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    @negativezero So it turned out maintenance for Kantai was done by about 6pm so I was able to get on anyway. Finally cleared 1-3 although it was a close run thing (two CLs down to 2 HP, yikes). I built another Kongo-class but I got a duplicate of Hiei so a little disappointed there. It does sound pretty ridiculous that of the three BBs I have constructed, two have been Kongo-class. RNG by cray cray.

    Edit: Kantai page-get.

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      Congrats on 1-3. That took me quite a while to crack as well. On the upside you'll find that once your ships have cleared it a few times they'll have leveled up enough that it gets easier and easier. Especially once you get a carrier or two to supplement them - the initial airstrike from a good carrier can cripple an enemy fleet.

      Whenever I attempt to build battleships I get a Takao or Tone-class Heavy Cruiser or I get a Tenryuu or Tatsuta. I've had much better luck with BBs dropping from sorties.

      I did end up playing last night as well. Got Shigure and Shimakaze both to their level 20 Kai remodels and Murasame to 16, as well as getting Kirishima to 25. The Kongo-class remodels have some badass rare equipment as standard, their Kai forms start with 41cm guns and 15.5cm Triple-Barrel support guns (which are miles better than the 15.2cm single-barrel gun that the Fusou and Ise classes start with) as well as 12.7cm High Angle guns. All rare gear. Pretty nice. My un-modified Kirishima-Kai has higher firepower with standard equipment than my Ise and Hyuuga do at 20 with three 36cm guns loaded.

      I also had another go at building a fleet carrier but I got a Chitose instead. I don't mind this as I didn't have her already, but I won't be leveling her up unless I get an Ooi as a drop as otherwise I have no use for Chitose's midget subs (already have Kitakami, and aside from the two tenders + Kitakami and Ooi and the subs, the midgets can't be used by anyone).

      My bauxite, fuel and ammo are all super low at the moment. I've had to stop running my carriers at all to try and get the bauxite back up. I think the problem is that if I run my former top-end fleet (Fusou, Yamashiro, Ise, Hyuuga, Akagi, Hiryuu) then *all* those ships launch planes and the seaplanes launched from the BBVs always tend to get shot down which means I'm dropping 50-80 bauxite every sortie if I use them. So I swapped to an all-warship fleet for a while esp. while leveling the destroyers, but running BBs like Kongo and Hiei constantly has chewed through my ammunition stores quite fast too.

      Plan is to continue to run a leaner fleet while I level Murasame to her Kai remodel, then have one pass at 3-2 with the six destroyers and see how they fare. I suspect they'll still be too weak to last through to the boss. I've read that the suggestion is to take them all high morale (sparkling), level 30+ and 4-5 stars from modernization so assuming that's the case I intend to split them three and three and run them each with some cruisers and the two Kongo-class BBs. Probably keeping them to World 3 as much as possible for the added XP and better drops. Luckily getting them to sparkling is easy, at 20+ they can all easily solo 1-1 and so they're guaranteed to get MVP. Run that once or twice and they'll be shiny and sparkly assuming they take no hits.

      FYI there will be a Christmas event starting in a few weeks. Special maps with extra bosses and stuff. It looks like it'll be a tie-in with an anime series currently running, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, so characters from that will probably be bosses and I would be stunned if they didn't add I-401 as an event drop. Would also imagine that if you manage to get high enough to be able to do the harder areas in it they might bring back some of the drop-only ships from the earlier events this year. Specifically Yamato and Musashi. That's what I'm hoping at least - Yamato hasn't been obtainable in the game since the event in August.

      Which ships are you running in your main fleet now?

        Ooh that is very interesting regarding the Christmas event. I don't know if I will be of a high enough level to snag some of the rare drops but I shall try anyway.

        I'm currently running Chiyoda as flagship (still pre-remodel so I need her to level), Shouhou, Hiei, Fusou, Ashigaro, and Kitakami. I think my highest level is only 11 so I have some work to do. I have a stack of LCs but Ashigaro is my only heavy cruiser so I'm trying to crank out another to complete that fleet composition quest. I already have all of the LCs I need to unlock the third fleet but I just need to clear the quests leading up to that. I'm also trying to get the carrier-kill quest clear to unlock Akagi but I've only run 1-4 once since getting there.

        I need to run sorties more often as I'm not in a precarious position resource wise. Expended a stack of instant constructions and dev kits yesterday so my steel is a bit low. Otherwise, all good on that front.

          You've got both Chiyoda and Kitakami? Awesome. After her Torpedo Cruiser remodel, Kitakami with midget subs can be crazily powerful.

          Sounds like you've got a pretty reasonable primary fleet. IIRC I cleared 1-4 using Shouhou, Ashigara, Fusou, Yamashiro, Yura and Yukikaze, but I might have had Hiryuu by that point instead of Shouhou, I've forgotten.

          Assuming the event maps are like the November one, E1 was roughly the same sort of difficulty as 3-1 and 2-3 in terms of number of stars, but was closer to 3-1 in difficulty because many of the enemies were Elites or Flagships. IIRC only the final bosses in World 2 are Elite. You needed to be able to get past at least four consecutive fights to get to the boss, and needed to beat the boss 4-5 times to drop the health of the stage to 0, and the boss needed to be sunk. And the drops from it weren't as focused as world 2 and 3, I was mainly getting crappy destroyers from running it. :( But the upside is that beating E-1 gave me Iku (I-19). First enemy node was 1-3 submarines so you really needed to run at least one or two destroyers or light cruisers to be able to damage them. Also getting to the boss required a fair bit of luck because the boss would fuck you up something terrible if you went in badly damaged, so often I just couldn't make it there.

          I cleared E1 with ships around the 15-25 range. I think getting Hiryuu, Fusou and Yamashiro to their remodels was what allowed me to push through. I also used Imuya (I-168) as my flagship to take a lot of the fire (DD and CAs always target subs first). I reckon by the time that the Christmas event rolls around, assuming they have similar difficulty you should be able to at least clear the first event map. When I cleared it I was easily able to do 2-2, 2-3 was most of the time, but I hadn't cleared 2-4 yet and it took me a few more days leveling up to be able to do that. You've already got a leg up on me in that you've got a Kongo-class and they're much better battleships. By that point you'll likely have Hiei to her remodel and I'd expect you'd probably have a fleet carrier too, either by getting Akagi from the quest, or from a lucky build.

          Probably don't expect to be able to get Yamato or Musashi if they're available though, they dropped from really high-end event worlds.

            Yeah I figured that about Yamato/Musashi. Being probably a) one of the rarest and b) one of the most powerful BBs, it's unlikely I'd be in a position to even attempt the event that drops them. Thankfully I've got a bit of time so I hope to have at least one ship to level 20 in a week's time.

            Once I get my first remodel done, I'll start looking at modernising as I have a tonne of duplicate DDs to either scrap or consume. I have far too many Miyukis.

              IMO it's okay to burn some stuff to modernize ships that you're using a lot but haven't gotten them to remodel level yet. Some of the classes have very high remodel levels - the subs remodel at level 50 for example, so I've modernized and maxed out both of mine. Iku can hit for upwards of 200 damage against a light ship with a torpedo crit now. :P I also did some modernization on my primary fleet ships because I was using them a lot and wanted some extra survivability. Plus I kept getting close to the 100-ship cap and felt like scrapping destroyers for a paltry amount was less valuable than using them to buff stats on my primary hitters.

    So, I actually had some time to play SKYRIM! on the PC.
    Downloaded a few mods to make it pretty and everything worked well.
    Now, I may be thrown out of TAY for this but... I think I prefer SKYRIM! on my 360
    *flinches away from the stones and arrows thrown Hugo's way*
    It's not the game or PC, it has to be me.
    I'm stran... er, odd.

    I believe it is mutiple things, first, I'm playing on a laptop with a basic mouse, so I am not really setup for gaming.
    I am really not used to playing on the laptop so even the most basic actions feel awkward.
    The other weird thing is it feels very sped up. Everything feels much faster and it feels very weird. I guess I am just slow.

    I will keep trying at it, especially since some of the mods out there look amazing, but being the old fashioned barbarian I am, I don't think I will be spending as much time on the PC version as I have (and will continue to do) on the 360.
    But like I said, I am odd.

      Did you see my screen on the previous page?
      if not, here's another

      SO PRETTY!...

      Inventory system took me awhile to get used to, but now i don't have a problem with it... if it feels sped up, maybe it's because it runs smoother? i dunno never played it on console...

      But each to their own... i don't know if you can connect a 360 gamepad and play with that if you prefer? if you can't out of the box, maybe there's a mod for that?

        Very pretty.
        I will certainly keep at it and after spending only Talos know how many hours playing it on the 360, there is no doubt that it would feel odd.
        Had a look and it looks like connecting a gamepad is part of it's basic settings, so I will connect my 360 controller and hopefully that will help the transition.

        The speed was just weird. Can't really explain the sensation myself, it just felt sped up, it didn't feel like it had the same weight behind movement as the 360 version. But, that is probably just my inner weirdness coming out.
        New things are scary and therefore must be bad :P

          Play the PC version with the 360 controller. You will need the wireless receiver.

      I don't much like playing games on the PC either. It's uncomfortable mostly. Also for some reason I place zero value on my PC games and really don't care about them.

        I'm like this as well. For me I think it's kind of like eBooks. Digital items have no meaning to me. I need to hold something in my hand for it to feel real and valuable.

          I'm the opposite, why have a physical copy when you can have a digital version of it. No worrying about damaged CDs, storage space for cases or swapping out CD's. Infact I rarely get physical copies of PC games unless I get a CE.

            I don't get the arguments that come up with this (save for storage space, which is fair enough). Damaged CDs and swapping discs has never been an issue or worry for me, nor do I see how they could be.

              As someone who has moved apartments many, many, many times... it WAS totally an issue for me. Until I pretty much digitized everything and no longer worry about it. But yeah, there was always some CD case or key lost or damaged in a move (out of the hundreds owned).

        Very much this.
        Back in the early 90's I was very much PC, I used to be with IT, but then they changed what IT was. Now what I'm with isn't IT, and what's IT seems weird and scary to me, and it'll happen to TAY, too
        *old man Hugo*

        I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

          Huh? Why would I be sarcastic?

            It's because of the way I play PC games - and not in a traditional mouse/keyboard office desk sense.

            I have my PC hooked up to my TV with a 360 wireless controller for gameplay and a handheld wireless keyboard/touchpad for navigating.

            I sit on the couch and play my PC games like a console gamer does. I find it very comfortable and I value the dirt-cheap digital games immensely.

            That's pretty much why I thought you were kidding. No beef.

      I can understand preferring 360 on a big TV to playing on a little laptop monitor.
      But having it on a proper PC with lots of prettiness and space cores falling out of the sky is unbeatable


      I can't tell if half the comments in this stub are serious or not?

      I have my PC hooked up to my TV with a 360 wireless controller for gameplay and a handheld wireless keyboard/touchpad for navigating. This is the ultimate console.

      Oh, I know your problem. It's Field of View (FOV).

      PC port of the game kept the same FOV as the console game, and it just looks retarded on a screen that close to your face. Can cause headaches too.

      Read this, set FOV to 85-90 or as preference:

    So I wonder if when I cancel a pre-order with EB they'll give me cash back or just make me have to take it as store credit. I might call up and cancel over the phone instead of going out in this heat because I strongly suspect it'll just be store credit.

      Should be able to get cash back but I guess it depends on the EB.

      they can offer you store credit, but I'm pretty sure they have to refund you if thats what you ask for.

      Oh! Just remembered I still need to go grab that last thing I need for Secret SanTAY (I've been out every damn day this week and still keep forgetting. :P ) so I should take care of both things at once.
      Thanks to @35 I will ask for cash because it will mean the difference between being able to buy refreshing drinks while I'm out or not. :P I don't really mind if it ends up being too much trouble to argue with a scary salesperson, though. I'll just put the money on the Dark Souls 2 pre-order instead.

      They don't have to refund cash, even if you ask for it, unless the goods are damaged/faulty/etc. (At least that was the deal when I worked in retail).

      Store credit most likely.

        That's for returns though. This is just a deposit on an item that hasn't been purchased yet, I'm not so sure it's the same.

      Further to everyone's helpful contributions:

      EB will usually want to make a refund in the same method in which the money was paid; so cash for cash, refund to card for credit/debit, store credit for store credit. Your mileage may vary. The "trade goods for cash" licence for retailers actually varies state by state - give it was difficult and expensive to get in NSW, games are only traded for store credit here although I understand QLD allows trade for cash in which case you may be able to get a cash refund even if the original payment method was trade-ins.

      As far as cancelling pre-orders, there should be no problems with doing that. Store Manager may be disappointed in losing a KPI metric but that's just tough cookies.

    Someone please remind me why I'm spending my birthday at work instead of playing Starbound?

      Happy birthday! :D Hope the year treats you well, Beavwa!

      It's your birthday today?!
      If so, Happy Birthday! Hopefully when you finish earning all that useful money at work you can go home and be spoiled with thoughtful gifts and food, glorious food. *hugs*

      Happy belated birthday!

      First off, Happy Birthday!
      Second, because you're earning your big bucks to get what you want later on. :) Usually I take some leave for my birthday.

      Happy birthday Beavwa Mang!!!
      Also you're not looking too well are you feeling alright?
      Maybe you should go home for the rest of the day... and take tomorrow off too to make sure you're over that nasty bug you're so clearly dealing with!


      Happy Birthday Mang!

      Because you accepted your birthday gift early so now the actual day has no meaning
      Was the shiny worth it now!

      Congratulations on Age++.

      Our birthdays are surprisingly close to each other. :O

        Speaking of that did you decide to do anything for yours?

          I just did a really small thing, and went out with the family last night as well.

      Happy B'day @beavwa! Hope you had a better day at work than usual at least!

    Applied to have 2 weeks off early next year (last week of Feb/first week of March) with no plans besides a friend from home being in Sydney for a few days at the end of the last week.

    I'm looking forward to it so, so much. Maybe I'll head to Queensland for a couple of days or something.

      You can come to Mackay and....see stuff...and visit all the attractions...and..and...climb a tree...


    Asked my sis what I should get my nephew and she asked him. "Uncle Tigs bring me Lego" was the answer. So I need to know where is the best and cheapest place to get Lego that I will have within 3 weeks

      Keep an eye on Target, they often have their Lego on sale and a fairly decent collection.
      The problem with Lego is that every place will have a slightly varied selection. So if you're looking for something in particular (say, the police dog small box) only certain places will have it.
      When I was looking for it, I found Toys R us to be the most expensive, target to be the cheapest but they didn't have the small dog box. I found it at Big W.

      Mr Toys Toy World. If that doesn't work, Toys R Us.

        DAMMIT... never heard of that website before, checked it...
        now i need THIS in my life...

          *Bang*... Oops my jaw just dropped one sec...
          Wow... that is just incredible! Now you're making me want one

      Target, Big W and the like tend to be more expensive than they should be so only buy from them if you're desperate. Online, Fishpond or MightyApe generally have some good deals on LEGO but if you must buy in bricks and mortar try Mr.Toys/Toyworld. I find they're usually the cheapest. Occasionally Myer have some really great deals on LEGO so they're always worth checking out, too.
      (I have a brother-in-law who's addicted to LEGO. "For the kids", of course. :P )

      MYER usually have some great deals over the holidays with 20-40% off various sets. I'm sure there will be some sales over the next few weeks. I got some nice sets from them last year for half price :-)

      Also if your nephew has a console or handheld get him one of the LEGO games too. You can get him a LEGO playset and a LEGO game :-) The older games are really cheap now and even the new one will be on special over xmas. You can even play the game together when you visit.

    Mob City! Frank Darabont! Today!

      DAMMIT JIM, i'm a doctor, not a walking TV Guide!
      I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about XD

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      Yes, uh-huh, I agree.

      *smiles and nods*

        New television series from writer and director Frank Darabont. (The guy who did Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and the Mist and was responsible for the first season of The Walking Dead.) Set in Los Angeles around the same period as L.A. Noire!

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    sorry guys i apologise for bringing my personal crap into TAY but i just really need to vent.

    My dad just called me about two hours ago, my mum is back in hospital (she has ovarium cancer) and she isnt doing very well...

    doctors have basically told him that they cant continue with chemotherapy at all because they cant get to any usable veins, and surgery is not an option... basically its as long as she lasts from hereon out, but they said it wont be for very long.

    i still dont know if she is able to leave the hospital at all. doctors asked for us to go in at 9am tomorrow.

    to make things worse my relationship with my brother has been rocky at best over the last three months and since hes living with my parents, we have barely visited her in the last three months even though they live 10 minutes away.

    i honestly dont know what im expecting from posting this but i just really really needed to vent somewhere as i feel like im on the verge of a breakdown.

      I'm so, so sorry to hear this, Zetrox. This is truly an awful thing to have to deal with. Take solace in the fact that you've got time to spend with her now. We're all here for you, man. Whenever you want to talk or vent or the like. Sending good thoughts your way.

      I got nothing that would honestly help in your situation other then fluffy words, which means bugger-all...
      Just know that we are here for you and *hugs*!!!!

      My advice is - if possible - get off work, get off TAY and go be with your mother!

      Us losers will all be here when you return. :D I also send my regards.

      That's pretty much exactly what happened with my sister a few years back so I know pretty much what you're going though and how much is sucks.

      *huge hug*

      Maybe speak to your brother before you go in to see her. Create a truce or something for her.
      Ovarian cancer is a horrible thing.

    Took the opportunity to go home during lunch and try out Starbound.

    ...I don't want to go back to work.

      *Rize calls work*
      "Hey, just calling in to say when I was out to lunch I got hit by a truck and am now dead. I'll be back in next week".

    I have this song stuck in my head but I don't mind.

      I have this song stuck in my head and I mind. D:

        I used to be obsessed with his song 'Supreme' (and music vid) when I was younger.

    has there really not been a TAY post in over an hour, or is something dodgy going on?

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      The ashes is on. With all the sportsball nuts on here that must be it

    It's a little strange when your boss sends out an email to your entire team when it contains smiley-faces and "tee hee".

      Tee hee? Yeah that's pretty weird. Social media lover I'm guessing.

        He's in his late 50s and is close to retiring. Not exactly your typical social media lover.

          Haha. I was way off.

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      Could be worse.
      Could be a 20-something year old guy who really likes Hanson.

        Are you talking about @redartifice. That always seems to come up as a spotify suggestion for him, I'm starting to suspect something

    Our office has been decorated the bejeezus out of for Christmas so people are bringing their kids in to see it and there are like five babies here help help get me out.

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      List them on ebay for quick sale & pickup only. See if anyone comes round to buy them

    Well fuck, I just got filmed to be in an ad on TV for my gym. Easily the strangest thing I've done in a while since I normally prefer to be the one holding the camera or failing that, hiding from it. I suspect I won't show up much in the final cut since the focus was mostly on my trainer and they did a lot of close ups but its still a scary prospect.

    Hmm, I think I'm going to put it on my resume, there's fuck all else on it so it'll at least look like I did something this year. 2013 - Gym Advert as "Bloke with boxing gloves".

      That's why whenever I go to the gym, I have an emergency tub of ice cream, ready to be whipped out.
      See a camera? Stare at it, eating your ice cream, scooping it out with your bare hands, sobbing.
      Guarantee you wont be in the final cut.

        might end up as the 'before' part of a before-and-after comparison though...

        Or it gets you a starring role
        Is this you? Do you feel like you have no idea what you should do at the gym. Call now and in just 6 weeks we will turn you from this *Bish sobbing* to this *Studly McStudMuffin*

          Is the studly mcstudmuffin a new breakfast thing at maccas?

        As much as I love ice cream, I dislike cameras more. In that situation I'd smear the lens with icecream and then run away to scoff whatever is left, probably while sobbing.

    Hmmmm middle ground is so mainstream
    My secret santee is either going to love or hate my gift

      I tried to be smart/amusing with mine but I suspect I failed miserably. Should be interesting.

        I'm pretty much in the same boat. Oh well hopefully it works out for both of us

    Mini-rant of today:

    So a few months ago my boss quit. I was then told that I am in the front seat to take this position and that I’ll need to step up to cover this role. However, we will only be getting a new person to replace the last one if its needed. Fast forward to today on my mid-year review and I’ve just been told that they are happy with what I have been doing, everything has been functioning and things are getting done on time due to my management, so that’s why they won’t be giving us a new person. And to boot, they won’t be looking to formalise my leadership role until May.

    I feel like they’re waiting for something to fuck up, just so they can tell me “no”.

    I need another job. Unfortunately I don't think I'd get any real recognition for what I am doing right now. Urgh...

      Chin up! It does sound half-positive. I think? May is just around the corner - nut it out until then and then BAM! Who's the boss now huh? I'm wondering if you can then get a say in whether someone else can be hired once you're the bossman come May.

    I'm video editing over Teamviewer. Lol, this is going better than expected.

    Well that was surprisingly easy. Went up to the EB counter and told the nice guy I needed to cancel some pre-orders. Handed over my EB World card for him to scan, he got me to sign something and before I knew what was going on he'd handed me back cash. \o/
    I really need to learn to not be scared of this kind of thing. It usually goes fine.

      You keep forgetting that to those kids you're the scary old mum lady :P

        Former EB employee. Can confirm mothers are scary /o\

          Hide before they see you! No place to hide? Run away! Run away!

        Heh, I probably looked pretty crazed today as well. Was too hot for vanity so I was wearing a singlet I usually wear to bed along with a knee-length skirt that exposes my gross rash, plus I'm not well so I'm on Codral so I probably had feverish eyes. In retrospect I should have expected him to want to get rid of me quickly. :D

          He was probably just happy you didn't mug him.

            Now that I think about it... are you sure you didn't mug him?

            "Just take the money and go!"

          wasn't it just too hot?! It was terrible at my work today. Probably doesn't help that I work in an oversized tin shed, but usually being in there is enough to take the bite out of the heat. Not today though. Was terrible. Was so glad to see black looming storm clouds when I walked out this afternoon!

      I know that feeling, I had a digital/analog watch hybrid where the analog time goes 1 second slower than the digital time per day. Anyway the digital screen just suddenly died one day, but the analog still worked, so battery seemed to be still good, plus it was only 4 months old. It took a bit of to-ing and fro-ing all while I was getting more and more anxious about this encounter with the staff showing him the broken watch and my receipt and he asked if I wanted it replaced. I basically just lightly chuckled and shook my head saying "nah just a refund will be fine, please". I then got another digital watch just after from another shop, it's been serving me well but the metal chain strap keeps catching my wrist hairs, ouch!

        Just to let you know, the digital and analogue watches usually have two different batteries for each one inside the watch.

    I'm not sure if it was in this week's TAY or the previous one but I decided to take @strange 's advice about just trying to do something, even for a few minutes, instead of just sitting there when I'm tired after work and surprisingly it worked. I was not as tired as I thought I was on most days and I could play some games.

    Using that advice I managed to finish two games this week; Shank 2 and Guacamelee.

    First off, Guacamelee.

    @jimu and @dkzeitgeist were right, this game is great. The game was part of the PS+ Instant Game Collection this month and it was a small download(500mb) so I decided to try it.

    Despite the slow start, the game reaches a point where you unlock 1 or 2 abilities and it just clicks and I really enjoyed it from then on.

    Guacamelee is an open world 2D platformer set in a Mexican themed world. You slowly unlock abilities as a you play that allow you to go back to previous areas and open up different parts of the world or just get power ups and collectibles. A metroidvania basically ( I don't think I've played one before so this might be my first one )

    You play as Juan whose friend( the president's daughter) has been kidnapped by the villain for a ceremony to link the world of living and the dead. The story is not as important it just serves as a reason for the game to grant you new abilities and for forward momentum through the game.

    The abilities you earn through the game are Guacamelee's main and strongest part. These abilities are useful for both platforming and combat and there are some amazing sections in the game where you are able to use 3-5 abilities all at once to cross a gap and it feels so satisfying when you complete them.

    Abilities are colour-coded and as you move across the world you will see different coloured barriers signifying the different abilities. Red blocks are for the uppercut ability, green ones are . You earn abilities by finding statues in the game and a goat appears to grant you your abilities. The goat turns out to be a shaman who can transform into a goat. I was always looking forward to meeting him just to hear what he had to say next.

    You also unlock the ability to turn into a chicken which allows you to jump higher but also access small tunnels that lead to new areas and collectibles. Because backtracking is going to happen as you play, the chicken ability is very useful because you move faster as a chicken and this reduces any frustration you might have about going through areas again.

    Even in combat every move is useful. abilities like dimensions switching help to fight against enemies in different dimensions and even later in the game you get enemies with colour coded shields that are link to your abilities and you need to destroy their shields first before you can hit them. the combat system was surprisingly enjoyable and I even went out of my way to go
    the 'Carvena del pollo' level - which contains continuous rooms full of enemies - just to keep using the new abilities I gained in combat.

    I tried to avoid mentioning most of the abilities because I enjoyed learning what ability was next to earn

    The controls are great too and I never found them to be a problem even with the PS3's sometimes slippery triggers. Everything felt really well made and when I made a mistake I knew it was my fault. I was surprised how well the analog controls worked to since I thought this game would require the d-pad but I preferred to use the sticks. Also tip: Dodge with L2, the using the right analog stick is not fast enough.

    Boss fights seem hard at first but once you learn their patterns they are satisfying to take down.

    The music is great as well and combined with your dimension switching ability the music changes slightly when you change dimensions from a more upbeat tone in the living world to a sombre one in the land of the dead

    Fast loading between worlds and after death.

    Numerous gaming references and memes on billboards and within the world. I was pleasantly surprised I was able to recognise most of the gaming ones. Also I think the music in the final level has elements of the super mario bros end level music- the music that plays in the fire levels of the first Super Mario Bros game.

    Good humour between Juan and the other characters in the world

    Didn't like as much:

    1.The music can get a bit repetitive the more you play but the differences in tone when you switch between dimensins helps reduce the repetitiveness.

    2. I would have liked it if the game had a recover ability when you are hit in the air. The game requires you to move upwards in some areas and it would be nice to be able to recover from a fall in mid air instead of watching your character fall to the ground and you have to repeat the section again. Even in combat juggling enemies in the air is great but if you are hit you have to wait until you fall and then start fighting again.

    3. There are times where your a special move refuses to work for some odd reason. You can chain 2-3 abilities but sometimes I might have a full stamina bar but I can't chain the 3rd move.

    The only thing I wanted more from the game were challenge levels to test more of your platforming and combat skills and apparently there is DLC which provides this, which is good news. ($2-3 on PSN and free with the gold edition on PC)

    Hopefully I didn't ramble too much, my thoughts are all over the place.

    To summarise, Guacamelee is awesome and one of the best games I've played this year

    Shank was the second game I played and it was OK. The game has a great art style which all of KLEI Entertainment's games have had so far. Animations looks great and the effects of grenades, explosions and gun fire are all nice to look at. T

    The gameplay unfortunately takes its time to get good. For most of the game I felt like I was just button mashing to get through enemies but it was only until the last few levels where I began to really start enjoying the combat and begin chaining my punches, grenades and kicks to great effect. And by the time that happened the game was over. Thankfully there is a survival mode and it has online co-op so if anyone wants to play let me know,

    The boss fights are OK and doable but the game introduces smaller enemies during the boss fight which SUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKS. This is fairly common in many games and I understand why games do this e.g. the smaller enemies can give you health but in Shank they are a constant source of frustration. Finishing boss fights leads to a sense of relief rather than a feeling of triumph.

    I had a few glitches too during transitions from the end of a level to score screen where the game just freezes for a few seconds. No idea why, the screen just goes black.

    inconsistent checkpoint system- the game saves before a boss but when you quit to the main menu you have to start the level all over again. Why?!

    Shank was OK overall not great not bad.

    It was nice finishing games again and I hope I don't get into a month long rut again.
    My next game might be Warp, I bought it on sale last year after enjoying the demo and the little I've played so far is cool. After that maybe Remember Me but I'm not making any promises :-)
    I might continue with Guacamelee too and try and find more of the collectibles.

      The green ability is the 'Frog Slam'.


      Have you hunted down the orbs?

      Edit: whoops, wrong word

      Last edited 05/12/13 5:00 pm

        I've only found 2 orbs. How many are there altogether?

        I've found the one you get for finishing the game and the one you get for finishing the treetops level. Also how challenging is the Tree tops area. It was hard at first but once I completed it I felt really satisfied. Also that chicken is a troll, telling you at the top of the tree tops level that you're only halfway there only to say psych two platforms up.

        Edit: Made the same comment twice

        Last edited 05/12/13 5:27 pm

          I think there are 5 all up - tree tops was probably the most annoying platform-y one. If you want to know the locations of the others, the information is google-able (surprise, surprise!)

          I really enjoyed Guacamelee, but I did not think its metroidvania-ness was much of a highlight. I found the combat system really satisfying!

            Yeah the combat was surprisingly good. It looks simple but chaining hits between enemies was great. I haven't got the 125hit trophy yet. My max has been 90 hits I think, I keep getting hit by the red guys who throw bones.

            Have you downloaded the DLC? If so, how is it? Apparently it adds harder challenge levels and time attack levels.

            Do you guys have the DLC @jimu @dkzeitgeist?

              Nah, no DLC, didn't like the sound of it *that* much.

              Maybe if it goes on sale

    *pokes face into TAY*
    Hi *waves*
    Hope you are all well
    *flees before overstaying welcome*

      Hey, it's the guy who doesn't meat! You should meat! There's a meat on Saturday! Jimu will be there! Meat!


    Taking a TAY catch-up day. Please don't be alarmed if your old posts are responded to and/or upvoted.



      I was alarmed, I admit. Now I feel like I can let my guard down. *sits cautiously, tentatively looks about*

      Welcome back sire! Hope you're feeling a little more cheery this week! :)

    Secret Santa present bought! Now to get to a post office...

      I'm really hoping mine doesn't fall flat :P

        I'm prepared for mine to just be like "What the fuck is this? This is shit!"

        But then, I haven't started preparing mine. I'll be doing that soon. Maybe...

        Is it a sex doll? I assume that a flat sex doll would be bad

    Finally!! Back on Kotaku after so long. Damn, I missed this place ( and you guys).

      *Cracks knuckles*
      *Clears throat*
      Who's th-
      *Takes a sip of water*
      *Clears throat*

      ^ Who's this guy?

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