That Lightning Returns Aerith Costume Wasn't Meant For Everyone

That Lightning Returns Aerith Costume Wasn't Meant for Everyone

One of the highlights of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is all the costumes you can play around with. Aside from the costumes included in the game and the DLC costumes, Square Enix also has a limited Aerith from Final Fantasy VII costume and weapons. Well, it was supposed to be limited.

The Aerith costume and weapon set was a limited offer only for people who had purchased the official Japanese game guide. Purchasing the guide got you a redeemable code for the flower selling heroine from Midgar. Unfortunately, it looks like someone forgot to tell someone else that the Aerith costume was a "limited" deal. The costume was made readily available to everyone in the second DLC pack that was released on December 17th.

That Lightning Returns Aerith Costume Wasn't Meant for Everyone

The costume pack was taken down shortly after on December 20th, with an apology on twitter from the Lightning Returns staff.

While PS3 users who had purchased the DLC pack can re-download the costume from their download list if they had deleted the data, it looks like owners of the Xbox 360 version are out of luck for the time being.

Earlier today, an explanation and apology was posted on the Lightning Returns official site and twitter acknowledging that the Aerith costume was supposed to be only available for people who had purchased the official guide and that due to a mixup it was offered as purchasable DLC. The staff extended apologizes to both the guide publisher and other staff involved as well as all the customers affected.

FFⅦエアリススタイルについてのお詫びとお知らせ。12月20日(金)に販売を停止した本DLCにつきまして 経緯をご報告いたします。本DLCは、集英社様刊行の同時発売攻略本 専用の特典DLCとして用意しておりましたが、弊社の手違いにより販売しておりました。(続く)#_L13

— LIGHTNING ROOM (@LRFF13) 2013, 12月 26

本件につきましては集英社様並びに関係者の皆様そして何よりも ユーザーの皆様にご迷惑をおかけしたことを深くお詫び申し上げます。FFⅦクラウド、FFX-2ユウナ衣装につきましては 本日より配信を再開いたします。 本DLCを楽しみにお待ち頂いていた皆様大変申し訳ございません。#_L13

— LIGHTNING ROOM (@LRFF13) 2013, 12月 26

The other costumes in the DLC pack — the Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 costumes — have since been put back up online as individual DLC (each priced at ¥400 (US$3.82)).

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for release in North America on February 11, 2014 and Europe on February 14th, 2014. It is unclear whether the Aerith costume will be made available at any time in the future for these areas or not.

That Lightning Returns Aerith Costume Wasn't Meant for Everyone

「LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII」のDLC第2弾が本日配信開始に。「FFVII」のクラウドとエアリス,「FFX-2」のユウナのスタイルでゲームを楽しめる [4gamer]

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      Potato, potata

      Wrong actually, it is Aerith.

      Aerith Gainsborough.

        *Aeris Gainsborough

          Squenix decided that was a bad translation (like basically everything else in FF7's localization) and retconned it back to the Japanese spelling. It's back to Aerith in every bit of FF7-related media and games (Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core etc.).

          That said, if you want to pretend that Squenix stopped making FF games after the PS1 era then I wouldn't blame you. :P

      Don't be thilly, it'th alwayth been Aerith!

      Later appearances and the fact her name is meant to be like reminiscent of "Earth" be damned, Aeris is a much nicer name and suits the character better.

        and if it was such a huge typo, why isn't the main villian called "Sepiros"?

          Sephiroth is actually named after this:

    Exclusive dlc is why I will never buy this game. Complete game or gtfo.

      It's just a costume and has no impact on the actual game so...

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