Thanks For Killing All Of The Animals, Mobile Gamers

Thanks For Killing All Of The Animals, Mobile Gamers
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Now I am no zoologist, but you don’t know that, so when I say the nearly 10 billion animals shot in the surprisingly good Deer Hunter 2014 represents all the animals in the world, you should just take my word for it. After all, I am a zoologist.

Not only did mobile gamers kill every single animal on Earth, they did so with amazing inaccuracy, according to this celebratory infographic from Glu Mobile. 10 billion animals killed, 30 billion shots fired. There are now three times the spent bullet casings on the planet than there were animals just a few months ago. That would be great, if we were a race that could survive solely on spent bullet casings. *consults Wikipedia* We are not.

I understand. It’s a really good mobile game. I have it on all of my Android and iOS devices. I killed several of those animals myself — though I was careful and considerate enough to not kill all of them.

Nice one, mobile gamers. Not only am I out of a job (no need for zoologists now), next year I am going to have to review Glu Mobile’s Baby Hunter 2015.


  • Youre welcome! I was delighted with this game. When I realised you could actually get through it without spending a cent of real money it made me determined to do so and I did 🙂 much grinding but quite fun. Not pay to win but only ‘pay to ruin your fun’ honestly . Rare to see a mobile game like that.

  • Well I’ve got 6 months left of Unity Pro, I guess I should start adapting the story of “Babycakes” to a game, perhaps with Rift support…

  • The only problem with this game is the amount of damn push notifications? I got one almost every 3 hours last week to vote in a comp so they could win.

    can I turn these off

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