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    Morning all! Welcome to the ten-day count down to Christmas. @blaghman, are you recording a song for us? You're cutting it a bit fine...


      He threatened/promised he would do Last Christmas a few days ago.

        Wait... so he's a year behind, is that what you're saying?

    Morning all!
    Ive been lurking around TAY for a little while, dipping my toes a bit from time to time, figured I'd just jump on in :o)

      Did you consider the productivity impacts for your business and put alternate arrangements into place first? This place can get pretty demanding. :P

      Welcome! Tell us things about you... while we prepare the Oar of Thorns.

      Also, we require all initiates to read the following information, and adjust their purchasing habits accordingly.

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        'Tis the time for a productivity drop anyway :o)

        Been fellow "Kotakian" for a little over 18 month and the community is great :o)
        Figured I'd check out this TAY business :o)

        Personally, I'm an adopted Melbournian , IT professional, avid gamer of too many years to count (I started on the Atari 2600 and C46, so that should give you a hint) and an MTG amateur :o)

          Atari 2600 buddy o/
          Welcome to TAY, there should soon be a delivery of ice cream, cake, drinksand a paddling


            Oh, wait a minute..... a paddling o.O

              Prepare thine buttocks... For THE OAR OF THORNS!

                Aww man
                This is just like joining the Navy!

                *drops trow*

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        I never got the Oar Of Thorns! This is like when I left school, the next year they got a whole room of PCs for computer class so 4 students didn't have to share the same Amiga

          The Oar of Thorns!
          Forged at the exact point of Magnetic North, by orphaned Eskimo daemons! It’s shaft; fashioned from the bones of a white orca! It’s spike-d paddle; crafted from the mystic metals of an ancient meteorite!
          To paddle a kayak with the sacred Oar, is to travel across seas at ungodly speeds, unfathomable by common man!
          A buttocks, when struck by The Oar of Thorns, is said to erupt with blue flame! Bleed for eight years! Disrupt electrical signals and attract small metal objects, such as paperclips and safety-pins!
          Those who handle The Oar are forever changed! Their tormented minds; scarred by the horrors they have known! Horrors that go untold for eternity! For a mere mumbling of such dreadful tales explodes the minds of those who hear them!
          Beware The Oar of Thorns!

            A buttocks, when struck by The Oar of Thorns, is said to erupt with blue flame! Bleed for eight years! Disrupt electrical signals and attract small metal objects, such as paperclips and safety-pins!

            Oh maybe I did get it then, I had a vindaloo last week and I thought it was that

        Some say The Oar of Thorns is compatible with all KitchenAid branded mixers...

        This is simply not true.

        Official soundtrack can be found here:

      Hey, I've seen you before! I remember because I love Wizz Fizz.

        Oh Ive been around a while
        Just havent jumped into the TAY pool until now :o)

      Want some rye? Course ya do!

    Watched the newest Hobbit movie. Didn't take it as seriously as the first one, which I'm not sure is good or not.

      Shhhh, Us plebs in the southern hemisphere don't get it until Boxing Day so no spoilers please. >:D

        Vader was Luke's father all along.

    Morning TAYbies. I had a really awesome day yesterday. Had church and it was the Sunday School anniversary. The kids did a really good job, and there were plenty of them in superhero costumes as Superheroes was the theme. After church was the last church lunch for the year, and the food was really good.

    After lunch some of us guys stayed up there and played a game of LEGO Heroica. It's a pretty awesome tabletop rpg with Lego minifigs and everything else. That lasted two and a half hours, and I came third out of seven.

    After the game, we had a bbq with kebabs, hamburgers and sausages. Then we did our secret santa. We drew presents out of a hat, and the first three got our own presents, including me, so we swapped around. I got a harmonica and gave a cushion and a big packet of Nerds.

    We then watched Lego Batman The Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite, continuing the superheroes theme. Then we went home, and my friend Trent gave me a Doctor Who colour change mug. To top it off, the Aussies are absolutely thumping the Poms!!!!! :D

      Upvote for the final point. Declare half a dozen overs before lunch, 400 odd lead and then 5 sessions to bowl them out on the WACA pitch. Should be an entertaining afternoon

        I would be trying to score as quickly as possible before lunch. Both Watson and Smith are capable of lifting the run rate, and Bailey, Haddin and Johnson still to come. I'd be aiming for a lead of 450 to 500 if possible.

          Play through to lunch (or even tea?) or declare before the session ends and have a crack at them for half a dozen overs? Or make sure you put on the 450 to ensure they can't make it (on paper there battling lineup is better than ours)

          Edit: Anything over 450 is a waste of time (Probably anything over 400 really). Better of saving the time to ensure they can't stall and dredge out a draw.

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    So for those who didnt see this on saturday night...

      ...I have no idea who those people are.


        Well *points* that's jerk 1, he's a jerk face.
        And that *points* is Jerk 2, he's less of a Jerk 1 but still a jerk...

        Can't forget

      Something is telling me not to click on these while I'm at work surrounded by people.

    Last week of work for the year! \o/ LET'S DO THIS

    All these morning tv shows talking about now being "last minute Christmas shopping". I haven't even started the bulk of it yet. I suppose it is last minute when they start selling in October :P

      I think "Last Minute" is any still outstanding Christmas shopping not performed before Easter finishes, you know, just before Woolies etc put up their Christmas decorations again!

        I can already buy hot cross buns, no joke.

      I brought mine 2 weeks ago, haven't brought anyone else's yet but

    Good gravy frame by frame pixel animation is tough. But fun!

      That looks hella time consuming, but if you are having fun YAY

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend, family & friend christmas shows saturday and sunday.

    A monday morning question: What's under the tree for you?

      Dirt mostly, some grass ... maybe a leaf or two from the tree.

      PRESENTS. And shards of broken ornaments. And a big baby playpen all around it, preventing children from getting further access.

      I am 98% certain there's a cat calendar waiting for me under the tree.

      Because there is one every year.

      I have a pile of unopened cat calendars.

        Little do you know they've all got personal messages directing you to your real present for that year inside.

      Nothing! Not yet anyway.

      But eventually...SURPRISES!

      My folks gave me something cool and expensive this year, so no bah humbugs from me. XD

    Morning all.

    Finished Dishonored on Friday. It was pretty good. Now I just need to play through the DLC (I've already started Knife of Dunwell).

    I also finished reading The Crippled God, the final book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. I don't know how to feel about that. It was an awesome book, probably the best in the series. The end was confusing (like most of the series), but good. There was some tragedy, but not too much. Heroic sacrifices and last stands abound and there were actually some happy endings, which is surprising given how grimdark and pessimistic the series is. So I loved it, but I'm also feeling sort of hollow inside because I've been reading this series on and off for the past six or so years, and now that it's over... I don't know. There's a bunch of spin offs to the series, but I don't know if I'm going to read them, at least not yet.

    In other what I did this weekend news, my cousin and her kids stayed with us for the weekend, so that was pretty okay. It was my first time meeting my cousin's step daughter, she's about 9 and seemed pretty okay as well. They also had their dog with them, who stayed in the backyard with our two dogs, and the three of them seemed to get along great.

      Dishonored was great, I really enjoyed Knife and Brigmore DLCs, wasn't too keen on the challenge one though!

    I finally watched all of Season 2 of Legend of Korra. Surely I'm not the only one that thinks the ending is really silly! Great series, but it feels like they kept building and building and when they were at the last couple of episodes they thought "Oh shit, we need to conclude this".

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      Definition of deus ex machinama
      yeah it was fucking stupid, close to EVA levels of WTFness. I enjoyed it but it was just like :/ mixed with :o

        Guess what I ended up buying at Kino when I went to the city on Sunday. =P

          Artbook or The promise????

            The Promise, the hardcover one =D

      I just finished watching (re-watching) The Last Air Bender and Season 1 of Korra
      Season 2 is my choice of after-work viewing this week

      Apart from the ending, is the rest worth it?

        Yes there is a flashback to the first avatar and its amazingly drawn and explains a lot of questions i wanted to have answered.


        It's definitely worth watching. The whole build up and everything is really really good, It's just the ending that's a little disappointing.

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    Muse was amazing, Metric was amazing.
    I dont think i could of seen two better live performers.

      I saw Muse in 2010, almost exactly 3 years ago. They were supported by Biffy Clyro, who are also pretty good live. Muse are amazing live, and their light show was brilliant. I wish I could have afforded to see them this time around.

      Yeah you could have.
      You could have travelled back in time and see Queen.

        Good point.

          Matt Bellamy is probably as close as you'll ever get to seeing Freddie Mercury or Brian May though.

            Brian is still performing, and I still hold out hope that he'll come to Australia one day. Matt Bellamy is an amazing musician. Freddie is a better singer, and Brian is probably a slightly better guitarist, but Matt does both equally well, and plays the piano too.

              Can I play the piano anymore?
              Well of course you can!
              Well I couldn't before!

              Oh, of course, I didn't mean to imply that Matt was as good a singer as Freddie, that's not true. I just meant that he's the closest thing you'll get at the moment.

                I hadn't thought that was what you were implying. You're right that he's the closest thing at the moment though.

        If you know someone who has access to a time machine, let me know. I would kill to go back in time and see Queen. Watching the Live at Wembley DVD isn't enough.

      I'm still mad at you.

      But I think with time and perhaps some gifts I could learn to love you again.

    So I finally popped my World of Warcraft cherry on the weekend. It darn well took me long enough.

    Morning humans, I've been trying out Antichamber for the first time

    I think I've gotten to the point where I'm frustrated with the mechanics of the "Gun" now and I've given up on trying to find the rest of the pics as I head for the exit. I don't think I'm doing this right :(

    It was pretty cool for the first few hours though, with lots of "whaaaaaaat?" moments and solving some of the puzzles with the colour blocks did make me feel quite clever.

    Last edited 16/12/13 10:15 am

      which gun? theres a few & they each have slightly different mechanics...
      also, just explore. as far as i'm aware, there is no real goal to achieve. not even getting to the exit. its just about exploring & spazzing out at the trippy mechanics.

        Well the ability that the yellow one gives, the ability to move blocks around with the middle mouse button but it doesn't go the way I want, like stopping it before it gets to one of those dissolving walls was a big annoyance for me, half the time it works, other times it just doesn't... when it comes to exploring I think I keep running in circles so I have no idea what I've checked and what I haven't

    There are still people out there who think heliocentrism is a myth.


      Well, there are people who still think the Earth is flat, so...

      Mate, if we were really orbiting the sun how come we don't fly off the planet?

        I read that in a ridiculous Australian accent because of the "mate" at the start...even though we don't have accents...

      Just think, once technology advances to widespread space travel, those people will be ridiculed for the idiots that they are.

        Or the first person who legitimately attempts to go into space (notwithstanding the epic 50 year NASA hoax) will hit the sky and shatter it, killing us all in the process.


        Last edited 16/12/13 10:30 am

          Better not tell China about that, since they already sent a robot to the moon.

      Surely it would be a lot more accurate to say that there are still people out there who say that heliocentrism is a myth because they don't think.

    Morning TAY. I had a great weekend.

    Played lots of Halo 4, bought Super Smash Bros Brawl and played that heaps on Saturday, went to a mates place and played BF3, Killing Floor and Dead Island on PC on Sat night. Dead Island gave me a massive headache and i felt off after playing it? Anyone else get this?? Think it must be the motion blur or screen effects.

    Played some more Halo 4 on Sunday and just relaxed at home. Went my churches Christmas production last night. It was incredible, absolutely blew me away. There is some ridiculously talented people in it.

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    I'm doing stuff, Lori! Things!


      Shakespeare, it ain't.

        Some might argue that's the best line ever written. Andrew Lincoln's delivery was perfect. :D

        I laughed for a full minute.

      Gilmore girls?

        The Walking Dead. (TV series.)

        My guess is The Walking Dead.
        I don't think anyone ever called Lorelai 'Lori' :P

          Man card retained \o/

            Real men watch Gilmore Girls.

              If you're out on the rooooooad,
              Feelin' lonely and so coooooold...

    Hi all. Monday, amirite?

    Weekend was pretty short. Had some fun with dump trucks in GTA. Went to gf's Christmas party which was pretty fun. Loaded up Guacamelee on Vita (with headphones) and played for a bit - totally amazing! Also Knytt Underground impressed me with the weirdness. Aaaaand then I loaded up Unit13 for about 10 mins, and it blew me away with the power of Vita! More people need one!

    There once was a man from Peru
    Whose limericks end on line two

    There once was a man from Verdun

      Dear Red

      I believe that this post is on the incorrect page

      Situation Normal

        Dear Tigs

        I'd have forgotten it by wednesday



        That's okay. I think he can repost it when Page 6 comes along. In fact, I practically insist.

        Also, I think we should shelve this formal complaint about a page six post being on page one until page seven.

        Last edited 16/12/13 10:38 am

        Just slap a dadjokepagesix hashtag on it. then any page is fair game.

    WTS - Summer Flu. Comes with an awesome headache, cold sweats, broken glass in your throat, and the inability to move 10 paces without wheezing. Now selling for the low low price of kill me now. :'(

      @effluvium-boy totally stole my parrot, so it doesn't surprise me that'd he'd inflict this on someone too! Also, uh, feel better too. I guess. :P

      Last edited 16/12/13 10:37 am

      Y'all had the spews, yet?

      It's going 'round so be on the lookout!

    Day four of having a smart phone.

    Still too scared to touch it. Still haven't left the house with it. Took my old phone with me to the gym. Am I crazy or does everyone have this phase with their first smart phone? All over protective and the like? D:

      Do you have a case for it?

        Not yet, which is half the problem.

        Any one have suggestions for best, most protective case for iPhone 5s? (Preferably one that looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye too. XD)

          Otter box.

            Thanks Red!

              My iPod case is solid metal, I can almost hammer in nails with it.

              That's why my iPod classic is still going strong 6 years later!

            This x 2.

            Edit: My case is silicon, I think. I've dropped my iPhone a couple of times, and no damage done at all.

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          I get the thinnest/cheapest case I can find. Just to protect the back from minor scratches so I don't have to carefully place the thing down like it'll detonate or something.

          My current one is yellow! :D (not an iphone though :P)

            Don't want to scratch the screen though. That's my main concern.

              How sharp are your fingers? :O

                I'm thinking more pockets/back packs/wear and tear scratches rather than fingers. :P

                  You can get a screen protector relatively easily- they're made of plastic that's thin enough to touch the screen through.

                  Honestly? My advice is just to go to one of those little stalls full of phone cases in malls and get one there. Rubber iPhone cases are so common and cheap and largely do what you need them to.

                  What Strange said! Just don't put your keys in the same pocket as it and you'll be fine!

                  Once you get your first tiny little scratch you'll stop caring so much anyway :P

              Just don't put it in the same pocket as your keys and change and you should be fine.

              I've never had a case for any of my smartphones and mostly kept them in my pocket when going out. The only time I've scratched the screen was when I had it on the lounge next to me when sewing and dropped the pointy end of my applique scissors onto it. :P

      My smartphone cost $100 and I had a case and screen protector ready for it when I received it. I'm only moderately protective of it.

      If I'd spent more than that, I suspect I'd be like you.

      I got an iPhone 3G and then 4 and have never had a case for either
      The 3G was perfect when I finished with it, and the 4 is still going strong

      I kept it in a padded pocket in my bag until I realised the glass screen is a LOT tougher than it seems. Now I don't give a toss. I do have it in a case, but that's because it's a wallet case that has my licence and stuff in it, which I wanted to start carrying in a front pocket and abandon my back pocket wallet. Before that I carried it naked in my pocket.

      My wife never leaves hers out of the case. She switches between a wallet case (when out) and a tough rubber case (when at home).

        Sounds like a case might be good just for peace of mind purposes.

        Right now I'm in the phase where I'll wash my hands before I even pick up the thing. I remember I used to do the same with my iPad and now I just throw it about. I'm sure this phase will pass. XD

      You nurture and cherish the phone as if it were your immaculate conception. Then one day, in a sequence of wtf and why .. you make a rookie mistake and mis-hold your precious. You cry for approximately 48hrs , after which point you become numb to any further grief.

      Crazy. The moment I got mine I took it everywhere with me and specifically avoided getting a case for it because they are chunky and ugly and no thanks my phone is beautiful. Then took it to a foreign country. And fell over and scraped it on the ground, because I was being an idiot.

      Though a couple of weeks ago when the wrist strap broke, I suddenly became terrified of dropping it. Still gotta get a replacement...

      Last edited 16/12/13 1:16 pm

      Steve Jobs didn't want people to use cases. He said that the back wear and tear was a bit like a person or something like that. It shows that they're aging, because the back is getting scratched and losing it's shinyness...yeah, get a case.

    Assassin's Creed IV might have sea shanties, but Assassin's Creed 2 has this.

      Oh god, I'd forgotten about him. I killed that guy a lot.

        I intended to punch him in the face and was shocked to discover I had hidden blades equipped. XD

          WARNING: Ezio did not kill civilians.

            Minstrels shouldn't count as civilians, they're clearly hellspawn.

              ...when danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled...

                and fled what?

                What did I do?

                WHAT DID I DO?

                  The Phantom sees All.
                  -- Old Jungle Saying

      But in revelations you were the minstrel.

    Because this was a reply fail post, I'm just gonna make an entirely forgettable and predictable obligatorylinkdrop and forget to apologise for it.

    Last edited 16/12/13 11:03 am

    Off sick on Friday. Massive quantities of work fell in my lap. Of course. I hope I survive this week because I really, really need the two week break I have planned.

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