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    Morning gamers! For those who didn't get the memo yesterday, Mark is taking a couple of weeks off to spend time with his wife and sprog, which means you're stuck with me and Junglist for the time being.

    Later today I'll be posting a video of a Counterstrike fan taking on a rifle enthusiast in a real-life shooting challenge (as an added bonus, one of their targets is a One Direction doll). Keep an eye out for it!

      I kind of hope the Counterstrike guy wins that, if only because the mainstream media response would certainly be entertaining.

      Morning Chris,

      Does that mean you guys are gonna try wild new and different things with TAY and the like?

      Also I'd say I hope they hit one in the balls but you know..vagina

        A daily TAY was actually in Mark's scheduling plan. Possibly erroneously. I'm chasing it up.



            Suddenly I'm in favour of this new development.

      Good morning Chris!
      I'm wondering if you're deliberately trying out different strategies or just nobody told you that usually even though TAY appears again every morning at 8:30ish it's usually the same TAY every day for the week instead of new ones each day. Change is scary! :P

        Also, I personally don't mind if there's a new one each day...less chance of making it to Dad Joke Page 6! :P


            That's Okay though, there's nothing stopping Dad Joke Page 1 from occuring :P



                I refuse to look!

                Thankfully I have loads of work to do so I may never have to look again. :P

              that hurts right in the heart muscle
              *runs out like a teenage girl crying*
              *puts on Miley Cyrus*

                I guess you could say he was *puts on glasses* shot through the heart and your to blame darling

        It seems this was a slight misunderstanding on my part -- I'll be re-posting THIS version from tomorrow onward.

          I hope so you commander for sake... The Emp-...TAY is not as forgiving as i am!

          We forgive you

          Last edited 17/12/13 11:09 am

    SOOO............... SteamOS, hey?................ Anyone tested it yet? How is it?

      Nope, too lazy to see if I can run it virtually. Cause no dual boot is silly. Silly Valve! Saying that though, if it runs XBMC & a torrent app, may look at using it on my HTPC/TV gaming computer thingame.

      I will try it once:
      ATI is support,
      Dual Boot is Supported
      I can run all my games on it...
      Until then my Win8 machine is pretty damn good at what it does XD

        I'm actually currently building a gaming rig and i'm trying to figure out whether i should go with Win8, Win7 or SteamOS... Any recommendations?

          I personally like Win8... Yes it has Metro, but there's ways to get around that... As far as i can tell, it's faster start up (on an SSD it's ridiculous), and... well it's newer :P....
          I don't know I tend to embrace new technologies so i jumped on Win8 early on,
          And have never had an issue with it....

          Last edited 17/12/13 10:31 am

            it has less overhead meaning better performance and...

            Actually, Window 7 has been bench-marked at better, slightly, for graphically intense gaming :o)

              *sigh* fiiine...

              note to self, re-install win7

              Last edited 17/12/13 9:59 am

                I sincerely apologise
                Ill leave my logic at the gate in future

                *smug grin*

                  All my knowledge are based on cold hard facts*

                  *that i've never researched in my life and base purely on personal bias

            Windows 8.1 is mighty tempting I must say.. I may look at upgrading to it when I decide on what is going to be in my next PC.

              Yeah i've been keeping my eye on that too... though the idea of reformatting at the moment seems so daunting to me... though it is high time to do it again

              Wait for 8.2, rumours I've read have it restoring the old start menu and making metro optional stuff that runs on the desktop

          Win7 for most compatibility. Win8 if you don't loathe metro.

    I received an email this morning stating I've gained access to the closed beta of 'Infinite Crisis'.

    I've never heard of it O.o

    Looks to be DC comic related.

      Basically Lol with DC heroes on an Alterac Valley style map.

        Ohh I see, cool. So players run past each other to kill a general, ha.

    @rocketman did you ever get my email like requested man? Cause I haven't seen any emails from you :/

      All will be revealed in time.
      Well it's not a evil idea, I guess it's a regular idea but there are no good laughs for normal ideas

        Ah right awesome, just making sure I didn't mistype my email when I gave it to @DC haha.

    Because I want to find out what people think before I start tilting at windmills, I ask you to read this blog entry and fill out the attached survey.

    PS: Morning everyone! How y'all? This daily TAY is clearly part of some dastardly plan to eliminate Page Six, and make life all drab and awful for everyone. To combat these evil forces, I propose that we make every page of TAY Page Six (In Our Hearts).

    Huzzah, my weekend has finally arrived, now to go do work around the house, dang it.

    But I did remember to check out one of my co-workers bands, I like the music, but the vocals aren't my kinda thing.

    Whoa! I knew you Australians were ahead of me when it comes to time, but you guys are ahead by a whole week? That's pretty crazy-

    What do you mean it was a accident


    I met a pirate once with a peg-leg, a hook, and an eyepatch, so i said "Wow, how did they all happen?"

    The pirate said "Well, my leg was taken by a cannonball in a daring escape from Port Royal. We were escaping with our booty when a caravel shot at us and I happened to be in the line of fire before they boarded. I still managed to beat off four of the scurvy dogs and escape"

    "My Hand was cut off in a duel with the nefarious pirate William Morgan, in an argument over who should get the plunder from a raid on the spanish armada. I had this hook placed by a surgeon"

    "Oh yeah," I said, "and the eye?"

    "I was at a beach and a bird crapped in it"

    "A bird crapping in it was enough to take out your eye?"

    "Yarr, twas the day after I got the hook put in" #dadjokepagesix Hi @strange

      By the time Port Royal was settled, no one used Caravels any more. Caribbean piracy was an 18th century thing and the Caravel was a 15th century Portuguese ship type.

        Hey, these pirates obviously loved the classics, man.


    You know the drill - title of the last song you listened too followed by 'in my ass'

    Never never in my ass

      The son of Flynn in my ass

        Tron Legacy OST?
        You sir, are awesome!

          Yeah I love the OST. Movie was meh but it seemed like a long daft punk film clip so I was okay with it

            I actually didn't mind the movie... wasn't anything ground breaking, but i enjoyed it...
            Have you seen the cartoon? Tron Uprising i think it is?
            I loved that! extremely well put together

              I need to watch that.. I really do

                I really enjoyed it... Felt a lot more mature then you'd expect... Plus both Elijah Wood, Bruce Boxleitner and Lance Henriksen delivers some awesome voice work

                Last edited 17/12/13 10:46 am

      Now this is unfortunate.... I was on a retro kick in the car on the way home last night and was listening to the Stone Temple Pilots....

      Vasoline in my ass

        Wow - there are some real gems this week. haha

      The Village Green Preservation Society in my arse.

      Sorry putting a second entry just because it came on and i couldn't stop laughing:
      Getting away with Murder in my ass

      (get it? IT'S A FART JOKE)


      This song got me pregnant in my ass

      True story:

      This is going to be a bit awkward

      Popcorn in my arse

      The real trick being it was kernels when it went in

      Last edited 17/12/13 11:50 am

    EDIT: Reply fail. so another joke for @strange: Someone asked me whether I was thinking of buying a new mattress. I told them I'd have to sleep on it.

    Last edited 17/12/13 10:06 am

    walking dead season 2 spoilers on front page for those wanting to know (or not).

      The fuck? Is the first episode even out yet?

      Edit: Oh, it's stuff that was already revealed. Carry on.

      Last edited 17/12/13 10:16 am

        TOMORRRRRRRROW. I'm on spoiler alert from now.

          Yeah, I won't be posting tomorrow or going to Kotaku at all.

            Tomorrow is my work-from-home day. Guess I'll be focused on writing instead of TAY. :P

          Tomorrow!? :O That crept up.

          I'll have to set it to download while I'm at work then put my internet blinders on all day until I can play it :P

        Yah only minor stuff and things.


    (I vote that new Survivor talk should go in this TAY *nods*)

    I've watched every episode of The Walking Dead TV series. Now I can rest.

    I even neglected my usual Monday night Treme watching to finish this marathon. D:

      I'm glad you gave it another chance.

      EDIT: Like me with Firefly! I hated it when I first watched it, came back a few months later and loved it haha

      Last edited 17/12/13 10:30 am

        Favourite season was 4, followed by 2, 1 and then 3.

      You monster. How could you choose TWD over Treme?

      We'll be watching it tonight, in all likelihood - I hope you are ready to discuss :)

        I figured my mind was elsewhere and it was disservice to Treme.

        Also wanted to finish series before Telltale's new eps.

        Last edited 17/12/13 10:32 am

      I don't have my PS3 hooked up anymore, do we know if it's releasing on Vita at the same time? Or do I have to wait like with The Wolf Among Us?

        The first one came out on Vita, complete with DLC, quite a while after the intial release on EVERYTHING ELSE.

        Dunno if Season 2 is even confirmed.
        Could be a long wait.

        What did you hear about Wolf on Vita?

    For anyone concerned:
    Is the wolf among us on iOS the same as the console version? It's point and click, isn't it, so it could be the same?

    I just won a pair of headphones! I can't believe it, I never win anything. I entered the Yamaha Sounds of Summer competition in hopes of winning the main prize as one of the choices was a keyboard. I didn't win the main prize, but I won a pair of HPH200 headphones, worth about $149.95. Woot!!!!!

      Awesome. I just got my new steelseries 7h headphones a few minutes ago, we should totally be headphone buddies!

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer is released tomorrow;

    Set in the post apocalyptic ruins of San Francisco 15 years after the first movie. I can't wait.

      I loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Really looking forward to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

      At what point do the apes board a spaceship to get to the Planet of the Apes? Is that this movie? They didn't show that in the last one.

      I'd not get too excited, it's actually about an ape woman called Dawn. She works in a chip shop & most of the movie is selling hamburgers, chips & battered savs to ape people on their way home from work

        Sounds pretty great! If her chef is a Colobus Monkey then it'll be this years must see movie!

    So I was checking out release dates for XBone games, and accidentallybutnotreally bought the Tomb Raider Definitive edition. I figured I loved the game before, but only played through it once, why not have a second crack with updated graphics?

      You were right to do it!

        Nek minnit, it runs 720p upscaled. Oh man, I'd laugh so hard.

          Even I laughed at this. I really hope not, considering CD claim that they've redone some models completely, and it runs at native 1080. But you never know!

    So I rocked up to work about 45 minutes late and no one blinked. And they wonder why I do no work of any value.

      I've done that a couple times and nobody worries. My boss sits on the other side of the office and my team know I work back a lot anyway.


    MrGingerChris86 and I arrived at what is no longer Galaxy World to Find @cj and @powalen Resting against A pole, We then waited for everyone to show up we were soon joined by @mrtaco. Whilst CJ finished his breakfast we were joined by A large group of people including @rocketman @ser_nobulus and Steveo (I cant remember his name to tag). We then started playing arcade games, and were soon joined by the rest of the people including @alexpants @doc_what, @cakesmith and @rize.

    Many games were played, and Cars were Bumpered - Including a massive Bumper car Traffic Jam. I swear, the one time they say you can only fit two cars through the hole it happens. Has never happened in all my time going there :)

    After Arcade games we start walking to the Bavarian Beer cafe to find @mawt and his fiance.
    @Masha joined us too Much food and beer was consumed. sooo much food. Mawt and I conspired to make this happen @batgirl and @batguy joined us during the rest of the beer drinking.

    We then went across the road to a bar I had never seen called Mojo's - Amazing Cocktails and Beer. awesome company. Steve-O managed to befriend some guys who ended up joining our table and joining in the fun. Many drinks were had, and there was a twitter image war with @freeze (
    Everyone started leaving about 11:30. I Had fun and I hope you all did too :)

    Love you guys muchlu

    The more I think about it, the more I think Neal Stephenson's Anathem is my favourite book of the last five years.

    So, according to my RSS feed, GOG have 50% off pretty much everything. Have at it, PC gamers.

      The problem with GOG sales is that I've already bought every thing I want excitedly on day one for full price. *shakes fist*

        Same here, I must own a fifth of their catalogue by now and I have practically everything I want

          I've got way more GOG games than Steam. Most are adventures and old school RPGs. :D

            At least half of my GOGs were games I missed when they were new, most of the time it turns out I dodged a bullet but when they're $6 odd it's easy to write off a bad buy

    My dad said to me the other day; "Sorry Son, i think i have to put down your dog"
    i said; 'wait what? WHY?'

    he says: "Because he's heavy"

      It's funny because he's misleading you about euthanizing your best friend for 14 years!

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