee, Sine Mora, Virtue's Last Reward, Black Rock Shooter, God Eater Burst and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows all installed and have just under 1gb free. However I tend to buy most of my games as physical media still.

      If the bundle has an 8gb card I'd use that for a bit until you can justify importing a 64gb, especially if you're going to be mainly digital.

      I'm not sure if it's worth jumping now or waiting, but I suspect it might be better to get one now, I can't see them discounting it much more after Christmas. Especially if the bundle includes the old OLED Vita, that thing's much nicer than the new one.

        I think I'll go mostly digital for the Vita, I have too many game boxes.

        This is the bundle they're selling.
        No mention of a memory card but it's the 3G version :-) I'm like you in that I keep thinking something might use the feature in the future and i'll wish I had bought it

        You seem to have a decent amount of games installed so maybe I don't need a memory card that's too big. I'm still uncertain about the timing but I have a few days to think about it so maybe I'll change my mind.


          Vita games range from 1-4gb. Download-only stuff esp. indies tend to be smaller. IIRC Uncharted was around 3.5gb, Gravity Rush is around the same and so is Totori. The rest are ~1gb each or less. IMO a 4gb would be way too small. I find the 16gb very restrictive and at some point will replace with 64gb.

    The right-turn indicator on highway #1 in my city, in the 'city gates' is broken. Massive queues and me performing illegal manouvers ensue.

    1. I ring Police. After 5 min intro I get put in queue.
    2. Police don't care at all.
    3. Ring local Council.
    4. They lodge job with Main Roads since it's.... highway one.
    5. They ask for my underpant size so they can fully determine the extent of the report.

    tl;dr no one cares.

      I hope you convinced them of your extent.

      Or maybe current tent, depending on your level of excitement.


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    Just put money down for Wasteland 2. I'm getting more and more excited for upcoming games than I have been for a long time. Damn it's been a while

      Seriously though, between that, Satellite Reign & Project Eternity, I'm gonna have all the RPG goodness I could ever need.

    There are some genuinely brilliant games on that Biggest Disappointment list.

      My biggest disappointment was The Last of Us, but now my biggest disappointment is the fact that I can't vote for The Last of Us.

        Yup, same.

        Good Game gave it GOTY last night.

          Opinions sure are something.

            True. I'm with you though. Good story and setting wrapped around a mediocre game.

              If I felt the same feeling for Ellie as I did for Clem in The Walking Dead I feel it would of been better

        If you mentioned it in the Nominate your biggest disappointment post then it should be in the list to vote for. Did Serrels forget to add it?

      I voted Wind Waker. I know it's not terrible, it just was genuinely disappointing that it didn't live up to my expectations.

        You monster! Yeah, I was disappointed with Wind Waker, too. :D

          You're okay, Buble. You're okay.

        I still don't get this Wind Waker thing. What did I miss? Last I saw you'd been playing non-stop and raving about how awesome and pretty it was.

          Last third of the game was so terrible that it tainted the entire experience for me.

            But how can that be a disappointment when you were warned in advance by several people it gets tedious at that point? I thought disappointments were when you were expecting different.

              See, here's the thing, I expected the Triforce quest. The Triforce quest did not bother me because I started doing it really early, so it wasn't a massive hit of searching.

              What did surprise me was how bad the last two dungeons of the game were. The second to last one had poor design decisions, and infuriated me immensely, and the final one was the least creative I've seen ever seen (and it was annoying). So even with the expectation of being annoyed at the last bit, it managed to exceed my expectations of badness.

              I still liked the game overall, but the end really killed its vibe.

      I voted Rome: Total War 2. That was such a let down from both the first Rome and the other Total Wars.

      How is Rayman Legends in there? I could understand if the was the Rayman Legends delay but I'm pretty sure they mean the actual game.

      The game was the original game except improved in every way. =/

    From the desk of @ruffleberg:Looks like the plan thus far is dinner on Friday. A late-ish lunch and dinner on Saturday and all day whatever on Sunday.
    In terms of what to do when we're not actually eating food or drinking booze, i don't know. I'm sure we'll think of something.
    Is it worth actually going to the Manabar? I'd like to see it but i'm not a fan of waiting in lines or crowded places.
    If someone could post that on Kotaku, that would be much appreciated. Last i checked the website is still blocked at work :(

    @sughly, @strange, @freezespreston, @sernobulus, @virus__, @jimu, @gutsoup, @popdart5, @transientmind, @welbot, @dkzeitgeist, @beardymcmuttonchops, @lambomann007

    He'll be in town this weekend!

    Last edited 04/12/13 3:13 pm

      I'm a terrible person. My weekend is solidly booked out on all days so no meat for me. :(

      I'll hopefully be able to make the Saturday late-ish lunch thing.

        I have a market research thing from 12-12:45 or 1pm on Saturday in west end. If we end up meeting around there, and someone else goes early enough, I can pick you up on my way through. I'd be picking you up around 11:30am if that were to eventuate. Let me know if anyone else wants to meet you at west end around midday, and I'll make it happen!

      I'm not in town Friday (going to Leyburn), Saturday i'm working till late & i'm also working Sunday :/ So yeah.. I kinda forgot @freezespreston told me about this and forgot to put down I was n/a, damn it.

    Whoops. Lesson learned, do not make half hour calls overseas. Sooo expensive :S

    I am actually really scared that I'm going to get this for Christmas...,guys/style,shirt

    What gets me the most is the raw chicken for a tongue.

      Psst, watch the new Adult Swim show Rick and Morty yet? (cc. @gutsoup...)

        Not yet, still living with a shitty 3g dongle :( Haven't forgotten though! The rate AS post about it on facebook I don't think I'm going to forget either :P

        oh, man thanks for the reminder, i stared blankly at my pc last night thinking, I know there is something I'm supposed to watch but couldn't remember. will attempt to tonight.

      Let me guess - you could have bought a next-gen console instead of making the call? :P

        I could've gotten close :P I need a stable connection so I can use skypeeee and make video calls so I can see my dear friend's face again :)

    Heh, blowing people's minds with 4D Snake. It's pretty rad :P

    So ah, yeah, apparently people will be in Sydney next weekend for events and stuff so I'm pretty sure the plan was to do...stuff. Not things though. Things are terrible.

    What we know:
    Rocketman, Steve-O, Mrs. Steve-O, Rize, Nob and Blaghman will be around. It's also probably the last chance we will all have to catch up before Christmas.
    We know the date: 14th December 2013
    We also know that food and alcohol will be consumed.

    What we don't know:
    Pretty much everything else. Where do we want to consume said food and alohol?

    @35, @alexpants, @anonymous_pessimist, @batgirl, @batguy, @cakesmith, @cj, @doc_what, @effluvium-boy, @fatshadylive, @freya, @trjn, @gingerchris86, @gorzilla, @harli, @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian, @masha2932, @shiggyninty, @powalen, @novacascade, @ruffleberg, @rize, @blaghman, @markserrels, @rocketman, @steve-o_the_deve-o, @sernobulus, @shane, @dc, @mrtaco

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      Right, I need to book flights and accommodation for that.

        Apparently we have an empty apartment that weekend. Just need someone that's going to be there to grab a set of keys to pass on to you.

      Also, why end it there? Come to Melbourne for an exclusive meat with ME, the following Saturday 21st Dec! Somewhere at Fed Square. Anyone have any other details to my meat? @scree

      Who knows where my meat is going to be? :D

        I think @scree said we'd be meeting at Switch in Fed Square? Not sure though.

        I'll be there at least.

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        I'm kind of a big deal. People know me.

        Also, Anchorman 2 should be out by then!

      Uh, I'm pretty much a definite no. With two small kids and a pregnant wife, even leaving the house is hard, let alone the city. Sorry, dude.

        It's in jest @shane at the recent tagging of you in Brisbane meats. Notice DC was also tagged?

          I did notice, but I also wasn't sure, because Sydney isn't actually crazily out of reach for Canberrans, so I thought I would make my position absolutely clear.

            It's ok Shane. We understand if Sydney is too far for you to dump a bunch of stuff you don't want :P

              @shane come to my meat. It's betterer. And closer. *gets map out*

                *Cuts out everything between Sale, Bendigo, Wagga Wagga and Cooma*

                See? Closer!!!

      Fine. Don't tag me. I didn't want to come anyway.

        We didn't want you anyway.

        You should come though. You can be buddies with @sernobulus.

          We could share a queen bed. =P

            Shotgun little spoon!

              For reals Freeze, should come.

                I would but I think I've used all my brownie points by this point.

                  Only one way to find out!

                  Tell her the night before you leave that the flights are already booked and you'll be back in a couple of days!

              You can use my bed!

              Just, you know, wash the sheets when you're done.

      Unfortunately my work christmas party is the day before :( I would much rather hang out with you guys, but... work party has free food :P

      Bavarian Beir cafe is awesome
      A bar big enough for all of us is always the issue though. Fucking tiny ass bars not big enough for 40 people.
      Also i am around from the 12th and stevo is around from the 9th i think so if anyone wants to catch up during the thursday or friday morning or afternoon im keen to see your happy faces.

      Last edited 04/12/13 4:14 pm

        I'd like to go to the Lowenbrau (mostly after talking to @rize about it last time) but it can get even more pricey.

        And yeah, finding a bar to fit everyone is always a pain haha.


        Also, Friday, we should do lunch. There's some rad markets at the Rocks near my work.

      Any chance of relocating this slightly north to Munich? @freya and I don't really want to work in another set of trans-continental flights if we can avoid them. We've already scheduled a lot of flights and train trips in December.

      I am interested. And not even in Streetpass any more, now that I have all the puzzle pieces!
      Though seriously, bring your 3DS. Need moar streetpass.

      Last edited 04/12/13 4:21 pm

      So *that's* why the 14th was in my head as an important date before...

        Oh man, I need to add you to this list. Grabbed it from an old post haha.

          My invite probably just got placed in the same envelope as Freeze's by accident :P

            No, we just don't like Freeze. We try not to let him know though.

      I'm up for whatever!

      Just keep in mind that it might be hard to get into a restaurant or something if that's what we're doing, because of the whole Christmas thing :P

        Yep, that's why I'm going to default to the Bavarian by the end of the week if no one comes up with anything better.

    So that song down there is playing in my center at the moment.

    Seems a bit of a charged song to be playing in a shopping center. Not that I care but unexpected.

    Last edited 04/12/13 3:50 pm

      For the non retarded link. Kotaku hates my links.

    NegativeZero's Brief Kantai Collection Daily Update That No One Cares About

    Not much to mention really. Didn't get any interesting drops. Did get both Fusou sisters from World 3, as well as a Kitakami who would have been nice if I didn't already have her. Used them up as modernization trash after stripping the 36cm guns from the Fusous to use as extra equipment for any new BBs I get. Started thinking I could do with a second light carrier to offset Hiyou (I have a few others eg Shouhou but they simply can't carry enough planes to justify their use) and then I noticed I've had a level 2 Junyou for ages and never used her. So started on that.

    Got Akagi to level 30 and Remodelled her to her Kai version for more planes and more hunger for my resources. She still seems oddly ineffective compared to Hiryuu. Need to get some other fleet carriers to find out if my Hiryuu is just super good or if Akagi is just crap. Possibly the difference is in aircraft quality and the amount of modernization each has received since the Remodel reset Akagi's stats back to base.

    Attempted to build some decent cannons and a turbine but failed in all cases. Best I got was a 15.5cm Triple, but I don't understand what that gun's good for. It hits better than a 14cm but worse than a 20.3cm, but the smallest class ship that can mount it is a cruiser, but all the cruisers able to mount 15.5cm Triples can also mount 20.3cm, and all the rest seem limited to 14cm. Seems kind of pointless for a rare equipment.

    Other than that I continued to level up my two recent Kongo-class acquisitions - have Kirishima to 20 and Hiei to 14 now. Got Hibiki to level 20 and her first remodel, so now have 3 Kai destroyers. Shimakaze is at 17, Shigure at 15 and Murasame at 12 so I'll probably level them up in that order.

    Probably won't get a chance to play tonight as the game's down for updates and maintenance and I'm heading out for a belated birthday dinner with the family. Probably good to have a day's break since it'll give my resources a chance to recover, noticed my Bauxite supply is getting a bit low and I've got next to no fuel in my reserves.

      I didn't play enough last night to warrant a big post. Suffice to say I built two Chiyodas (because one clearly isn't enough) and one of the Fusou sisters. I'm not scrapping anything yet but I'm trying to speed-grind Chiyoda up to her light carrier remodel so she can run with Shouhou.

      Got a stack of destroyer drops (nothing worth noting) on 1-3 and I still haven't gotten to the boss yet. I'm going to try running CLs and DDs to get the correct compass spin as I think there might be a hidden composition requirement. It might just be that you're not supposed to try running it with 1 BB, 1 CVL, 1 AV, and 3 CLs.

      I was going to try grinding tonight but I had forgotten about the update so I guess that will have to be another day. Dang it.

      @popdart5 update notes for today's update as they appear on the twitter account,

      EDIT: translation of the notes by someone who actually knows what they're saying here:

      Last edited 04/12/13 5:48 pm

    We really should update the TAYlist to include city locations.

    That way we don't all need to be creepy-like with maps, photos, pins and string.

      @greenius didn't need that to immediately identify people he had never met at PAX this year.

      Are you saying that you're not as good a stalker as him?

      I have suggested this before and for some reason people don't want to do it?

        Hmm lemme see if I have administrative control over taynames..

    So I got my DVD of The Enemy Of The World today, pretty bloody good overall.

    Lost for pretty much my entire lifespan, copy found somewhere in Africa (Nigeria I think it was), given the digital restoration treatment and damn does it look great for footage that's getting on towards half a century old.

    The story was a lot better than I expected as well, having read the outline of the story in books I was expecting something a bit closer to the usual "character 1 looks exactly like character 2; wacky hijinks ensue" style farce, a bit better than the normal kind of crap being Dr Who but pretty shallow. Instead it was a really good tale of manipulation and politics with none of the characters really getting in the way and not suffering the 6 episode fatigue that Dr Who stories occasionally suffered from.

    Sadly there's no real extras, I suppose they wanted to get it out in time for the anniversary and most of the people involved in the production are dead now anyway. There is a trailer for the next story (both chronologically and in release), The Web Of Fear. Really quite dramatic looking, far more so than any old Dr Who story ever had before.

    So yeah, quite happy with it. I'd definitely recommend it to fans of classic Who.

      You know how EVA 1.11-3.33 look amazing on blu-ray, if you have no idea what I'm talking about just trust me they look gorgeous. But the original series even though its restored looks shitty in comparision. Thats why i cant watch old doctor who. Everything feels so dated. Like the characters, story and the footage. For its time it always will be seen as the pinnicale for amazing budget story telling but i have been spoiled and i cant return to the old Who.

        Next you'll be saying you can't watch it because it's in black & white, it's thinking like that which caused the bbc to destroy the original masters in the first place!

        Effectively YOU murdered Dr Who you monster!!!!!!!!1111

        The original series of Neon Genesis has been restored on Blu-ray?!

        NO ONE TOLD ME!

      Weird, Nigeria actually delivering on claims of treasure.

    Aw man, got an email from Good Guys saying that they can't fulfil the order from that $10 thing a while back. Thought for sure I wouldn't miss out seeing as I ordered relatively early. Oh well. They're pretty good about it at least, refund plus a $40 gift card. Could do much worse.

    Luigi U I can understand running out of, but they didn't have a copy of Pokemon Rumble to give me. Nobody even bought that game when it was new! :P

    @greenius @beavwa (who else wanted to know? I can't remember)

      I got Super Scribblenauts, Resistance Burning Skies and SSFIV 3DS with no hassles.

      Metallica guitar bundle is a no-go for me.

      Read it again. They CAN fulfill that list, or they CAN'T?
      I thought they told me that the whole order was out, but then re-read and it says they will get those to me.

        ...we regret to inform you that we have been unable to fulfil any of your order.
        We can assure you that we have exhausted every one of our suppliers in Australia in an attempt to get you the games you ordered but have had no luck

          Any of your order. Shit. Here's what I got:

          We have finished the consolidation of all of the orders. We are pleased to inform you that we have been able to fulfil some of your order, however unfortunately we are unable to fulfil all of your order

      Also, according to this email, I am getting Pokémon Rumble, and only missing out on gold / silver. That doesn't seem right if I get it from a much later order (rumble, gold and silver were previously raised as unable to get so it's funny if it comes back now)
      At this point I'll just have to wait and see what arrives in the delivery, their story changes every time about what will and won't make it.
      I'm going to use that $40 voucher to get whatever game comes with the wiimote plus. Cheap controller.

        Good idea! I might do the same, I only have one Wiimote now. Or maybe a Pro Controller.

    What WiiU games are must gets?

      Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends!

        Better on wiiU or Vita?

          Uh, couldn't tell you. Touch controls were incredible on the Wii U and I imagine that'd be the same for the Vita. All levels come on the Wii U disc and you've got to get free DLC for Vita. Probably otherwise the exact same experience. Depends if you want to play it on a HDTV (which it looks stunning on) or portable...

          Last edited 04/12/13 6:06 pm

            probably portable. I will play it longer

              Pikmin 3 should be played with a Wiimote and nunchuck though. I imagine trying to use the gamepad with that would be pretty irritating.

                It is tricky, but it's definitely the way to go.

      DON'T BUY! Just remember - KK! :D


          Lemme guess. You're not in Secret SanTAY, are you?

            No, I opted out. Sorry

              No big deal. Maybe someone will gift you something anyway. :D It's Christmas!

                No one will.

                  Hint hint, nudge nudge, maybe I will? :D And no refusing!

                  It's fine. I decided no games this Christmas. Mum and I are short of money so we'll just buy stuff we really need.

                  No games this Christmas? What is this, the Scrooged film? You're killing my Christmas spirit! How about this - if *someone* gets you a gift this Christmas, whether it be a game or not..

         refusing! :D Err because you didn't have to pay for it! There.

                  But I feel like I am always on the receiving end of this stuff. I don't mind. After christmas once I've paid off most of my credit card, I can start buying games again

      W101, Mario CATS, Wind Waker HD

      Pikmin, Wonderful 101, NSMBU, Rayman as already mentioned.

      New Super Luigi U is worth a look-in too. And I'm a huge fan of ZombiU.

    YOYHO Hi

      Was JUST thinking of you Jimu. That's creepy.

      Except I imagined you saying, 'What up, TAY' instead.

        I like you

          Who here doesn't? No one answer that. :D

            I- Oh. OK.

              Blaghs, you're the exception. The guy who gifted me Batman Origins can say whatever he wants about me! :D

                Oh. Well with the sweet power of freedom, let the truth be shown.

                "Uhhh. Yup."

                Wise words indeed, inner voice, wise words indeed.

    Changed profile name to something holiday-related, before it was cool.
    I wanted "Флед Мороз" but the system would not accept it - so I worked within the given constraints.

    So in these past 48 hours I've gone from going up to Launceston to see friends, to them coming down here just for the day on Wednesday, to hosting a party on Thursday night after my exam... Could be interesting. Never hosted a party before, it was easier to show up elsewhere :P

    Artorias the Abysswalker: Defeated.

    Never has a video game accomplishment felt so satisfying.

    For this victory I would like to thank my most unlikely but effective secret weapon:
    The Dark Woodgrain Ring.
    That little bit of extra speed and invulnerability when rolling made all the difference: suddenly I had the maneuverability needed to avoid tricky attacks, time to follow up with my own and the speed to get in and out of range.
    He was still damn hard though. Have not had such an intense battle since defeating Ornstein and Smough the first time.

      All of the DLC bosses are massive pricks and it feels so damned good to beat them.

      I need to do a melee build playthrough at some point. Some point rather soon.

        Probably at least before 2 comes out I suppose. You got time.

          My problem is that I'm moving in February. That makes this a little more difficult.

    Who else here reckons tthe day I get Bravely Default is the same day my Rayman Legends arrive?

      I don't know, @jimu - I've long since given up trying to predict the movements of the Australian postal system.

      I am confident that should such a disaster occur, you will be capable of dealing with it effectively!

        Mmm, throw Rayman on the pile

      On the plus side one's a story heavy game and one's not which means you can play them both at the same time without confusing you. XD

        Dood, Bravely conquers all.
        I ahd hoped Rayman arrived sooner :(

    TV people, I need some help!
    I find my taste in TV shows has started to become quite, feminine, scarily feminine in fact.
    I need something new to watch, preferably not too old, doesn't matter which genre, so long as it isn't classified as "girly". Also, I would prefer it to be a complete season, nothing on-going as I hate waiting for new episodes.
    Any help would be great, and any suggestion would be helpful! :)

      Orange is the New Black. It's set in a women's prison. Has an ensemble cast that's primarily women. Just an amazing show all round. The most Freaks and Geeks-like show since Freaks and Geeks. Piper Chapman's a fairly normal girl who's past catches up to her. She's sentenced to fourteen months in a women's prison as her fiancee deals with the fallout.

      Freaks and Geeks. Relive the awkwardness of high school by laughing at others still living it. Seen through the perspective of the Weir siblings, one in the 'freak' group while the other is in the 'geek' group. Set in 1980s, but resonates with any one who's been a teenager. Amazing cast: James Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, etc...

      The Killing. Slow burn murder mystery. Atmospheric with strong characters. This isn't like Law and Order. It's about the long haul effect of crime on the people who investigate and the people who knew the victims. Stuff you don't see often in these shows. (Leg work, clearing suspects, etc.) First case is about the disappearance of Rosie Larson, a regular seeming teenager. It's also supposed to be Sarah Linden's last day on the job as her replacement Steven Holder becomes her partner with a very different investigation method.

      Treme. One of the best written, grounded TV shows I've watched in a long time. Set in post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. Hard to do this show justice in the description, but there's a massive cast of varied characters (musicians, chefs, police, lawyers, etc...) living their lives in a city changed by the storm. It has an amazing sense of place and realism.

      The Newsroom. Aaron "The West Wing" Sorkin's new show about cable news. Smart, funny and self-contained. Most arcs will have been tied up nicely by the end of season two. (Even though a third is on the horizon.) A fairly passive news anchor has a public melt down that forces the network to hire a new executive producer and retool his show.

      The Good Wife. Don't let the name fool you, this isn't a girly show or a soap opera. It's a smart procedural law show with strong serialized threads running beneath the surface.

      Boardwalk Empire. Set in prohibition era Atlantic City and is about bootleggers who supply alcohol illegally. It's almost a real world Game of Thrones in how it's structured. Huge cast of characters whose names you won't often remember.

      Game of Thrones. I'm not a fan of the fantasy genre, but I freaking love this show. Amazing visuals, compelling characters and politics. Good watching.

      Fringe. FBI Agent Olivia Denham finds herself the head of new team tasked with investigating cases based on Fringe science. Starts off as an X-Files clone but really comes into its own by the end of the first season. Amazing, strong characters.

      Lost. Follows the survivors of Oceanic 815 who crash land on a mysterious island somewhere in the pacific. There's all kinds of weirdness happening here.

      The Americans. Set during the cold war and is about a seemingly normal American couple who are actually sleeper agents from the Soviet Union. There's an amazing dynamic between the two leads as they find themselves assigned to be husband and wife. Also cool parallels running beneath the surface about the FBI tasked with hunting these agents.

      Gravity Falls. New animated Disney cartoon that's probably the strongest thing they've done since Duck Tales in the '90s. Amazing art direction and cleverly written with early Simpsons kind of humor. (Jokes aimed at adults that'll go over kids heads while still being funny for kids too.) About Mabel and Dipper, two siblings, who spend their summer vacation at their great uncle's Mystery Shack in a town with supernatural occurrences.

      Mad Men. Can't believe I forgot that. Set in an advertising firm in the '60s. Incredibly written, beautifully paced drama. It follows a guy named Don Draper who's basically the definition of damaged goods. An insanely great ensemble cast too. (Elisabeth Moss in particular as Peggy Olsen!) Once you start watching it'll be no surprise why it has won best drama Emmys countless times.

      SIX FEET UNDER. One of the greatest shows ever written. About the Fisher family who runs a funeral home. It's weird. It's dark. It's funny. Also taps into something unspoken about the human experience. It's so good.

      Also, you like what you like, man. Who cares if your definition of a good show is different from others. Just out of curiosity what sort of stuff do you like?

      Last edited 04/12/13 8:48 pm

        Thanks for the suggestions man, I'll look into them :) and I like pretty much anything, except I'm stuck in a super girly show loop at the moment that I'm trying to break, but it's tough. Umm no judging, but my most recently watched shows are...
        Gossip Girl (all of it). I'm not even gonna bother with a description, it's about bitches and sluts :P
        Pretty Little Liars (Seasons 1 - 4.5). Highschool students being blackmailed by dead school bully.
        Greys Anatomy (Seasons 1 - 9). Medical residents progression through, stuff it, more bitches and sluts :P
        Jerseylicious (all of it). I only watched this because it's funny watching them get in fights, and my sister left it on, and I didn't want to, but next thing I knew I'd watched it all, ok?!
        Bad Girls Club (season 6). Unruly American girls put into a house to share, lots of fighting, drinking, and more fighting.
        And now the hum-dinger.
        I accidentally started watching Sex and the City, and I'm liking it so far... :(

        I watch normal shows to, I swear! I like The Walking Dead, Supernatural, 30 Rock, Community, South Park and other stuff, I'm just literally stuck in a girly show cycle!

          Hey man, I watch Grey's Anatomy too. First few seasons had some deceptively good writing. You know what, my friend? You should watch the HBO show Girls. I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Might not seem super manly, but has all kinds of buzz.

          I used to be self-conscious if things I liked was considered manly or not but now I don't give a damn. Haha.

          Last edited 04/12/13 9:14 pm

          Based on your viewing habits I recommend The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf.

          Also, I was around when Sex And The City began. Everyone was watching it, boys as well as girls. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I hate it when the media or social media categorise entertainment as gendered. If you like it, watch it!

            I have Vampire Diaries on my laptop ready to watch, hahaha! It was going to be my next show to watch, but I wanted to break the girly shows, at least for a bit! I'll look into Teen Wolf too! I really like SatC so far, it is surprisingly funny, and not what I was expecting! It just comes cross as a "girls" show unfortunately, but it's actually quite good!

          Also, thanks Liondrive! I like getting an opportunity to talk about my favourite shows!

          Last edited 04/12/13 9:27 pm

            That's alright! Greys Anatomy was really good from seasons 1-7, then it started to go downhill unfortunately :( it's one of my favourite shows though. I love Yang so much hahaha! She's such a good character!

              I thought it was amazing up until the end of season six. All down hill since then. I feel like they're stuck in a cycle of dramatic deaths and repeating storylines. You might like the new show Sleepy Hollow?

              Last edited 04/12/13 9:31 pm

                Yeah, they tried to be all "fresh" in season 10 by bringing in new inters, except they destroyed the chemistry between Meredith and Christina and absolutely ruined Bailey! Bailey is not meant to be nice! Also...
                Killing off McSteamy was dumb, he was great!
                Sleepy Hollow looked promising, except i hate waiting for episodes, haha! I like to watch it from start to finish at the pace I choose! Has the first season finished yet?

                  Nah, won't finish until around April or May next year.

                  I actually really like what they've done with Grey and Yang this season, feels like one of the first genuinely new plot developments in a while.

                  I'll look into Sleepy Hollow when it's finished. There is enough suggestions here to keep me going for a life time in the mean time, haha! And season 10 is my least favourite season. I suspect it will get cancelled soon, there just isn't enough new material unfortunately. The new interns aren't interesting enough to carry it into more seasons, and there is only so much that can happen in a hospital. Meredith and Yang were at their best between seasons 3 and 6.

                  Edited because Meredith and Grey are the same person, durr liondrive :P

                  Last edited 05/12/13 12:12 am

        Lost. Fringe. Agreed.

          I really like the first few seasons of Lost and watched them religiously when they were on TV. I accidentally missed a couple of episodes though and got completely lost (no pun intended) so ended up giving up. Fringe seems really interesting as well, I'll definitely add that to my list of shows to watch!

            Lost has a huge turning point at the end of season three. It's easy to lose interest in the events leading up to that.

              Fringe is only my favourite show of all time. :D

                Once again, you're okay Buble. You're okay.

                Lost hits a point where you either love what's going on or don't. I loved it. XD

      Ooh, this looks like a job for cartoons! *chorus of voices* CARTOONS!

      Young Justice: Two seasons, and cancelled in its prime. :/

      Gravity Falls: Never releases new episodes. :/

      Avatar: The Last Airbender: You need to watch this so that Korra makes sense.

      Batman Beyond: Okay I'm just fucking with you (though I do actually like this show).

      Last edited 04/12/13 9:10 pm

        Thanks mate :) I see Young Justice on TV every now-and-then so I might look into that a bit more, and I've watched all of Avatar except the new stuff. Is the Korra stuff worth watching?

          Korra's pretty damn excellent. The second season just finished (of four, I think), and it definitely gets my vote.

            Thanks man, I'll definitely look into Korra now! I really liked The Last Airbender, except for Aang towards the end. I found he kind of became all sulky and annoying, and Katara was a bit grating at times, but overall I enjoyed it!

      The Wire!

      Or Arrow- you can watch that for the action scenes, and whoever's putting you through the girly stuff can watch it for shirtless Stephen Amell.

      I mean, I'm a heterosexual male, but damn that guy looks good without a shirt.

        I was interested in Arrow, except I was put off because I liked the Green Arrow that they introduced in Smallville and didn't want them to redo him! I might look into though, it did look promising from the TV ads. Thank you! :)

          It's a bit of a rough starter (well, not so much rough as procedural), but it gets really good once the mythology kicks in.


      Neon genesis Evangelion
      Awesome show about teens fighting giant monsters that is way deeper than anyone first expects.

      Haibanei Renmei
      This one is about little girl angels born into a walled-off town and is amazingly emotional
      (Probably girly, but meh)

      Nuts anime that is as deep or as shallow as you want it to be. Nothing compares.

      Paranoia Agent
      Satashi Kon, the greatest anime director ever.
      Just watch this.

      Internetty weird cool. Girly protagonist

      Now and Then, Here and There
      One of the most positive heros in some of the most fucked-up situations I have seen.
      So good!

      El Hazard
      Light-hearted adventure in a fantasy world. Romance, comedy, drama, it's great!

        I've seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, it was really good! Except for those last two episodes, they were really weird. I kinda got bored with all the talking so I ended up zoning out, haha! Those other suggestions seem really interesting as well, good interesting though! I will probably look into that Haibanei Renmai tonight, it sounds like something I would like. Also, are these subbed or dubbed? I can only watch dubbed anime because i find i spend all of my time reading the subtitles otherwise and end up missing whats going on on the screen :(

          The last two episodes were my favourite of the series, that's all the important meta-physical stuff.

          Each to their own of course.

          Check out FLCL, same studio's next project. Much more easily digestable.

        Now and Then, Here and There is absolutely harrowing. That's one of the few shows I've ever dropped halfway in because it was too bleak and depressing to watch. :(